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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • ViolaViola Posts: 1 New Member
    Why did you take away the *in my opinion* best black hairstyle??? As someone who wants more diversity in Sims I was very happy to have the braided hairstyle, and instead you replaced it with an odd looking one! That hairstyle, although I like that it has waves, looks horrible no matter what sim I put it on! The forehead always looks too big, and the proportions are just off! Bring back the old one!
  • AKsinsimmerAKsinsimmer Posts: 2 New Member
    Hi Sims team tgere issue in Sims 4 is Friends, loveones and girl friends or boyfriends cannot sleep together please do fix it in next patch update
  • Alice0620Alice0620 Posts: 1 New Member
    I love the game a lot but I would love to have mint green hair in it.
  • LeaselmaryLeaselmary Posts: 108 Member
    As I already said in other thread I think that some packs are missing aspirations. Some packs has them. Vampire pack is very good, three intresting aspirations, wow, great. But Get to Work has none and it's a shame. Active careers are so much fun! But I want my sims to actually ASPIRE to become a Scientist and invent a lot of stuff or become a police officer and solve crimes.

    Aspirations are very important thing. So I want this missing aspirations. Scientist aspirations. Police officer aspiration. Doctor aspiration. Veterinatian aspirations. Restaraunt owner aspiration. Politician aspiration. And new aspiration for the kids.
  • GorgeoiousGorgeoious Posts: 116 Member
    I want hotels. Is that too much to ask. Why why why why why WHY can't we have hotels? Please give us hotels and soon please.
  • BlueBlack007BlueBlack007 Posts: 4,422 Member
    I am still waiting for My Werewolves, so when will those be added into Sim's 4?
  • Cavapoo_KingCavapoo_King Posts: 5,043 Member
    I just posted this on another thread regarding build mode, here it is again:

    Build Mode:
    • Skylights - I know we have glass roofs, but I would like something like a window that can be placed on the roof
    • Full size sliding doors - I love the big and modern sliding doors from Eco Living, but I would like to see them in full height (floor to ceiling height) that matches the windows
    • Be able to place walk-in closets in half tiles - We can now place windows and doors in half tile, why can't we do it for walk-in closets?
    • Be able to delete 1 floor tile at a time like in Sims 2
    • Garage and garage doors
    • Big and frameless windows - for more modern look
    • Triangular windows right underneath the roof
    • Countertop stoves and built in ovens in the cabinet
    • Round walls
    • Round staircases
    • Round pools
    • Staircase for pools - so sims can walk down the pool instead of climbing down
    • Be able to place fountain on foundation - we can place pools on foundations, why can't we do it for fountains?
    • Smaller toilet stalls - the current ones we have are 2x3, I would like to see them in 1x2 for space issues
    • Wall mounted AC units
    • Heating/cooling vents on the wall and floor - I believe we have this in Sims 2
    • More ceiling-hanging plants
    • Be able to change color and dim the lights in build mode
    • 3 or 4 sided sleek glass fireplace that can be placed in the middle of the room as a room divider

    A new neighborhood with Asian architecture from the far east. I would like to build a Japanese/Korean/Chinese traditional house but right now it is not possible.

    • Be able to order items like medicine and upgrade parts from the phone and tablet
    • Be able to work from home for older careers before City Living, like office and tech guru
    • Be able to bathe the cats - some people do bathe their cats in real life, I am one of them. Why can't we bathe the cats in the game?
    • Shorten the time it takes to walk the dogs - In some neighborhoods my sim only comes back after over 6 hours for a short walk!!
    • Remove/rework the sharing is caring NAP - it's not cool to have things stolen from my sims' house
    Apparently the new pack is set in japan
  • adamclark83adamclark83 Posts: 639 Member
    I want to see more fitness equipment added. How can you make an adequate gym with only three pieces of equipment? Besides, if Sims can slide under the bed covers when they go to do the undercover shuffle with another Sim, they should be able to slide on a rowing machine.

  • SimsChica2013SimsChica2013 Posts: 70 Member
    Whims are being unlocked, and erased when sims travel. I can't remember if this has always been an issue or not, but I'd love if you guys could fix this.
  • HannaZojaHannaZoja Posts: 93 Member
    A technophobe trait OR an option to turn off autonomous use of the PC and Smart Phone!
    My sims are constantly online - Sims tries to be a "PC" and "healthy" game - how so if all our Sims are addicted to games and the Internet?
    Favourite Game: Sims 3 <3
    Favourite Worlds Sims 3: Hidden Springs, Barnacle Bay, Riverview, Isla Paradiso, Sunlit Tides, Monte Vista, Dragon Valley, Al Simhara, Shang Simla, Roaring Heights, Lunar Lakes

    Favourite Worlds Sims 4: Britechester, Windenburg, Sulani - possibly Mt. Komorebi
  • HannaZojaHannaZoja Posts: 93 Member
    Could we also, please, update schools?
    This little update would not even necessitate new animation and add a lot of choice concerning the way we play:

    - regular schools (choice between local, focus on sports, arts, alternative/eco?)
    - boarding schools (choice between expensive prep school, military/cadet school. sports, arts, eco-friendly and laissez-faire)
    - home schooling for aspiring full-time parents
    - pre-school
    - more varied after-school activities

    Favourite Game: Sims 3 <3
    Favourite Worlds Sims 3: Hidden Springs, Barnacle Bay, Riverview, Isla Paradiso, Sunlit Tides, Monte Vista, Dragon Valley, Al Simhara, Shang Simla, Roaring Heights, Lunar Lakes

    Favourite Worlds Sims 4: Britechester, Windenburg, Sulani - possibly Mt. Komorebi
  • Shelby102Shelby102 Posts: 2 New Member
    Tinder for sims - from teens to elder. It would make dating more fun. Compatibility based on traits and hobbies.
  • SimplyBemusedSimplyBemused Posts: 1 New Member
    All the bugs fixed. Until you can actually provide a game that functions, I can’t provide more money. I vote with my metrics - participation and money.
  • stewbystewby Posts: 77 Member
    EA_Mage wrote: »
    Hello Simmers,

    We love feedback, we crave it ... And with that thought in mind we wanted to start a dedicated thread, so you can share specific items you hope to see in game.

    Have a specific haircut you love and want to see it in game? A make-up style you use daily and want to replicate in The Sims 4? Missing a skin tone that is just right for you?

    Let us know the styles/items you want to see in-game! Pictures are loved and much appreciated.

    Hi there.

    I only have simple request. I know some sims will be left handed (and some right handed). I would love the chance to pick which wrist to put the new watch on.
    The new pack (snowy escape) looks awesome.
  • Lady_BalloraLady_Ballora Posts: 470 Member
    I just want EA to give us more new venue types. Sims 1-3 gave s new venue types with some of their new worlds, but Sims 4 gives us the same boring,run-of-the-mill bars in every new world they give us. I've seen people ask for new venue types,only to have EA ignore players and keep giving us bars/libraries/lounges/gyms in every new world. Hey,EA-isn't it time you stopped giving us all these base game venues?I looked up the Snowy Escape map on Google, and it was no surprise that EA will be giving us ANOTHER boring bar and ANOTHER ho-hum lounge. I didn't see ANY arcades or cinemas or tennis courts or any other new venues. How about giving us a GP or EP with new venues in it for once,EA? Or maybe giving us multi-purpose lots(like the ones in Sim 1 & 2)? Just give us SOMETHING that will make neighborhoods more immersive and enjoyable. Just plunking bars into every new world you give us isn't making the game any more enjoyable.
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  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 37 Member
    Lets talk about my Sim Command Center Concept! I know I've talked about it here on the forums but, I just like to see this in the game in the future. If this became a reality, it would be put in the game by January 2021, if this concept get anywhere......
    Hayden Damian, geography buff, aviation buff, likes video games......
  • QasiaQasia Posts: 2 New Member
    First thing that comes to my mind is question why? you won't put any of these into game anyway.....

    But since you are asking, I may as well hope that some of the below will see the light of day in sims:

    -more traits, this is a must, also traits should impact more on sims reactions and interactions with other sims and not just add random buff

    Lets take trait bookworm: every sim having it should gain fun quicker while reading books, not so much while watching tv for instance, he/she should be able to talk about other sims that loves books and increase the relations with them quicker, also they should have maybe some emotional buff like - 'found the person with the same hobby yeay''

    - more logical reactions to anything actually - your wife is flirting with someone - you are angry and have new reaction options that pop-up (slap, yell at, break), your sims graduates, finishes painting, preparing super yummy meal - be able to congratulate him/her, or thank him/her for that etc., more romantic nteractions - slow dance was great, please bring it back

    - more trait and emotions related conversations with other sims - right now i see other sim is tensed and so what? I can't do anything to help her/him, my sims is gloomy yet is joking about anything with anyone, I can see that he likes cats so what? i cant ask the pet's name or ask to show a photo of a pet, loves family? again so what? there is no additional reaction to act on this knowledge - sim can chat with anyone about cooking, favorite author, ask for fishing spots (even if sim doesnt care about books and fishing at all) and not really about shared traits.

    In terms of objects and hair styles and stuff and furniture as long as they don't add additional gameplay - I dont really need anything as creators community provide amazing stuff.

    But hey please add some objects that add a gameplay - more instruments - what the hell happened with drums and bass?, new hobbies - sewing machine, a wheel to make clay pots, jewelery, dancing bar, dancing classes or maybe learing steps on tv, vehicles - motors, strollers, scooters (trottinette), cars, more outdoor activites - picninc basket, more sport equipment - baseball ball, boomerang, spinning wheel and don't forget about children kids should also be able to do all that, I am not sure if they can use a football right now, some kitchen equipment - the station to make domestic jam would be nice and please make it in size of a counter or two counters not a spaceship, smaller portable microscope, magnifying glass to watch plants and bugs.

    Hospital for sims - you have the diseases already, you have the hospital equipped (get to work) you have educated medical staff (university), so basically let the sim go to the hospital to treat her/himself like you do with dogs/cats.

    Let the sim go to the police station, to file a complaint against neighbour for making noise (it's älready there in the game instead complaing to a neighbour after 3 times sim may want to call the police or go to the police station), for burglary (make burglars come back), to go testify as a witnness of a fight. If sim has hight baking skill he/her could go and bring donuts there (i know i know so cliche).

    Ok that's it, thank you for listening and for asking. Let's just hope you will be able to introduce anything of the above into the dame. I keep fingers crossed and thank you for your hard work so far (i am with since sims 1 so I really appreciate all the work it had been done so far)
  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 37 Member
    Hi again, I have some names for future neighborhood/city if the Sims 4 ever has an option to expand by including a feature that the game can make new default neighborhoods..

    These neighborhoods will have descriptions...

    1. Midnight Hollow: It's Forgotten Hollow's rival neighborhood full of werewolves..
    2. Shang Shimla: An ancient Chinese village, home to the potion of eternal youth!!
    3. Blazing Falls: It's like Granite Falls, but living in the wilderness year round!!
    4. Sunset Valley: The tech capital of the sim world....
    5. Mesa Flats: The Las Vegas of the sim world!!
    Hayden Damian, geography buff, aviation buff, likes video games......
  • valgaliumvalgalium Posts: 11 New Member
    There's endless possibilities for things to be added to the game, but honestly I think what would be most impactful is to improve upon what we already have.

    Okay, like for example, I came across this situation the other day:

    Have you ever noticed that sims all climb the stairs the exact same way? Wouldn't it be nice to have a sim actually RUN down the stairs when there's a fire instead of, like, taking a leisurely stroll downstairs, then resume running?

    I think there would be lots of opportunities for cute lil animations, like children running up the stairs on all fours (don't lie, you remember doing this too), moody teenagers stomping up stairs, clumsy sims falling up/down the stairs, etc. :blush:

    What do you guys think?
  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 1,195 Member
    I still want everything fixed that is broken. That should be the sims team's priority. Everything else can wait. I want packs tat are complete with minimal problems and issues that I need mods to fix what is broken especially with occult sims. Some of don't play normal human sims and opt for the fantasy aspect of witches wizards aliens vampires and mermaids already in-game from the different packs. I would like when the sims team does updates that it doesn't break everything especially occult sims and make the game completely unplayable. I would like to not use mods at all because the game is so good that mods aren't needed to fix the main problems in the game. When Seasons came out it meant I couldn't play vampires while playing a vanilla game because I couldn't give vampires any weaknesses or strengths. I don't like using mods to give vampires zero weaknesses. It's ok for one or maybe two vampires but I shouldn't have to use such a mod just so I can play my vampires. I want when a pack comes out whether it's a cheap little 10 dollar Stuff Pack Pack, A Game Pack or an Expansion Pack for it to be complete. Stop adding apology packs to give us content that should have been in an earlier pack to make it complete. Green is good greed is not. Add more content into packs and stop giving us all so very little for so much.

    With that said yes I'd love more occults as an occult player,

    This next part isn't meant to start trouble only a suggestion because I genuinely believe in fairness and equality.

    I also want everybody out there to have the right to be represented properly in this game if that is what they truly want. I want every race, culture and lifestyle etc represented. I want to see disabled simmers who wish to be represented be represented.
    Playtesting - not just tabletop games and card games any more. Really that should have been playtested in Beta and not [img]just with accounting and marketing but actual players.[/img]
  • CNJ93CNJ93 Posts: 26 Member
    edited November 11
    It would be nice if the events of the university organization you've joined showed up in the calendar.

    Edit: also other university events such as soccer matches and SimScuffle + City Living festivals
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  • Lake2020Lake2020 Posts: 1 New Member
    Live mode
    - Cars!!!
    - Burglars, firefighters, police, social service, exterminator
    - Better babies
    - Better teens (special interactions & outfits for teens)
    - More activities & games for kids
    - Swings, sandboxes, slides
    - Laptops
    - Better Jobs or normal jobs like post office work, delivery person, dog walker, landscaping
    - Farming!!!!!!

    - Sheep/Llamas for wool (along with a knitting or crocheting skill).
    - Pigs you can either “Trade For Bacon” via phone option, or raise them for ribbon prizes at the Fair.
    - Breed ponies and horses for work, shows, or racing. An Oasis Springs racetracks lot would be awesome!
    - Building and then stocking a chicken coop to collect eggs (if you buy an incubator you can even breed your own chickens!).
    [An important bonus to chickens would be that if you place a coop near your garden they eat the bugs going for your veggies, so you no longer have to spray for them.]
    - Raising your own turkey for the Harvest Feast
    - Cows and goats for milking (Dairy skill ! Milk your animals, then drink it, cook with it, or learn to make butter, yogurt, different cheeses…).
    - As with our current plants, properly caring for the food animals would raise the quality of their product.

    Harvestable Plants:

    I'd love to see oranges, limes, avocados, and with all of the 'plums' all over the forums, I'd like to see plum trees added, with the option to turn them into prunes (and grapes into raisins)!
    I'd love to have low-growing heads of cabbage (green and red), and low-growing heads of spinach-shaped spinach, instead of the weird tiny bunches growing on a bush; it's a little off-putting.
    Blueberries and raspberries, watermelons, growing your own (edible) pumpkins to cook or carve, and I don't know what pineapple plants look like but sure, those too!
    Bell peppers, chili peppers, jalapeno peppers, eggplants, wheat, oats, and corn!

    Note: these are ideas I have seen that I copied and pasted as I would love to see them too and hoping if it gets posted more it will be done
  • CNJ93CNJ93 Posts: 26 Member
    Adding a lifespan between "normal" and "long" as normal can feel too short and long is just way too long.
  • dionne_simsdionne_sims Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi there,

    My friend and I have been playing The Sims since we were kids. We are really hyped up for the new expansion pack Snowy Escape and the newest update with all the different skin tones. But we have some ideas for other updates:

    1. Money
    I would love it if the teenagers and young adults could work for their own money. There wouldn't be a shared amount of money, but the money all the individuals own, which would it make more realistic. They could have their bankaccounts shared for the bills, rent or for groceries. The children could get some small allowance weekly or monthly to start saving on their own. Whenever you're in build mode you could use different bank accounts, just the moms bank account or the kids bank account. There could also be a bill for the phone costs of each individual. In my opinion that would be much more realistic and fun to play with.

    2. Cars and area's
    Obviously everyone who played The Sims 3 would want a car. For my own peace of mind, I needed it to be said. I would love it if there weren't any loading screens anymore and you could just move around, or at least move around in the area you live in. For example, my household lives in Sulani and the beach across the street is not accessible even though I can see everything on the lot. If the whole world couldn't be an accessible area for the cars to go by, like drive to the furthest beach etc, maybe just in the neighborhood you live in. You wouldn't be walking to the fishing spot, but you could use the car. In Windenburg there are cars, but they aren't useable for us, they just drive around the neighborhood which makes it really frustrating, because I can't have a car. Also, in the expansion pack Eco Lifestyle’s world there are cars just in the parkingspots, waiting for me to take them for a spin. Whenever you choose to make the world an open area, you could make it a bit more like The Sims 3, with music theaters, museums, swimming pools, your job. It would be really nice to drive my sim to their job and not see them disappear into thin air and me just waiting for them to come back.

    3. Households
    It would be amazing if you could more easily play with different households. It takes way too long to switch between two households in one world right now. That’s why we just never do it. You could play out way bigger storylines if other households were more accessible. You could also have mini households as a part of a bigger households, i.e. when friends live together (the separate bank accounts play into this as well).

    4. Bugs
    There have been a few bugs lately. For example in Create a Sim whenever you put on normal glasses they seem fine. But whenever you play with your Sim and they have their glasses on, the glasses itself turn all black and which makes them look like sunglasses. It doesn't seem right, because I originally gave them normal glasses. Whenever you go to work, the glasses will stay at home. Let me tell you, I need my real life glasses at work as well, because I wouldn't be able to do my work correctly if I don’t have them on. Another bug is the Money tree, I know there have been people who already said it, but just like the cars and the area's, I needed it to be said for my own peace of mind. The money tree doesn't give me any money. The recycle bin which gives you money when you recycle your trash has also been broken for months. Whenever I drag trash or plates into the bin, I get nothing. Outdoor bins will fill up, even when you don’t have the lot trait that makes them do that. Your sims are unable to empty the bin which makes the bin smell and your sims uncomfortable all the time.

    5. Gardening
    I love to work in my garden and grow anything in there, vegetables, fruits and even flowers. It would be nice to grow all the food or flowers without buying a whole expansion pack. In real life you don't actually have to go to Afrika for certain types of herbs, do we? We just go to the nearby grocery store and buy a lot of products. It would be nice if we could also have that in The Sims 4 and with way more options, for example avocado. I don't want to buy the expansion pack just to grow the avocado. Maybe there could also be cabbage, different not well known herbs to be more diverse and zucchini and eggplants.

    6. Features
    With Get Famous, we’re able to turn off the fame aspect in a Sim’s life. It would be great if this was an option for other features in other packs as well. For example the Neighborhood Action Plans from Eco Lifestyle can really mess with the plans you had for a household. It would be great if you could turn features like these on and off.

    We really love playing The Sims and we would love it if these ideas could get through. If not, we will still be playing The Sims and buy the newest expansion packs. We can’t wait for the Snowy Pack, you’re doing great! Keep up the good work. <3

    Kind regards,

    your dedicated Simmers
  • chuckjaymoorechuckjaymoore Posts: 33 Member
    Placing a lot from The Gallery means the lot name is changed especially for empty lots. I remember when placing a lot wouldn't change the lot name. This has changed in an update.

    Placing a lot from The Gallery won't change the lot type by default, why should that still change the lot name by default? I would like a choice on whether I want to keep the current lot name or change the name to the lot I'm downloading from The Gallery. I'm OCD with lot names and see no reason why a lot name should be changed by default to a lousy lot name.
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