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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • CNJ93CNJ93 Posts: 22 Member
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    It would be cool if when you add more than one bar at a community lot, that you can have NPCs tending as many bars as you place, and not just have one bartender per lot. Additionally, I would like to have bartenders attend bars on community lots that aren't bars without having to hire them in-game. This could be something you could have the option to choose when building a lot with bars maybe - choosing if there are bartenders there by default. Idk, but something like that. Generally want NPCs for community lots when I add stuff such as bars, vendors, etc. - anything with the "hire staff" option - so I don't have to hire them myself as I then feel like I have to cheat with money in order to make the community lots feel real... Again, it can maybe be something you choose when building/editing the lot whether or not NPCs should tend the various objects on the lot :smile:
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  • CNJ93CNJ93 Posts: 22 Member
    I would like more family gameplay. Firstly, it would be nice to have a "family" category in the relationship panel. Then it would also be great with more relationship types overall, so we have extended family and step family members, etc. - this should be reflected in the family tree (which I believe only shows 10 generations? - it should be possible with more as well).More interactions depending on relationship type! (both family and friends). It would also be great if a family event could be added, e.g. "Family Dinner", "Family Reunion" or something like that :)
  • Marduc_PlaysMarduc_Plays Posts: 358 Member
    More fitness equipment would be nice. Stationary bikes, rowing station, solo weights/kettlebells and weight benches, ballet barre, dipping bars and rope skipping for children and adults.

    Also, fitness is progressing way too fast, even without traits.

    I know it would be just other objects for training, but sims is also a lot about flavor.

    You could have spinning (add a trainer bike just like with yoga) or children ballet classes, make an open air gym, or good old 80's aerobic classes (we've got something similar with the fitness pack, but it's just in front of the tv, and the sims try to work out in any place but in front of it)
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  • crashdodgerscrashdodgers Posts: 59 Member
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    One thing I'd like to see in the Eco Life pack is the ability to use those berries from Jungle Adventure in the juicer. I've tried to put them into the juicer and it doesn't seem to work (although Avocado/Carrot/Trash Fruit/etc do) They are BERRIES (although they do have effects, but they could just be reused for the fizz)! I just would like to be able to fizz them.

    Hi, I am not sure what it is you are doing but I can juice the jungle berries, but my sims are level 5 juice, so that might be your problem.
  • CharleyNoel9CharleyNoel9 Posts: 18 Member
    I really think the NAP system needs to be reworked. Sharing is Caring really goes too far... I don't want things disappearing randomly, especially on community lots. Sharing is Caring with swiping veggies or food from the fridge or something would have made more sense than sinks and furniture disappearing. Or neighbors sharing seeds or plants with each other could have been cool.

    I would have liked a plan like a clean-up initiative where sims actually pitch in and help. Maybe everyone gets an invite, like an event. Certain day and time and you accept the invitation or decline... accept gains points or something and you attend and everyone is actively cleaning up. Maybe it would have to happen a certain number of times to have an effect on the neighborhood? Or one that creates a day of protest, with signs and maybe flyers handed out, that affects the other sims and/or neighborhood automatically afterwards?

    Instead of paper bags on heads, costumes would have been more fun. A costume day/week could have worked with festivals or Halloween, etc. as well. A "costume" category in CAS would also be nice, like athletic, sleepwear, etc... a costume would be assigned.

    I think the ability to turn off NAPs completely per world or neighborhood is needed. And the ability to set the footprint and have it stay, for those that want their industrial world to stay industrial or their green world to stay green for story purposes.

    I also think we need more aspirations and traits. Traits like Argumentative could give bonus points in the law career but make it harder to carry on conversations, especially with another Argumentative sim. A "chill" or "relaxed" trait - nothing fazes them, can defuse arguments and fights; maybe a "generous" trait, autonomously giving gifts or paying for meals, giving praise and boosting positive conversations; a "fun" trait, in which the sim enjoys games and jokes and fun but not mean pranks, is happy to dance and doesn't get offended or upset by pranks; a "shy" trait, where it is harder to get conversations going with strangers, but is more likely to have conversations with those already friends or family; we have squeamish, what about a fearless trait? Maybe a trait that makes a sim more likely to hold a grudge/stay unhappy with another sim after an argument/fight? I think more could be done with traits and how they affect the sims and their relationships.
  • enby_envyenby_envy Posts: 5 New Member
    I have a few things to suggest:

    ---I recently got the vampire pack. Everything is great except that I think there should be a container of some sort made specifically for the plasma. Or maybe a choice to toggle the buttons between a regular food eating sims vs vampire sims(like how you can toggle the speed and visual modes on the vampire).

    Right now, I'm currently using a normal fridge and the normal sim choices of cooking give me a headache because the sim I'm playing is a vampire. And I really don't want to download cc.

    I also don't like the thought of the plasma having a cleanup choice because I am afraid that another sim might accidentally throw it all away. I also suggest having a secret menu for vampires at public places--more than just the plasma juice/salad.

    ---I would also like to see more supernatural sims such as zombies, werecreatures(wolf, cat, etc).

    ---I lock sims in a room but they keep on getting out, I would like to see this fixed. :)
  • NotanotherusernameNotanotherusername Posts: 1 New Member
    I’m sure it’s been mentioned but can’t find it nor a definitive answer - I want my Sim to be able to possibly get pregnant from WooHoo. That way it is more realistic and a young adult may end up becoming a parent from a fling and has to deal with it.
  • IlyIly Posts: 4 New Member
    I want to see new time system, the player could change the speed at which the clock advances, the current time in the system is too fast. I would say, it is pointless to add more activities if the time of day is not enough. In addition, sims become sleepy too soon. If teenager, after getting up from sleep, doing school work and eat something and then he is again in yellow bar, I think the life is very boring for us whom play sims.

    I like we must to order all these sims life barns plus the time.
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 6,997 Member
    I would like to see an option to choose which day the award ceremony is held on. I rotate on Sundays because it's the day that appears first in the weekly calendar and also it's handy as fewer sims are likely to miss work, but it makes winning awards almost impossible because it means award ceremonies happen before I have had a chance to play a sim. I'd rather have awards on a Saturday.
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  • KaronKaron Posts: 2,129 Member
    Please, add "double chin" on CAS.
  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 1,672 Member
    I'd like farming, an Italian theme and a safari pack. I'd also like a more wintry alpine world.
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  • darlingdeviantdarlingdeviant Posts: 35 Member
    1. Better skintones! Dark skin shouldn't be ashy or have weird, splotchy red marks.
    2. Better makeup that works on ALL skintones. I have to use CC in order to makeup to show up properly, and that goes for almost all sims that aren't white.
    3. More recipes for base game and off-the-grid.
    4. Consequences for actions. A fleshed-out memory system. More slots for personality traits (3 isn't enough!)
    5. Burglars!
    6. More tattoos. Also, tattoo artist NPCs that can give your sim a tattoo at a festival.
    7. More chance cards that really affect the game--not just tied to career/school/etc. but more random scenarios that pop up and your choice actually matters and affects relationships, or money, or public perception, etc. rather than just giving a buff.
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  • Syth_TreadwaterSyth_Treadwater Posts: 5 New Member
    I have several ideas I think would enrich the game.

    I think there should an expansion world with 5 or 6 really big lots with smaller lot types inside of it. With this there could be multiple households inside that the user can control. The user can set the game to get alerts or updates to the other households he or she wishes to control. This way players with multiple generational families or non nuclear families can still be in the game.

    There could also be multi use lots, like a lot that has a business and a residence in the same sublet. One or two layers would be the business or businesses and one or two layers could residential. An example is how there are places that have condos above shopping plazas or how in crowded urban areas sometimes business owners live above their shops.

    The get to work expansion needs more job options, similar to how it was in sims 3. Make a career path for astronaut/intergalactic smuggler, actor/athlete/musician/international spy, or legitimate businessman/ organized crime (mafia member) just for example.

    optional Cars, and weapons.

    A larger path for magic,a magic school for children/teens/young adults.

    A story path to becoming a vampire/werewolf/magical character/genie/reaper/time traveler/ world explorer/ other occult or scifi sim.

    Underwater cities/towns. Or more alien worlds/expand the alien world to have a society and buildings. There could also be an inner world underground with a civilization unknown to the sims.
  • BohoFlowerBohoFlower Posts: 97 Member
    More fitness equipment would be nice. Stationary bikes, rowing station, solo weights/kettlebells and weight benches, ballet barre, dipping bars and rope skipping for children and adults.

    Also, fitness is progressing way too fast, even without traits.

    I know it would be just other objects for training, but sims is also a lot about flavor.

    You could have spinning (add a trainer bike just like with yoga) or children ballet classes, make an open air gym, or good old 80's aerobic classes (we've got something similar with the fitness pack, but it's just in front of the tv, and the sims try to work out in any place but in front of it)

    I like that fitness goes up fast because honestly trying to juggle their fitness having zero metabolism amongst other things i can only JUST do it like i try to catch them when things are suddenly quiet like on weekends and their Needs are more or less full cos it's the only time they can go workout and i try to get them to have a Brisk Shower and i make them Stretch, do Sit Ups and Push Ups during the week cos with being at work then keeping an eye on the kids when at school having to get their Needs up so they can do their Homework and any Extra Credit it takes the whole rest of their evening to get them to completion LOL so i can't send them to Workout but even Sims that live alone they've got work... and at the bottom of their careers i need to get them to paint or something so they can sell them so they don't just spend all their wage on the Bills and Food, so their Fitness going up fast is really good i just wait till they get the Good Workout buff sometimes pushing the limits but then i send them back home to do other stuff.
  • HallgerdHallgerd Posts: 35 Member
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    1) accessories - "cemetery and ghosts" - the ability to place tombstones with a working ghost on a public plot, funeral, joint mourning for the dead (I saw such a mod), a working cemetery - may be similar to those from Sims 3, with ancestral spirits that you can visit . And the end of the disappearance of the urns in an unplayed family :( - all the dead could end up in some mausoleum or family chest with the option of recovering the urn and there we could decide who should remain as ghosts and who should not - so as not to overload the game).

    2) "vacation" supplement - one with lots of new summer and winter interactions and locations, ski slope, and other summer and winter sports, places to visit, some monuments - on the lot you could put an object selling badges with the designed inscription or name of the lot - you could collect it and have achievements in tourism, holiday events - similar to festivals in San Mushino (well, knowing EA, let it be an add-on and an add-on package). Hotels, hotel management and, above all, world management - the ability to transfer worlds between residential and holiday. (then the residential plots would be converted into rentable ones and vice versa)

    3) "business" supplement - my beloved addition from 2 - the possibility of having several residential plots and renting, the possibility of having each public plot and making money there - own swimming pool, gym, spa cinema etc., the possibility of running a business on a residential plot - upstairs a flat and a shop downstairs, or a massage parlor or tattoo studio.

    5) And finally, maybe not as a supplement but very important to me and I am waiting for it. I am a Sim builder, so in updates I would like a lot of building options:
    - stairs: at an angle, spiral
    - ceilings: painting ceilings and roofs in the attic, various beams and rafters.
    - walls: round, vertically half-walls and quarter walls,
    - wallpapers - these corners for building facades do not work well. I would like it to be set on the keyboard, e.g. a - borderless, b - border on the left, c - border on the right, d - border on both sides. Bottom and top slats could work similarly.
    - roofs at different heights (above half-walls, for example), halves and quarters of octagonal, round roofs. And above all, the possibility of using half-walls and beams on floors without putting roofs into the house.
    - wall decorations freely placed, various pilasters, window sills, portals, window frames, tympanums, attics. It is a bit but much too little.
    - platforms !!!

    I wrote a little, but if it was all, it would be the fulfillment of my Sims dreams.
  • OwlGoddessOwlGoddess Posts: 5 New Member
    Would love to see a pack with victorian era clothing in it an more furniture maybe even more victorian era styled things in building mode like flooring an wallpapers would love to see you guys come out with some cool looking clothing an hair styles from that time :) just an idea.
    Also it would be pretty cool if you could buy building an become a landlord in sims 4 being able to to have tenants an having to fix things for them an having to go an collect rent from your tenants would be pretty cool more interactive jobs
  • enby_envyenby_envy Posts: 5 New Member
    I commented about vampires a few days ago but I thought of a few more things to add/emphasize:

    -Draining sims: I want an option that you can kill a sim by drinking too much of their blood. It would be cool if the sim who is being fed on could fight back if they have high enough skill level of logic, fitness, and vampire lore or something. (It could also be toggleable if a gamer doesn't to accidentally kill a sim)

    -Dungeons: I said in a past post that sims from outside of the household escapes the room I locked them in. It's very annoying because I finally found a decent amount of sims with sweet blood for my vampire to feed on. I don't want my sims food to be in the household but I don't want them breaking out of a locked room. So I'm suggesting make it where if they're trapped, they're trapped. I even gave them everything they needed to be comfortable they wouldn't use the items until they were desperate.

    -Broken Lice compartment: For the retail store, I have blood packs and garlic in the compartment, but when I was playing a sim from a different household to buy it, it would say that something is in their way even though nothing is there.

    -More traits: I want more trait slots. I saw a post up above about trait slots because having just three isn't enough and I agree with them. I also want a trait with sweet sims vs yucky. And where they fear occult sims, or if they are fascinated with them(in this context, vampires, but it could be with any of the other occult options)--just like you can choose if you are a dog person or a cat person. There should also be an option of their orientation, we already have unflirty--which I see it as ace/aro. So we should have options with if a girl only likes girls, they would get tense if a guy flirts with her.

    -Robbers: I read/heard somewhere that there were no robbers because some players might've had bad experiences with burglaries. I understand it, but I wish there were robbers because it makes the game more dynamic. It could be toggled in the game options if the robbers are active or not for those who don't want to experience it in their gaming.

    -CAS: When building a sim, I understand the male or female symbol is just for the body type, but I want a third option where it gives both masc and fem features on the sim for nonbinary characters. I also want an option to choose pronouns for my sims as part of the building. I have a few nonbinary sims and I'm tired of correcting the pronouns in my head. For the colors(such as body features with eyes, etc) we can have a color picker(Idk what it is actually called--but it is usually in a circle with all of the shades of a color and it usually has a dropper as the mouse) to choose more unique colors of skin tones and eyes, etc.

    -Face features: I wish we can have more tattoos and that we can have it anywhere on the body(it's hard to explain since I haven't messed with the tattoo features in a while. I also want where the scars can be on both sides of the face. I also want more unique scars, and possibly even more battle scars on the rest of the body for characters that I had in mind that were attacked for being who they are (for example I have one mermaid who has scars over her face because she's a mermaid)
  • enby_envyenby_envy Posts: 5 New Member
    I forgot to add it on the last post, but I also wish there was an option to join a coven/flock (or whatever you want to call it) of vampires(or other occult sims). It would be like a club/organization but with the ability to do special acts for a certain group of occult sims. Then the gamer could make their own coven, or join a preexisting one and fight over territories. This can unlock the ability if you enter a hostile territory, there will be special options like trying to get them off your territory or having turf wars.
  • HornedCrowHornedCrow Posts: 29 Member
    Still waiting for pronoun options for Sims. I know we have he/him if you choose "male" and she/her if you choose "female" but what of intersex Sims? What of non-binary Sims that go by they/them pronouns? I know we have all kinds of genders in game because of the pride flags, or am I wrong in that regard? I also know you have the intersex pride flag as well. For the record I know so many Simmers want a pronoun option as well. Just think of it as being a more inclusive game and gaming experience for your consumers.
  • SimzSizzleSimzSizzle Posts: 357 Member
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    Would like to see them add Builder career (house)
  • KrispyGurlKrispyGurl Posts: 2 New Member
    I would like the firefighter career like we had in The Sims 3.
  • Renegade_007Renegade_007 Posts: 3 New Member
    As a player of TS4, ive been dealing some things in the game like how the sims would move and interact, most interactions are the same, like you wouldnt see the uniqueness of each sims in the game. Also the retail store is quite boring as it doesnt really match to what the players want. I would love to see different movements and interactions to the sims like the way real people would do like being in a retail store etc.

    (Cafes) sipping coffee and reading
    newpapers or study. Selfies that would gain fame to the cafe with a use of hashtags and new trends of drinks that they would love to suggest or thru inventing a drink and give recommendations

    (ClothingShop) choose clothes by moving hangers and etc. and makes the area messy by disarranging the folled clothes but have a worker to arrange it again

    (Restaurants) i hope most of the chairs would be occupied because its really a mess and a waste to build a big restaurant but only a small group of 10 to 15 customers in an area of 30 to 50 chairs. I also hope that there should be a scenario where a peak hour would occur where many sims would eat in the restaurant and waiting time would be a problem then the "cook fast" interaction would be useful.

    Also a manager would be useful to keep the business running while at work.
    These included the updating the budget funds where there should be a graph and problems should be also be shown.

    These are my few suggestions in the game
    that i hope should be included in the game and everyone would love TS4

    •Cars should also be in the game.

    • Malls should be included

    • Churches

    • Have a Pet Agency to retrieve pets lost due to negligence should be found

    •House lights should able to give light in the lower floor if theres an atrium

    •Closets are CAS automatically
    with icons to choose clothes directly and a small avatar of the sim to serve as a model like the custom in Current cas but smaller and transparent, and should be located in the upper left or right.

    • Baristas should able to produce funds when working at a espresso bar as they only give coffees to sims for free

    •Modern furniture should be many, as a Arch. studnt i can only design Victorian to mediteranean houses but ive struggled to design modern zen houses. which are my fav. style.

    •Fireplace should never occupy four gridssquares much better if to be intacted by a wall with 2x1 (LW) GRID size

    • Disasters like pandemics/plague, war, or Any crisis known to man like weather and more.

    •Fire would occur realistic, like a short circuit or a child playing a fire.

    •We can also fetch our children to school

    Doctors can work freelance and should have its own clinic.

    These are just few sugg. as i am still discovering the sims 4 at this time and i would suggest again in the near future.

    I really want to help the developers improve the game and also hope that some of these suggestions would be included in the game.
  • Captn_moss663Captn_moss663 Posts: 2 New Member
    I'll start with mentioning the expansions I have so that if I have missed seeing a feature in one for Sims 4, I can be corrected: Get to work, pets, vampires, island living, parenthood, tiny living, laundry day, and I think that's all.
    (For quick read... (-) relates to current content or just ideas to improve current content, (+) relates to new expansion ideas or content which currently has no similar current in game features/existence)

    +I'd like to see an expansion which includes things like horses, barns, and farm animals such as chickens, pigs, cows, etc.
    With the horses, I'd love the option to ride western or english, and to choose to compete in all the events that comes with either.
    I also would like to see job opportunities such as a riding instructor. It would be cool to see the interactions! But if this is implimented into the game, I would like to see it done well. Horses all have different personalities, and all need training. I'd like to see different breeds, different attitudes/traits they can have, just like dogs/cats, and a verity of tack.

    -I would also like to see more pets in an expansion- such as lizards, snakes, birds, tarantulas, turtles, and all sorts of stuff like that!

    -A new feature for the current pets expansion would be to make the dog taller or shorter. A german shepard isn't the same size as a border collie, and a chihuahua isn't the same size as a shi tzu. I would also like the baby animals to not all be shaped the same... it just looks weird! Also it would be cool to see some more breeds, and even wolf-dogs or straight up wolves/coyotes! We already have foxes and dingos :lol:

    -I would like if gardening could be considered a hobby, therefore sims can have fun doing it. Right now it seems to have little gain for much in the base game

    +I would like if you could choose how far a sim is aged within current categories. Example being someone is a teen, but there's a slider where you can choose okay just barely teen, close to midway through teenhood, or almost adult. This allows more custom aging :smiley:

    - more t-shirt designs!

    - more formal attire for children. Currently there is no in between for super formal and aww she cute sort of vibes

    +I'd like to see a place that is permanently cold! We got forest-y and tropical, but no Alaska or Norway! I would like to see items like sleds and such, but I'm sure that's in seasons. To my understanding however, seasons doesn't have an option for year-round climates similar to that of Norway and such. Honestly, might as well make places of all sorts of climates, from Egypt along the Nile river, to humid rain forests of Eastern Asia, or the hiiiiiiiiiigh misty mountains of China, or the tundras of Russia, to the commonly flooded and rainy Central America, so forth.

    +It would be really nice if lots that are right next to each other didn't require a loading screen to go to, but I guess that's a mechanic so that you switch to interact with the other lot, so likely not possible.

    +I'm sure everyone has said cars, but I would love to see bikes and scooters! Even skateboards! Interactions to exercise via biking, or kids can play on the skateboards and scooters

    +PONDS! Everyone makes ponds with the pool tool, but they're never quite right... a nice pond tool, even through the terrain tool, so that you can create shallow and deep parts, would be epic.

    -PLEASE offer more customized pools! I'd love to see pools which could have depth modified without lifting the pool out of the ground- a way to do this could be by using something similar to half walls, but it's for pools. I also would like to see pools which could have one end shallow, like the pools at every YMCA, which allows kids to play safely, but still swim (I'm not talking about splash pools), and even built in steps or seating like so many backyard pools that are built into the ground have. This could offer actions such as "sit on the steps" or other such things. It would be cool if when in the pool with a group, games such as Marco Polo, or Sharks and Minnows, and other common games could be played.

    -more tattoos! I would love to see the option to have a shoulder tat, upper arm tat, and forearm tat. Same for the legs- upper leg, lower leg. Belly tats too. Things like birds, snakes, hearts, flowers, celtic symbols, and other such things! I'd also like to see a Dungeons and Dragons reference even

    +speaking of which, add an option for forming a dungeons and dragons game group! Ask people to be part of the game, and then you can even set days to play, and your sims can sit at a table, have a GM, and players! Animations can include rolling dice, celebrating a nat- 20 or frustration at a nat- 1, have maps on the table, be surrounded by books and character sheets, etc. Items to add to the game would be game books, folders filled with character sheets and spells, clutter items such as miniatures, maps (folded and scattered), and other game objects. (from here on, things would be a stretch) maybe if the sim is in a certain mood, they have an animation where their character (randomized or at minimum, chosen class) armor or weapons appear on them. Like when a wizard is focused, or a warrior is confident, or a bard is creative.

    That's all for now. Feel free to give feedback or add to what I've said. As I mentioned, I don't have all the packs, but I have read what they all have when they are listed on the menu screen in game, so apologies if I suggested something already in the game.
    I also believe this is the right forum to post in, but correct me if I am wrong, and please tell me where to find the right one.
  • NationalPokedexNationalPokedex Posts: 418 Member

    Sims can have bikes in Discover University and Eco Living. However, I don’t think children can ride them.

    Get Together introduced a club system feature which allows you to make all kinds of clubs and you can pick the membership requirements, club activities and club hangout place. There is no option for DND tho.
  • Captn_moss663Captn_moss663 Posts: 2 New Member
    @NationalPokedex Thank you. Again I don't have those packs, so I didn't know. That helps though!
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