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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,314 Member
    I'm pretty sure someone said this before, but EA should give us players the ability to edit our worlds or make custom ones, much like how we used to do in Sims 2 and Sims 3.
  • pluisje2pluisje2 Posts: 2 New Member
    I am kind of bothered by the fact that an adult son or daughter cooking in their parents' home is considered inappropriate behaviour. Also with the student life, when their kid comes to visit and wants to cook or take a nap in their old bed his/her mom/dad walks up and says that's inappropriate and they should stop. I mean, that is just kind of stupid. I want my family to be able to cook in each others houses. Maybe even with best friends to. I mean, who hasn't slept over their parents' or best friends house?
  • Renato10Renato10 Posts: 273 Member
    edited May 28
    DeafSimmer wrote: »
    I'm pretty sure someone said this before, but EA should give us players the ability to edit our worlds or make custom ones, much like how we used to do in Sims 2 and Sims 3.

    It's so sad this is impossible in TS4 but at least I hope EA/Maxis learned from this and give us that feature back in The Sims 5!
  • LittleowliviaLittleowlivia Posts: 4 New Member
    We NEED more vacation options! We only have 2 worlds to vacation in, only 1 decent accommodation per world (who wants to stay in a place with 8 single beds?) and no options for catered stays. Give us a beach resort with all inclusive options, give us hotels that we can check in to, a mountain lodge, or at least give the existing vacation accommodations maids! Who is paying $600+ a day to stay in the jungle with no option to hire cleaning or catering staff?

    Next would be making teens look different than young adults. It’s fine if young adults and adults look the same, but if teens are to look like anyone, it would be closer to the kids appearance.
  • SjofnSjofn Posts: 291 Member
    Right now I think I just want another Newcrest. Just a clean map with a bunch of empty, different-sized lots.
  • Cinna32Cinna32 Posts: 42 Member
    We NEED more vacation options! We only have 2 worlds to vacation in, only 1 decent accommodation per world (who wants to stay in a place with 8 single beds?)
    You are aware it's possible to edit all the vacation lots through build mode? I made one family friendly per world, that allows families with toddlers to take vacations, too. And I just edit them to suit whatever needs I have with my current families. If you don't want to do that yourself, I'm sure there are lots of suitable lots on the gallery.

  • SimyimSimyim Posts: 30 Member
    Not sure if this has already been said, but I would love townies with more proportioned bodies. For instance, Alice Martin, the main character in Strangerville, has impossible proportions (a head too big for her shoulders’ width, a waist too thin...). And she is not the only one, Bella Goth has the same waist problem. Hope this helps!
  • jaasimmer12jaasimmer12 Posts: 3 New Member
    Hello Sims team! I love that you take feedback like this from the community, after 5 years the game feels so much more complete. There are still things I’m hoping for in the game but I love the progress made

    My Sims 4 wish list:
    - more table top versions of items (microscope, portable telescope, bubble blower)
    - [b]Bunk beds [/b]
    - Nectar making and storage racks
    - [b]Mounted microwave [/b]
    - Winter Resort pack with a Mountain town either as a livable world or a vacation world (with snow sports and a hotel/resort feature)
    - And more mom hairs (so excited for the one in the knitting pack) but also ones that are more pooped curly 80’s style (short 80’s mom hair on google)

    Thank you for all you do, I love the sims and am excited to see it become even more expanded and complete
  • Steffi32311Steffi32311 Posts: 2 New Member
    More Vacation Worlds Please!
  • KhrisstyneKhrisstyne Posts: 182 Member
    Simyim wrote: »
    Not sure if this has already been said, but I would love townies with more proportioned bodies. For instance, Alice Martin, the main character in Strangerville, has impossible proportions (a head too big for her shoulders’ width, a waist too thin...). And she is not the only one, Bella Goth has the same waist problem. Hope this helps!

    I thought I was the only one who thought her head was so huge. I wanted to play her since I thought she was cute but she creeped me out and that was AFTER the strangerville storyline. So, I agree with you.
  • Cinna32Cinna32 Posts: 42 Member
    In case this isn't a bug: if you have several exits of a ladder accessible but they aren't connected other than by the ladder. The sim will climb down the ladder, climb up again to exit on the other side at the moment. It would be great, if they could just shuffle over the top or step over it or something. I added a screenshot. In my situation, if a sim wanted to access the other side of the bed after watching TV, he'd climb down the ladder, climb back up again before going to bed.


  • SaraTheHoodratSaraTheHoodrat Posts: 1 New Member
    - Why does Eco Lifestyle translate into Homeless? So much more could have been done with the clothing from this pack.

    - Better furniture/furniture sets/furniture swatches as well as clothing/clothing swatches. Instead of partnering with people like Baby Ariel and Moschino, maybe you should partner with furniture and clothing designers that are more relatable.
  • ShortieJ845ShortieJ845 Posts: 35 Member
    I love the sims 4 and think all of the patch updates have been great, especially this last update! It would be nice to have more cold weather tops and outfits for female sims. The number is very limited and since I play multiple families I feel like during the winter all my female sims are wearing the same outfits. More hairstyles for toddlers and children would be great, again I feel like all my toddlers look the same. I don’t mind paying for content if they came in stuff packs or game packs. I also would love a wedding stuff pack.
  • Marduc_PlaysMarduc_Plays Posts: 378 Member
    Please, just add more 1x1 tile actually 4-legged dinnertables without glass top to the game. Square ones and round ones. Modern and classic ones. Wood and plastic tops maybe even marble in plain colors.
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  • Bearpal64Bearpal64 Posts: 884 Member
    First of all thanks for June Patch and Eco Living both seem to be taking the game in a direction I definitely am excited about!

    Secondly - I really wish RoM would have gotten more time to cook in the oven before it was released. There are so many good ideas but some are just not implemented well at all. Like why can't Sims cast on a table or a counter and make food appear? Why can't I have lot affecting spells like a clean the lot spell, happiness/angry town effect. Glamors or enchantments would have also been something fun. Magical upgrades? Just so many more things to do. Don't get me started on kids they totally could have played magic with themselves or other kids. They could have even recycled the sparkler animation from CL.

    Thirdly - Body Hair, men's briefs and more skin tones and hair colours.

    Thank you for all these years of Sims 4! I just feel things could be tweaked to be really magical and wonderful. 💚
  • Kaylen34Kaylen34 Posts: 72 Member
    Does this mean we will get the firefighter career back??? (hopefully for free??)
  • ShannonMarie_76ShannonMarie_76 Posts: 26 Member
    Tikaania wrote: »
    What is the most interesting enjoyable job/career to have?

    I don't know about interesting, but I would like to see more careers that you can go with your sim and choose to not promote to new stages. Like I would like to be able to be a pediatrician and go to work with my sim and stay at that career level, as well as school teacher and day cares... I would even like to go to school as a kid, go to classes as a teen and university student.
  • ShannonMarie_76ShannonMarie_76 Posts: 26 Member
    There are many things I would like to see added to this game, here are a few that I want the most-

    1- The ability to build apartments like in Sims 2. That was my fave expansion and I was so disappointed to see we could not do that with city living or even now.
    2- Open world like Sims 3. This, along with the apartments are my most wanted.
    3- Farming, chicken coops, horses, more variety in gardening.
    4-More options for careers- more careers that you can go to work with your sim. Be asked if you want to promote, so if you want to stay at a certain job level you can.
    5- And here is some random ideas- homeschooling for kids and teens, kids can walk dogs, trailers and trailer parks, more actions for babies rather than just laying in a bassinet, more design options for pools, sliders for height, sliders for curtains so we can use any curtain on any window, more fitness equipment, options to join sports like volleyball, swimming lessons or soccer for after work or after school. Lay on the couch or in bed while watching TV, sit on the couch with a laptop or in the bed, play Frisbee, play catch, beach volleyball, beach resorts, hockey, pool tables.... so many ideas for content.
  • Jmann1092Jmann1092 Posts: 4 New Member
    can we get a better gallery where we can go for example filter has number of bed rooms 4 bathrooms 2 and it shows only that sometimes its insane to look for homes
  • VaniliciousVanilicious Posts: 31 Member
    I don't understand the latest changes in the sims 4.
    This is the first time that I will make a constructive criticism about the game, which I play since the day the sims 1 came out. But I feel that I have the right to give my opinion about some things that have changed. I will try to do my best, since English is not my native language.

    I feel that they want to force me to play the way they want and I can't choose to play the way I like anymore.
    Now they removed the phone calls, as if that was necessary, if you don't like it you don't answer them, there were the 2 options, now only one, if you want to go out, you must invite. Why do I have to be the one to do everything? I don't like to play like that, in fact, I hate that. I like the autonomy more, and they have different types of players, the game should offer the options for everyone. Call back.

    Instead of deleting things that give both options, why don't you solve for example, the romances that the game makes up by what if ruining the experience of everyone who plays with multiple families?
    instead of deleting why don't they add options?
    Why don't they fix the restaurants for example? why don't they make that if you are invited, the one who invited pays and orders?

    Why don't they improve the romantic system of the game, which is the worst in all the sims, super poor, nothing special... not even a chemistry system, if they have an "anti-compromise" feature why don't they have the faithful one? (a simple feature that when you get your "supposed soul mate" blocks the romantic interactions with everyone else, for example) what about the people that don't like to play that chaos that the game offers and only want to play NORMAL? or just manage multiple families and watch them as I leave them, not all of them ruined because the game generates unnecessary love! let people choose if they want drama or not, those options should be in the game options so everyone can choose to play as they like, not as they want to force us.

    Why do they have a gender preference system if the sims don't respect it? Why does my gay sim flirt with women? Why does my lesbian sim flirt with a man? Why does a gender preference system exist? There are mods that manage to fix these things and it should be the game that implements these details, more or less important for each type of player.

    The sims 4 are supposed to be better than the previous games.
    Put back the calls where you were invited to eat and parties, from the little that was left with autonomy, fix the restaurants, instead of deleting, solve it, make the caller, order and pay the bill for example.

    I hope there are more people who think like me, sure there are, I'm just saying let the players choose how they like to play the game best, I paid for this too, and there should be options for EVERYONE, we don't all like to control every aspect of the game, having to do all the work, think of all the players not just in one group, don't force me to go one way, let me choose!

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  • sazzieJsazzieJ Posts: 139 Member
    edited June 10
    now that we've got reapo and firefighter sims, i hope the burglar will be back. soon-ish. coz i know not every player wants them but without them the game is missing an element of fun for me personally.

    for those that dont like them, give us another toggle, or pause the game with a pop up where if the player says no to being burgled we watch the burglar enter a neighbor sims house and we can call the detective sims or something and receive influence or a good reputation boost if we act or nothing if we dont as if it never happened.

    with regards to the eco pack, itd be nice if i can clean up the garbage that was lying around my sims neighborhood or use it for recycling to help clean up the area ourselves

    id like the maid service improved. i swear my 'daily' maid comes every other day, cleans up ONE dish and then leaves

    very happy with inventory sorting. if possible id like the storage chests to get the same treatment and unlinked too please. unless its changed and i havent noticed, its annoying as *insert naughty word here*to open several different chests and see the SAME items in all. sims 3 i could have one for fruit, one for paintings, one for rocks etc, and itd be awesome if sims 4 chests got the same treatment

    itd be great if our sims had an option in their relationships panel to only show family. its ridiculous that they dont have that option

    thats all for now. its been a while since i ranted in this forum and im glad to see that our ideas are slowly slowly being implemented. its very encouraging

    ETA: why on earth is it, that my toddlers have ALL needs but HUNGER taken care of when in day care. i work in childcare and can assure u that kids are fed. im super annoyed right now as my toddlers were sent to daycare and one came back so hungry i got the alert to feed him OR ELSE. how is that fair that my toddler could possibly get taken away coz he was sent to daycare and starved there given how long it takes sims to do anything in sims 4. *mini rant over*
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  • DemonChildYTDemonChildYT Posts: 1 New Member
    For one, I want the unbreakable toilet back. I was actually able to enjoy other game mechanics with out having to replace the toilet after every other use. Second, I want more hair colors, Dark purple, bright red, orange, etc. Third, Pet birds! I would love to have a cute little bird to follow my sims around or perch on their shoulders.
  • MsKatieRoseMsKatieRose Posts: 297 Member
    Cars, Spiral Staircases, Grocery stores, Airports, more medium to light range skin tones, and way more cabinets to go with counters. Also, wallpapers.
  • Sims2todaySims2today Posts: 1 New Member
    The best part about sims is being able to have things so lifelike, with emotions and whims, however, it is not the most life like in some areas. The adult sims need more hobbies, they need to be able to build skills in more than fishing. Skills like archery or scrapbooking or diving. They need more places to go for all ages, every world has a gym and a museum and a bar, but those get old. My sim can already build an in home gym or travel to another world for their gym. I think adding new venues like arcades, laundry mats, mini golf, amusement parks or water parks. I think some content needs more development, like pools. We can build them but there is litrle to do with them. Water slides or diving boreds would add things. Pool games like chicken, or water volleyball, or even some other made up water game. Babies need the most work. I want my sim to cuddle their baby while watching t.v. I want them to burp them or make them have tummy time on the floor. I want them to celebrate the first time the baby rolls over. I want them to have play pins and strollers and diaper changing stations. Bottle warmers and rattles and realistic cribs, not just bassinets. Babies should be able to have outfits changed and changable looks from eye color, how much hair and how fussy the baby is or of it sleeps through the night. Babies are a landmark stage, and ignoring them hurts the game, when my adult sims have a baby it feels like a let down and makes it more likely to age up immediately. Another thing that I hope is noticed is having control of all sims on the lot even if they are not part of the household. I dont want my guest to cme over and drink 7 cups of water and leave all the cups or do pushups in front of the bathroom door or any of their random things. I want to have dinner parties where cousins play tag and build forts and fight over toys, and adults brag about their children. I really want the sims to focus on the life simulation aspect of the game more and not so much the build aspect. People can make beautiful houses, but as a simmer who enjoys puting hours into a fake family or story, I want it to be as realistic as it can.
  • simMirsimMir Posts: 7 New Member
    Well then. I'll add some stuff in here since I can't make a thread for some reason. If that 'reason' is 'not enough posts' then this UI should tell me that.

    But that's not an issue of just the forums.

    Eco added Industrial and Green, minor environment gain/loss, power use and 'uncomfortable'. Neither of them get explained and mostly we have to guess what does what. There are also items that do 'Environment: 1'. How many minor environment gains go into one environment: 1? Who knows! Certainly not me. Maybe they aren't even related.

    Apparently higher 'uncomfortable' rating means 'more comfort', which makes about zero sense.
    Higher 'power consumption rating' is... you guessed it by now probably, *less* power consumption! I don't know who thought this made sense tbh.

    All sliding (wood!) is labeled industrial. This also makes no sense to me. Lots of brick is industrial.

    We have zero ways to sort on any of this. Please add appropriate filtering options in build/buy mode.
    Also in this context; please add overall industrial/green rating to lots in the library/gallery. Right now we have to visit every single house to see what way the pointer goes, and that one seems rather random at times (probably because N.A.P.'s count too, but we, you guessed it again, can't see that anywhere either, except on bills).
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