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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • shra69shra69 Posts: 4 New Member
    in sims three when people where able to play with other sims players that was fun wish that could be incorporated in sims 4 and daughter wants wearwolves pack in orgin platform should be family account where they can share games
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 1,516 Member
    They need to bring all the themes from Sims 3 to Sims 4.
  • Nathanjj09Nathanjj09 Posts: 1 New Member
    I have two pack ideas that I wanna share. Number One, a vehicle pack with cars, trucks, bikes even though we have them, motorcycles, and more.
    My other pack idea is about teens because we have stuff for kids and toddlers. It could have more piercings, tattoos, and posters bean bags, and more.
  • KaruminuKaruminu Posts: 17 Member
    > @Nathanjj09 said:
    > I have two pack ideas that I wanna share. Number One, a vehicle pack with cars, trucks, bikes even though we have them, motorcycles, and more.
    > My other pack idea is about teens because we have stuff for kids and toddlers. It could have more piercings, tattoos, and posters bean bags, and more.

    Flying motorcycles for spellcasters would be a cool alternative to flying broomsticks.
  • luckycrth91luckycrth91 Posts: 91 Member
    I don't know where to start but as I play right now with two Sims who have maxed out on handiness - I hate the parts system. It needs to go from being held with a Sim to being held in family inventory, or just a parts bin. Something different. Oh and if we're to have cars - can we have grease monkeys (petrol heads, gear heads - whatever you want to call them LOL)? Y'know, the ability to work on cars. I think that'd be awesome.
  • KaruminuKaruminu Posts: 17 Member
    Would be fun to have snowy slopes for the winter season for sledding, skiing and snowboarding. Maybe a half-pipe could be designed for both warm and cold seasons so they can be used for skiing, snowboarding, bicicle tricks and skate boarding?
  • EmileeWattsEmileeWatts Posts: 1 New Member
    Basically a lot of add-ons in sims 3 should be in sims 4 as well.
  • CadilyraCadilyra Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey The Sims 4 team,
    I hope all of you are healthy and safe. Firstly, I want to thank you for creating that game, because that game is helpful to me to spend my time at home and keep healthy and safe. I am spending lots of my time to play The Sims 4 and I bought StrangerVille pack. I waited to say that after I played and finished the aspiration of StrangerVille pack offers the players, I had an idea which I want to share with you, I think for The Sims 4 you can combine all packs and these all packs combine with a story line. For example; in The Sims 4 Get to Work pack we can reach aliens, and in StrangerVille there is uncommon plant- mother plant- so I think you will combine these two story each other like aliens put that plant in that town and try to examine humans with that or control with that plant because that plant affects people and manipulates people and Sim players can play with both side; alien side or human side. There are two other endings for these aspirations. That is only one idea to combine the story. You can do for the all packs- I cannot give suggestion for that because unfortunately I do not have all packs- but I think it will increase the selling of The Sims 4 packs, if you combine all the packs each other people have to take all packs to see what will happen next or how the story end. I am not sure that you can just update the packs and game and add these things but that is only a suggestion. If that is not possible these ideas are just suggestions. I only give my opinion because I really like playing The Sims 4 and I really like the mystery or story of StrangerVille so I want to write that email. Thank you so much for your caring. Take care of yourselves.
    Stay safe and healthy.
  • Projectsims4Projectsims4 Posts: 1 New Member
    I think this is a pretty simple request and an idea i believe that the babies in the sims 4 should get a remake. Babies should be able to be taken anywhere in the house and outside. Be able to have more social and physical interaction have more clothes, toys, prams and all that they should be able to crawl around area. in every sims life they should be able to enjoy every moment with the baby
  • adamclark83adamclark83 Posts: 480 Member
    I would like to have:

    - Clear see-through walls
    - More fitness equipment; exercise bikes, hydraulic rowing machines.
    - Ability to create own hair-styles

    What I most want to see is all the bugs and issues (crashing) fixed. I am now submitting about 3 crash error reports a night and it is angering me to no end. Go to travel, it crashes. Try to play a household, it crashes. Exit Build mode into Live mode, it crashes.

  • PerunaPeruna Posts: 98 Member
    edited March 22
    Hello! Here are some things I would like to have in Sims 4:

    - Better babies, please
    - More unnatural skin colours
    - More hair colours for all, unnatural colours included! EDIT: And more graying hair colours as well!
    - More voices
    - The option for gender-neutral pronouns (and for them to be available for children as well!)
    - Probably not possible at this point, but different heights. Even just three presets - short, medium, tall - would do wonders
    - More swatches for some of the older basegame stuff (both CAS and build-and-buy)
    - More CAS stuff for children and toddlers!! Heck, more stuff in general for children and toddlers, because at this point it's clear they're intended to be a temporary lifestage that you're expected to quickly age them out of to turn them into "proper" sims, but a lot of people play with aging off!
    - Less revealing clothing for female sims. Nothing wrong with crop tops or low-rise pants, but not everyone wants to dress like that
    - Better fitting unisex clothes. Clothing made for male sims looks absolutely awful on female-bodied sims
    - More outfit slots!
    - Some kind of special outfit category for outfits that you want to keep saved but don't want sims changing into of their own volition (like a 'costume' or 'special' slot or something)
    - More aspirations! The 'active' branch still only has the 'bodybuilder' aspiration
  • Nastina5Nastina5 Posts: 2 New Member
    Good day, everyone! I am sure I am not first person to complain about these issues. I am getting very upset with game :(
    1) First of all, why , WHY(!?!?!) I can not return my baby after he was taken by social workers? You got to have a second chance!!
    2) Now, When I come back to the house from restaurant or any other places, all my sims who stayed at home on the computers, even though I left them to do ,for example, homework. None of the them finished with homework, but all on computers. And you have to make them to do it again. And btw I have locks on all computers. Guess what?!?! None of them work when I return sim home.
    3) I am tired of toddlers to put plates all around the house. And I do not understand why they do not put in their inventory tablets even though they took it from there. Same to the adults too.
    That is my biggest issues as of now. Please see into it and maybe it can be fixed with another update. Thank you very much
  • Nastina5Nastina5 Posts: 2 New Member
    > @BooV7227 said:
    > In regards to Careers and Activities...
    > 1) More normal jobs!
    > - Can we get better, more varied pizzas added so that I can run a pizzeria and send my employees out on delivery orders?
    > - I still want all of the careers from TS2 back, like Architecture, Education, Law, Military, Natural Scientist, Oceanography, Paranormal, and Slacker!
    > - I would love to see all of the NPC jobs that are not currently playable opened up for played sims (bartenders, gardeners, maids), and see a few unlocked as active careers too.
    > - New rabbit hole jobs: Teen=Lifeguard (pool or beach), Florist, Professional Landscaper, TV-Media/News/Local Weatherman.

    Right on point!! My sim graduated Psychology and could not find a job :smiley: And I wanted her to open her own psychiatry clinic
  • MeteoraStormMeteoraStorm Posts: 219 Member
    I would like EVERY piece of water open for the Sims to swim in/snorkel etc etc. Most of them are beautifully made, it frustrates me that they are not functional.

    This happened in Sims 3 immediately we got the expansion pack, and now we've waited months for this to happen. Has anyone heard anything?

  • NationalPokedexNationalPokedex Posts: 310 Member
    I think it would be great to have the option to accept or turn down a promotion when a Sim reaches the point. It would give players more control over a Sim's career.
  • Kaylen34Kaylen34 Posts: 71 Member
    An update for our current situation. I have a doctor sim and would love for her to be able to diagnose and treat some family illness. Could you imagine our sims in lockdown? stir crazy all around. No long loading screens though, BONUS!!
  • ElliDiLoElliDiLo Posts: 25 Member
    A part of me wonders - would it make sense for the developers of The Sims to maybe start thinking on original ideas that they have a vision and a passion for, vs trying to please fans? Don't get me wrong, fan feedback is unbelievably valuable but I think going down a people pleasing route is detrimental and no one will be happy. I mean, this is how we get a Laundry Day pack... (jk jk not really).

    I think The Sims as a franchise has a real potential of being a game that gives players a lot of freedom in terms of supporting CC and mods, creating worlds and terrains, creating settings and themes, but still have a "storytelling" mode that is something the developers feel passionate about.
  • PerunaPeruna Posts: 98 Member
    One more small thing: I was trying to decorate the room of a geeky sim, and really wished there were some comic books in the game, both readable and decorative. They would've fit nicely either in the Kids Room SP or the Discovery University EP, but, well. Generally wish there was more stuff aimed specifically at teenaged sims, including different types of stuff (both CAS and build-and-buy stuff) for different kinds of teens: goths, punks, emos, rebels, nerds & geeks, otaku etc., because the stuff that came with DU for example was all very clean and prim and proper.

    But yeah, comics.
  • RobbolennonRobbolennon Posts: 1 New Member
    This is probably completely pointless to sya bere but i can't find anywhere else. It'd be nice if due to the current climate in the world, if PS4(I know they were discounted recently, I did miss it in my defence) could get the discounts PC and Xbox have, as I want to buy the DLCs but the current prices are somewhat extortionate. I doubt this will even be seen and I'll probably b removed from the forum but it'd be nice to have some closure when they're expected as well as why bowling is listed as discounted on PS4 but nothing else. If you do get word, please let me no as I do usually like the half price for EPs and the less generous GP reductions, thanks for reading. I hope they are brought out soon.
  • BeenBeanBeenBean Posts: 1 New Member
    I want my mermaid to be able to learn Magic!!!
  • VGN34DVGN34D Posts: 9 New Member
    Still waiting for the color wheel to be re-introduced to TS4.
  • CrabbyAbbiCrabbyAbbi Posts: 2 New Member
    I would really like to see a family expansion pack, kind of like parenthood but bigger and better. Some features could be:

    - bunk beds (this would fit perfectly)
    -interactive babies with prams/strollers
    - an interactive sport for kids like gymnastics or baseball
    - bikes, scooters or trikes for kids
    - Daycare/ interactive babysitter career

    most importantly i would really like to see a piggy bank feature where a sim saves their own personal money through a personally assigned money box/ piggy bank that is an object in their room, which they can then take those funds when they decide to leave home or buy a house, this could even be used if you have roommates ates in your household to separate funds

    some other random things i would absolutely LOVE to see are:

    - height adjustments
    - more hair colour swatches, especially in brown because it is severely lacking
    - heterochromia
    - birthmarks and body freckles
    - a clean up on some base game hairs that have some questionable textures
    - maybe change the formatting of some of the pants into high waisted instead of them sitting at awkward positions and stretching sims' belly buttons (this is just a bit nit picky)
    - spiral stairs

  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 3,845 Member
    Honestly I think it would be worth it to make all lots in a neighborhood load, like in Sims 3. Not the entire world, but each neighborhood.
    Origin ID: A_Bearded_Geek
  • NationalPokedexNationalPokedex Posts: 310 Member
    I feel like I've maybe said it before, but I wish there were more physical activities for Sims to do, i.e more sports and that. However, I would also like if there was more competitive or group physical activities. Something like martial arts against other Sims, or dance competitions (with new dance types of course), ice skating in pairs, tennis, etc. Basically more team sports/activities, and ways for Sims to interact in the form of competition.

    More types of pets please!! Snakes and lizards and birds!!!
  • Psyche93Psyche93 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like to see some relaxing animations. For instance lounging on the sofa, bed or chairs, as well as laying on those objects without napping. Although it would be cool if they did fall asleep randomly watching TV if they were tired, like they do in the bath if they bathe when they are tired. It would also be amazing if they could watch TV in bed.
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