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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • AmberslavinAmberslavin Posts: 5 New Member
    Eco friendly options like solar panels instead of paying a power bill.
  • CloudStrifeCloudStrife Posts: 11 New Member
    Love Sims 4 been playing it since it debuted and enjoying the expansion packs
  • CloudStrifeCloudStrife Posts: 11 New Member
    What the game needs is an expansion pack/mods of Retro Arcade games(coin op)style http://modthesims.info/d/305233/arcade-game-video-sets-ms-pac-man-amp-donkey-kong.html games are fully interactive
  • AmberslavinAmberslavin Posts: 5 New Member
    Please add more filters in build mode. For example, how many build squares needed (this would be especially useful for wall decor, doors and windows), material, double doors vs single doors, single window vs multiple windows) features that influence sims (increases focus, enjoyment level, skills), sort by (price, influence, skills).

    Add the ability to "favorite" items in build mode and CAS. I can't be the only one who decorates similarly :)

    If I mentioned something that's already in there, I'm sorry, now that I have a new PC I am back to playing again!
  • AmberslavinAmberslavin Posts: 5 New Member
    Please allow us to move mirrors around like we can with pictures by holding option. :)
  • HamzziHamzzi Posts: 1 New Member
    I want to see all comments that I wrote at once.

    I would be very happy if I can manage all my comments that I wrote on the other's page at one page.
  • BolonkafrauchenBolonkafrauchen Posts: 73 Member
    I forgot to add one important factor.

    you gave us genetics. why on Earth do toddlers not have the same hair colours as adults? a purple haired mother should have a purple haired child. I always have to write down fathers hair colour so I can cheat an inherited hair colour once my child is a teen.
  • RiverX2BananasRiverX2Bananas Posts: 58 Member
    Instead of whole beds giving different amount of comfort, energy etc I'd love to see mattress doing that. Let me explain. If you want your sims to sleep well, you have only handful of beds to choose from. What if I love the look of a cheap bed but then all my sims have time for is sleeping! This system of bed giving you comfort, energy relief and energy is rendering most beds useless when my sims get more money.

    It would be more realistic and also better in every way if it was a mattress that is giving these benefits. Bed frame itself could still give environment bonus or not, if it's cheap. Mattresses should be up-gradable, or changeable with simoleons when your sims get richer. Why get a new bed when you can just buy a better, more comfortable mattress?

    yay! Thank you The Sims team! I can't put it in words how grateful I am of this one!
  • PeralPeral Posts: 45 Member
    What I am looking for is new ways for Sims to interact with each other like
    The ability to spy or hide from a specific Sim, could be included in some of play like hide and seek but should also work in every day situations, could be used on a cheating spoude or adversary
    Turn-ons and Turn-offs
    Favorites (food, colour, music genre, book genre, etc.)
    Fear emotion (three stages: Scared, Terrified, Petrified)
    Return of the Firefighter
    The ability to keep another sim prison
  • ArianalentzArianalentz Posts: 1 New Member
    Hello! I love the sims I’ve been playing since I was in the third grade when it was sims two and we had to fill in how much of a personality trait we wanted! Anyways what would be nice to see is more relationship labels. When we look at our sims relationships it can say mom, dad, niece, daughter but it would be way awesome if could include mother-in-law, step parents, and other relationship positions!! That would make the game perfect for me !
  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 6,402 Member
    what about aunts and uncles if say the sim child has an older brother or sister thats married and have kids of his own even if i am a player that made the choice to keep aging fully off would be a nice addition to the game


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  • drakharisdrakharis Posts: 810 Member
    edited January 22
    Multipurpose lots, so you can have a cafe and a museum on one lot for example.

    Owning non-retail lots, like a spa or gym (where you can still generate revenue based on services or perhaps entry fees).

    For Dine Out: a method of running a restaurant that operates similar to how a cafe just has the bar where food is ordered and delivered instantly, so you can have more fast food type restaurants.

    I think there is a custom lot trait to do that and a mod to buy gyms and that. However, it would be nice to have it officially part of the game.

    All the occults and paranormals need improving. We need more supernaturals and occults that are playable. Demons, Angels,/Guardian Spirits, werewolves, Elves, Fairies, Genies, Otherkin, witches, warlocks (a warlock is a traitor to The Pact a traitor to their coven, breaks The Law of 3), sorcerers, psychics, dragons, gargoyles, etc.

    Aliens need a buildable world for us to build on with alien jobs unique to their world. Unique alien food all their own. They need more unique CAS items 2 alien space suits aren't enough. unusual weather that wouldn't be experienced on other sim worlds. Aliens should have powers like how we have fame "traits" we can buy with fame points or abilities we can get for our vampires.

    Vampires: need more strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses should be something our vampires can learn to overcome. All the bugs need to be fixed with them.

    Mermaids should have an underwater buildable world. We should be able to have beaches in any world where there is water, not just Sulani but Windenburg as well. Mermaids should be able to lure other sims and sing with their songs being able to influence sims moods.

    Spellcasters should have more than 3 schools of Magic. At least Natural Magic and Ceremonial Magic added in but I would also like to see Ancient Magic and Forbidden or Lost Magic added in making 7 shools of Magic. I would love for spellcasters to be able to set up their own personal usable alter according to what schools of magic they choose to follow. For example, practical magic might not have an athame (ritual knife usually) but a wand, a crystal sphere a scrying mirror and a simple chalice of wood and a simple libation of rice or bread on their altar. While on the opposite end mischief the altar would have a voudou doll an athame, skull-shaped, silver chalice, a Baphomet altar cloth. Mischief magic should allow the spell caster to summon demons as a basic spell to cause mischief and chaos on their behalf. While practical magic would allow the spell caster to call on guardian spirits to protect sims. They might be able to work with demons but at a high cost to themselves. While Untamed Magic can do both without it causing much difficulty to them. However, summoning demons isn't going to be so easy and they might not be able to control a demon they summon, Unlike mischief magic which automatically binds a demon right after they are summoned. Untamed magic would have it as a random spell done. How demons would be used by each school of magic would vary. There need to be more curses like only being able to say your spell backwards for it to work. I would love to do Zatana properly as a sim. I can kind of do John Constantine as a sim but I really need more spells for him to be able to do. Magic should always have a random cost on our spellcasters. It might be something simple like always oversleeping and being late to work because of it or adding random traits like gloomy to them or having unsuccessful relationships or becoming reliant on using magic or having to stay at least a few sim hours a day in The Magic Realm, having difficulties befriending any non-spellcaster and so on as a random cost for using magic. The Magic Realm needs a serious makeover. There really needs to be more there. At least an Apothocary and a nicer Garden area. At least a library and a magic school. Also, make it where we don't constantly get new Sages. My game is on the 5th Mischief Magic Sage Edward Faust and the 3rd Practical Magic Sage Amanda White and 3rd Untamed Magic Sage Jerry Wolfe and my teen spellcaster Belit hasn't even become a young adult yet she still has 10 days to age up to young adult granted I have extended my sims life cycles for the game I am presently playing but I only added 7 days onto teen, young adult and adult life stages. Belit is 11 sim days of my playing her, and I started her out as a teen with a 21-day teen life stage and in 11 days my game has given me that many sages. That is too many changes in the guard. Do the Sages have duels that make them stop being Sages. Do they get bored on The Magical Plane in such a short amount of time? Why the constant change. I would like for a spellcaster I play to not have to always deal with a new Sage like every few days. I get it they have lives of their own but they are the 3 Sages redo them so they can have lives and still remain The Sages. I could go on how to improve the spellcasters (and I absolutely love them) but that is enough for now.

    Have traits actually mean something in the game. Rework evil and good. Hero Academia falls into the teen rating even when they do an alternate reality of Villain Deku. Max Villareal should be the sim equivalent of Villain Deku when he ages up to teen with the hair clothes and bad attitude and all then progressively getting worse as he becomes a young adult. Manipulating, terrorizing and controlling others. Villain Deku keeps within the teen rating and he does all that stuff and more including taking over counties. Evil should be able to kidnap other sims. Instead of love, they become obsessed with somebody (they should love differently than other sims do). Instead of a normal date with their object of desire, they should be able to kidnap that sim and take them on "a date" which should be twisted version of a normal date for other sims. Good should be loyal and faithful. Good should have a lower relationship starting point with evil if not automatically despise each other. Good should have their own category of aspirations. There need to be more aspirations for an evil sim too. Evil should be worse than mean not the other way around. Good and evil should be earned traits like Emotional Control and Mediator and Compassionate are from Parenthood. A sim can also be neither good or evil too and remain neutral. A sim can do bad things but not be evil just as a sim can do beneficial things and not be good.

    Give us a little extra in our packs we buy. Make us not want to use CC and mods just to make the game interesting. I never once used any mods for the First through Sims 3 once. The gameplay was good enough where I never felt I needed them prior to Sims 4.

    Fix all the problems in the game. quirks are fun but bugs and things that break the game even if I play the game vanilla are unacceptable.
    Playtesting - not just tabletop games and card games any more. Really that should have been playtested in Beta and not [img]just with accounting and marketing but actual players. https://i.imgur.com/t48COW6.jpg[/img]
  • Simsister2004Simsister2004 Posts: 3,453 Member
    edited January 22
    A regular farm pack with farm animals like horses, cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens etc. A follow to work job as a farmer or farmer's helper.
  • SimmySimianSimmySimian Posts: 342 Member
    I love reading al of these!

    It would be cool if my Sim could Ask a Sim to... (repair objects & cook a meal are the only two I can think of right now)
  • Kaylen34Kaylen34 Posts: 70 Member
    edited January 23
    Firefighter and paramedic and airforce careers please.
  • SimmySimianSimmySimian Posts: 342 Member
    Hamzzi wrote: »
    I want to see all comments that I wrote at once.

    I would be very happy if I can manage all my comments that I wrote on the other's page at one page.

    You can! On your profile page, select Comments under your avatar. :)

  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 21 Member
    Hey, imagine this, three words, Sim Command Center, no mods, no MC, just a normal Command Center for the Sims 4.
    I have MC Command Center and every time Sims 4 updates, I have to enable the mods.
    I'm tired of doing that.
    Now in 2020, I see them adding a new feature, called Sim Command Center!!
    It would work like MC Command Center but, it would say whatever the sims name is, like for example, Bob's Command Center or Summer's Command Center, you know the name of the Sim. I like MC Command Center but, it's a mod and i'm tired of enabling the mod.....
    If they're is anyone out there in the comments, please read mine, I would really appreciate that..
  • B3L7A_G0thB3L7A_G0th Posts: 29 Member
    edited February 2
    Main things i want to see in TS4-

    -Gender-neutral skeletons (for all sims to be more open for trans/nonbinary sims).
    -Options to lock clothing/ hair/ etc on sims so that it's the same in every clothing category
    -Editing hidden clothing categories/ situational outfits
    -Heterochromia for human sims. (Why are pets the only ones that have access to it in Sims 4?)

    -Babies should not be objects
    -Children should be able to do almost anything teens-adults can do.
    -Pets should be player-controllable
    -Teens looking different from young adults
    -All occults should have special perks/ weaknesses, not just vampires

    World/ General
    -Open World
    -Create a World
    -Create a Style
    -Customizable Lot Sizes
    -Sims should not wash dishes where they angry-poop (RIP Scumbumbo)
    -Loading screens removed/ reduced
    -Removal of Rabbitholes

    -All alien bugs to be fixed/ Aliens to be as well-developed as vampires
    -Mermaids to be as well-developed as vampires
    -Plantsims to be a permanent lifestate
    -The code for playable mannequins should be released to the public

    -The grid needs to be removed. It causes more problems than it helps and having to download a mod or use a cheat to place items in a specific place is annoying.
    -Bunk Beds
    -Spiral Stairs
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  • Goggen164Goggen164 Posts: 1 New Member
    In the expansion pack " be famous".
    When I'm doing the assignments in the actor career they won't show that they are done when i come to the set. Which is awful.
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 2,243 Member
    What I most want to see:

    Non Mutual Relationships
    World Adventure Pack
    New Lifestages (Free babies, preschoolers, preteens, Middle agers)
    Bunk beds
    More Animations for 2+ Sims (like the don't wake the llama or group projects)
    Bikes for Kids, trikes for tots
    Slow dancing
    Bunk Beds
    More retail type lots we can run
    More active careers
    Follow kids/teens to school
  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 1,869 Member
    Ok, so I know a lot of people want real cars and I totally do too. But that also made me think of a great toy for kids, miniature car toys that they can drive around in the backyard or in front of the house. It would be a great toy that not only gets them out of the house, but also can be shared. Ideally the toy would have 2 seats, meaning a child could have their friend or a sibling in the car as well. Toddlers probably wouldn't be able to drive, but they should totally be able to ride in the passenger side with their older sibling. And of course if babies are ever overhauled, they should be able to sit in the passenger side and ride along as well.

    Photo examples.
    Ignore the fact that some of these only have one seat, it's more for the type of cars.
    Basic cars
    Mini mercedes
    Idk what kind of car this is, I'm not into cars, but it looks nice. :D
    A more feminine design.

    Lastly, it would be cool to get some themed cars.
    Police car
    Fire truck
  • CNJ93CNJ93 Posts: 4 New Member
    More traits and trait slots!
    - have them impact the sims' lives more,
    More aspirations!
    - have them impact sims' lives more, for example choice of careers
    More developed/complex relationships!
    - have long term and short term relationship status, have relationship status impact social interactions more
    More careers!!!
    Horses: stables, career, riding lessons
    Cars for actual transportation purposes
    Skateboards, roller blades, etc
    More pets: e.g. rabbits, turtles, birds
    More open gameplay: visit neighbors
    Have unplayed sims and NPCs live their lives so there's a more dynamic world: marriage, children, death etc.
    Bigger worlds with more space for lots
    Being able to customize neighborhoods more as in sims 2 choose lot placement, decorations, terrain, etc.
    Being able to practice singing while doing other stuff
    Having my sims being able to look up on the computer how many books etc they have written (kind of like the royalty report which shows up).
    Being able to choose your pet to see what they have been taught etc.
    More complex social media - status achievable for others than just those with the career and for different things like gardening, writing, music, etc, so you can build a career with such things through that (e.g. selling more books or paintings, uploading music videos, etc)
    Organizing inventory and being able to share/transfer stuff from personal inventory (e.g. upgrade parts, seeds, fruits/vegetables/herbs, etc)
  • abithompsonabithompson Posts: 6 New Member
    Here are a couple of things I wish Sims 4 had/ I think would possibly be cool ideas and I wanna see who else thinks so...

    I had previously posted on a survey that it would be cool if you guys collaborated with makeup brands, like NYX or Kat Von D and created some makeup content for sims that were more realistic and similar to CC, since that's what we're really wanting as far as makeup in the game, eyelashes, realistic and pretty eyeshadow and lipstick/gloss looks. It would be a cool way to collaborate too..

    Another random thing I miss and would like to see if anyone else here feels me is the option to make outfits quickly from tops and bottoms you already have in the wardrobe. I remember either sims 2 or 3 you could do this and it was more similar to real life and shopping for clothes/creating outfits from the small selection you have v.s. always opening CAS and have 1 million options. Idk just food for thought.

    Lastly PLEASE make the vet career an actual career that you can get hired and fired from? AND WHY isn't it an option for a degree in University?????? Why isn't it one of the playable careers that you move up in like scientist, or doctor? You could start as an assistant, and as you get promoted become a technician, a technologist and finally a DVM, that would be so cool. As someone in vet med I'm so disappointed to see its not comparable to the other careers, and feel its really lacking, and could have been a really great addition to the playable careers.
  • abithompsonabithompson Posts: 6 New Member
    > @Peral said:
    > What I am looking for is new ways for Sims to interact with each other like
    > The ability to spy or hide from a specific Sim, could be included in some of play like hide and seek but should also work in every day situations, could be used on a cheating spoude or adversary
    > Turn-ons and Turn-offs
    > Favorites (food, colour, music genre, book genre, etc.)
    > Interests
    > Fear emotion (three stages: Scared, Terrified, Petrified)
    > Return of the Firefighter
    > The ability to keep another sim prison

    I'm 100% on board until the prison part lol XD
  • Madz_LBMadz_LB Posts: 4 New Member
    I'd love to see open neighbourhoods, so that I don't have a loading screen to visit my neighbours apartment on the other side of my kitchen wall. The neighbourhoods already exist in the game, so surely we can open them up a bit more
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