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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • TappeiTappei Posts: 1 New Member
    More beards and mustaches!
  • thecatsredthecatsred Posts: 327 Member
    Bring back lemonade stands for kids and easy bake ovens! Give elders canes &let them show off their grand kids again! MORE HOBBIES!! MORE INSTRUMENTS! I want ukuleles, drums, banjos! Bring back some old, and some new! More careers! I miss the newspaper, and the burglar!

    Oh man I forgot about the kid ovens!!! I'd love to have those back, and the lemonade stands were so cute...
  • Hella_SnowyHella_Snowy Posts: 3 New Member
    I have several points about Townies, Maxis Monthly, Supernatural Sims, & Worlds.

    First of all, Townies. It's a known fact that everyone hates the randomly generated townies, but the only problem is that they're needed to fill NPC careers. But what if there was a new option similar to 'Manage Households' where we could see all the NPC careers that needed filling and select sims from unplayed households to fill those roles so that they don't keep randomly generating. I get that there will still be some that generate, however, like the spellcasters for the Magic Realm - but I'm okay with that.

    That brings me into the worlds. A lot of players who have been playing with Realm of Magic have been complaining about non-spellcasters appearing the Magic Realm and now becoming spellcasters. I feel like this might only be players who use mods but I have yet to see a youtuber that doesn't so for now, despite having waited for magic since day 1 of the Sims 4, I will put off buying the pack until I know that this is definitely fixed. But then this sort of stuff happens in other worlds too. I honestly hate seeing the Karaoke Legends in Strangerville, the vampires in San Myshuno, the Pancakes in Forgotten Hollow, etc... So maybe under 'Manage Households' there can be a new tool added so that, if you're like me and this bothers you, you'll be willing to go through every household individually to use this tool. This tool could tick and untick worlds that you want or don't want to see specific households to appear in. For example, I'd set the Vampires to only appear in Forgotten Hollow.

    Thirdly, I have something to say about the last Maxis Monthly - but not something negative. I really loved the Nasir family and their house that Sim Guru Graham made for the stream and I prefer to play with Maxis-made Sims in my world as they're better than the Sims I make but they're not on the gallery yet. So when you have some free time, can you upload them please? Thank you.

    And finally - this isn't about anything to fix or do better, it's a suggestion. I know this one should be in the Ideas Corner, but I wanted to keep it with the rest of my points. I would love if there was a new world added. A world that was dark like Forgotten Hollow and lit by Moonlight like the Magic Realm. It would be a residential world but hidden. Not hidden by trees, but rather by a town itself (Imagine this town was called 'Back Alley Valley' or something). This town doesn't need to be huge but it would still be better with a generous amount of lots. This is because it would consist of townhouses and several venues all designed for different supernatural beings. Only supernatural sims can explore this world if the tool idea from my second suggestion is added to the game. If this came in a free update, a lot would be missing from the world since not everyone would own the packs. So maybe, don't focus on the buildings in the lots (maybe only the townhouses), but instead focus on the world itself. Design it like it's a mix of Spooky Stuff, Vampires, Realm of Magic, etc. There could be a town centre which isn't actually a lot, but has enough to do on it if you have Seasons (Sort of like the town centres from the Sims 3 - especially Moonlight Falls). And there needs to be a large amount of lots, even if the world is fairly small, because I would like Vampires, Spellcasters, Aliens, Mermaids, Ghosts and other Supernatural beings that are introduced into the game to live here. And on top of that, I would like to add venues to the world such as a Spellcaster Potion Store or a Vampire's Coffin Makers, or a Mermaid's indoor swimming pool, etc.

    And that's everything. I really hope you see this and I hope even more that any of these come true as they would make an already great game even better. I love playing Supernatural sims but there isn't enough worlds for them - only tiny ones. But at the same time, I don't want them to integrate into the lives of Sims trying to live a normal life in Willow Creek or San Myshuno and vice versa. Thank you if you read these and attempt to bring these features into the game.
  • leashahamptonleashahampton Posts: 300 Member
    edited September 2019
    I've noticed when building that there is a plain square/rectangle archway for short and tall wall heights, but there is not for medium. I regular search for a plain white 2 or 3 tile space archway in the medium height but unfortunately have to make do with either a shorter one, or cut the wall out altogether. I know it is simple, but i would love this added in to the game <3

    Another thing I would also like added into the game is the ability to turn on or off the Column and Tree fade. I always play with the walls up, and when the columns fade away, it really looses the building effect/atmosphere I have created.
  • Avatar1111Avatar1111 Posts: 11 New Member
    We need a builder’s tools game/stuff pack badly, before university expansion is ever considered. Building is the only thing that keeps Sim-mers playing the games through “FIVE” years and “THREE” previous Sims (1 – 3) versions. It’s that creative outlet that brings us back to the game every time, and inspires the thousands of CC items out there. Later after we build we run our Sims minions through our building creations, to make us smile. But there are real gaps in the game building system versus its previous incarnation and we feel it.

    Please, give the EA rep in charge designing the game pack upgrades my request for this pack and my suggested list the bare minimums of what we should expect in the type builder’s tools to have. And I am sure that when you read my very short list that you’ll remember these tools and game abilities that we once had available in previous versions of the Sims games and shamefully missing in the present version.

    Builder’s game/stuff pack:

    1) Emitter/special effect spheres: Bring them back the allow you to set visual effect such as fog at different setting - light to heavy, waterfall effects and so on. (was in Sims 3)

    2) “Multiple Items Stack” movement tool: move groups of décor objects or furniture - onto to surface of another object, or about any area/room so the builders can setup complicated interiors/exteriors. (was in Sims 3)

    3) “Create-a-Style” tool: So builders can upload (.png or .jpg formats) from their own graphic files to use as swatches for surfaces of objects. To customize the various surfaces of furniture, cabinets, appliances, wall paper, floor tile, door (various panels) sections, clothes and even painting/photograph on art works. (was in Sims 3)

    *Now… I don’t expect you can do this to all objects in the Sims 4 game, but in Sims 3 the programmers converted if not all then most all the game objects into “Create-a-Style” editable objects sometime after the game came out and they did the conversion for “Create-a-Style”. Note: I am not including “CC” - Custom Content items - in my list.

    4) Wall Curving tools to build. (was in Sims 3)

    5) Customizable personal file section in Buy Mode and Build catalogue: Allow personal addable and removable file sections to customize the buy mode catalogue like in Sims 3. We can add as many custom file sections as we need, and place an object in multiple deferent file listing. So if I am looking for a Rocco style living room object, I can look in a file that I may have named Rocco style, or in living room, and I can find precisely what I am looking for my build not spend a ton of time seeking through furniture/decors general files. I am sure you know the agony of searching for an object in under, … let’s say under, decor that most of us might think it would be classified as a statue and eventually finding it in maybe a weird section like pool stuff instead – leaving you scratching your head as to why. Throw in CC materials it becomes more of a necessity to add this type of file system. Lol.

    6) Two or more fully editable worlds: Worlds like that for us to alter in any way we may want. So I can make a Grand Canyon community, a pleasant New England town, or even a Tibetan Village. Whatever one might fancy.

    These tools were the best that Sims 3 had for building and you should be shame not having brought them into Sims 4 immediately. Now I know it takes time and money to work on this kind of project that’s why I say package and sell it as a game pack.

    I also don’t expect miracles and see this done over night, but I know that there are things you can do that should allow you to revere engineer these Sims 3 tools, and for God’s sake you still sell Sims 3 packs. You should have full active access Sims 3 code. Your programmers should be able adapt the code libraries to SIMs 4 code, saving you from having to “reinvent the wheel” again and again. Allowing, I hope, those same programming teams to get working on fabulous new projects quicker. Think of it… completely new Sims game ideas for add-ons and expansions worlds, with completely new furniture and architectural styles, or graphics effects like more naturally flowing skirts and hair.

    I can see game/expansion packs for the lost underwater world of the mermaids, or a series titled “World traveler expansion pack – Japan/Orient” or “World traveler expansion pack – Italy (with Tuscany and Venice themes)”.

    Can you imagine having your Sims walking about the Venice inspired world with canals, having them explore down the canals, or building romantic Palacios, cathedrals, markets on the canals? What the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ even work on Sims 5… but make sure you add all the building tools that made previous Sims (1 – 3) so successful! Thanks for listening :)
  • procianprocian Posts: 143 Member
    Not so much what I'd like to see in the game,more of what I'd like to see out of the game,and that's admire surroundings...this is a total pain in the nether regions.....
  • BloosmooBloosmoo Posts: 716 Member
    I'd like the Sims themselves to sometimes break the 4th wall as they did in Sims 2 and 3. They say they want a new pool, you get them a new pool and.....nothing. There is a new pool in your back garden Sim, go look at it, it's huge! Nothing. Sims 3 you bought them a pair of curtains and they went crazy nuts with love or they hated them....yeah, they'd have noticed a twenty foot pool!
    I'd also like the teen and Elder life states fleshed out more with more for them to do, and more interactions.
    I'd like Adult Sims to throw whims to have an affair or adopt 7 cats, or get divorced or even reveal secret love child.
    On a less mundane note, were-wolves/bears/poodles/rabbits/llama.... An elven realm....Active career as a teacher....the return of the womrat, there are no womrats here there have always been womrats....more gnomes, I love gnomes in game and miss the magic one that moved everywhere. Really miss the magic mirror that was great.

    I know others here will hate me for suggesting this but some kind of rpg spinoff or strangerville type pack would be great based in a fantasy world where you get to meet oracles, have dragons as interactive pets and overthrow some kind of royal tyrant so you could become one yourself in that realm.

    So yeah, the world really then lol
  • Kaylen34Kaylen34 Posts: 77 Member
    would it be too crazy if we build as normal in build mode but then when switching back to live mode sims would deliver/build for you or your sim could do it themselves. This could be a fun OPTION, you could turn it on or off. I personally wouldn't mind it. It could open the door for a builder/decorator career.
  • NoniohyeaNoniohyea Posts: 922 Member
    A bit more research could’ve been done surrounding the hairstyles. As a black woman, seeing the description “Afro-textured” annoys me every time. An Afro is a hairstyle. Not a texture. If you didn’t know the texture of an Afro, it could’ve been looked up in one simple google search. You wouldn’t straight hair “Angelina Jolie- textured”. The texture you were trying to find is called ”coily”, as in to have coils. People with coily hair can have an Afro. I’m sure your players in the black community, and those who simply prefer not to be ignorant, would appreciate an update replacing the “Afro-textured” description with “coily”.

    Thank you
  • TomasGrizzlyTomasGrizzly Posts: 624 Member
    edited September 2019
    Something a bit different: With RoM out, I realized how weird the new pack sort on the main screen (post-rebrand) is by having the newest one on the left instead of the oldest one on the left and just adding new packs to the right - the same way most people read.
    I like fantasy and a bit of Sci-Fi. Want to know what I'm reading?
    I also like wandering the hills.
  • Andyzhang2896Andyzhang2896 Posts: 49 Member
    I'd like to see a new sorting feature for sims inventory or storage inventory such as a bookcase. I'm pretty sure a lot of people find the inventory we have now is very messy and hard to navigate. It will be great to have a feature to sort by alphabets, sort by item type (book, vegetables, drink, fruits, cooking, etc), sort by genre (for bookcase), sort by quality.
    I also hope there's furniture that has proper storage, that can store everything. Right now, we can't store Upgrade Part anywhere except on sims inventory.
    I also hope there's a feature for adding a name to the inventory objects. So when you hover over the object, it will show the name you given and you don't need to open the inventory to know what's inside. Sort by ascending and descending is also a great feature.
    I posted this request on AHQ and I hope it gets more attention when I post it here too. I made a picture to show how the feature looks like here:
  • PreCiiousPreCiious Posts: 275 Member
    I would like to see the aspirations beeing life goals for our sims again with some sort of a challenge nd not just a hand holding guidance of what you can do in this pack. I want to see my sims react, when an aspiration is completed combined with a moodlet and a reward.
    I dont get why we got that much guidance, when there is literally a guidance book in the options menu

  • XophariosXopharios Posts: 5 New Member
    DELICIOSO! ON A TABLE (or counter)! Nobody wants to eat off the floor!

    Thanks for you time
  • HayaallawatiHayaallawati Posts: 2 New Member
    I have a raising query about the base game's presets actually,
    -why are the eye shapes for females only consisting of 3 EYES without attached eyeliners while the rest of them all have it? Isn't eyeliner already present as makeup? Why would you people want to include it as a part of EYE SHAPE? Alright, you might say that those are supposed to indicate straight eyelashes or something but could you atleast make it realistic then? Nobody at all has eyelashes that long that they look like eyeliners as shown by your game.
    -Again, the males mostly have 80% Asian eyes, yes this might sound racist but I don't mean it to come off as so, I'm just saying that this game should have more of the heavy lidded eyes of different kinds and not just focus on having so many Asian eyes!
    Ik both of my questions are not answerable and it's way too late for me to be reviewing the game at this point when so many DLC'S and patch updates have passed it, just want to know whether someone else relates to these minuscule problems or is it just me?
  • sazzieJsazzieJ Posts: 142 Member
    i have a few suggestions ive been collating since my last entry (quite a while ago now) into this thread. since some things have been implemented from suggestions here its very positive and encouraging.

    - id like my sims to STOP autonomously removing wild plants

    - id like a publish all option for books. apart from submit to literary digest its tedious especially if its cold/raining and ive stocked up on books to publish

    - when taking family leave id like an option to select how many days i want to take. the current system of one day at a time doesnt work for me and in most cases my sims dont end up taking family leave at all

    - with RoM having the strong lineage trait id love for some occults/colourings to be more realistic and dominant than others eg: brown hair/eyes over blonde/blue. personally id prefer occults to always pass on and then i get the choice but thats my playstyle and i know others dont like that so this RoM lineage is a great option for me

    - i find when my toddlers/babies are sent to daycare their needs arent met. this is unacceptable. my kids should come back from daycare green across the board

    - sometimes the maid doesnt put meals away or clean dirty objects, yet if i leave my lot they charge me excessive amounts of money (gardeners too) and yet my lot and plants are the same as when i left them

    - for build mode id LOVE a skylight feature. i like houses with natural light yet sometimes its necessary to have a hallway with no windows, a skylight would solve this. id also love if a skylight would be able to illuminate a basement if i chose.

    - i dont like how my sims familiar gets unsummoned when i leave the game, and by the same token, id like more spellcasters to have random familiars in both the RoM and normal worlds. its unrealistic to me, that i can find/buy these familiars and win them in duels yet im the ONLY sim with one.

    - im beyond frustrated at shared storage for bookcases and chests. RoM has highlighted the severe need, IMO, that each chest and bookcase needs to be its own storage. i dont like that the bookcase in my toddlers room has access to more 'adult' books. its irrelevant to me that they cant read it. theres alot of realism in the games at current and while id prefer a more whimsical, occulty game, i want my storage chests and bookcases to reflect real life. i want to be able to have seperate chests for potions, frogs, relics etc etc instead of spending far too long searching for one item. it drives me nuts. its the same with books, i want all toddlers/kids books limited to one, skill books in another, vampire and spell tomes for the next and a 4th with others and for sims to know that the book case they got it out of is where it goes back.

    - id LOVE LOVE LOVE the option to choose in the settings which dev created holidays are in my calendar. it frustrates me to no end that i delete neighborhood brawl and mischief days for example and a few sim years later theyre back. whats the point in deleting them if they come back. i dont want them at all. id rather have the chance for the lottery or rebate days to show up more often. either make them permanently deleted in that save file once i delete and agree that it wont show up or give me tick boxes in settings for seasons so i can stop them before they even happen.

    - please make the wand box case thing wall mountable and able to have several on the one wall. i like to create vaults in my sims basesments of their trinkets and the wand boxes would look better mounted on the wall instead of taking up room on the ground

    - also, im not sure how it happened, but i think one of the RoM sages died given a new one showed up. i have aging off so i can only assume, they died from spellcasting so given they were an elder itd be nice if a crow or familiar or something dropped a note to my sim advising a new sage has taken over due to xyz reason.

    - finally (for now) we need a cemetery. for exaple put it in the RoM world and link it through a 4th doorway thing or in forgotten hollow in the centre of all the lots and like sims 3 it can have some graves already out and any townie or non-played household that dies goes into a mausoleum that we can maintain. limit it to say 15-20 graves and we can tick in the mausoleum which graves we want to have 'on display' and others we want to leave in there with the option to remove graves we want to put on our home lots. ghosts would be limited to that map only which would prevent our worlds being infested with ghosts. the ghosts could rotate between those on display and those in storage with the displayed graves more likely to spawn ghosts. if thats not possible then a lot type of 'cemetary/graveyard' with a new mausoleum lot item for minimum lot requirements please so i can pick a nice lot in any of my towns and make my own graveyard.
  • XophariosXopharios Posts: 5 New Member
    RoM - Duplicato clones should go to work for your sim.

    This would probably require a lot of work...massive rewrite to the job system so it'll probably never show up in any new patches..but seriously, this is probably the most obvious action your 'clone' should be able to do! If not that, at least make them controllable :smiley:

    (Apparently "Body is 5 characters too short." to post my feedback, so I have to type in this last line)
  • AJL_comicsAJL_comics Posts: 1 New Member

    I personally would like to be able to build your own CUSTOM APARTMENTS in different spaces of the Sims World.
    When in lot type, could we have an option for 'APARTMENT'.

    I found that this would be extremely fun to be able to do, as there are only 2-3 spaces in each of the Apartments in the city world, and they're often a funny shape.

    This would also be useful for when your building projects such as universities for Dormitories for students.

    These apartments would work the same as any other, you play with one sim and their apartment at any given time, not more than one, which is unfortunately what you have to do if you wanted to build an apartment like building in the sims.

  • ThriceBrokenThriceBroken Posts: 1 New Member
    Super disappointed by the "Duplicato" spell. Near as I can tell I can tell the duplicate to cook and clean and then interact with'im like any other NPC. I Suppose at that point why not just use minionize on someone from the neighborhood? Now, since it retains my sim's skills et al, if I could have him working on bathtubs at the woodworking bench or, say, tending the garden - that'd be something. Amazing multitasking powers, go!

    I dunnno. Maybe I'm missing something?
  • sazzieJsazzieJ Posts: 142 Member
    ive noticed since RoM came out vladius is being assigned as a shop keep in both the RoM and my festivals. now, i dont mind in the RoM due to him being an astral projection however for my festivals he is not. as a result, one of the food stands is currently closed as hes standing in the shadows so he doesnt die!!

    seems like quite an oversight to me that a vampire can be assigned as a vendor and die. on the same note, i would not expect to see any vamp townie or pre-made character wandering around in sunlight.

    this lends weight to the suggestions previously made about letting us choose who becomes what in relation to NPC roles and who doesnt.

    id also really like a new addition to the notepad for the special dishes we can learn at food stalls and on vacation. if i could see a quick list itd be easier to know which foods i can order from stalls whereas currently i order everything looking for the notification and it is not helpful to maintaining my sims figure....
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,785 Member
    I really want draggable cribs and Royal GP or EP.
  • SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 3,935 Member

    1-tile playset for toddler and kids!

    Currently I use CC for getting smaller objects in the game.

    Here is a great small Castle Playset for the kids. The playsets that came with the game looks great but are so huge that I struggle to place them in my little cottages and apartments. They just eat up the entire livingroom. This piece of CC makes it possible for my kids to play and be near the family at the same time.

    The huge ones that came with the game are great for parks, they are visible and looks nice. I would just a fun and 1-tile size playset for kids.

    The scenes below could not happen with the big ones from the original game just because they require so much space.


  • Marduc_PlaysMarduc_Plays Posts: 416 Member
    A new free world with a beach promenade and, obviously, another beach, please. California Style would be nice.
    Parcour - the art of jumping to conclusions.
  • puderosasimspuderosasims Posts: 521 Member
    The sages from the RoM trailer. Uploaded to the gallery. Thanks. 👀
    Origin ID: puderosasims | Simblr
    English isn't my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.
  • TheGreatGorlonTheGreatGorlon Posts: 311 Member
    Seeing as Realm of Magic just came out, I'd like an expansion on the magical mayhem that can happen. One of my favorite things in the original Makin' Magic was the plague of frogs. It was "bad," but the fun part was having your Sim go out and kiss dozens of frogs in hopes that one of them was a prince. I like stuff like that, as well as things like the kids you got from the Time Machine in Ambitions in TS3, so if we could get magical flubs that could befall our Sims that could potentially result in new Sims for them to meet/introduce to the world, that would be cool. Or even just a spell to turn your pets or Familiars into Sims.
  • gueinagueina Posts: 281 Member
    I got this idea while looking at the Hair and Makeup chair in the Acting career, and I would *love* some hair update + hair-centered pack.

    In my mind the pack could add Hair Salons and the main feature could be haircuts! Like every hairstyle could have ~3 variations, Fresh Cut that progresses to Overgrown (maybe bangs falling in front of eyes, ends that look a mess) and Sims could get hair cuts at Hair Salons! There could also be a Beautician (maybe with some other salon-related services included too?) skill added for Sims who work there + your Sims if you want to run your own Salon. There should also be options to cut hair at home, with a few types of objects, like a pair of hair scissors or electric clippers + towel to make sure their clothes don't get covered in hair. A Game Option should be included to determine how many Simdays it would take for hair to grow out, or turn it off altogether.

    Also if this pack were to exist, then this free patch to go along with it is *desperately* needed, the hair texture categories need to be redone. If you've actually looked at the "Afro-textured" section there's hair that could be anywhere from a 4c to even a 2b lmao. The categories should be redone into Four groups Straight (type 1), Wavy (type 2), Curly (type 3), and Coily/❤️❤️❤️❤️ (type 4). And while were at it, actually go through each section and make sure there's roughly the same number of hairs for each texture category, because I promise if the hairs were actually separated into sensible categories then there would be huge disparities between the number of hairs in all.

    This would obviously be a huge endeavor, and probably take months of (desperately needed) work, but this type of update would be amazing
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