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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • balrogsfallbalrogsfall Posts: 1 New Member
    The Ability to set only your current house hold as played sims as this would allow auto aging to occur for other households you have played b4 but currently want to age.
  • Kaylen34Kaylen34 Posts: 77 Member
    The Ability to set only your current house hold as played sims as this would allow auto aging to occur for other households you have played b4 but currently want to age.

    I think this is already possible.
  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 42 Member
    > @ZDelira said:
    > > @haydendamian_97 said:
    > > Who thinks that teens should have the option to drop out of school??
    > maybe if they make updates that dropping out could prohibit you from getting certain jobs? And maybe you could go back to complete your GED later in life? I do think that teens should be able to get pregnant though, I think it would pose an interesting challenge that a lot of people have to handle in real life.

    I play Sims 4 and when I play with teens in a family, they sometimes get to school late or skip school, because it's after 3 PM. Yes, I think that teens should have the option to drop out of school and see the world. My opinion....
    Hayden Damian, geography buff, aviation buff, likes video games......
  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,103 Member
    So something I think that would nice to have in the game is...a challenge. Things feel a bit too easy right now, and it's really hard to have a challenge without forcibly limiting yourself sometimes. I'd like to propose 2 things that could change that, specifically with regard to family play. And I'm sure this is an idea that could have been proposed before, but a. I'm not really in the mood to backtrack 60 pages :P b. I think it's quite beneficial to see the same ideas proposed multiple times to show how many people would like to see certain things :smile:

    Right now, children (and heck I guess no sims) are at no risk of ever starving to death because the fridge will always provide food due to the 'get a quick meal' option. As such, they currently don't have to rely on their parents to provide food for them. So what I propose is the option (emphasis on the word OPTION, because I know that not everyone would want this and would prefer to keep things as is) of either a new type of fridge or a new setting that makes it so that a fridge doesn't automatically provide food. It will only have food if an older sim cooks it beforehand and otherwise, it will be empty. It would be nice to have a special type of high chair, that works similarly. There's no option to have the toddler specific foods unless they are already in the house. Another element that would add to this would be having to go to a grocery store to get food. Whether it's ordered online or the sim physically must leave, having to call or leave to get food would provide an extra layer of depth to getting food in the house. Overall, this allows for more dependency on the parent because the child can't obtain food unless an adult cooks it for them or buys it beforehand.

    Currently it is possible for a toddler to max out 4/5 skills with just the wabbit tablet. The toddler can sit in one spot and use the tablet as long as they aren't hungry or tired with no stopping. In fact, toddlers can basically use any toy to raise any skill.Thus toddlers have very little dependency on the parents to help them with their skills and can quite literally teach themselves for the most part. I think it would be very nice to introduce new toys that didn't raise any of the toddler skills. They'd add fun, but no skills. With this, there could be a new tablet, possibly one that is cheaper and more generic. This tablet would only provide fun for a short time period before the toddler would put it down and move on to something else. It would also either not raise any skills whatsoever or only raise them after the toddler got to at least level 2 in their skills through help from an adult. This provides a way to give toddlers something fun to do that won't raise their skills at all, meaning they'd have to rely on their parents/guardians to teach them.

    I'd like to end by saying if the team ever takes any of these ideas into consideration that, again, they should be completely optional, so that those who enjoy their game the way it plays now that they won't have to bother with this and that those who want a challenge can have that.
  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 42 Member
    edited February 2020
    Like this if you want to see new modified buff cheats in the near future!!
    Post edited by haydendamian_97 on
    Hayden Damian, geography buff, aviation buff, likes video games......
  • procianprocian Posts: 143 Member
    Freelance photographer really needs making easier to use....tried to get my sim to take a fasion photo and it took 7 attempts before it finaly worked....sim also needs to be in the same room as the camera which is a pain...why can't the sim come to the camera after take photo of option has been selected...and why do we have to have the tripod? why can't we just use a handheld camera?....i gave up on this career...too much of a pain to be honest.....
  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 42 Member
    Here are some options, 1, teens and kids would be home schooled 2, go to school 3, drop out completely.
    Hayden Damian, geography buff, aviation buff, likes video games......
  • Stumblebum30Stumblebum30 Posts: 2 New Member
    Can we please get something different? We've had a few 'tropical' or 'Island living themes'. We've now had mystical, magical blah blah blah. Honestly you are boring me to tears. We've had them before! I've been playing the sims since Sim1 came out. You keep creating the same things over and over and over with every Sims Game that comes out. Think outside the box. Do something different we haven't seen before. Instead of always Tropical and Island. What about Alaskan? or Farming Expansion pack! There are other roads to go down, instead of chasing around in the same circle.
  • StripedSimsStripedSims Posts: 23 Member
    - More Winter Coat options.
    - Do some research on street wear and give us some more trendy/edgy/aesthetic options
    - More choker necklaces
    - More trait slots/ trait options
    - Favorite's
    - Create a style for hair PLEASE
    - A job at a bank. Doesn't need to be playable, Just more careers in general
    - Maybe just create a style in general, Having to sacrifice style in order to find matching colored items is so frustrating.
    - Burglars and Fire Fighters
    - Bunk Beds/Loft Beds
    - Fading Ginger/Red hair, there's faded brown and black but No faded Red hairs.
    - More Swatches. Most Items only come in about 10-12 swatches. When we had create a style we had unlimited options. A little bit annoying trying to match pieces together with limited swatches.
    - Better eyelashes
    - More hoodies, we have one zip up hoodie and a few pull over hoodies, but there needs to be more
    - The styles of glasses in the game are a bit outdated/ not good for younger sims.
    - Accessory nails
    - Accessory jackets!!
    - Zodiac signs
    - Customization CAS background
    - More item slots on surfaces.
    - Better cooking Animations, Pulling things from cabinets and the fridge
    - A different outfit for Fall and Spring, I dont want my sims wearing huge thermal wear in fall and their hot weather clothes in the beginning of spring.
    - Watch the weather from the window. Some sort of interaction with windows, I feel like they're not Incorporated in game enough.
    - Bigger visual difference between Teens and Young Adults. Teens look Identical to Young Adults. Maybe a Height Difference or something?
    - More family options like Step parents, In laws, ETC.
    - Creating more family history In cas, Like 2 sims starting off w a bad relationship, or creating a "dead sim" such as a parent that passed away or something like that.
    - Stacking Windows
    - More face Piercings
    - Some sort of jewelry making/ Etsy type career
    - Cops and Robbers
    - More counters
    - Pool Bar
    - Ask another sim with a high level to repair something/cook something
    - Get to work shops are so under-implemented. Magnolia Promenade is also just too small for practicality.
    - Have a housewear outfit, Not everyday and not pajamas. something they change into when they're home but dont sleep in either.
    - Hotels!
    - Above Ground Pools!
    - Bigger Worlds! Get Famous seems so cool but the amount of lots is SO disappointing.
    - Elder Traits!
    - Seasonal outfits for Premade Townies! They should have been updated in a patch after seasons.
    - More implementation of Vacation worlds, I always forget they exist. Maybe have couples do trips together. like your friend(s) call you and they ask if you want to go on vacation with them.
    - Bikes
    - Funeral Events
    - Runaway Teens/ Teens moving out
    - Elavators
    - Daybeds
    - PLEASE make randomly generated sims wear the premade outfits. Randomly generated sims are aways wearing clashy ugly clothes and it just feels so unrealistic.
  • procianprocian Posts: 143 Member
    Please please please....can we have get to school/university....
  • StripedSimsStripedSims Posts: 23 Member
    Elf ears, now with ROM it would be a perfect time to release them
  • thecatsredthecatsred Posts: 327 Member
    "Down On Hard Times" content

    - Broken chairs/tables that have scuffs, or a broken leg that was patched quickly, or is sitting on some books.
    - Busted open counter drawers, like one is askew and won't go back in properly - a whole set of counters like the 'used' ones we got with City Living
    - More stains, dirt, spills, cracks, etc overlays/decals
    - Dirty walls/wallpaper with broken and messed up baseboards
    - A door that doesn't have a handle on it, but instead just a hole - doors with parts/sections missing or knocked out
    - Couches and living chairs that have stuffing spilling out, or torn fabric, leather couches with patches and duct tape, a glass coffee table with a crack
    - Worn out old rugs, threadbare
    - Beds with thin looking comforters, or only a sheet, bed frames that are missing parts, OR beds raised up on concrete blocks or milk crates, pallet beds!
    - Fridge with a bunch of bills stuck to it - bills, notes, pictures, etc.
    - Clutter items like stack of bills/letters, old books, a crate of random junk, files, cans of food, food boxes that look like they were bought wholesale, etc.
    - Counter top stove unit, no oven
    - A clothing rack with a few ratty looking items hanging from it, or a closet item that's empty or full of just boxes when sims go inside it
    - Blue Collar work - maid, handyman, teacher, garbage man, nurse, things like that, normal jobs
    - Food at work or school costs money to the family funds, but if a kid brings a packed lunch no money is taken out
    - Interactions like 'Complain About Bills', 'Fight Over Spending', etc.
    - After school activities cost money
    - Teen sims can get a stressed moodlet if their family has less than $1000 and they do not have a part-time job
    - Misc. random expenses - sudden illness! Pay $2000 for hospital fees!
    - Sending sim to hospital costs money - "Thanks for coming! A bill will arrive in your mailbox in a few days. Be sure to pay it on time!"
    - Vets more expensive
    - Sims can randomly get fired from their job, even with good performance (but have a chance getting it back a level or two lower if they reapply)
    - Snob sims or those with Wealthy Aspirations refuse to interact with sims who have less than $10000 in funds (not worth) unless the sim in question has a high charisma (or a level in fame)
    - Children sometimes come home after being bullied and can ask parents what to do about it

    Basically, I just want to have my sims...struggle. Things are too easy.
  • XxAirixXXxAirixX Posts: 2,367 Member
    Still want story progression. You can even toggle it for people who don't want it but please give us this and chemistry system. I don't see why you can't as modders showed it is possible.
  • justdarcyjustdarcy Posts: 4 New Member
    It would be great if the rugs could be organized or sorted by size, I waste so much time picking a rug then discovering that it's gigantic or tiny then having to start over. The way the windows and doors are sorted by choosing short, medium, or tall would work just fine. Just have it be small, medium, big, and epic (for the HUGE ones).

    Paintings and posters and other wall art could also be organized further- being able to sort into unframed (posters), framed, decals, and details (like cracks, spiderwebs etc) would also save a lot of time.

    Also it would be nice if interactions with infants could be strung together, rather than having the Sim put the infant down between each action. So the Sim moves directly from feeding to cuddling to bouncing etc. when you have more than one interaction in your queue.
  • batmanreptarbatmanreptar Posts: 12 New Member
    Bring back lemonade stands for kids and easy bake ovens! Give elders canes &let them show off their grand kids again! MORE HOBBIES!! MORE INSTRUMENTS! I want ukuleles, drums, banjos! Bring back some old, and some new! More careers! I miss the newspaper, and the burglar!
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,679 Member
    Goat statues, goat paintings, goat tattoos, goat logos, goat jewellery.


    4 horned goats would be super epic... And if farming was added, fainting goats would be a nice quirk

  • jade1234jade1234 Posts: 2 New Member
    Hi, I would love for a feature to be introduced where players can in-game insert their own sim screenshots into photo frames- like give photo frames the ability to be clicked on and select a screenshot photo!!!!
  • Renato10Renato10 Posts: 370 Member
    Ornaments for roof spandrels! The Sims 3 came with some in Dragon Valley I think?

  • MissmermerMissmermer Posts: 3 New Member
    My First Pet Stuff for consoles! I know most PC players hated it because it is technically a dlc for a dlc, but dang it... I. Want. It. Why is EA/Maxis alienating part of their player base just because one section didnt like it? Either port it and release it for consoles to purchase or patch it in to C&D. (The latter would probably ❤️❤️❤️❤️ off PC players even more, since they had to pay for it, so I'd go with the former) I hate the fact that I have half of a kids bedroom set in C&D and the other half is in MFPS and I cant purchase it because I play on xbox. I know I'm not the only console player who wants MFPS.
  • Coconut27Coconut27 Posts: 163 Member
    The Ability to set only your current house hold as played sims as this would allow auto aging to occur for other households you have played b4 but currently want to age.

    Hi! this actually exists, you just go to settings and gameplay options allows you to change it so you can do this
  • AnesjkaAnesjka Posts: 1 New Member
    What I would love to see in game ?

    Please, the game to run better with alot of CC --- so much slow loading =(
  • JazzpuzJazzpuz Posts: 83 Member
    • Customizable showers. Why can't my mansion-sims have huge, fancy showers that could fit 6 sims?
    • More customizable swatches. I know this probably won't be implemented, but it would be huge if we could be able to choose between two swatches on an object like in TS2 where we could choose the color of the bedframe and the color of the bedspread seperatley. It wouldn't have to be every object, but at least beds and chairs and maybe sinks, toilets, showers and counters <3
    • smaller objects! It's so annoying how random objects are HUMONGOUS, like the new cauldron, the telescope and microscope. There is ONE SINGLE 1 tile coffee table :'( and the miss the cute, small "bars" in TS1.
    • Possibility to create folders for objects like in TS2. I'm so tired of scrolling through the 2149 items in 'Misc' decorations for stuff to put in the kitchen, and why are wall decorations in 'Misc', when there is a category literally called 'Wall Decorations'? Why is the one kitchen-utensil holder in 'Misc' while all the other holders are in 'Clutter'? Why aren't the bath basket and toothbrush holder considered clutter? And don't get me started on the 'Statue'-category, that is one hot mess. As an interaction designer, this really hurts my soul. It would also be nice for more filtering options. Sometimes you want small decorations, would be cool to sort items by size.
    • Why do cats need a box to poop in? They're like the epitome of independence, they should be able to poop wherever they want, like dogs. I have to enablefreebuild everywhere just to add a litter box when bringing my cat anywhere. That includes the Magic Realm
  • Pipersfun2Pipersfun2 Posts: 669 Member
    -More hair colors

    -Bunk beds
    -Separate shower heads/outdoor showers
    -L-shaped and spiral stairs
    -Pool bar

    -Zoadiac signs/attraction system/better traits
    -Cars and bikes
    -Archictectural Designer profession
    -Farm pack
    -Teens/Elders overhaul
    -Let us set Sulani as a travelling destination
    -Another empty world like Newcrest

    we might stand a chance of farm pack. people have found horse's in game thread
  • SimmyFroggySimmyFroggy Posts: 1,761 Member
    I'd love if full-height walls were actually walls and didn't keep having things going through them.

    Like not having roofs intersect walls if the room has an indoor landing in it. Or plants set in the right spot next to a wall (no move objects used) not poking out on the other side of the wall. Just... make the wall be a wall. (it's probably a thing that was said before but it's so frustrating)

    And at least a few swatches of colors for ceilings. Or the white to not be quite so white at least.
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  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,103 Member
    edited September 2019
    I thought of this idea based on another thread. It would be great if a lot of the skills got careers to make better use of them. Currently we have a lot of skills that would be great for creating new careers, both BG and DLC. Examples could include...

    A singing/performing career that makes use of the singing skill.
    A crafting/repair-based career that makes use of the handiness skill.
    A pet training career for said skill.
    More fitness/health/sports related careers for the fitness skill.
    Lawyer/teacher for logic.
    Dance teacher for dance skill.

    Not only would this give us more much needed careers, but it would also make great use of some skills that currently don't have much practical use.
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