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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • simplyzoesimplyzoe Posts: 380 Member
    Thank you for asking us what we would like!

    Please let us adjust the length of each season.

    A slide scale for aging again.

    Color swatches and patterns for adjusting clothing and furniture etc.

    More toddler hair and clothes, it is so limited now and I do not want them all looking the same.

    Daycare career, I played it a lot even though it was hard to keep up with and it let sims become friends from toddler age that would last through college and eventually they would pick their own mates.

    And please let University come soon!
  • LollyGraceLollyGrace Posts: 20 Member
    Age sliders like in TS3 again, it was so great being able to choose how long each part of the Sims lives will be!

    Lock clothing items in CAS. Please! Maybe lock with a right click? Sometimes I just want the same piece in every outfit.
    PS, on this subject, with the new additions my game doesn’t link/lock ANY skin details anymore so I have to go through every outfit and it takes SO long, is anyone else having that issue?

    Bunk beds.

    Future worlds to include apartment blocks! I love them and I find it weird that they were introduced in City Living and never used again, surely they’re also perfect for Del Sol Valley? Seeing as we got so few lots in DSV :neutral: a block would have opened it up a bit more! Also, being able to change the interiors of apartment blocks..

    I’ll also jump in on the University hype, I think it’s probably on the way, and if it is I hope it gives the option for live in or off campus.

    A vacation pack.. I know we have the 2 already, but I’m a little sad that Sulani wasn’t a resort pack. Therefore round vacations off with maybe another 2 options. A beach resort island, nothing like Sulani, maybe more a Europe beach vibe? And maybe a city resort, based on Amsterdam or Paris etc, with a few “attractions” for Sims to visit, trams, canals etc, and townhouses/apartments and holiday homes to rent.

    Photography update, please! Wider lenses, more movement, different angles, ability to change Sims poses in camera mode. It’s crazy to not allow Sims to “move” about whilst taking a photo - in real life we don’t get stuck in one place and only able to zoom an inch in and out lol!

    Honestly my list could go on forever but I’ll stop myself here :wink:
  • SimmySimianSimmySimian Posts: 355 Member
    NAPK1NS wrote: »
    • More distinctive teens.
    • ...
    • Finally, filters. It would be sooooo cool to play the game in a vintage 20’s movie view, or even like I was in a moving comic book, something to spice up the game a bit.

  • Jordan061102Jordan061102 Posts: 3,657 Member
    Less recycled items and more gameplay in EPs please.
  • Marduc_PlaysMarduc_Plays Posts: 416 Member
    Bring on fun stuff sims can play together: frisbee, table tennis (and beerpong), fetch, hopscotch, football, minigolf. For anyone from kid to elder. Maybe even with a stand that sells cotton candy, popcorn and nachos. Furniture like for a funfair with bright and shiny color patterns.
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  • ChildofGodChildofGod Posts: 1 New Member
    I think there should be a story mode for the teens and more clothes and hair for toddlers and kids
  • SerioussimmerfornowSerioussimmerfornow Posts: 3 New Member
    Please oh please add more detail on every sim in the family tree. I would love to be able to know more than just the Sim's name. Personality traits, careers, exes, life details, past lovers or anything of the sort would be amazing. Personality traits are most missed as I believe they were present in earlier versions of the game.
  • tulipssimmertulipssimmer Posts: 86 Member
    I personally want better freckles so that you can see them, better cribs, more toddler beds, bunk beds, spiral stairs.
  • toshinoriyagitoshinoriyagi Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love a way to put passwords on computers to keep unwanted sims off of another sims desktop! If there's already a way to do this and I just don't know about it, I would love to hear suggestions, because locking the whole room off for other sims feels a bit extreme to me.
  • killed.Persephonekilled.Persephone Posts: 53 Member
    I would like to have freckles as part of the genetic code of the parent sims. So that gives a 50/50 chance, whether a child also inherits the freckles of a parent.
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  • Kaylen34Kaylen34 Posts: 78 Member
    I would love a way to put passwords on computers to keep unwanted sims off of another sims desktop! If there's already a way to do this and I just don't know about it, I would love to hear suggestions, because locking the whole room off for other sims feels a bit extreme to me.

    It should be like beds, sims should have to claim their computer.
  • LuvMySimzLuvMySimz Posts: 555 Member
    I would love a way to put passwords on computers to keep unwanted sims off of another sims desktop! If there's already a way to do this and I just don't know about it, I would love to hear suggestions, because locking the whole room off for other sims feels a bit extreme to me.

    There is a mod for that.
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  • xstar960xstar960 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like to see the addtion of cloud save, keyboard and mouse rebinding (With support for multiple inputs per in game action.) And a framerate cap of 24 fps for computers with thermal issues.
  • MaxieMixMaxieMix Posts: 194 Member
    I want to see the resorts feature back and the underwater world back

  • procianprocian Posts: 143 Member
    The ability to induce birth on the 3rd trimester.
    Resizeable family tree window.
    More soft drinks at bars juice etc..
  • TomasGrizzlyTomasGrizzly Posts: 639 Member
    simplyzoe wrote: »
    A slide scale for aging again.

    Aging customization without mods would be nice but I'd prefer if it was a write-in field instead of a slider.
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  • wallisdjwallisdj Posts: 18 Member
    The sims have full autonomy, which means I guess they get to be extremely stupid. There are two activity tables in the house already. Why are they clamoring for more? It is colder than a well-digger's knew, but they go out and play in the sprinkler and then complain of freezing to death! They have top-of-the-line kitchen equipment, but does that stop them from wanting buy more? Nope!

    Secondly, they have aspirations. Why aren't they working themselves on those activities in pursuit of those aspirations? A painter has to paint. Why should I have to waste my time directing them to go paint? A gardener needs to harvest; again, why do I have to tell the sim to go harvest? Children should do their homework; so, why do I have to be a nagging parent all their child life? I don't have to with my real children.

    Oh, and this one I really love: I hire a nanny. The Nanny does everything but feed or change a diaper until a threatening notice pops up to take the child away!
  • AyKooChaoAyKooChao Posts: 519 Member
    AyKooChao wrote: »
    Earlier, I read the wiki page for traits in TS3, and I was thinking about how they worked; more specifically, what it said about young adults having up to 5 traits. Adding a couple of extra trait slots for each stage but making them optional could work, when it comes to not breaking preexisting Sims. (How annoying would it be if you downloaded a really cool-looking Sim from the gallery, only to find out that they were glitched because they didn't have enough traits?) Not sure how adding extra traits while aging up would work because I don't own the actual game. ^^;

    Another option could be having extra trait slots as aspiration rewards (not too expensive - it would stink if the Sim got a new trait and then died five minutes later), and how many a Sim can have depends on their life stage. I think toddlers would still be okay with one trait, just because there aren't that many available for them, even without thinking about which ones would conflict (angelic and fussy, clingy and independent/charmer... and they can't access the rewards store anyway), but children, teens and adults of all ages could definitely do with a few more. We'll need a bigger selection of traits in the base game to really make that work, though.

    (I hope no one minds that I've posted this before.)
  • LuvMySimzLuvMySimz Posts: 555 Member
    Stop the flood of Visitors knocking at your door day and night since the IL patch!
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  • MaxieMixMaxieMix Posts: 194 Member
    ooh and I would like to be able to go to their jobs in the lifeguard career

  • procianprocian Posts: 143 Member
    This might be very hard to introduce,without a major game rewrite,but i'd like to see an age group between child and teen...maybe call it youth or something.
  • IllandryaIllandrya Posts: 45 Member
    things I would like to see:
    - when you choose get leftovers on the fridge, a new menu pops up showing what’s available in the fridge
    - Kids using the dishwasher instead of a second floor bathroom to wash dishes
    - Organisable inventory that stays organised
    - Storage chests that only show what is in that particular chest (plus the organise ability)
    - Sims putting books away when they’re finished instead of walking past the bookshelf to the dining table, sitting down, then leaving the book on the table
    - More whims for activities and less whims to buy things
    - Lockable emotion whims or at least emotion whims that don’t change when your sim moves from the normal emotion to the very emotion
    - teaching toddlers how to walk - I really miss that!
    - More crib options for babies
    - As toddlers learn thinking skill they are less inclined to make a mess and same with kids and responsibility
    - Swatches on furniture items more customisable, eg on kitchen benches you choose the counter colour and the base colour
    - a way to fully remove a celebrity quirk. My sim has quit the spotlight but she still gets the fine cuisine uncomfortable moidlet from “normal” food. Yes, i used the quirk potion first.
    - Put the type of bait preferred back into the observe option with fishing skill.
    - Stop adults autonomously watching kids tv once they become parents
    - Can we get an unbreakable upgrade for plumbing?
    - Kids not getting the call to go to scouts when they are in a vacation world.
    - Rubbish bins spawning with seasons vendors so that you can clean up all the leftover drinks
    - a way for the plants in the science career to become harvestable again
    - Smaller skill objects options, eg for telescope and microscope
  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 45 Member
    I think that teens should have an option to drop out of school and apply for a job as another option......
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  • sazzieJsazzieJ Posts: 142 Member
    not sure if its been mentioned, but, if my mermaids could end their obsession with swimming in the ocean when there is a pool on the lot thatd be great. im liking mermaids so far but when hydration is full i dont see the need for them to abandon everything for the ocean. unless i get a house in the middle of the lagoon thats on stumps requiring normal sims to canoe/swim to shore id like it cut back. otherwise island living is awesome so far
  • ElDimentioElDimentio Posts: 38 Member
    This is a massive thread and I don't know if anyone at EA is reading it, but I just noticed that you don't gain fame if you sell paintings via a retail store. I.e. if you paint something and mark it for sale, you won't gain fame by selling it that way. I think if you're selling your own paintings in a retail store (art gallery?) it makes sense that your fame should increase; there are people going to this store to buy your works of art!
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