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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • gaming_darlingaming_darlin Posts: 2 New Member
    I'm not sure if anyone else has suggested this, or if anyone involved in the programming and designing of the game will see this, but I think it would be great if the game would include disabilities; such as a physical disability wether its an amputated limb with/without a prosthetic limb or a cane or wheelchairs (with customizable options just like people do in real life), having a mute and/or sign language using sim (might not be possible but its certainly an intriguing idea) and being able to have hearing aid's or being blind and having a walking stick.

    ALSO being able to have those options for animals too, because there are a lot of disabled animals in the world who use devices as well.
  • gaming_darlingaming_darlin Posts: 2 New Member
    If we could bring back the fairies from The Sims 3 Supernatural pack into The Sims 4 that would also be so freaking cool.

    Having a sim with customizable wings with multiple patterns, sizes and shapes, and colors just like the mermaid tails, and maybe more skin tone, hair color, eye color, ear shape and fingernail length choices for the fairy occult sims.

    Alongside the Create-As-Sim options, including a world pack just as the Werewolves, Realm of Magic, and Vampire game packs had, paired with fairy inspired furniture and decor for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Taking inspiration from some aspects of the Cottage Living and Realm of Magic packs for Fairy specific or fairy designed spaces with twinkle lights as a light source, mystical woodland creatures and woodland themed furniture would also be incredible to include and interact with.

    I personally would think a shop/Apothecary for fairy or all occult beings to go to purchase items for their specific creature needs would be necessary as well. Such items could be: pre-made potions and herb seed packs and maybe potions or books for growing a fairy's magical abilities, bottles and books to further grow and teach the perks/aspects of life as mermaids and the vampires, plus the vampires food sources. Instead of things having to be bought via phone or household computer..
    Furthermore, Spellcaster sims could be the owners of this apothecary and sell the potions and spell books they've made to these other occult sims, since they folk their own personal magic realm with its own shops for the spell casters. Taking that idea and tweaking and redesigning something similar at least for Fairy sims could broaden or even combine the two occult beings growth and make players have explosive mischievous fun.
  • KosmischeKosmische Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like to see more activities. I think more instruments would be cool (i.e. cello, flute, saxophone, drums…). I think it would also be cool to include more sports like tennis, baseball, gymnastics, etc.
  • JALJAL Posts: 496 Member
    1. More interactions between sims that matters
    - discuss marriage (not just propose)
    - plan wedding (as in sit and talk and plan it, not run off and have it immediately)
    - discuss starting a family
    - confessing to cheating, discussing cheating, arguing about cheating
    - discuss divorce/break-up
    2. More games for kids to play with each other
    3. More family activities in general
    4. Work place venue type or lot type
    5. Lot traits for all venue types to create combinable lots (so you build a park: add a pool venue trait and a café lot trait and sims will get buffs from lot traits as well as venue type)
    6. Make food stalls, espresso bars, bars and the likes work on all community lots
    7. More cross pack combability
    8. Fix Dine Out
    9. Improve stores (if they need to make more money on it add kits for various stores)
    10. Art kit that makes sense. For example buyable art supplies which makes painting cheaper or free, sketch pad, paint by numbers for kids and inexperienced painters, usable/buyable crafting supplies.
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 5,939 Member
    more pizza options for restaurants
    tables with short table clothes in plain white and gingham pattern
    ability to paint caricature portraits of other sims and asian style calligraphy and paintings
    mulled wine recipe for sims to prepare at home
    gingerbread cookies
  • LuvtehGeeksLuvtehGeeks Posts: 1,552 Member
    edited October 2022
    Cemetery lot type, old gothic mausoleum's, plantable black roses (climber's) part time jobs for teens (6-11pm) overnight Crypt Keeper job, more Gargoyle's including waterspouts, more Victorian carpet's, fireplace's 3/4 wall height, spiral stairs, trestle tables, headstones for mermaids and aliens, black swatch on the Strangerville tracery windows and doors. @SimGuruBat did a beautiful job on Vampires. o:)
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  • Ickywoo88Ickywoo88 Posts: 10 New Member
    I love that they keep adding new content, however I would like to see more integration between everything they are adding. IE When they added seasons they have it where you can set up a holiday to take time off work/school, however everything being released after that didn't get integrated in. Despite not having school on a holiday, your sims still have after school activities, university classes, etc. I would really like some of this stuff to be integrated in. Can't tell you how weird it is not going to school on Christmas, but still having to go to drama club or a chess meet, or having a full day of uni classes =p Also, DHD decorator is one of my favorite packs and I love that preferences have been added to the game. It would be really great if those preferences kept updating and got fully integrated. IE, with the release of the industrial loft kit, Industrial style was added to the sort menu. However it was not added to the preferences list so none of my sims can actually get buffs or like industrial style. I can still use it sure, but it would be nice if you can get the benefits of it. Same with HSY. HSY added the Art Deco style tag, yet sims can't actually select Art Deco as a preference. I've noticed a lot of things like this that get added to the game but not fully integrated. The Carnaval kit added the Carnaval radio station, but it didn't get added to the preferences list. Even some basic things are sorely lacking on the preferences list. Why is chess not in our preferences? Lol. My sim can be a rocket science junkie who loves the research and debate skill, but can't enjoy a riveting game of chess? This also works in reverse. As preferences get added, like decor and fashion, I've noticed a LOT of things that don't have any tags on them. I know for a while I loved making spa day bathrooms and I even have an entire spa day house for my Zen Guru sim. Most spa day furniture has no actual decor style tag on it so there's no sim benefits for using them. Same goes for clothes. There are a TON of cas objects that have no tag on them, and a ton that are just marked as basic. There also seems to be a lot of things that are just not fully marked. IE I notice often that I look at 2 shirts that are very similar in style. 1 is marked something like Preppy or Boho, and the other is either uncategorized or marked as basic, or something that doesn't seem to make sense for them being very similar. So yeah... I would just like some more integration. Again, I am really grateful for new things to flush out the game, but it is just also hard to flush out a game when you don't get benefits from using the new things and just have to use all the same stuff over and over. So please sims team. Give us some more INTEGRATION!! =D
  • LaytonLayton Posts: 5 New Member
    Hello everyone,

    I am back once again to share some ideas about the game and I would like to thank developers for latest loyal trait!

    Here are some suggestions:
    - neighborhood stories are super addition but there should be possibility to set number of children and pets which are automaticaly adopted or which are born to families. Now their number grow till the houshold is full.

    - In interactions, there should be possibility to ask someone about his/her children (how many children does he/she have etc.)

    - When inviting some friend, there should be possibility to invite whole family

    - In clubs - please add possibilty for magicians to train others in magic and add "practise magic" as a club activity. There is not enought activities in clubs for magicians. While club gathering the "use couldron" doesn´t work (at least for me).

    - werewolfs shouldn´t travel freely to other lots and worlds when is full moon or they are in a high level of rage! They especially shouldn´t be at high school - where studies at classes doesn´t work well with them, because all students are frightend.
  • HyawehHyaweh Posts: 36 Member
    edited November 2022
    What I miss lately in the game :

    - More movies,
    - New subjects of argument between people,
    - I also would like to invite the whole family of a friend (his/her spouse, their children, etc.),
    - I would like kids jumping on bed,
    - unfold bed on mornings,
    - burglar,
    - newspapers,
    - new traits & aspirations so we can discover new things,
    - walking while holding hands,
    - kids playing together,
    - kids arguing with each other;
    - elders with cane,
    - more family moments.
    Sorry for my English, I'm French.
  • cait2709cait2709 Posts: 1 New Member
    Hello, I'd really love a separate category for piercings. I love them but by now there a lot of piercings and earings (even more so with cc) and it gets very annoying to have to scroll down so far all the time. thanks a lot!
  • HyawehHyaweh Posts: 36 Member
    I've thought about something else. Can we make sure the moodlet about decoration aren't that important ? I mean my sim is sad, she comes inside the house and suddenly feels happy because it's pretty... They shouldn't be that strong. Or they shouldn't exist at all x)
    Sorry for my English, I'm French.
  • LSM36LSM36 Posts: 413 Member
    Yes we can technically have multiple bf/gfs but not ethically unless you have the serial romantic aspirationrewards. Which is labeled being a "Player". Gives off a vibe of, "well you knew what it was when you got involved with me." Which is fine for some aspects of gameplay but not all.
    I'd like some ethical polyamory, and the ability to be married to multiple people. And the ability to have all those people be married to each other if they so choose.

    Which leads me to number 2.
    2. Family tree fix.
    I Swear to Plumbob it's been almost a decade. Can we get this better? We're about to bring a whole new lifestage into it. And these kids are still gonna be confused by Aunts let alone Step-parents and Grandparents after someone divorces. Or if someone leaves the house and now you don't know they're your older sibling.

    3. Following that, more family interactions. Little ones. Like siblings knowing of each other's existence even if I don't make the adult sibling, or sibling in another house, go visit the other. Like really? You don't even know they exist? You have the same parents. Your mom didn't call ans say she was pregnant? You didn't visit the hospital?

    I know a few modders have worked on the things I've mentioned so far as best they can. But they have to work within the framework of the game. Sometimes it doesn't work right. And even when it does, it breaks every patch bc it's not part of the game. At this point make them real game features and give the modders credit for being the first to make a working option.

    Leaving family dynamics behind for a bit:

    4. Apartments that we own. The sim family itself is the landlord and can live in the property. I think we can have a rental house more permanently now, but honestly that info was confusing and I didn't even bother. Just give us an additional business. But ones we could live in and earn residual income. Maybe hire and handyman or two. Depending on what packs you have the effects could be different. You could have a green residence. Vampire safe apartments with sun-treated glass. Or the opposite for Werewolves. Furnished apartments that come with satellite dishes with Very upgraded cable packages that even get Interstellar channels. And pools/hotels for our merfolk. Maybe even greenhouse types for our aspiring Plantsims.

    It'd be really cool if the owner had the option of a second residence. Or if the option of making it a "Family Owned" Establishment like a Lot Trait was added. So that the main player family, and any kids who split off could go work there if they get added to idk a separate employee panel from the normal paid employee options. So say your kid moves to Brichester and you decide to build student apartments. They live in one, but also keep up with tenants for their spending money.

    ⭐️ Smaller individual banking for each sims separate for the family account would come in clutch here.

    Onto my issues with supes
    5. Just like a general refresh of everything except Vamps and Spellcasters.

    🐺 Werewolves just idk. I don't mind the wolves too much but the fury/rage mechanic makes very little sense to me in the way it works. I feel like Hunger would've made a ton more sense. Especially as an opposite to Vampiric thirst. Easier to control. And if the wolves still experienced rage, it wouldn't be at such random things. It's like dealing with hot-headed sims all the time. And that is stressful. I don't need that kind of anxiety. Some of us just wanted to howl at the moon.

    🧜‍♀️ Merpeople are severely lacking. I don't remember if they have their own crib. But I have several ideas of how to give them better treatment from the ground up.
    First a bassinet with a stylized wave as the leg, that sort of crests over it. Perhaps even a clam or shell of some sort, or motif. More merbaby clothes, and up for other life stages. There's some stuff once you're older for your merform. However a lot of it is really just stuff to wear on the islands and less, I'm a fabulous underwater being.

    Hydration is really the only thing that shows they are a mermaid as of now. If you aren't in the water and using your tail, or calling a dolphin, or like the other 2 tricks they have. That's it. They don't even have a cool panel. So first fix the panel. And then for Hydration, how can we fix it when they're sleeping if we don't have a pool, or water nearby? Tired of your MerSim falling asleep in the bath? How about a Hydration Pod? They could use the same mechanism as the coffins and energy pods but make it add Hydration to Merperson sims. Vamps are the only ones who regain dark energy in coffins, everyone else just sleeps. The same could work here. Heck if a vamp gets in one maybe they regain energy but come out feeling too wet and classy.

    Going off that waterbeds. Shaped like open clams with pillow pearls. When a mermaid gets in, instead of just being under the pink covers, they get their tail and you can see it resting under the pink in the base of the shell. Even as they lay down. Any other sims next to them is just laying under the covers not wet. Hydration up, sleep up.

    Also another world for Mers with most of it being underwater lots. Where airbreathers can have Sandy Cheekseque bubbles to travel through unless inside where there is air. And then some island lots where breathers could live. More types of Mers too. Let's go Ursula!

    👽 Aliens are a lot like Mers. But they have a world. But I think that world is actually a tourist trap. So it should be treated as such and there be a second world created and the current Sixam accessible via Portal similar to RoM portals only Sciency. And myb teleportation bc aliens.

    Alien babies have prams already but I don't remember if the hybrids do. Given the fact that they are pretty much the only hybrid with like actual definition in the game. Rather than being either one parent or the other, but a unique blend of the two. Maybe they should get their own bassinet. The alien one could be more far out. And the hybrid one could be the same, or vice versa.

    Aliens need a cool panel as well. What are their needs anyway? Even if they have the same needs Maybe they actually need to intake some vitamins from their home world to stay healthy on the Sim planet. And while Hybrids have the same panel, they don't have that need being half of this planet.

    There's also the fact that abduction babies are fully alien. There could be a trait about that. Ans who knows whether they'd be mote suited to the atmosphere here or there when it comes to their needs.

    We could also figure out what's going on with those abductions. Maybe tie things into other packs like Strangerville. Was Mother a failed botany experiment? What do Aliens think of the Fantasy Supes?

    New build mode stuff for more of an alien home. We have some stuff from the scientist career but it has a very, I went a found this cool thing energy. The Aliens probably are like, "Dude you found an apple tree." I mean that whole pack could use an update but I'm not talking about them right now, ahem Magnolia Promenade.

    Finally Plant Sims

    🪴 It should be a life state not a temporary one. That's weird. No one else is temporary. Just be a plant sim. Just give us plant sims and plant sim babies. I want to make them in CAS. I want to live in a greenhouse. I want to marry mermaid and have a Seaweed Mer/Seawitch thing going on.

    I want to be able to grow crazy fruits that do insane things. Like a Gruit of life, a Fruit of Knowledge that makes skills or gives random skills at high levels. Fertility Fruit so you can have a baby. Maybe if you share it with someone it's your biological baby with them. But if you eat it by yourself it's just yours, and technically the trees. Even if it isn't a Plantsim. Trait Child of The Tree of Fertility.

    I wanna see Plant Sims have beef with Vegetarians. An uneasy truce with animals that must eat plants to survive. And strong feelings about proper farming practices. Maybe a bunch of them will pop up in Henford on Bagley whenever there's a Harvest going on to judge what you've got going on.

    Release some Posion Ivyesque outfits to really dress our sims up. You could even have sims that look like her daughters.

    Actually one more though this one I don't feel as strongly about it would just be so cool.

    Servo 🤖 should be allowed to be made in CAS as well. Building one takes awhile. It's a pain. And it would be cool to have a Servo family. It'd be cooler if they could build kids on some Pinocchio type stuff. Like they gather some parts and each put them in a compartment unit on themselves for a period of time and then take it out and build it. Or put in like a machine that is essentially an incubator for building a robot baby. And boom.

    You could introduce different generations of Servo so some end up looking like Androids.

    And honestly like a hybrid cyborg situation would be so cool.

    HYBRIDS in general would be super cool. Making them work would be great. I get that alien human hybrids don't have a ton of powers. Though my twin alien hybrids of years ago actually could communicate telepathically. But that was awhile ago. But even if hybrids don't have all the same powers as the kids who favor one side or the other, it would be cool to see how it works. If a wolf vamp hybrid gets a bit more savage around blood.

    If a mermaid spellcaster is much better at summoning storms and every spell to do with the elements. But horrible on brooms.
    Check out my posts in the Ideas corner, and see the Simsverse living inside my head. :blush:
  • NINABILLYNINABILLY Posts: 2 New Member
    Hi !
    Maybe my comment is a bit different but i play The Sims 4 now from the beginning and i couldn't figger out why i liked to play the Sims 2 (and 1) so much more and why it is different. I think one of the things that are important is, that the size of the sims and the furniture etc. are different. On the Sims 2 i could play and see my whole house and the sims way better. The lighting was breighter too. Now i need to zoooom in, to play.

    If i want to take care of a toddler it takes min. 1,5 hour. Making breakfast and stuff tooo. The timemanagement is not realistic. The time goes by so fast and that is the reason that playing the game feels different. Like in a rush.
    It is not my computer because i played it on different computers over the past years.
    I used some timemanagement MOD and i was so happy! The time was normal like in the Sims 2.
    But i don't like to use these mods anymore because it makes the game glitch sometimes.

    So what could make the game better:
    - More realistic sizes of the homes and sims.
    - More realistic timemanagement (no mods).
    - Better lighting (no mods). The houses look so cold.. you need to put bright spots everywhere and that is one of the reasons the game loses this nice warm feeling you get from the Sims 2 homes.
    - Stop giving the sims 100 options to talk about. Chill.

    PS. try to zoom your screen from how you would play the Sims 2. Your sims and furniture on the sims 4 will look small... It is different.

    Thankyou for reading my comment.
  • StreicherStreicher Posts: 29 Member
    I would love a game pack that takes you to an African type world, even if it is just a destination world.and where you can go on Safari
  • Novum_SemitaNovum_Semita Posts: 2 New Member
    More varied animations please! A little while ago I decided to go back and play some sims 3 and what struck me while I was playing was how much more varied the animations were. In sims 4 sims have stock pick up and put down animations and other animations that are reused over and over with no variation. An example in particular that stuck out to me was cleaning the cat's litter tray of all things. In sims 3 the sim would produce a scooper and kneel down and do a scooping motion before taking the rubbish to the bin. Now sims just bend down a little, a small trash bag appears and they take that to the bin, do another awkward jerky bend and deposit the bag.

    Just everything in sims 3 felt like it had more life and variation. They also seemed a lot more nuanced. You could take a good guess at the sims thought process watching them.

    But I did really like the animations the non-standard sim lifestates such as vampires and werewolves got. Hoping fairies get added to that roster someday.
  • Coconut27Coconut27 Posts: 263 Member
    edited November 2022
    Pack refreshes and bug fixes, please. So many packs lack gameplay depth. The Spa Day refresh was great. I would love to see the same for Dine Out, Outdoor Retreat, and Island Living.

    Dine out: Become chef of your own restaurant, family run business, expand food menu with even more dishes and drinks added to the game, more customization for assigning tasks to staff.

    Outdoor retreat: Expand upon the herbalism skill to have more use for it. Add more outdoor activities for camping such as adding sleeping bags to sleep outside, games for kids such as mary mack, etc., add the "go for hike" with groups or alone like how you can in Komorebi.

    Island Living: Expand upon mermaid powers a bit or at least give them some more customization in CAS, add more activities such as a placeable surfing object to place on the ocean and kayaking, add an ice stand vendor to sell popsicles by the beach, fix the event system so that we get notifications for when there is a turtle egg hatching or other local community events happening.
  • MissMandalynnMissMandalynn Posts: 1 New Member
    Can we address the issue of all of the Sims 4 characters being rude/mischievous to each other. This began after one of the recent updates; I think it was in October. It's ruining all of the relationships I have built over the last 600 hours or so. I've tried debugging characters, Making them happy, changing the likes and dislikes, etc. I had happily married couples that are bitter to each other now. Is there a Fix out there? HELP
  • Sarah26CatSarah26Cat Posts: 40 Member
    I'd like disabilities too. I'm a real life Wheelchair user, and it would be cool. Now, in a perfect world, the chair would be animated to move around, like the bikes are but with better graphics and functional indoors too, and sims won't be automatically allowed to get up if they want something across the room unless you tell them to first. And you'd have to add a ramp creator tool to build mode. Of course this means Players will cry when their pre-made lots are not accessible with the wheelchairs, but I hope this will start conversations about real life and accessibility. Real Life: Not every building in the public world is accessible. It will add new challenges to builders. Especially if you add a new tag to the gallery or lot trait that to call it Accessible it must have certain features. This might be difficult to program into the game, but would be interesting if you could.

    Of course the chairs probably wouldn't be configurable in CAS, but an object purchased once you're in a home. I wouldn't mind this, as just to play this way would be interesting. Though many players will want to customize the look of their chairs, so giving several color swatches, and options for a couple different designs. The basic Hospital chair, to ones real people use would be nice. You don't need to go Electric, but extra bonus points if you do. Of course, whatever you don't do, Custom Content Creators will do plenty of.

    It probably won't easily be possible to have all the stair railings be shapeable to be ramp railings too, so you'll probably have to give us a few options, or ramps will look tacky until custom content creators get started. I picture it for each single step, you'd need at least 2x the length for a ramp, but it could be 3x. I've had to use some ramps that were very steep and am hoping for the more gentle sloped ones.
  • Nyx_SaighdiuirNyx_Saighdiuir Posts: 1 New Member
    Hello Sims community. I'm interested in a stablehand. There are already butlers and nannies. Unfortunately the stablehand mod that a user made is a bit broken now. It would be awesome to have an official stablehand incorporated into the game. I am surprised it was not an option to begin with. Thank you for your time!
  • Sarah26CatSarah26Cat Posts: 40 Member
    Hello Sims community. I'm interested in a stablehand. There are already butlers and nannies. Unfortunately the stablehand mod that a user made is a bit broken now. It would be awesome to have an official stablehand incorporated into the game. I am surprised it was not an option to begin with. Thank you for your time!

    Stablehand would not be a high chance until they add horses back to the game. At this point I think more people want cars than horses, but a pack with them would have its fans.
  • s_stutlers_stutler Posts: 365 Member
    1. More in-depth conversations with meaning. (Since HSY I have noticed a significant increase in this!) - Neighborhood Stories conversation menus, have really gone a long way in improving this feature. But.. I think most of us would like to see things like, asking their SO's questions. Such as, "Let's watch a movie, Let's do this or that" ... yes we can just invite them, but we want our Sims to talk with each other, and have more to say when they do. I have soooo many conversation mods that do this so well. I wish I didn't need them tho.

    2. More traits that can be added per Sim, to really flesh out their personalities. AND. Those traits to actually matter to the Sim. My Lazy Sim should never drop to the ground and do pushups, even if they're energized. Its completely against my Sim's personality. In fact, the only Sim who should do this, is a Bro Sim. Its completely random, and so unrealistic, that I have installed Mods to stop it.

    3. Please give us back our freedom with the calendar! I REGRET buying HSY because I CANNOT cancel, change, remove, or reschedule the high school festivals. I HATE this. I play with my Sims on aging off, with life stages that last 1 or more Sim years. I plan weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, summers off (with mods) and holidays on my calendar. Career Day is in the middle of the Summer. Why? I plan Summers Off, my Teens go to Summer Camp and camp with friends, they aren't thinking about "career day" in the middle of Summer Vacation.

    4. More Life stages. (Infants are coming. FINALLY. I am SOOO excited for that.) - I have Mods which allow me to have Preteens in my game. I really wish I didn't need Mods tho. I really wish we could have Preteens as a regular life stage.

    5. Different heights of Teens. I have a Mod which does this amazingly well, and I really feel it adds to my gameplay, but I wish I didn't need to Mod my game for something we had in every other Sim game with Teens prior to TS4.

    6. More couple interactions. TS2 had the best couple interactions of any of the Sims franchise (imo) - I have a Mod in my game, which introduces some of these same interactions, and some new ones. The Bed Cuddle when two Sims wake up and have a loving relationship for instance. I also have a new interaction, where my one Sim cuddles the other from behind. I have Mods which allow my Sims to make out, Sims 2 style... There are just so many more couple interactions that could be added to the game, and ones that have been removed.

    7. Kid and Toddler skills should translate to the next lifestage. When I first realized this doesn't happen, I was shocked. I didn't even see the point of teaching my Sim children skills at all. I have since Modded my game for both of these, and could not imagine playing without it. I actually forgot it was a Mod, until I just went and scrolled thru my Mods folder.

    7. On a positive note, I do want to add that many of the Mods I have had for YEARS, I can now remove. Body hair, talking about having a baby, the ability to wash your face at a sink, children slowdancing, slow dancing in general. <--- THESE THINGS have all been added to the official game, and whereas I am extremely grateful to see this, there is still a long way to go, to make this game enjoyable without Mods.

    .. On a parting note, I would like to share, I currently have well over 300 mods in my game. (not CC, that is well over 100GB) - I'm talking about Script and Non-script Mods. Most of them, are adding things I want in my game. But a lot of them, are addressing bugs and unrealistic or (imo) ridiculous behavior, which should have long since been taken care of by a patch or update. If you want to know what to add to the game, look up the best known Mods that are out there. Hire the Modders even. (I know ItsKatato was recently hired by the team! That is so amazing! - PandaSama should be the next one you hire. She is doing AMAZING things with Toddler gameplay! <-- check her stuff out, if you haven't already.

    Thank you for this section of the forum! Its clear that you guys are listening, as so many things we have wanted, have been and are being added.
  • LiebeslottchenLiebeslottchen Posts: 62 Member
    My wishlist:

    1. Horses (with a world with dirtroads & no cars)
    2. Couple dances
    3. More vintage & Victorian CAS stuff
    4. Pool/Billard tables
    5. More Karaoke couple songs
    6. Different sideburns/muttonchops
  • LaytonLayton Posts: 5 New Member
    Hello everyone,

    - I would like to see my sims´ books (especially bestsellers) to be buyable through libraries or all made songs or music on various instruments (piano, guitar etc.) to be able to play on the instruments by this perticular sim and other sims in other households as well. I think that every creation (books, songs, music etc., maybe even movies) which was created by sims in the game could be saved and other sims and next generations should be able to use them. It would be cool. Now, I can´t even buy a book bestseller I published in the game.

    - I would like all romantic interactions from previous Sims games to be added to The Sims 4

    - There is alreday a picknick basket (yoi can use it on the table) in the game but I would like a picnic set with blanket, so that my sims coud have picnic while sitting on the ground.

    - I would like more movies to be watchable on TV (some inspired by new movies in the real world)

  • SuperCoolRachaelSuperCoolRachael Posts: 392 Member
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    I would like to see the option to keep Wants enabled but Disable Fears, and also an Aspiration randomizer to go with the Trait randomizer.

    ETA: In addition to annoying Scared and Tense moodlets, once the Fear is overcome, the Sim will get a +3 Confident moodlet which will interfere with any other moodlet you were going for (Focused, Energized, etc.). This all happens far too frequently, and it's making the game a lot less fun. But if you disable Fears, it gets rid of Wants, too. As a goal-oriented player, this is incredibly frustrating to me.
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  • horsekehorseke Posts: 28 Member
    I'm sorry if anyone has already suggested this...

    The option to share builds, sims, lots, rooms, (things you can put on the gallery) with friends only.
    So if you don't want to share your creations with the public (or maybe yet), you can at least send it to a friend.

    I know you can copy a save file, but for console to pc it doesn't work that way.
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