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Feedback: Share with us what you would want to see in the game


  • Ulfric_GrimbrandUlfric_Grimbrand Posts: 668 Member
    Some things I'd like to see:

    A lot of the features of TS2 that aren't in the game:

    I really miss having a car like in TS2, and "restoring" a car. Maybe now with both Cats and Dogs and Cottage Living, going off to work on your horse, or traveling to a friends riding your horse.

    Dancing WITH someone. Not just lining up in front of the stereo and dancing. TS2 did that decently.

    Turn ons and Turn offs: Would be nice to have in game clues when your Sim is attracted to someone, and not just flirt with everyone when in a flirty mood.

    Custom Radio Station.

    Fears and Wants. I know we have Whims, but it's very lacking.

    Private Schools. Getting in was a blast.

    Lifetime Platinum Plumbbob. That was a nice feature.

    Other stuff:

    TUCK THAT SHIRT IN!!!! Not everyone walks around with their shirt tails hanging out.

    CAS Outfits on randomly generated Sims instead of a hodge podge of randomly thrown together clothes.

    Being able to walk around with your baby, strollers (prams for our British friends).

    Expand the limits that are there with Lifestyles and Sentiments. Having Sentiments disappear simply because you exceeded 4 in bogus. And 3 Lifestyles? Really?

    Lock individual poses in the Household Portrait. Not a big fan of the "goody hands" poses. Got a Sim in a pose you want? Click on the individual picture and check off "Lock Pose". Then random pose the rest until you have everyone in a pose you want.

    Pet Peeve: Trying to find colors that actually match in shades. Try finding a black pair of pants that match a black suit jacket in the game. Good luck.
  • AlakazandraAlakazandra Posts: 12 New Member
    I noticed fairies were left out this go round and the witches and vampires were made into separate game packs; but I would really like to see a full enchanted forest expansion pack. I feel like it would go really nicely with some of the existing content. Plus I miss the delightful ethereal wings. (Maybe even a mischievous leprechaun 🍀, similar to the clown but different and more interactable)

    With the Jungle adventure and Outdoor retreat packs there is already a good foundation for creating an enchanted forest map.

    I think canning and herbalism can be expanded to expanded to accommodate the farmables added. Rock climbing could also be useful to explore areas. Maybe it could be good to include a hiking skill since it is already an option to hike on several maps.

    I have noticed the Uni pack has the sprites order and the famous expansion allows you to buy sprites for the pond, however you are unable to interact. It would be lovely to see an aspect of fantasy and whimsy like makin magic and supernatural. Perhaps you could actually become a sprite as a fairy? I remember the little fairy houses, super cute feature.

    I have to say I was not impressed by the spellcasters abilities. I wish they would have been more playful and creative? I would like to play and evil witch who turns her enemies into toads. Or a delightful good witch who makes enchanted sweets that give you a pleasing aura. Dragon breath? Midas’ touch (it was amazing when my sims turned themselves gold for the first time!) what about weather spells? Or a mischievous spell to give another sim hiccups 🤭 hair growth spell? Give someone a luscious mustache or just really long head hair, who knows?

    Possibly it could be an art nouveau style map where they live with giant glowing mushrooms. Possibly more woodland creatures like the rabbits/foxes (maybe raccoons or squirrels 🐿 with little outfits ).

    Also making teens more playable. I seriously feel like they are the lacking age group in TS4.
  • kaiwrysimskaiwrysims Posts: 1,147 Member

    Whim and aspiration points overhaul -

    Many people have said that whims are not unique to each sim. Sims should get whims based on traits, preferences, sentiments, lifestyles, and more. I also think we should have another incentive to get aspiration points. I personally don't like the reward store so I would like something else in addition to that. Like maybe a meter that will determine if a sim is satisfied with their life or not. And completing aspirations, whims, and scenarios will affect the meter. Also you could add some challenge by making it possible to lose points.


    Hotels -

    I really want hotels I think it would add a lot to vacations.

    Hobbies -

    Would love to see ballet, karate, pottery, gymnastics, and sports for kids. Would love if they could have classes that work like the yoga classes in spa day.

    Small pets -

    Please add guinea pigs, snakes, birds and etc. Would really love more animals in this game.

    Horses -

    I want to see horses in this game. Would love to be able to have a show jumping skill and be able to train the horses.

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  • x4m1r4x4m1r4 Posts: 3,737 Member
    edited November 5
    Hello to whoever is going to read this and with a possibility to consider this to be updated in the game.

    First of all, it has been a great year that TS4 team has given us free updates to the BG as well as a pack refresh. Something that is so cool & benefiting us.

    Here is a list of feedback & ideas that I wish to share with the hope that someone out there could put this somewhere in their next to do list.

    1. Better & extended genealogy. Why? There's players who are actually playing over multiple generations with 100+++ households instead of creating a new one every now & then. So, this feature will actually enhance our experience to have a better story for our Sims.

    2. Life Choice Consequences. What is that? It's something like when making a choice, say, a career, a partner, aspiration, house, or number of kids. Once the Sims decides to make certain choices, they should face the consequences where they could actually fix it before they died or living through the hardship with no way returns since everything is being greyed for them. As of now, the game is too easy for anyone to be a supersim. Please make it harder. Give us cause & effect!

    3. Sims Profile Database Record. Some of us (which is me & I'm pretty sure there's a lot more out there), like to keep details of their Sims. What if we could either save the profile (which includes the historical data of our Sims) to the library in a form of a spreadsheet, or have an option where we could transfer the details where we could use our own spreadsheet to keep the record. Now, I need to do it manually, but I just thought that since we have the library, why won't I use that as some sort of like "iCloud" for all of our Sims records.

    4. Chemistry & Memory system. I may sound like a broken record, but could you please give us this in an update already? The scenario feature is great, but this old school system is much cooler.

    Last but not least, I'm a fan of a steampunk + medieval. Can you have this as our next theme please? Plants are cool, but I'm not a plant person. I prefer actions, quirkiness, & something that will make my game more fun.

    Anywho, thanks to those who are reading this. I hope that you'll have an amazing day & month! Until the next time.
  • ElliandreElliandre Posts: 344 Member
    Please bring back the genie's lamp! With a genie that can be turned into a real Sim. :)
  • celipoesiascelipoesias Posts: 407 Member
    Please add the option for players to choose on which side of the ladder we want to add railings. Individual Railings are important.

    We also want to change the ceiling.
  • ElliandreElliandre Posts: 344 Member
    Okay there is so much new food in the game and I love all of it, but San Myshuno needs some new food stalls too! How about a new Thai food stall with Pad Thai, Coconut curry, Soup .... Please add some Bubble Tea to the game!!

    Also I want to add here as well how much I hope for more Like and Dislike options. A food category so we can list types of foods they like or dislike. A clothing option, do they like denim or dresses. A favourite weather or season they like. Genres of TV shows, movies, books they like..
  • JDubtx81JDubtx81 Posts: 19 Member
    I would like to see more creativity in meal making that your sims can put together (picking a protein, a carb of sorts, a veggie, bread, dessert and drink) instead of the way it is now. Cooking multiple things at once in the kitchen would be nice to see. Having more family members/friends helping in the kitchen (cooking, setting table, and pouring drinks). I know part of that is already in the game, but an interaction option(s) that gets everyone to help in the kitchen with various tasks. I would like to see slow cookers in the game. I would also like to see little things like sims blowing on their food to cool it off instead of eating like they do, sims that toss and turn when they are asleep/trying to get to sleep, sims that wake up groggy instead of energized or happy all the time. I would like to see sims take care of themselves before they start their day and bedtime (a more proper automated routine of sorts). I would like to see seasonal allergies and normal sicknesses in the game and different medicines to purchase for such sicknesses. I would like to see sims not be so addicted to the computer, tv, mobile phone and be more productive. Sims need to be aware that they have a job to go to and school for kids and to do what they need to do to advance. I have loads more that I would like to see in-game, but I don't want to bore you. :)
  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 52 Member
    Hi, I updated my possible additions for The Sims 4: Base Game
    1. Potion of Eternity, a sim drinks this and becomes eternal. The sims age bar would say how many days the sim has lived. NOTE: The option to disable aging in the game would be removed
    2. A graduation option on a teenage sims phone that's under work, IF the sims school performance is excellent and has a gold check mark, the sim graduates
    3. A home school option in the game, a teen or child would receive their homework from the school and appear in the sims inventory
    4. In CAS, under custom gender settings, an option to look pregnant, by either selecting trimester one, trimester two, trimester three or select the sim to begin a normal pregnancy with one of the household members genetics
    5. An option to reset a sims aspiration, with the cheat code, reset.aspiration (*aspiration*)
    6. In CAS, under pronouns, an option to choose a pronoun for each sim
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  • ArrojacastArrojacast Posts: 24 Member
    First and foremost I'd say relationship options expanded, in particular for romance. Chatting/texting exist, but feel very hollow and disconnected, not even effecting relationship bars or having options for interactions such as breaking up like in sims 3. The underwear/nightwear options for guys and gals is pretty limited, and romantic decor in build mode seems rather lacking as well. In addition, although sentiments and likes and dislikes are a step in the right direction, I feel like those systems can be expanded on much further (I would attempt to describe my ideas as to how, but this is already going to be a far too ramble-y post)

    A reasonably close second is new AND improved occult content. In the new category, werewolves are what I want to see most, but I'm far from apposed to anything in addition to them. As far as improved goes, plant sims and ghosts being available from CAS would be fantastic, and I'd love for aliens and mermaids to be brought up to vampire and spell caster levels of detail and involvement. Additional interaction between different occult types would also be welcome (such as special pop-ups/moodlets when a vampire drinks from an alien)!
  • blackheart520blackheart520 Posts: 6 New Member
    [quote="AuronoiChieftain;c-16314691"]I just noticed this thread and want to contribute too

    4. (this isn't me asking for Witches/Spell Castors, its me asking for a personal preferance towards that Lifestate) Magic is available for all Lifestates, it isn't just for Witches/Wizards.

    This! ⬆️ ⬆️ This! Pretty please?

    Also, in-general: Wicca. Pagan. Alchemy (not just the magical kind. Native American representation. Astrology. Dreamcatchers (ooo—can it be a craftable object?)
  • JALJAL Posts: 92 Member
    edited November 14
    My general wish is to see more of the popular mods being inspirations in game making. A few examples:


    MCCC, is so popular because it lets you customize so much of your game experience. A lot of those customizations should be available in the game without mods, like lifespans, how long a pregnancy is, how difficult skill building is... to name just a few of the things you can do with MCCC. I would also want to go further, customizing how long a season is, how long a semester in college is and so on - as what is reasonable depends on lifespans.

    NPC lives:

    Other features from MCCC is that NPCs have lives outside of your sim world. They get married, divorced, have kids, move in and out... as normal neighbours would. Adding lives to NPCs would greatly impact the feel of the game. Also, instead of just creating new NPCs for each task in game, pick from the ones already there. Dorm roommates? Pick from young adults already in the community rather than only creating new ones (although a few new NPCs every now and again are still great as an addition, after all people move into towns).


    So many mods deal with giving our sims more of a personality in various ways, by adding more traits, by making those traits more impactful, by altering emotions and moodlets or giving our sims more reactions to what goes on around them. This is because this - more than anything - is lacking in Sims 4. Every sim seem the same, have (roughly) the same whims and aspirations and seem to like most everything they do and everyone they meet. A major overhaul of emotions, moods, whims, aspirations and traits would be extremely valuable and make each playing experience unique as Sims would react differently to what goes on around them.

    Here I would add a wish to bring back the sliders for some traits. You are usually not either good or evil, either neat or a slob - but on a scale. Have sliders for traits such as shy-outgoing, good-evil, neat-slob, ambitious-lazy, playful-serious (that everyone would have) and then use traits for additional spice (bookworm, artlover, hates children, snob). Looking at mods such as Slice of Life or Have some personality please would be a good start.

    Regulate the autonomous actions better:

    One of the most common type of mods are the "no autonomous..." mods, which is mostly due to the fact that sims, when acting autonomously, tend to be extremely repetitive. If a sim likes reading, they will be drawn to the bookcase like a moth to a flame, every single time they have no instructions. I have seen sims read a book, put it down, read a new one, put that down, go for a third and so on, even though there were plenty of other activities she could do and several of her needs were low. In the end I ended up installing a mod to prevent her from reading because I'm fairly certain she would have died otherwise. I love being able to have autonomous actions on, because I want the sims to do things on their own, but it only works if there is a balance in what they choose to do. These algorithms need to be greatly improved.


    More than anything though, the game needs an overhaul when it comes to known bugs and problems, especially in packs. Dine out is horrible, but other packs have their issues too. Making sure the game runs smoothly, and the packs talk to each other and integrate well with each other, should be priority number 1, 2, 3 and 4.
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  • haydendamian_97haydendamian_97 Posts: 52 Member
    Have you ever wondered if the Sims 4 would ever add an option to bypass CAS? Like, if you can play default households without making your own household.
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  • ancaaaaaaaaancaaaaaaaa Posts: 24 Member
    1. More unexpected things in the gameplay such as the Sims 2 TV falling off the wall
    2. A chemistry feature for romance, like the Sims 2 had those thunders on the Romance interactions depending on how compatible the sims were. I feel like it was also a lot more difficult to start a romantic relationship due to that but also just the sims generally acting up more
    3. A fear system that would make the sims quirkier and more human-like, the fears would be from trivial(eating a specific meal) to serious ones such as divorcing/breaking up etc.
  • ancaaaaaaaaancaaaaaaaa Posts: 24 Member
    4. I wish the jobs from Get To Work would still advance even without me going to work with them. For example, I have a household of 7 and 2 sims have jobs that you can join in at the same time, so I cannot advance both of their careers...
  • ElliandreElliandre Posts: 344 Member
    Please let Sims be able to have a date at home like in Sims 2.
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,165 Member
    edited November 17
    With the new pack coming... this pack is the exact opposite of what was asked for, aka more male fashion.

    So, my feedback is: Please go back to listen to your players?
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  • PenganaPengana Posts: 2 New Member
    Okay, what I want isn't something big... but relating to the new scenarios, I want something in return for my hard work. Otherwise what is the point in doing the limited time challenges. Sooo I suggest maybe a badge is given to the person and it appears on the main screen. 'I completed the ------ scenario' and give the date it was completed on.

    I finally completed the Making Money scenario, and I was really proud of myself for not motherlode my way to victory, but I have nothing to show for it and that pride I felt when I had completed it disappeared because I can't show it off... please do something about it.
  • SailorCetiSailorCeti Posts: 735 Member
    "Back into the Future"

    Complete with space=age doors, windows, and items. Bring back the cool elevator tubes, simbots, and personality chips.
    This game needs more Sailor Moon!

    Hold SHIFT while using the FRIEZE tool to apply it to a single wall, and not an entire room!

    ** SailorCeti's Builds **

    If you download one of my builds, by all means, leave me a message and tell me what you did and did not like about it.
  • temporalgodtemporalgod Posts: 621 Member
    edited November 22
    SailorCeti wrote: »
    "Back into the Future"

    Complete with space=age doors, windows, and items. Bring back the cool elevator tubes, simbots, and personality chips.

    I would love to get my hands on a Time Machine, Add my Future Descendant to my family and watch them commit the Grandfather Paradox, which is where you become your own grandparent/ancestor, in order to ensure your own existence when your real grandparent/ancestor dies due to time travel stuff.
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  • BunnyRiniraBunnyRinira Posts: 1 New Member
    A through the generations pack, with features like disabling smartphones for landlines, adding more blue collar style jobs, making a newspaper delivery as a part time job, after school sports for kids, some vintage fashions and decor, it seems like there's a lot of ultra modern style to the game and makes it hard to give older sims "a background"
  • merplaysmerplays Posts: 2 New Member

    Just add a color wheel for everything so colors can just be consistent. for the furniture, clothes, hair, etc.

    Height change (height slider)
    So much content, which is cool, but it just seems like a cash grab all the time.
  • merplaysmerplays Posts: 2 New Member
    > @merplays said:
    > Just add a color wheel for everything so colors can just be consistent. for the furniture, clothes, hair, etc.
    > Height change (height slider)
    > So much content, which is cool, but it just seems like a cash grab all the time.

    especially more colors for the furniture, or at least consistent colors with all the other furniture colors!!
  • PascaleJarjouraPascaleJarjoura Posts: 9 New Member
    I would like an update for the windows:
    - Glass transparency and Not slightly white (so we can see the view clearly)
    - One side mirrored or half mirrored glass, with reflections like water
    - Windows that open and close
    - Sims interaction with windows, like looking through the window, jumping from the window, closing them when it's cold, open them when it's hot..
    - Windows get dirty and sims have to clean them
    - Lock the windows like the doors
    I believe it will make a remarkable difference to the esthetics of the builds.
  • JDubtx81JDubtx81 Posts: 19 Member
    I would like to see sims perform more interactions with things like:
    Open/Close doors themselves
    Open and close windows
    Take their shoes off
    Hang their coats/jackets on the coat rack
    Flicking off and on light switches in every room
    Turning off the radio
    Using a broom
    Maintaining a clean and organized house

    I would also like to see autonomous ways of sims practicing personal hygiene:
    Men shaving
    Using mouth wash
    Brushing their teeth
    Using a toothpick after a meal
    Flossing teeth
    Cleaning ears
    Washing their face
    Moisturize their skin

    When sims come over to visit they would not get on another sim's computer, eat their food, and watch their tv without permission. Hosts need to ask visiting sims if they want to eat/drink something or watch tv. Why is asking for permission to do things not in this game?
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