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Fame Masquerade - A SimLit (Updated 2/7)

IchigoUsagiIchigoUsagi Posts: 822 Member
Would you look at that? Yep, it's me... starting another SimLit. This is the last one for a while, I promise! Anyways, this idea came about when I wanted to do a story with a lot of secrets and characters who aren't what they seem (that sounds a lot more dramatic than it probably will be, though). Basically, I wanted an excuse to play with expectations. I was originally going to set this in high school, but eventually decided that a Hollywood-esque San Myshuno would fit better. I think this'll turn out to be PG-13 in some chapters, so keep that in mind. I'll probably give a better synopsis of what Fame Masquerade is actually about later, or I might just forget about it. Either way, for now, let's dive into the theme song!

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Entirely Doable
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