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who are your favorite sims 4 youtubers



  • JeanJean Posts: 1,193 Member
    Claire Siobhan, Deligracy, The Sim Supply and I also love Carmen King for the fact that she's so blunt .
  • SimenberrySimenberry Posts: 2 New Member
    I used to really like Vixella but lately her videos are not that good. She's obviously bored of the Sims and does it only for the money. The videos are way too short, overly edited not to mention the oh so boring random genetics.
    Nowadays my favourites are The Sim Supply and Deligracy. The Sim Supply hilarious and Deli is a great storyteller. And you can tell they actually play the game.
    Lilsimsie has some great ideas but I can only take her in small doses.
    The English Simmer is very original too in my opinion however making some pixels over political is not my cup of tea.
  • GGSimmerGGGGSimmerGG Posts: 35 Member
    I love Machinimas in any gaming platform and recently I am obsessed with Remi Marocelli Machinimas and Just Alise Machinimas. They really know how to work within the parameters that the game limits and create interesting videos. SimmerBoi has a decent series going on too.
  • Bladette84Bladette84 Posts: 1 New Member
    I enjoy Clare Siobhan - she really invests in her series and I like her gameplay.
    I love Deli for her creativity in her builds and her storytelling.
    Kelsey on buzzfeed multiplayer makes my laugh soooo much!
    I watch Sim Supply mainly for builds and challenges.
    I love them for different reasons but I think Clare is probably my favourite :)
  • TurpsgirlTurpsgirl Posts: 1 New Member
    Please check out Misslollypop sims she deserves more viewer's ive been watching her for an year she the first person i found on youtube when i started playing the sims again. She is so nice and funny and she loves to talk with everyone on livestreams she has an discord channel as well for everyone to meet new friends..
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