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Shadami's 100 baby Challenge Lits: new matriarch chapters [5-2-18]

ShadamiShadami Posts: 2,948 Member
I have a couple stories that I've been running for the 100 Baby challenge. It and its variations are some of my favorite challenges and the ones that inspire the most story from me I think.
That and I'm just a mother at heart I guess and it makes me love this challenge way to much. xD
So here are the base blog posts to the table of contents for my stories.
Matriarch Challenge : My first Matriarch challenge with a slight twist. I pause aging and go and follow the children as they move out of the house. Checking on them every so often to see how their families are doing.
101 Dalmations Challenge : An idea I had before I even knew that the rules had been updated for cats & dogs. It's my own take on the challenge, but I plan to go back and try the challenge again with a cat matriarch legacy per the actual rules.
I want to do the four occult variations as well at some point.

I really love the 100 baby challenge >.>
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