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Teens and young adults in a relationship

gerefteastgerefteast Posts: 353 Member
What happens when two teenagers are in a romantic relationship and then one of them ages up into a young adult? As we all know a teenager cannot be a girlfriend or boyfriend with any older sim. Will they stay in the relationship despite they won't be able to perform romantic interactions? Or will they become just friends?
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  • puzzlezaddictpuzzlezaddict Posts: 1,044 Member
    There's a mod that can take care of that problem, but it can't be discussed here.

    Years ago, before I used mods, I had this situation with a teen who aged up to YA. He and his girlfriend stayed together, and they seemed to have precisely the same options for interacting that two teens normally would. He couldn't propose, but I'm not sure he would have been able to before his birthday, either.

    If you want to find out for sure, you could always start a test game, create a relationship between two teenagers, and then just use a mod or a birthday cake to age up one of them. SV has a bunch of teens to play with.
  • gerefteastgerefteast Posts: 353 Member
    Thanks for the answer! :smiley:
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  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 2,502 Member
    JoAnne65 wrote: »
    They remain love interests, but without the ability to interact romantically.

    Precisely this. ^

    You don't lose any relationship progress achieved, but can't engage in any romantic interactions until the younger Sim ages up into the YA bracket, and then you're good to go again.

    Alternatively, there's The Mod We Don't Talk About because some features raise the gameplay above a T rating.
  • gerefteastgerefteast Posts: 353 Member
    edited February 2018
    Thank you! :smile: I prefer to play with no mods, so...I guess I would wait in such situation.
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  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 21,648 Member
    edited February 2018
    Once the teen ages into a YA they can behave like lovers again. You could age the youngest (after all it is a bit creepy when a 12 year old apparently was in a relationship with an 18 year old).
  • Shellie3713Shellie3713 Posts: 1 New Member
    My YA son had romantic interest with a teen when he was teen, after he aged up, I tried to blow the candles out twice on the girl but she won't age.
  • puzzlezaddictpuzzlezaddict Posts: 1,044 Member
    @Shellie3713 The first thing to do is delete the five cache files in your TS3 game folder in Documents. These caches should be cleared regularly even in the absence of any game issues, as they'll fill up with stale data. For reference, they are:
    • CASPartCache.package
    • compositorCache.package
    • scriptCache.package
    • simCompositorCache.package
    • socialCache.package
    If that alone doesn't help, try reassigning her outfits in Create-a-Sim (or use NRaas MasterController's Stylist function, if you have the mod). The teen may have a broken outfit that's preventing her from aging up properly; changing her clothes and hair for all outfits would fix that.

    To reach CAS, bring up the cheats console (crtl-shift-c) and enter "testingcheatsenabled true" without quotes. Then shift-click on the sim and select Edit in Create a Sim. When you're done, be sure to disable testingcheats (enter "testingcheatsenabled false"). For MasterController, no cheats are necessary—click on the sim and select NRaas > MC > Stylist.

    If changing her outfits doesn't help, this sim might need a more comprehensive reset: Go to Edit Town and evict the teen's household and then move it back in. To be more thorough, you can evict the household, save the house to the bin, bulldoze the lot, replace the house with its bin copy, and move the family back in. If you do all of this in one Edit Town session, without saving the sims to the bin and replacing them, they'll keep their jobs and relationships. Active sims will lose their promised wishes and opportunities, but if the teen isn't in your active household, she won't have these anyway.

    After every step, it's a good idea to use "save as" and rename the save slightly, then quit (without saving) to desktop, delete the five cache files, and reload. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get a stubborn sim through an age transition as well.
  • SweetAndSaltySweetAndSalty Posts: 23 Member
    Yes they would become friends and not be in a relationship anymore.
  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 21,648 Member
    edited January 14
    Yes they would become friends and not be in a relationship anymore.
    The game still considers them lovers and maintains the relationship they had as teens. There’s just no romantic interaction possible. They can break up though.


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