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Which Career do you want to see next?



  • SimsQueerSimsQueer Posts: 100 Member
    Firefighter (includes the NPC!)
    It's amazing how many of these careers are in the game now.
  • ZenovisZenovis Posts: 70 Member
    Other (please specify)
    Pharmacist is definitely on the top of my list! I’m currently enrolled in a pharmacy program irl, and I would love to see this career make an appearance in the Sims 4 (preferably an active profession?)
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  • CordovaFamilyValuesCordovaFamilyValues Posts: 9 New Member
    I really want to see a "Lawyer" Career become active. One where we can actually go to work and argue legal cases and maybe even work with the police force a little. That would be awesome!

    Besides that, singer career and more serious musician careers would be great. I love sims music and I wanted to recreate some of the sims bands in-game. Be awesome if we could use the "get famous" pack in conjunction to make music videos for them!
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