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CASTING CALL ~ The Selection Challenge ~ Happily Ever After || CLOSES FEB 14

KamioKamio Posts: 2,131 Member

Are you looking for love? What about that happily ever after with castles, princes and magic? Ok...maybe there isn't real magic but its going to be a fairy tale come true for 18 lucky Young Adult Female Sims.

We only have 15 spots open at the moment. So get in quick!


~*~Application Form~*~
Tell us a little bit yourself:
Why did you apply?

~Hints, Tips & Tricks~
  • Everyday - princess worthy knee length dress or skirt and blouse combo. A little come hither is ok if it suits your character.
  • Formal - Stunning full length gowns Please
  • Athletic - no midriff bearing tops please
  • Party - A White/Cream Tea Party outfit - knee length or more simple if going for full length. Please wear a white or cream hat.
  • 2nd Party Outfit - A Costume befitting a Halloween/theme party

~Terms and Conditions~
  • Applications will be drawn at random.
  • Can submit more than 1 girl.
  • CC is ok! Please include links (Must be Maxis Match ~ will substitute for close as possible if I can't download from the links)
  • 3 spots are taken by characters for story/dramatic purposes
  • Yes your ladies have a real chance...but I also have plans :naughty:
  • Anything is possible!

P.S. On a personal note I'm about to have another nooboo the family. I'm expecting!! I'll be disappearing into a black hole of creativity leeching sleep deprived nothingness for 6+ weeks around March. That and I've already spent the better part of three weeks in hospital so far. Please be patient with me in regards to any updates story wise during this time. We'll get there :wink:
Mermaids oh my!!!
Simming since 2001!! Origin ID: KamioMax


  • MunterbaconMunterbacon Posts: 5,077 Member
    Heya Kamio! :blush:

    I'm heading out soon but I'll make you a sim or two when I get home again. :)
    Origin ID: Munter_Bacon
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  • Sweet_ItalySweet_Italy Posts: 898 Member
    Oooh! I've done one of these for you before. I'll be sure to enter a sim tomorrow!
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  • MunterbaconMunterbacon Posts: 5,077 Member
    Name: Marcella Sweet
    Age: 19
    Town: Newcrest
    Occupation: Thief / Cat-Burglar
    Chief of Mischief | Traits: Art Lover | Kleptomaniac | Outgoing

    Tell us a little bit yourself:

    "The name's Marcella and I got caught trying to steal the Prince's "Limited Edition Voidcritter Set." Those things fetch a high price on the black market and not many people know that. I'm guessing that the Royal Family are one of the few that do, who would've guessed, huh?"

    Why did you apply?

    "Well, I was given a choice. Prison or this silly little selection thing. Parading around in front of a prince for a few hours before getting sent home seems like a fair trade for not going to prison. Who knows, maybe I could find a few nice things to swipe while I'm here... Maybe even the Prince's heart?"

    Creator Notes:

    I uploaded Marcella under the #Kamioselectionchallenge tag. Marcella's a bit unorthodox, she's ignored a lot of the rules because that's just who she is. She thinks this thing is silly and is trying everything she can to be the first one to get sent home, wearing dresses that are too short, choosing a masculine costume. But deep down, she wants to get noticed, she wants to stay, it beats her life on the streets, if she stays there, she'll wind up in prison or dead before her 20th birthday.

    I'll make a more... Normal contestant tomorrow. :D
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  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,762 Member
    @Kamio - oh I am going to make a sim for this. Super excited!
  • Sweet_ItalySweet_Italy Posts: 898 Member

    Name: Elanova Edwards
    Age: Young Adult
    Town: Brindleton Bay
    Occupation: Self-Employed, Farm Hand
    Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
    Traits: Bookworm, Loner, Ambitious
    Tell us a little bit yourself: My family made a living as farmers just inland of Brindleton Bay. Naturally, as farm work requires lots of hands, i come from a very large family, I was one of the youngest children. The 7th of 9, in fact. Since we make only a modest income, we could only afford for the eldest child to go to school. He did well, and went on to make a decent living for himself as a high level business man, but the culture of corporate world and wealth changed him, and he soon distanced himself from us. I always thought it was such a waste of my parents hard work to send him to school, only for him to leave us behind. Farm work is hard, and often mentally demanding, but I felt like i wanted more. I grew up wishing i could go to school, dreaming that i would use an education to help improve the livelihood of those who came from similar backgrounds as myself, but always knowing it would never be possible.
    Why did you apply? I applied hoping that, no matter how successful i was in the Selection Challenge, i could use it to my advantage to find a way to gain some form of education, or at least make connections to help push for new legislature to aid and bolster the farming and rural community. Should the prince fall in love with me, and I fall for him, then at least i could hope to use my position as a Princess to support my family in whatever way possible.


    Elanova is in the gallery with the tag #Kamioselection

    Also, i wanted to say congrats!! I happen to be expecting soon too!! and it looks like we may have similar due dates. I hope you are feeling well and everything goes smoothly with your new little one. I'll be thinking of you for sure, and i look forward to seeing your selection challenge unfold. =)

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  • DamaroDamaro Posts: 387 Member
    edited January 2018
    Firstly congrats :) I wish you and you family all the best. Crossing fingers everything will go well!

    I didn't know how the application process was intended to be used, will it be used in the story? Is it a form they fill out and send in? Or is it like an interview.
    I treated it like an interview or like a video application.

    you can find her under #Kamio #Kamioselection #Kamioselectionchallenge

    ~*~Application ~*~
    Name: Anora Woodville
    Age: 20
    Town: Windenburg
    Occupation: Intern at the parliament , served in the army, learned in governmental studies
    Aspiration: Friend of the world
    Traits: Romantic , outgoing, self-assured
    Tell us a little bit yourself: I am the daughter of Logain Woodville, you may have heard from him, he had made quite some achievements. He started as a Low class man and worked his way up the ranks of the army and later in politics too. He is well known and respected in the upper classes and celebrated hero in the lower classes. Well, he was. As you know there was recently a scandal surrounding him. They say he had disobeyed orders of the royals. I don't believe them and neither should you, my father is a great General and apt politican who always thinks of the common weal. The rumors that my father has become bitter and unloving after the death of my mother Celia are way to exaggerated. He may seem more frosty each year, but he still is the lovable, kind man everyone admired.
    But you want to know about me, not my father, though he would surely take this selection by assault. Especially the prince. *laughs*
    Jokes aside, you see I am a fathers girl. How could I not be? Not only is he brilliant in every way, he raised me almost singlehanded. I am an only child, so after my mothers early death, he was everything I had. Even today I strife to become like him. That's why I joined the army and why I pursue a career in politics. I do well, if I may say so. In the army, even before in school, as I was beloved by my peers as a leader, I loved them.
    Why did you apply?
    I simply believe that is the way I have to take. To achieve what I desire for the economic security of our great nation and the well-being and safety of our people, I would serve best as member of the royal family, as queen. It is my wish, my dream to become a great queen, alongside a great King. I know I, no we could achieve that.
    I essentially had prepared myself, was prepared by my dear father, for this role my entire life. I would bet you you won't find someone more prepared and appropriate under the other contestants, even as they are sure quite formidable in their ways.
    However, I realize that a suitable queen is not enough. There needs to be companionship. Love. A life without love, I could not bear, just like the prince I believe. I am convinced that we would come to love each other dearly, if we would have been married a few years. For all I saw of him, *blushes* I-I know I will come to love him one day... and I would ensure, that he will fall in love for me too. *smiles faintly*


    CC List
    Kimono (costume outfit)
    Necklace (Memento)
    Eyeliner (costume)
    Hair from Formal outfit
    Everyday hair

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  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,762 Member
    @Kamio - a question - do we give our sims any skills or are they straight out of create-a-sim?
  • MINEZMINEZ Posts: 747 Member
    Name: Minerva Knight
    Age: 20

    Town: Windenburg

    Occupation: Painter/Volunteer

    Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire

    Traits:Creative, Outgoing, and Cheerful

    Tell us a little bit yourself: I am a aspiring painter. I have always loved to find the beauty in things, in people too. I feel like I have the innate ability to find something beautiful anything and to bring to life on the canvas. I love meeting people and helping them find their passion. Aside from painting helping others and volunteering gives me so much joy.

    Why did you apply? The only thing I feel like I'm missing is someone to share the beauty of the world with

  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 1,762 Member
    edited February 2018

    Name: Lori Stunning (a.k.a. Cali Stone)
    Age: 21
    Age: Young Adult
    Town: Magnolia Promenade
    Occupation: Boutique Clothing Store Associate
    Aspiration: SoulMate
    Traits: Music Lover, Hot-Headed, Insane

    Tagged under #kamioselectionchallenge (re-uploaded on Feb. 10th as she wasn't showing up there for some reason)

    Tell us a little bit about yourself:
    Once upon a time....oh I so love fairy tales. Don't you? And the happy ending? Oh, it's just to "die for". Don't you think? So romantic, love each other forever, oh..bring me a tissue. I can picture it now....the dress....the kiss...I can see it...this fairy tale is going to end with me walking down the aisle. Yes, I just know it. I have dreamed of it everyday since I found out about The Selection Challenge. Oh yes! I talk to all my customers at the clothing boutique I work at. Don't you just love trying on something new? Looking in the mirror and seeing a new you that you never knew was there? With just the right dress, the right shoes...you can become anyone you want. A transformation of your former self. In fact, I have undergone a transformation myself recently. Yes, a new me to become "the one". I have all the right "assets", and have even gone for some training sessions on how to be a true princess. Yes, trained in how to dress, how to act, how to speak...all the right words. I just know that my prince will have eyes for no-one but me. I will be his and I will have the happy ending. I am so excited! I can't wait to see the Selection House. Do you think it will have a pool?

    Notes from Dr. Well, Staff Psychiatrist, Cut-N-Gut Health "Cali Stone has been under my care after an unfortunate incident took place with her fiance. It is my evaluation that it would be therapeutic for her to join the Selection Challenge. She has changed so much and evolved into a totally different sim with the help of her daily sessions. We call them "princess-in-training" sessions. She has some issues that she is still working on, but she is ready to embark on a new life, letting go of the past and embracing the future. Cali is ready to love again. On a side note, because of the sensational headline news of the incident, Cali has decided to legally change her name to Lori Stunning."

    Police Report: Dispatched to guest house on idyllic island. Vivianne Vixen, owner of guest house, found body of Bach E. Lor, Jr. (heir to the wealthy Lor estate), in swimming pool. Unresponsive. DOA. Ladder missing from swimming pool. No witnesses. Investigation Notes: Pool company Inspection notice dated day prior-ladder intact. Fiancee, Cali Stone, interviewed, but in extreme shock over death. Cali Stone statement: "my fiance and I...in love....on holiday together...stayed at guest house of old friend...Vivianne Vixen...we all had dinner together...got sick... maybe the shrimp...came back to room...said he was going to sauna...I went later...it was so steamy...he loved only me...said he was going swimming...returned to room...bellhop brought medicine to my room....took medicine...fell asleep". Bellhop statement: Confirms medicine delivery to Cali Stone's room prior to deceased's death. Cali Stone dressed in pjs. Vivianne Vixen statement: Alibi. Was undergoing fertility massage in spa at time of deceased's death. Report Filed: Suspicious drowning.

    Why did you apply? I am looking for my SoulMate. I am missing a special someone to share my life with, and I have a feeling I am destined to be here and that he is the one I am destined for. Our love will be the stuff of legends. Love forever...."until death do us part."
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  • dreamprisonerdreamprisoner Posts: 1,199 Member
    edited April 2018

    Name: Xandra Bates
    Age: 24
    Town: Oasis Springs
    Occupation: Self-proclaimed Journalist
    Aspiration: Friend of the World
    Traits: Hot-Headed, Outgoing, Creative

    Tell us a little bit yourself:
    "I know what you’re thinking: exactly what ‘they’ want you to. My inner telepathic contacts in the 8th – no – 18th dimension have informed me that we’re living in a simulation. It is controlled by a secret group of ‘elite’ llama, disguised as human. I am the single woman standing between us and total enslavement. And no, I didn’t just sit in a dark room and come up with this theory, or anything. Something isn’t right with the Royals, and by connecting the dots between apparently unconnected people and situations… and species, I began to see the whole tapestry."

    Why did you apply?
    "Somehow, the reception to my SimTube channel wasn’t as… positive as I’d hoped. Clearly the llamanoids have organised for my influence to be stunted. That’s why I get roughly 2 views a year. This is me taking a stand, the world can’t ignore me when I’m filling their screens, exposing the truth right under their noses. It’s a good thing that TV doesn’t have a dislike button.

    I like to keep my friends close, and my enemies closer. By doing so, I’m about to prove once and for all that the Royal family are llamas. Sniff out any skeletons that might be hiding in closets. All while I have the prince eating grass out of the palm of my hand. If I have one message, it’s that: I’m onto you!"

    (I'm sorry in advance about her hat, she can't part with it: has to protect herself from that Government brain-washing and such.)

    Alien Choker
    Everyday Dress
    Formal Dress
    Party Dress

    My Origin ID: dreamprisoner
    She's tagged with: #Kamioselectionchallenge #Kamioselection
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  • MINEZMINEZ Posts: 747 Member
    Name:Arabella DeBateau

    Town:San Myshuno

    Occupation: Art Critic

    Aspiration: Super Parent

    Traits: Family-Oriented, Insider, and Good

    Tell us a little bit yourself: I grew up in some of the nobility circles. My parents were very kind people and very in love. I grew up an only child and have always felt a genuine connection when volunteering with local Boys and Girls Club. I kind of hope to have a big family, three or four children.

    Why did you apply? Before my parents died they showed me what true love is. I have always wanted that. I inherited their fortune when I was 18 and donated the majority of it to charity, I have decided that I wanted to have children early, so if this shot of love doesn't work out I think I might adopt. Hopefully, though I'll find a love like they had.
  • MissSassyMissSassy Posts: 11,734 Member
    Can I reserve a spot? :) I won't be able to make a sim until Thursday tho.

  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,285 Member
    How did i not know uou made this? @Kamio, why didn't you tell me! XD I'll submit today sometime
  • Xylorta-XVXylorta-XV Posts: 233 Member

    Name: Emilia "Emi" Hisakawa
    Age: 21
    Town: San Myshuno (grew up primarily in the Fashion District}
    Occupation: Social Justice Worker (wants to become a National Leader)
    Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
    Traits: Bookworm, Romantic, Ambitious, Quick Learner (Aspiration Trait)
    Tell us a little bit yourself: Politics runs in my family. My father is actually the mayor of San Myshuno. while my mother organizes several various charities. I'm the youngest of two, to my older brother Kenji who's a San Myshuno detective (senior detective actually. I'm so proud of him). I've always had this passion for learning new things, for mastering new skills and discovering new secrets, ever since I was a child toying with chemistry sets. It's carried over since then, and there's plenty more I want to learn and analyze and perhaps teach to others. Knowledge shouldn't be hoarded. And I'm also the type of girl who seems what I want and does everything in my power to get it. I don't care if something's in my way. It'll either step aside or be forced aside, and I'll proceed as planned.
    Why did you apply? To be entirely honest... I'm not the one who submitted myself. My mother did. I was just too interested in the concept to refuse. And, well, I have an ulterior motive. See, Mom thinks I'm a bit of a wild child and that settling down would be good for me. And, she's not wrong, but, placing me in a house surrounded by beautiful women and one (hopefully) beautiful man? You may as well let a child roam free in a candy store, what does she expect?

    Tagged under: #kamioselection
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,285 Member



    Name: Maeve Stark
    Age: 22
    Town: Windenburg
    Occupation: None, hasn’t decided
    Aspiration: Best selling Author
    Traits: Good, Neat, Vegetarian

    Tell us a little bit yourself:
    I’m going to say right away that I don’t like to brag about myself. I like to think that I’m very humble and not proud.
    I was raised in a wealthy household, and many people would believe that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My family is old money, very old fashioned, and I was raised to be a lady. I had a governess to teach me to have good posture, good grammar, good manners, all of that. I am responsible for my actions, and I am to be obedient to my husband one day.
    In a way, My money has limited me more than liberated me. I can’t behave freely, and I’m not sure what I would do even if I had the chance. Everything has to be just so, but it is a life I was born into.

    Why did you apply?
    It was my father’s idea. He thought it would be the biggest business deal ever if he could merge the Royal family and the Starks. I, however, would like a chance to meet other girls my age who come from different backgrounds. I’d like to fall in love with someone I’ve never met at a party, someone who’s smile fills my heart with light instead of a dull grey. I want to be happy, not be a caged bird.

    The costume, can you guess the inspiration?

    Formal Dress

    Tea time hat and dress
    (Fancy Fascinator and short tea dress)

    Formal hair
  • MissSassyMissSassy Posts: 11,734 Member
    edited February 2018

    Name: Charlotte Buchanan
    Age: 18
    Town: Windenburg
    Occupation: Student, will go to college soon
    Aspiration: Friend of the World
    Traits: Gregarious, Romantic, Neat, Bookworm
    Tell us a little bit yourself:
    I'm the only child to my parents, the Buchanans. Our family has been living in Windenburg for twelve generations now and we're known around town very well. That's one of the reasons why my upbringing turned out to be the way it was. The other reason was that my parents had to try for a very long time to have a baby. My mother was in her late 30s and my father in his early 40s as they finally had me.
    They tried to keep me safe from everything as I was the only child they had. And of course because they love me. I don't want to dishonest my parents - I owe a lot to them and I'm thankful for it - but it feels like they overprotected me. I've never gone to a school, not even a private one. My parents paid the best teachers in and around Windenburg to teach me at home.
    I've never had any real friends because of this. Of course I had contact with some kids my age but most of them were either relatives of mine or children from my parents' friends. A few of them were quite snobby but most of them were nice. And they were allowed to visit real schools. Everytime they came to visit us I asked them about it. Unfortunately, this caused them to think I'm special. *sigh*
    Anyway, I've graduated from "high school" a few days ago and I'm proud to say I'm the best of my class. *chuckles* I'm just kidding. But I had straight As all the time. Soon, I will go to college. Of course my parents only want to me go to one of the elite schools. But to be honest, I don't know what to do with my life yet. At least what I want to do for a living.
    But one thing I want to do for sure: travel the world and meet a lot of people and befriend them. From books I know that not everyone acts and behaves like our visitors and my family. My mother always calls those kind of people mean things but I'm curious to meet them, even if they will be mean to me. I want to see the world described in all the books I've read. The real world.
    Why did you apply?
    My parents applied me. It's a tradition in our family's legacy to meet your significant other at a ball explicitly held for young women and men to find their partner for the rest of the life. It's an exclusive ball, meaning only guests with a certain name are invited each year. My parents used to want me to find my future husband there but - for unknown reasons - the ball will no longer be held. My parents tried to find out about the reason but eventually had to give up. Their second idea was to host a ball by themselves but it would have ruined our family finacially. My mother was devastated, so my father tried to find a plan c. And that's when he came across the selection challenge.

    All her outfits:

    I used 4 Maxis Match CC:

    Eyes (non default)
    Everyday Dress

    You can find her under my gallery ID: snuffi14 Buchanan - Updated (forgot the hat for Party Outfit 1 at first ^^)
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  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,131 Member
    Oh My goodness!!! You are all way to talented!!!!!!!!!!! Skills are totally fine. I'm not fussy. I even things out in the scoring section of the challenge/the Elite part of the challenge anyway :smiley:
    Mermaids oh my!!!
    Simming since 2001!! Origin ID: KamioMax

  • MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 31,495 Member
    edited February 2018
    Will be a perfect time for me to make a sim with one of the new skin colours. @Kamio would Sari count as a "gown"?
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  • MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 31,495 Member
    edited February 2018
    Name: Isabelle Clark
    Age: 19
    Town: NewCrest
    Occupation: Teacher one day
    Aspiration: Successful Linage
    Traits: Music lover, hot headed, Neat
    Tell us a little bit yourself: I don't really know much about myself. I was raised by my nanny and never saw my parents. Eventually my nanny took me to the orphanage. But sometimes I think I'm cursed because I will wake up and realised I cooked or clean an area of the house I'm staying in after I had run away from the orphanage. Each time that happens (besides the fact I wake up with weird Cindereally clothes on). Oh and I forgot I like "Belle" better then "Bella" because of the teasing of TWLIGHT.

    Why did you apply? I hope maybe if I am cursed a kiss might break the spell.. even if it's not a True Lover's kiss? Also I would like to settle down with someone in the future.

    ( I want to keep the rest a surprise)


    @Kamio for a Season 4.. I have a sim in the wings..but i had forgotten about her until after I had mad her
  • IrishsongIrishsong Posts: 1,285 Member
    Looks like you could use a few more sims... I'll make another soon.
  • KamioKamio Posts: 2,131 Member
    @MadameLee - woah! Love her and the hair and yes...always welcome more submissions. I'm reviving a few girls from previous challenges who never had a lot of the spotlight :smiley:
    Mermaids oh my!!!
    Simming since 2001!! Origin ID: KamioMax

  • MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 31,495 Member
    Kamio wrote: »
    @MadameLee - woah! Love her and the hair and yes...always welcome more submissions. I'm reviving a few girls from previous challenges who never had a lot of the spotlight :smiley:

    What happened to Annabeth Priestess who I donated the last time?
  • MunterbaconMunterbacon Posts: 5,077 Member
    Name: Macy Marshall
    Age: 25
    Town: San Myshuno
    Occupation: Reporter, Vlogger
    Aspiration: Best-Selling Author
    Traits: Geek | Clumsy | Self-Assured


    Tell us a little bit yourself:

    Happy Timezones Selectioneers! It's Macy Marshall here and I'm going to take a break from my usual content to bring you all something truly epic! I'm going to give you the real inside scoop on the selection challenge by entering it myself! Don't get me wrong, <insert name of royal reporter here> does a fantastic job but I honestly believe that she is getting censored, my goal is to give you the unedited truth, the answers to all the important questions like:

    What do the royals eat for breakfast? Does the Prince pick his nose? Do the Queen's farts truly smell like blueberries?

    Anything less than this and I'm not doing my job!

    Why did you apply?

    This is so going to boost my internet profile and the Prince is soooooo dreamy. Even if I don't make it very far, maybe they'll see my footage and want to hire me on as alternate commentary, can't think of a better gig!
    Origin ID: Munter_Bacon
    Ironbound (end of season break) | STRIKE! (currently updating) | The Colours of my Heart (on hiatus)
  • Pema22Pema22 Posts: 217 Member
    Oh yay I will definitely find time to submit a girl (hopefully tomorrow) if there is enough spots! Also congratulations on expecting, wishing your family the best <3
  • MissSassyMissSassy Posts: 11,734 Member
    I'll submit another one as well :)

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