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Faction of the Lost Ones: A Perfect Genetics Legacy (4.5.19)

EiraRoseEiraRose Posts: 203 Member

So this is a year-old legacy story of mine that I'm finally getting around to putting up on this forum! Faction of the Lost Ones is a Perfect Genetics Legacy set in Atalan, which is a world I created that is host to thousands of years of history, magic, and lore that grows as I grow my stories in it. While this is an actual Perfect Genetics Legacy (that I do have a challenge file for), it's not going to be presented in challenge format, and instead through the story of the Demarcos, a family found in the mid to late 800s of the Era of Prophecies that persisted well into the Age of Bones. This story is stand-alone, though I try to set up all my stories so that the more you read, the more you can learn about the world, its history, lore and influences. This is all a mouthful, and none of it really matters for you to read it and enjoy!
The chapters on this story tend to be on the shorter side (at least as of right now) especially when compared to my other stories. This isn't because I don't love the story, but simply because I want a story to write and play with when I'm taking a break from my very detail-oriented other stories. I still hope that everyone enjoys them all the same! So, let's begin!

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Current Generation Chapters: Generation One
1.00: My Only Regret
1.01: A Strangely Alive Artifact
1.02: You Cannot Run
1.03: Trick of Children
1.04: The Men in White
1.05: I'm Sorry, Ana
1.06: Vibrant Pink
1.07: Lost Like Spoons
1.08: Interlude: The Game of Horseshoes
1.09: A Stubborn Lady
1.10: Escape in the Night
1.11: The Key to Answers
1.12: The Promise of a Sunrise
1.13: A Lord, Not a Stable Boy
1.14: Interlude: Dance With Me
1.15: And I Will Spin Anyways
1.16: I'd Rather Be Wrong
1.17: Jonnie
1.18: You've Got a Friend in Me
1.19: To Feel Nostalgic
1.20: The Family He Made

Other stories in this world:
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