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The Double Life Legacy: Rules, Variations, Google Doc & Blog link

bad1788bad1788 Posts: 42 Member
Hey Folks,

I have been lurking for quite a while but I wanted to share a new legacy challenge I've been working on that should add some interesting Drama to people's games. The premise is simple, your founder is a secret agent with a double life in more ways then one. I also made this legacy shorter then the typical 10 generations, because players will be bouncing between two branches you should wind up with about the same # of sims as a typical 10 generation challenge. Happy simming!
If anyone wants a website for rules links Double Life Legacy Blog or the google doc

Main Goal:
Complete 5 collections over 5 generations of the two branch families from your founder. Each Generation requires at least 1 heir & 1 spare unless otherwise noted to grow your family tree. Your lifelong dream is to have a big successful family.

Game Play:
  • Aging should be on and set to normal, however players may optionally choose to only have aging on active household to give themselves more time.
  • Due to the nature of the challenge while players families must remain on the initial two lots, players may play with other families in the save. In fact you will have to switch between your two main families to complete aspirations.
  • Aspirations once chosen may not be changed until they are completed by the chosen sim (exception spousal aspirations may be change initially when they move into the legacy home). Exception Hobby Aspirations
  • Hobbies: Each adult (or Teen) sim may have one chosen hobby to earn money in addition to their job. This can be writing/painting/gardening/fishing etc, however only one sim per generation can be a writer they will only pass down this hobby when the next generation is born. So a child sim may grow into a teen & assist their grandparent with gardening. (All children may still write in their journals despite not having writing as their hobby)
  • Hobby Aspirations: If you wish your sim may work on completing
    Starting out players should choose a large lot/home in their chosen world & one apartment in the city to build/decorate. Free real estate may be used once, choose wisely as you will not be moving out of either lot. (If players do not have city living they may optionally choose one of the smallest lots in a neighboring world instead).
Basic Rules:
1.No Money Cheats! Exception is when setting up your founder you may use Free Real estate for their first two homes (keep in mind you will need to pay the bills on BOTH locations).
2. No cheats in general, custom CC is ok but try to avoid things that would give you an unfair advantage over other players. MC Command center is recommended to assist with spousal job progression & spousal population.
3. Each generation is should to complete both the career and aspiration of the heir.
4. Lot Traits may be used but only changed when the new heir takes over. The house/apartment should also be renovated/remodeled/rebuild for each heir.
5. Founders/Heirs may only marry after earning a gold level date with their intended.
6. Spouses may be downloaded off the gallery with the Legacy Love hashtag or otherwise however any traits not earned by the player will not add to your total score. Same sex spouses may choose to adopt Heirs/spares or cas.fulleditmode to allow same sex pregnancy.
7. Spouses cannot bring in more than 2,000 simoleons.
8.. Services may be hired as long as your sim can afford to pay them.
9.. If you play/stream the challenge tag your posts/families with #doublelife #DLLegacy so everyone can see!

Babies may be aged up at any point.
Toddlers aged up once skills are at level 3 (bonus points for maxing skills)
Toddlers traits are assigned in birth order (first trait first born, second trait second birth etc)
Traits should be randomized for children/teens (at least 1 negative trait!)
Children/Teens must earn a B in school
Teens may work to help their families.
Heirs should assist children in achieving their aspirations (each completed aspiration earns you bonus points). However children/teens may be aged up at any point.
Spares may only move out of the legacy lot once they reach level 3 in a career, are married & expecting their own baby. Their spouse should also have a career, however you do not have to move a spare’s spouse into the legacy home.

Generation One: Seeing Double

You’ve always dreamed of having a big happy family, the problem is your job keeps you traveling. As a result your eyes have wondered, now you have two families to provide for.

Aspiration: Super Parent & then Big Happy Family
Career:Secret Agent
Traits: Chosen by player

Once your founder is moved in and has started their career it is time to look for love! As the name implies your sim is about to lead a double life. Once you have successfully found your intended spouse you must go one gold date before moving them into your household. Note you cannot get married until you have found your second city spouse & had one gold date with them.

Both weddings must be formal events with at least 2 guests, obviously different guests for each wedding. Without Mods players are unable to marry multiple sims, however players wishing to play without mods may opt to have their second 'spouse' as a live in partner. It is suggest that players throw another prestige event like a dinner or house party for story telling purposes the sims are also married :). Once married your sim may either visit their second family or you may go to manage worlds to move them between the households (Keep in mind your sim shouldn’t spend more than 7 days in a row with each family to avoid raising suspicion).
Once a baby is born you must immediately have a baby with the other spouse. You will have a total of at least 4 kids (2 at each location).
Goals: Establish two successful families with you founder and participate in raising kids without having your two families meet. Complete the Super Parent Aspiration & Then the Big Happy Family Aspiration. Reach top of the Secret Agent Career

Generation 2: Social Butterflies
Family A:
Aspiration: Soul Mate & Party Animal
Traits: Unflirty & Chosen by player/random
Family B:
Aspiration: Friend of the World
Traits: Insider & Chosen by player/random
Careers: 1 Heir will have a Get to Work active career (Scientist/Doctor/Cop) & the other a City Living Career (Activist/Social Media/Critic). Players are required to go with their sim to work & choose work from home at least once a week until they reach Max level of Career.
Goals: Max out careers and complete social aspirations.

Generation 3: On Ley Line

When renovating Both family A & B’s home must have On Ley Line lot traits. Both heirs must earn the Fertile trait before trying for baby & each Heir must try for baby at least twice.
Family A:
Aspiration: Freelance botanist
Careers: business owner sims may either run a store/restaurant/vet clinic. Players may bring their children to this new lot & build apartment/play rooms for them.
Family B:
Aspiration: Angling Ace
Careers: business owner sims may either run a store/restaurant/vet clinic. Players may bring their children to this new lot & build apartment/play rooms for them.
Goals: Earn at least 3 reward upgrades for business & not have any children taken away. Complete initial aspirations.

Generation 4: Good vs Evil
Family A:
Aspiration: Public Enemy
Career: Criminal
Family B:
Aspiration: Party Animal
Career: Astronaut
Traits: Loner
Goals: Max out careers/aspirations & start completing your collections.

Generation 5: Big Money & Big family
Family A:
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy & City Native
Career: Chosen by player
Family B:
Aspiration: Mansion Baron & City Native
Career: Chosen by player
Goals: Complete aspirations and have both families finally meet. Have finished at least 5 collections.

Each trait a sim has (including spares/spouses ) : 10 points
Each completed aspiration (including childhood ones) :20 points (+ 5 for unique aspirations)
Each additional collection past the 5 : 20 points
Each Skill Maxed: 5 points
Each Gold Wedding: 5 points
Each additional child raised to adulthood beyond the required 2 per gen: 20 points
Each member in the family tree: 5 points
Complete the above challenge using regular Legacy Challenge starting point (i.e. no money/first homes): Additional 1000 points!
Children taken away -30 points
Power/water shut off -10 points


This is a growing list of variations to the Double Life Legacy. Players may choose to add any combination of the below variations to their legacy play through or submit their own variations of the Double Life Legacy for people to try out!

Single Lot Love:
Players may either build or download off the gallery a multi unit or apartment build containing at least two seperate homes on a single lot. In this variant players founders may move in each of their families on the lot using door locks to limit mobility of non-founder sims to move between units.
Bonus: Less movement between homes and ability to focus on families A & B simultaneous
Drawbacks: Household size caps at 8 making marrying out spares crucial to survival. Increased potential for jealousy/discovery

Homewrecker Legacy:
Additional requirement all spouses must come from pre-existing families & relationships.
Increased difficulty in woo-ing prospective spouses
Potential for additional children from pre-existing marriages. These children may either be included in the legacy home or sent away to live with the exes

Randomized Legacy:
All sims including founders must have their traits, aspirations, & careers randomly assigned using a random sim creator or dice rolls.
Increased variability for re-plays and potential for hilarious results

Collector Challenge:
Player must randomly choose which 5 collections will be completed before starting their legacy.
Optional added challenge: Only sims who have randomly rolled the Curator aspiration may collect gems/frogs etc. Similarly only Botanist sims may collect plants, only Angler Sims may Fish, and so forth.

Big Love:
Heirs & Spares may only share two same parents if they are the result of a single conception. The requirement for two births per family per generation remains but players must abide by an additional rule that no two children may share the same two parents. Players may wish to download a pre-existing save or load their game with available sims for the increase in required spouses.
Players using this variant may award themselves additional points for maintain the initial dating/relationship event requirements. Perhaps 20 points per additional spouse in each generation. In this variation players may choose to keep all remaining spouses/love interests as dating their heirs or may opt to marry and divorce their spouse before moving onto their second spouse.

Traditional Hierarchy
Throw back to the OG Legacy Challenge players may choose to start their challenge with pre-existing conditions for inheritance.
Legacy Trait/Merit Heirs: Choose a trait your founder has, only children with this trait are eligible to become the heir.
Willed Heir: Children with the highest relationship to their founder/current gen heir will inherit.
Alternating inheritance (I.e. Gen 1 male heir Gen 2 female heir or biological heirs followed by adopted heirs etc)

Loved from Afar
This challenge simply changes Gen 1 insofar as players may no longer transfer their founder between households.
Forces players to choose which family branch their founder will live in & which branch they will only visit
Players should still make an effort to parent their secondary household but will be unable to monitor their family sims moods/skill gains as effectively
Players may only switch into the secondary family to play them AFTER the death of the founder, then play should return to normal alteration between households.

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