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The Plums: An ISBI - Looking for B baby names

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Hey everyone. Shadami here!
I want to tell you a little bit about this sims-lit. It is an ISBI challenge which I found through Lynnwood's updated for sims 4 challenge . It was the first challenge I decided to try from the forums, and it is the first sims-lit I've ever attempted to do. So I have a pretty special attachment to these characters I suppose. They're silly, and it has been a ton of fun. As a result of the firsts though, the progression of my writing style I think is pretty evident as you read through.
As I've gone along I've tried to improve the look of my word press, and the look of the cover images for each part. It is still very much a work in progress, but I hope despite the imperfections of it, that it is still incredibly enjoyable to read.

This is a link to the Table of Contents for the story on my blog: [url="https://shadami.wordpress.com/im-surrounded-by-🌺🌺🌺🌺-🌺🌺🌺🌺-legacy/"]ToC Here[/url]. But if you look below I am creating Chapter title banners that if clicked on will go directly to each chapters table of contents page without the intermission posts. Intermission posts are side things; like interviews with the characters, and updates on the townies. I've attempted to make the site itself easily navigatable but If you click the spoiler below each Chapter banner there are links to each of the parts for the chapter. Just click the pictures.

I will continue to work on improving as I go, and feedback is always appreciated. Thank you for reading, and as always.
Happy simming!

5fCVVUd.png LxHRZsP.png u2PQGbZ.png TUpUVwf.png: aTXk227.png: BtOMTAj.png srSEb2f.png taKd1a7.png 98CXGRg.png l1GyQln.png ZvUR5Yb.png fJ6vAYI.png TX6kjIo.png

xiLj9L9.png jOvdXvI.png
egZ7wNR.png 83jYzfF.png
Gum3p6p.png juysJAW.png
oS38HAY.png CSLXh7E.png
AvzH90W.png FAEWLs0.png
i2nN9MT.png QnuIyTX.png
zwBIakB.png aAH6MK6.png

Release Times: Nothing scheduled. It will be updated whenever I have new pictures to update the story with.

Current help me/interact with the story question: Generation B is starting soon and I'm going to need a list of potential names for Ambrosias children.

Ideas and suggestions on things for Ambrosias restaurant.

Thanks for reading!
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