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What are the numbers for? And other questions/thoughts.

So I'm playing a Sim who is a vet (wish there was a "self-employed option so he didn't show up as unemployed). What are the numbers that appear over the head of the pet owners? The ones that are in a (usually) gold star? I've tried to click on them to find out more about them but there's no option to do that. I've also looked on Carl's site but can't find anything on there about them. Also although my vet is level 9 whenever he does surgery, his patients always come out with a cone on their head. How do you stop that from happening?

Other comments; I wish when you direct a staff member to do something on the crafting station they kept on doing it rather than just making one of the item. I'd also rather direct them to do something rather than "not" do something, ie, have someone directed to clean, someone to treat patients or create stuff on the crafting station. Finally, even though my vet has the brown/green vet outfit as soon as he starts to work it changes to a pale blue outfit. Has anyone else noticed that? I wish too there were better colours - they're all a bit woosy.


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