Coming up with a name for my WIP

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Hello simmers :) I am horrible at coming up with names soo I want to ask the community for some help.

I am going to be building a world that is of medium size and it is going to be an island out in the middle of the pacific ocean. The theme is going to be a lot of activity venues such as bowling alleys, student lounges, etc. Houses will be mostly colonial and victorian style there will be some cottage style homes and even a couple trailer parks and a couple tiny house communities.

Any tips/suggestions on a name?


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    Easter Island? Apparently that one has been used. How about Guam?
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    I hope there will be palm trees and lots of sandy beaches as part of the fun :D Often a back story will give you ideas for names. Or have some outstanding feature like a reef with a bridge or causeway to the island. So you might call it Mariners Reef after a party of shipwrecked sailors who were the first settlers after their ship got caught on the reef during a storm.
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