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Which is your favourite Sims 3 expansion pack?


  • EmzyDalsvidaEmzyDalsvida Posts: 14,786 Member
    Others (World Adventures or Into the Future, please specify in comments)
    I voted Generations, which seems to be an unpopular one. I love the big ones like Seasons, University and Pets too but Generations will always be my favourite. It just has sooo many little things that add to all the life stages in it, so many cute family interactions and it made toddlers and teenagers much more interesting. The furniture is amazing in it too. It's a massive shame they didn't include a world in it though, which is probably why it doesn't get voted highly in polls like this. My main sim has an imaginary friend in the family too so I suppose I'm biased because she's been a great sim to play. Never found them scary.
    WA is getting a lot of votes on this too, it is such a beautiful pack with a lot in it and a very strong first pack,especially because it was quite different to any other packs before it. It just didn't always work for me ( one time I went to France, none of my sims actually turned up, another time my sim spent the entire trip naked being photographed by paparazzi)so I could never fully enjoy it. Maybe with a new computer I can have another go of it. :)

    I'm with you on this for Generations! I used to like Generations a huge lot more but I've had it for so long that I've forgotten what came with it xD I just remember when I first got it and my rubbish house was turned amazing when I made the back garden a wedding venue xD I was so happy we had wedding arches.
  • EmzyDalsvidaEmzyDalsvida Posts: 14,786 Member
    Others (World Adventures or Into the Future, please specify in comments)
    It was quite a difficult choice really, looking at other peoples opinions too makes it very hard to pick just one. I had forgotten all about Ambitions, loved that pack.

    ... I don't even know why I bought ambitions, but I did so quite late because it's a pack I didn't have yet. I have barely used it and never played with those careers xD
  • MerelhynMerelhyn Posts: 370 Member
    > @EmzyDalsvida said:
    > ... I don't even know why I bought ambitions, but I did so quite late because it's a pack I didn't have yet. I have barely used it and never played with those careers xD

    I am nearly the exact inverse! I bought the Sims3 with Ambitions and played for months with only this pack. So I have really fond memories of it.
  • gerefteastgerefteast Posts: 353 Member
    I chose Seasons. Althought there's no new worlds in this EP, it made the virtual life look more realistic with adding seasons and weather. (Actually, several years from getting this expansion pack, now I can't imagine playing the game with constant, sunny summer.) I also like the furniture added in Seasons.

    Besides Seasons, I have Pets, Late Night, Ambitions and Island Paradise too and I think all of these have something interesting stuff :)
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  • SamiKatSamiKat Posts: 3,786 Member
    Supernatural probably is tops for me.

    (It used to be World Adventures, but then the lag in the tombs became unbearable. I do love the content in both packs and the nectar maker is definitely one of my favorite interactive objects.)
  • Odonata68Odonata68 Posts: 1,074 Member
    Others (World Adventures or Into the Future, please specify in comments)
    World Adventures for me, although, I couldn't imagine playing without Seasons and Pets too. :)
  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 16,579 Member
    edited January 2018
    Late Night
    It's Late Night, but I also love Ambitions they are both my favs. I can't play without either.
  • Chi5678Chi5678 Posts: 178 Member
    Where's the "all" button? XD

    I picked showtime cause I love being able to perform, though I love pets cause... well that's obvious. But I love seasons cause isn't that just great to change the weather? But I love Supernatural cause who doesn't love being a supernatural being! Into the future is awesome, I don't know why but I love the look of all the furniture so my houses always look semi futuristic... Ambitions was pretty awesome finally being able to see your sim work! And then theres Island Paradise which brought a whole new adventure to sims... but then again it also brought lag, so it's probably one of my least favorites... University Life, Generations, and Late Night all seem pretty cool but I haven't gotten too far into them... I should go play some more lol
  • micheleimichelei Posts: 385 Member
    This was a hard choice for me because I love Island Paradise and Pets too but in the end Seasons won out because Seasons just added so much to my game.
  • SillyhartluvSillyhartluv Posts: 70 Member
    I had to uninstall my games and buy hard copies of them to get rid of Origin. I never realized how important Generations was to my gameplay until I had to wait a week to have it in my game again. I play with most of my sims from teenagers to elders so I enjoy having things for them to do.
  • yoshi_dragur2012yoshi_dragur2012 Posts: 1,629 Member
    edited January 2018
    Island Paradise
    Torn. Too many close #1 with Seasons being close to my heart.

    IMO when the base game was released back in 2009, it should've been:

    Base game + Gen + Pets + Seasons = TS3 core base game release. Period. If including Pets EP content in base game too premature at the 2009 release, then base should've included Gen and and Seasons AT MINIMUM. Gen since it added the critically needed family and other sim relationships. And seasons for the obvious reason that rain (and even snow) DOES fall in real life desert climates. :D

    Then EA should've released SN (the 2nd most popular EP in the polls) to complete the SV hood.

    Then give sims an education and careers i.e.
    • Amb + Uni should've been ONE EP release like above. Sims would've had a choice on aging up to go blue or white collar route with this single EP. It's too bad Uni didn't offer at least 1-2 white collar Amb style careers the way this EP did for blue collar jobs (like firefighter) and freelancing (painter, tatoo artist, sculpter etc).

    Then EA should've expanded the map to include the water by releasing IP. This would've increased the business careers and opportunities for hard working blue & white collar sims.

    After opening up the map, give sims entertainment & stuff to do with their disposable incomes i.e
    • ST + LN should've been ONE EP release since they compliment each other 100%

    The frosting on the cake after that should've been opening up sims universe to add foreign destinations outside SV i.e.
    • WA and ITF could've been a single Vacation style EP with a play on a Back to the Future theme.

    The long awaited ability to change seasons had Seasons as my #1 EP. But IP opened the ENTIRE map for Sims to explore and have fun on. Without Seasons, those never ending sunny days in SV would've carried on--without our sims missing out on anything. But they would've never been able to know the joy of swimming in natural waters in their natural environment. Or exploring any part (above and below) of the water part of their world without IP. So this is why I think IP slightly greater than Seasons. Because IP is the only EP that added the unique feature of map water interaction. None of the other EPs accomplished this unique game play feature IMO.
  • SimplyJenSimplyJen Posts: 13,526 Member
    I have more top favorites than a single favorite but I voted Seasons because it's the only pack I've truly missed since playing the LEPacy challenge.

    My other top favorites are Supernatural and Ambitions but not exactly in that order. Besides SN minor game play aspects, this pack includes the supernaturals I play the most. Overall, great pack as well. Ambitions mainly for self-employed careers.
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  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 5,459 Member
    edited January 2018
    I said Seasons because of what it did to the weather and how it made life more realistic than having perpetual summer but I would have to say Ambitions runs a really close second place (almost to the point where it ties Seasons): Why?

    Fun with Det Packs. :D I think he maybe used a little too much C4 there. Oopsies.
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  • TeoDoesSimsTeoDoesSims Posts: 72 Member
    I cannot decide between Supernatural, Seasons and University. OH! And Generations too! Sorry, the Sims 3 expansions were just too good. :c

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  • TadOlsonTadOlson Posts: 11,305 Member
    Others (World Adventures or Into the Future, please specify in comments)
    I love all of them and they're all favorites for different reasons because they all add to the game.I even love the unofficial EPs added by the Modders as I play the game with my Mount Everest pile of Mods.
  • SultanCanAliSultanCanAli Posts: 112 Member
    Generations is so cute with the little teddy bears,bunk beds,..gameplay..i just love the sims children❤
  • dogdancerdogdancer Posts: 423 Member
    I voted "Season's" as my favorite EP. The world looks so, so boring without it. Too bad that this disc broke and I have to buy a new one from Amazon. At least you can get cheap used ones on there.
  • mmoblitzmmoblitz Posts: 479 Member
    edited February 2018
    I narrowed it down by thinking about the one EP I couldn't play the game without and the winner is Generations. Luckily, I can play with all of them!

    Besides, what EP trailer is better than the one for Generations!
  • MagdaleenaMagdaleena Posts: 626 Member
    edited February 2018
    Others (World Adventures or Into the Future, please specify in comments)
    Into the Future and Supernatural. Love me some glowy futuristic stuff as well as fantasy. Somehow they both suit my aesthetic. There were plenty of neat life states too!

    World Adventures was pretty great as well, but I haven't played it as much as I probably should. But I mean, three entire neighborhoods to vacation in? Lots of RPG-like gameplay with the tombs? Heck yeah, sign me up.
    It was also the first expansion I ever got, so I kinda have a soft spot for it. It was a Christmas gift back in 2009, and it just, kicked off my Sims collection - I'm not sure if I would've tried collecting all the expansions otherwise.
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  • CrownSimsCrownSims Posts: 322 Member
    Late Night
    DEFINITELY Late Night. I loved the celebrity system in Sims 3 and the city life and nightclubs.
  • vikixcvikixc Posts: 327 Member
    Seasons. No doubt about it. To me it bought the whole game to life.

  • Kay8OrangeKay8Orange Posts: 286 Member
    This was a tough decision for me... When I first bought the sims it had Pets included so I can't image the game without them. I also love Generations for all it's family features. But what made me pick Seasons was how it made everything more real and the aliens. Kid me spent many, many hours trying to get those aliens to come impregnate my sims. :D
  • KarinLKarinL Posts: 3,979 Member
    I would have to say Generations. I wouldn't want to miss any of them, but if I had a choice and could play with only one, it would be Generations because it added so much to my family gameplay.

    I think there's something to love about most EPs.

  • EarcatEarcat Posts: 404 Member
    Pets! A family is not complete without a cat.
  • wildflutterbywildflutterby Posts: 41 Member
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