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An extra tomb for Shang Simla

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If you explored every tomb there is to explore, maybe you'll have fun checking out a brand new one :) I took one of the towers in the Forbidden City of Shang Simla - the West Tower - and turned it into a tomb.


It contains puzzles, riddles, secrets, everything you'd expect from a TS3 tomb. I've thoroughly checked it - testing testing testing - and translated important signs into English. I have no idea if the default texts adapt to the language you play your game in tbh, but everyone familiar with tomb exploring in the game won't need those anyway (I mean the texts that appear when exploring a dive well or 'go through door', stuff like that).**

The link to the tomb

To replace the original you first must bulldoze the original West Tower. It's a hidden lot, so you'll have to type in those cheats first in order to be able to remove it:

ctrl-shift-c, type: testingcheatsenabled true
ctrl-shift-c, type: enablelotlocking true


Now use the bulldoze tool. After you've done that, you can place the tomb.


I of course appreciate any kind of feedback, both tips and tops :) You'll obviously need World Adventures, and Late Night is recommended (though not necessary). If you're going to play the tomb: I hope you have fun!

** default texts appear in the language of your game (thanks @Rukola_Schaaf )

Unfortunately there seems to be a glitch with one of the toggles. Sometimes it works fine, but sometimes your sim can’t reach it for some mysterious and unsolvable reason (because there is no apparent reason). The only solution when you encounter this (there is an interaction possible but your sim complains he or she can’t get there) is to go into build/buy mode (don’t peek!!! :p ), pick it up, put it right back and go back into live mode. Then it will work.
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