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mcrudd's 2018 Sims Project

mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,692 Member
Sooo I was sitting and looking at all my games reinstalled, you know all those shiny golden stars in the beginning. There were a lot of them I was not using, so I thought mmmm I am going to make a special save to use all the stuff we have gotten in sims 4. I have a save that has aging and story progressing off and I am busy filling it with sims and things from all the packs. I will play that save as a now and then, but I think it will be a good one so I can experience everything from the game. I am not using my skilled sims this time round, making all new ones from scratch, I am using some of my builds but also making a whole lot of new ones from scratch. With restaurants and spa's and so on, I do a little tweaking of the Maxis buildings unless I have one of my own or feel like doing a whole new build. I will share some pics of what I am up to for those interested. If there is anything you guys see and would like me to upload it just shout out and I can do that for you ;) I am very excited doing this project and hope I will keep going at it LOL

I play a no cc no mods game ;)


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