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Can you get Sims 3 radio music on the Sims 4 radio stations?

There's a lot of songs I love in the Sims 3 that I miss and would like to hear in the Sims 4. Is there a way to get them into the game?


  • zmkhailzmkhail Posts: 15 New Member
    I also love songs from the 3rd franchise since they were sung by famous artists/bands and the songs are also hits. Hopefully, someone would know how to transfer them to the 4th. But the only way is to transfer them to the Custom Music folder that links to The Sims 4. The problem is, how can you extract the songs from The Sims 3? I couldn't find them in the Soundtracks folder [but I do believe the .package files are like .zip files but can only be uncompressed by a special tool/application/software.]
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