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The (Extra)Ordinary Tessa - S1~Ch18 5/14/18


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    Omg is Tessa picking on Camden's hair? Don't touch it, don't touch it!! :D :D awesome start, get the men rollin'!
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    @irishsong - lol I laughed when Tessa made a joke about Kolby's name...cheese....he does have a nice smile, though, and seemed comfortable around Tessa. Tessa seemed a bit nervous in all the quick meets, so let's hope she gets more comfortable around everyone. I am glad that Quentin made Tessa feel comfortable and they shared a laugh. I think that Quentin will add some fun to the competition.

    All the contestants seemed great and I didn't feel that Tessa had any "bad" moments with any of them. Mina, however, is all business, like Tessa is on a stopwatch. I hope that Tessa can handle Mina. lol
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    Wow, look at my Walter go. What a charmer. (And GOSH, I didn't realize how darn pretty he was until I saw the close-up of his smile. My heart.)
    All of these boys have so much character and charm, I adore them. I can't wait for more!
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    I look forward to delivering more. Hopefully soon, but as is normal for me, I got busy with other life stuff! It's still a downtime priority.
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    Chapter 4~ Day 2~ Part 1
    Of things in your imagination
    Another day, another day to determine her future husband. Mina texted Tessa early in the morning, making sure that she was dressed and ready to go by eight, and to get over to Blue House.

    The day before had been very relaxed while she had visited all of the guys, (sorry, no pictures! I took a few, but it doesn’t do it justice. I promise it was fair and even.) and she hoped that today would be just the same.

    She entered the house, and the guys were doing their guy stuff. Watching TV, playing on any computer in the house, reading; really not paying any mind to Tessa. They wanted to talk to her, sure, but they didn’t get up to do it or anything.

    Good, this gives me a better opportunity to talk to people one on one, Tessa thought. She started with Isaac, knocking on his door. He was playing chess as always, shutting himself in his room.

    “Hey, what’s up?” Tessa asked casually.

    “I was once beat by someone in this situation, here on the board, and I want to see how I fell into the trap. Unfortunately, I don’t know how I got in this position, or what ways I took to get there.”

    Tessa smiled and looked at the board. “I never was one for chess. I would play my dad sometimes, but only when he needed a promotion at work? I’m not sure how chess got him promoted but it did.”

    Isaac looked up from the board. “You know, I’ve been in here for a while. Wanna go outside?”

    “You know what, I think I’ve got one better.” she responded.

    Outside, Tessa layed on the ground, knowing that Mina would be furious if she got her clothes dirty, but the grass was thick and the ground dry so Tessa didn’t worry about it.

    Isaac joined her on the ground, looking up at the clouds drifting past. “That one looks like my old Aunt Helen…. Or a cartoon man in a skirt…”
    Tessa felt butterflies the whole time.


    After about fifteen minutes, Tessa knew she had to talk to the other guys too. She got up and brushed herself off, feeling renewed and relaxed. She went back into the house and looked for Kolby, the next person on her mental list. He too was in his room, nicely decorated in a sea theme. It was certainly stylized and homey. It reminded her of her home in Brindelton bay by the sea, and she felt welcome.
    “It’s nice what you’ve done with the room. Do you live near the sea?”

    “I work there, and I live nearby, a bit inland. You know where the pier is, right? The one in town?”

    “Yeah, that’s just up the coast from me!”

    “That’s-- remarkable! I’m surprised we never met.”

    “I didn’t leave my neighborhood much. A home body, really. That and I have five younger siblings, so there’s that to deal with! I had to help parent them.”

    “Wow, a big family.” Kolby stopped to think for a moment. “Who’s your favorite sibling?”

    Tessa stuttered for a moment. “Wha- I don’t- I can’t have a favorite sibling! I love them all!”

    “But if you had to spend time with one of them, which would you choose?”

    Tessa stopped to think. Only the triplets were old enough to have a decent conversation, the twins were still too young to remember how to use the potty.

    “Probably Owen. He’s a bit of a loner, and he and my mom didn’t get off on the right foot when they were younger. They love each other, but her normal parenting techniques didn’t work on him so she didn’t know what to do. They argued a lot when they were younger, but now he’s just like any other boy. He’s just a bit of a loner, I guess. I want to be there for him when I can be.”

    Kolby smiled. “Ladies and gentlemen, the kindest woman in Simaria!” he said in a mocking announcer voice.


    Tessa closed Kolby’s door and moved onto Rhett outside.

    “Hi Rhett! Do you have a minute? I want to talk to everyone today, and I saw a funny comic last night that I think you may like.”


    “Oh, that’s cool.” Tessa positioned herself next to Rhett and pulled out her phone. He laughed at the little figures drawn by the artist. His whole body moved as he laughed a the comic, making Tessa smile at the success.


    “That’s a good one. Really. Where do you find such interesting stuff? I never have such luck.”

    “It’s amazing what you can find on Pinterest. Everything from cooking to comedy.” she shared.

    “Well, that’s amazing. I’ll have to see sometime.”

    Tessa moved onto Tony. He was in the house, which was cooler than outside, but not by much. Just a nice dip in temperature compared to the kiss of warmth from the sunlight outside.

    “What are you doing wearing formal clothes?” asked Tessa. “Getting married?”

    “Not yet, future wife, not yet.” he smiled as Tessa sat down next to him on the sofa. “In reality, I just like to feel fancy sometimes. I look a bit rag-tag most of the time, it’s nice to be civilized.” He accented the last word and laughed at his own joke, but Tessa laughed too. It was easy conversation, smiles all around.


    Raul was next. He was outside in the shade of the porch, sitting in a chair.

    “Hey, Scully.” he greeted.

    “Hey Mulder. What’s new?” she asked.

    “Not much. Not since you saw me yesterday.”

    “Why are you outside? Isn’t all the fun stuff inside?”


    “You’re out here, aren’t you?” he asked with a smirk.

    “Yes, but only because you’re out here.” she smirked back.

    “Well, then I feel honored. Would you like to sit down? I like to play the game “It’s aliens”, Scully. In it, you guess who’s an alien and what their secret life is like.”

    “Sounds like fun, I’ll sit a few minutes.”

    After a few fun rounds of guessing the people walking past as aliens, Tessa made her way back into the house. The next person she wanted to talk to was Camden, and she found him in the… smallest… room of the house.

    “Hey, Camden? Got a minute to talk? I think we’ll find the most privacy here, in the… bathroom.”

    However, two more people joined them, not long after, much to her dismay.

    “Isn’t it a bit crowded in here? I think we should move-” Camden started, blocked in by three people.”


    “It’s fine, we’re just talking. We don’t need much room for talking, right?” asked Tessa. She was a bit uncomfortable with the small space, but she grew up with two dogs, three siblings, and two parents so the space wasn’t what felt too close. It was the company. She didn’t know these people very well.

    “If you’re happy, I’m happy.” Camden answered.


    *Why are we in here?*

    “I’m happy. So I wanted to ask you…” Their conversation went on, and when she eventually left the bathroom she felt happy to be out of the close quarters. There was one last person in the house that she hadn’t spoken too, and he was nowhere to be seen.

    Tessa walked up the stairs and knocked on Walter’s door.

    “Enter!” he hollered.

    Tessa opened the door and saw a sparse room of blue, decorated with an aquarium. There was nowhere to sit besides the bed, which was partially occupied by Walter on a pad. He looked up, and hastily put it away.

    “Hi, Tessa. What’s up?”

    “I hadn’t seen you all day. Why are you locked away in your room?”


    “I-” he stopped himself, looking for the words. “I don’t like talking to large groups of people. I don’t like get-togethers, I don’t like large groups of people I don’t know. I like to be in my room, away from people.”

    “That makes sense. I like to be by myself sometimes, it recharges my batteries.”

    “Yes, exactly! I can’t stand being around people that I don’t know, people that may do stuff I don’t like.”

    Tessa thought for a moment. “That may be true, but if you stay in here forever, you’ll never meet anyone, good or bad.”


    Walter looked at her skeptically. “But you walked right through my door, didn’t you?”

    More of day two coming soon!
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    I love Tessa's dress! Is that supposed to be one of those blacklight tattoos, btw?
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    Nice update!!! Mostly hilarious
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    @Irishsong - Tessa looks so pretty today and Mina isn't being too much of a pain...thank goodness.... It was nice to visit Blue House and meet some of the guys and see what they were up to. Nice up-date.
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    I love Tessa's dress! Is that supposed to be one of those blacklight tattoos, btw?

    I found on Tumblr some nice floral tatoos, and while I'm not a tattoo person, i gave Aria and Tessa the same tattoo. I found it elegant.

    Edit: here's the link
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    I also find Tessa's dress very pretty. I'd have had issues being in that bathroom, too. lol I don't think I'd have stayed. :D
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    Great chapter ^^ Why is Tony in that bathroom? Get out, boy xD
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    Chapter 4 ~Day 2~ Pt. 2
    Stolen Time
    Tessa left Blue House, having spoken to all of the contestants, but with a desire to return for a special someone. She had never felt this way before, with these wants, but she knew she had to give Green House a fair try, so she went on her way over to their residence.

    Evan was the first person to meet Tessa. Tessa tried to converse with him, but they ended in an odd but not uncomfortable silence, and tessa made her way into the house.


    Tessa wanted to talk to each of them, but upon entering the house she realized that that wasn’t going to be an option. Not everyone wanted to make her a priority. Quentin and Parker made this totally clear. Quentin wanted to play a prank on Parker, and Parker wanted to talk to Quentin, making Tessa a distant third-wheel. She tried to talk to them anyway.


    I’m getting nowhere here, I’ll go somewhere else. Tessa went out to the back porch where she was relieved to see Ben alone.

    “Hey Ben. How’s it hanging?” She casually started the conversation.

    It was at this point that the duo from before realized that Tessa had been trying to talk to them, joining them on the porch.

    Parker seemed to be steaming.

    “Kah-yah!” he exclaimed as he kicked over the garbage can.

    I thought we were adults, not children!

    “Dude, what’s your problem? Are you going to clean that up?” Tessa scolded.


    Parker wasn’t having any of it, and he wouldn’t look at Tessa. He wasn’t a child, he wouldn’t be reprimanded.

    Ben pulled her attention back. “Oh, it’s going ok. I’ve been talking to my anger management guru and this sounds really weird, but can I give you a hug? He suggested I hug someone, and you’re the best option here.”


    “I’ve been in the need for a hug, so yes, bring it in.” Tessa reciprocated. The hug was nice, and Ben was a good armful and had firm muscles throughout his whole upper body. The hug wasn’t disappointing.

    At this point, it was getting late and while Tessa was disappointed she couldn’t talk to everyone in the house, Mina would have a fit if she stayed too late. She slipped out the door and went next door to her house.

    That wasn’t the end of her day though. As Tessa sat in her little house, she couldn’t shake this urge she had. Having already changed into her pajamas and let down her hair, she threw on some jeans (which she had sorely missed) and a jacket because the temperature outside had dropped. She silenced her phone in case someone decided to call her, and she texted Isaac to meet her outside his house.

    Tessa closed the door on her house quietly, as if Mina were sleeping inside. What she had in mind was definitely against the rules of the competition, and surely they would want to get this on camera, but this was a first for Tessa, so being sneaky was her first choice.

    Isaac was standing in front of his house, dressed like normal. They greeted each other with a hug and big smiles.


    Isaac pulled away, looking at Tessa with renewed concern.

    “These aren’t normal visiting hours, aren’t you going to get in trouble?”


    “I couldn’t get you out of my mind, will you walk with me?”

    Isaac knew it wasn’t for her safety. The neighborhood was a very safe one with only the contest’s buildings in the area. There was nothing to be afraid of but fear itself, and Tessa was feeling all of the anxieties that come with firsts.

    They walked over to an area that was surrounded by water and dragonflies. The romantic mood and the water really set the mood, and Isaac tried his best to flirt with Tessa.


    “So, come here often?” he asked.

    “Not that much. Yourself?” she asked.

    “No,” he looked at the ground, bashful and embarrassed that his flirting had lasted all of ten seconds.

    “Well then, all the better to see something knew, right?”


    Tessa moved in and kissed him, planting one right on target.



    He was stunned, but he wanted to make sure that she knew he was happy, so he blew her a kiss. Happy that it wasn’t uncomfortable, she smiled.
    They moved over to a bench and Isaac stretched his arm up and yawned. Tessa couldn't blame him, it was very late, but then she noticed that his arm was extending behind her. Smooth, she thought.


    He pulled her in for more kisses, both of them wanting more than just kisses, but knowing that was all they were going to get that evening. Isaac walked her home, knowing he would be smiling like a goof all night and morning.
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    Looks like Tessa already has a favorite :sweat_smile: that was quick ^^
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    Sonschi wrote: »
    Looks like Tessa already has a favorite :sweat_smile: that was quick ^^

    I know! We'll see how that's handled, coming soon.
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    Bugsie2016 wrote: »
    Cement wrote: »
    If family is ever going to show up, I'll prepare my dude's giant fam. :joy:
    NGL, by the time I got to Parker Baizen's tragically murdered brother, I laughed out loud. What can I say, everybody loves a wounded man. LET ME HEAL HIM WITH MY LOVE! :joy:

    Hahaha, I was already laughing once I got past mine and noticed the trend. :joy: I don't think my son Raúl would classify as a wounded man... Unless you're counting physically, then yes, probably, since he'd most likely to trip over his own feet and into a ditch LOL
    I'm already soft for Morris and Quentin. I just love goofy dudes LOL <3
    Bugsie2016 wrote: »
    New title for this!!!! This was all a coincedence because the only person who saw everyone's applications was IrishSong !!!

    Yeah! It's what's making it even funnier :joy:

    It's because we're all secretly big meanies to sims or characters (for the writers here). :lol:

    It's not strange for my sims to have just one parent either (and not just because of death!)

    Disadvantages = drama :D

    This comes to mind again. ;)
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    Oh Tessa...sneaking out for a rendez-vous with Isaac!! Don't you think that Mina might have installed some security cameras? Oh she's not going to be happy! And Quentin....why are you dressed as a hot dog with Tessa coming over? See her waving her hand trying to get your attention, like, hi, remember me...the reason you're here. lol Well, Isaac got the first kiss.....kisses.... I wonder how everyone will react if she's found out! Ooh la la!
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    Chapter 5
    Stolen Kisses
    Tessa, who had barely gotten in four hours of sleep the night prior, made her way over to Blue House. She didn’t know what to expect from Isaac when she got there, but the pull of him was strong. She wanted to be with him, to hold him.

    He met her outside the house and together they walked into his room. They sat on his bed for a while, cuddling, swapping kisses. After some time of this, Tessa realized that she had to talk to the other bachelors and that she had to play it cool. The cameras weren’t here yet, and they hadn’t seen her last night with him, so their romance was still secret.

    The first person she ran into was Rhett.

    “Hey Rhett. What’s new?” She asked, looking around a bit anxiously. The camera men bustled in the door, and they didn’t seem too happy that she was there before they were.

    “Not a whole lot. Let’s go outside, it’s a bit dim in here.”

    The pair went outside and Rhett laid down on the grass to look up at the sky. This again? Tessa liked looking up at the sky, but she had done it just yesterday. This was getting monotonous.


    I have to give him an even chance. Even if I don’t want to. If this is what he wants to do, then I can grant that.

    That lasted for the remainder of the hour allotted, and she was on to the next man.

    “Tessa! Just in time. I want to show you something.” Raul popped his head down the staircase.

    “Alright…” Tessa responded as she mounted the stairs. He popped his head out from behind a door just to the right at the top of the stairs.

    “In here,” he beckoned.

    Tessa wandered to the door and saw Raul sitting in a very cramped, very decorated room. How he had room to move around was beyond the imagination of Tessa.

    Raul sat in the only open position on the bed, so Tessa stood where she was.

    “How do you like it? It’s different, I know, but-” he cut himself off, looking to Tessa for feedback.


    “It’s fantastic. The amount of stuff you fit in here is amazing, I’m impressed.”

    Raul smiled. “That’s good to hear.”

    The two of them spoke for a while longer, then Tessa went to find someone else she hadn’t spoken to. Camden was that person.

    A movie was finishing up on the TV, and Camden was very invested in how it ended.

    “What’s it about?” asked Tessa.

    “It’s about a boy who is eaten by a dragon and finds a whole world inside of it. It’s a bit odd, to be fair.”


    The movie finished, but the living room was a bit crowded so they made their way to the deserted front porch.

    “So, what’s a pretty lady like you doing in a competition like this? Aren’t you married already?”



    “Pretty, eh?” Tessa was smitten for a moment. “Well, I had one little fling at the romance festival once, but my dad didn't like him, and I didn’t either after I really looked at the situation, so I called it off. He, the boy, wasn’t very happy.”

    “I can see why. You seem quite the catch.”

    Tessa was feeling a stirring in her chest, but it wasn’t for Camden.


    “I’m sure you’ll get you time to talk to her.” assured Tony. “After all, she can’t just forget about us, right?”


    Tessa was lip-locked with Isaac in the kitchen, not able to keep her hands or mind off of him.

    “Tessa, we shouldn’t not in the open. I-” he didn’t let go either. “Tessa, I, I want-”

    “Me too- Me too. Let’s go.”



    Tessa rolled over and saw that she was very late to get to Green House, so she threw on her clothes, made sure her hair looked good, and went over to their house.

    The camera men had been on lunch break while Tessa was with Isaac, so they didn’t get any of it on camera.

    The second house was very much like the first. No one came to greet her, much like the day before. I may as well start where I started yesterday, Tessa thought. She found Evan in the living room.


    “Hi, Evan. I know we didn’t talk very much yesterday, so I wanted to talk to you first. How are things?” She sat on the couch beside him.

    “Oh, things are fine. I’m currently reading a book about a boy who is eaten by a dragon and he finds a whole undiscovered room inside the dragon. It’s a great story for kids, I hope to read it to my son one day.”

    “Oh, I heard they made that into a movie.”


    “What? No way. Must be a different book you’re thinking of.”


    Their conversation puttered off, and soon they were back to silence. Knowing how this ends, Tessa stood up in search of more conversation.

    She sought out Quentin on the back porch. He seemed to be a bit more… spicey? than normal.

    “Lady Tessa,” he said, kissing her hands. “Why were you late today? Surely the traffic wasn’t that bad.” he asked.


    Tessa felt like she was in a jam. She didn’t want to lie to him, but the truth wasn’t any better. It was the first week, IT was still supposed to be the getting to know you stage, not getting in bed with you. Thankfully that wasn’t on camera.

    “I had to stop and eat something. I run around all day and I barely have anytime to eat.” she laughed.

    Quentin felt that there was something she wasn’t saying, but he rolled with it.

    The next man she found was in the kitchen. Parker was looking for a sandwich, but all the bread was fancy and he didn’t feel like eating fancy bread, so he shut the door.

    “Nothing good to eat?” asked Tessa.


    “Nothing I want to eat right now. What’re you up to?”

    “Just wanted to say hi. I know that I missed you yesterday, but I wanted to talk to everyone today.”

    “Oh,” he sized her up. “Well, since you're here, have a seat.”

    They both sat at the table, and Tessa was happy that someone actually wanted to sit down instead of stand.


    They chatted for a while, then Tessa moved on to the next person.

    Ben was outside again, looking out at the sky which was quickly becoming purple with dusk.

    “Nice evening, huh?” Tessa began.

    “One of the fairest. I-” he turned to look at her. “You look really good in that color by the way. Brings out your eyes.” he smiled.


    “Oh, thank you!” I’m sure Mina will be happy to hear the praise. I don’t even get to pick out my own clothes anymore.”

    “Must be rough. But at least they don’t make you look awful. That would be terrible.” They stood in silence for a moment, looking up at the sky as it changed beautifully, waiting for the other to say something.

    “You know, I know this is weird, but that hug yesterday was really nice. Can we do that again?” He was blushing from ear to ear, embarrassed to have spoken his wish out loud.

    “Yeah, I liked it too.”


    They turned into each other, a better hug than yesterday because this time it was familiar. It wasn’t a total stranger in your arms, but more of a friend. Tessa pulled away from him and looked him in the eyes, then headed back indoors. She had more people to talk to and couldn’t let another attachment interrupt her schedule.

    Morris was in the living room, sitting and doing not much of anything.

    “Well, if you’d look who it is!” Morris said with a smile.

    “Hi, Morris, I’m sorry I didn’t see you yesterday. How are things going?”

    “Oh, not bad. Did you see the movie about-”


    “-A boy that gets eaten by a dragon and discovers a world inside of it? No, but apparently everyone else has.”

    “Ah, alright. So, you’ve been talking to other people?” he said with slight worry in his eyes.

    “Morris… It isn’t like that…” Tessa wasn’t sure what she was assuring him of, but she felt like it was the right thing to do.

    “I understand. Really. There’s a bottom, and there’s a top and I’m not on the top of the list. And if I am, I feel sorry for you. There are a lot of really great guys here, and I may not be one of them-”

    “Stop.” Tessa said forcefully. “I don’t know who I’ll send home on Friday, but It could be any one of a whole bunch of guys. You aren’t alone, and I’m not going to let that change anything right now. So stop worrying.”

    The mood was all wrong at this point, so Tessa excused herself. The back porch was occupied by Lucas, looking at the new stars being born in the night sky.

    “Stars are great. In bigger cities, it’s harder to realize that the moon actually is bright enough, but in the country it’s almost like being on another planet. Oh, I have something for you.”

    “Oh?” asked Tessa.

    “Here you are.” he said, pulling a rose from behind his back.


    Tessa’s face lit up and she smelled the rose, a flower that she always felt had a nearly fruity scent. “You may not know this, actually, you don’t know this, but my aunt Tori and my Uncle Justin fell in love when he gave her a rose. It was the most magical night of their lives, besides my parents’ wedding, which was amazing. I was there for it, actually. It was at the chalet- I’m babbling again. I get on tangents. What are your parents like?”

    Luc stared at her blankly and said simply: “My parents are dead.”

    Tessa instantly felt mortified and excused herself from the situation.

    She found refuge on the front porch, but it was still occupied by Ben. She sighed internally, wanting to get away from all men at this point, but that didn’t seem possible.

    Ben turned and was supirsed to see her again.

    “You must be reading my mind.” he said with a half breath and wide eyes. “I- there was something I wanted to ask you about.”

    “If it’s another hug, I’d be happy to, just so long as I don’t have to speak anymore. All It seems to do is get me in trouble.” Tessa looked downtrodden.

    “No, what I have in mind doesn’t require words.” Ben leaned in and kissed her. Tessa was stunned, but she leaned in for more and soon she forgot about Julian waiting to talk to her.



    She walked home with her head spinning. Who was she going to choose to be her husband and who was going to be going home? One man would be the victor, many would sent home to find other dreams.

    Tessa unlocked the door and turned on the light to find a very angry Mina.


    “Where the heck have you been? You were supposed to be home four hours ago!”

    Whoo! A whole chapter played, shot, edited, written, and published in one day! What’s going to happen next? Stay tuned into The (Extra)Ordinary Tessa to find out!
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    Also, Happy Birthday to me! 21! Woo! (As I sit and play sims all day and don't do much of anything... My friends do want to take me out drinking though... I gotta find out when that's happening.)
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    My this got steamy quick!! Also, Merry 21!! I miss it!!
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    Happy birthday to you! And ohhh Tessa is moving quick!! :open_mouth:
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    Lucas, my child, you do not woo a woman by straight up telling her your parents are dead. You tell her about them when they were alive and then you tell her that they died. I rolled my eyes at him so much... Lucas is something else... He is so gonna get kicked out first week. I predict it, he is just not great at flirting or really any part of this...
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    Ooh Parker, off to a bit of a shaky start, he definitely needs to relax a little, and eat some fancy bread! But so far so good, I am really enjoying this
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    Irishsong wrote: »
    Also, Happy Birthday to me! 21! Woo! (As I sit and play sims all day and don't do much of anything... My friends do want to take me out drinking though... I gotta find out when that's happening.)

    Happy Birthday! I hope it was a fab day and you got to go out with friends. :)
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    Happy Birthday :)

    The story is so exciting! I wonder what will happen next. Or who Tessa will kiss next? :p
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    Happy Birthday. Hope you had a fun day! 21 forever.

    Now, Tessa...are you going to kiss all the guys? Sample their kisses to see which one is the best? lol
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