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Name 1 THING that BOTHERS you about SIMS 3.


  • ShpyPlayerShpyPlayer Posts: 353
    edited August 2009
    Please, Please make some more hairstyles please :)

    I know this is a long shot, but could you make wild animals that you could interact with around the town/s (hint hint: like animals in Sim animals :))
  • SimFreak27SimFreak27 Posts: 14
    edited August 2009
    I'd say the curfew, I hate to see Sim kids and teens treated like that :evil:
  • tinarusselltinarussell Posts: 114 Member
    edited August 2009
    I totally agree with the
    "I think we need strollers and stuff for the baby's, seasons and holidays, getting invited to parties not just having parties, i think everyone not only your active player should age the same, i made my active sim and my sims best friend both with children and her grew up way faster than mine, and if you have twins/triplets they should have the same birthday, and more types of parties with gifts, like baby shower, wedding shower, teen drunk parties, bachelor, be able to customize your height. and children should have like crushes and first kisses. even boyfriends" post from earlier!! DEFINATELY need more kids interactions. And the babies you can't do much that you want to hurry and age them because it's so boring. You can't even put them on the ground and have them lay on their tummy and rock or anything. The aging thing happened with my Sims boyfriend, he was old and she was still young. I have to randomly turn aging off and on to keep things even.

    I also am very upset that brothers and sisters can't socialize...what is that! You can't even talk to your own family unless they are an adult. Aren't kids supposed to play together? I have 4 kids and none of them can play together, chat, hold the younger kids...nothing. That is just crazy. Very unrealistic. And the father's don't talk to their kids either, won't hold them or anything. :thumbdown:
  • Lindsey20Lindsey20 Posts: 14
    edited August 2009
    I get really frustrated at how long it takes sims to do a simple task. it doesn't take me 2 hours to prepare a meal, so why does it take the sims an eternity? I know this has probably been mentioned already, but I figured they would have done a better job at time in sims 3. It takes to long to do anything so half the time I just have them sit at the house cuz I get way to frustrated when it comes to having them go out or meet with people, it takes to long and they always end up being out past midnight!

    I also get frustrated when my sims wont do what I ask. If i want them to woohoo the other one is always like nooo! but why??? I'm in control of both so why wont they do what I tell them to???

    I also wish it gave me the option to use romantic interactions for everyone. My teenager is best friends with a girl and I want them to date, but it never gives me an option other than "tell dirty joke" in flirting so its very hard!!

    Would be nice to have pets and stuff. and also be able to see them when they go to sports games.. My one sim is an athlete but I can never actually see his games.. just see the score.. being able to see the game would be cool!
  • SimFreak27SimFreak27 Posts: 14
    edited August 2009
    Oh and I'd also like to add the annoying error code 12/13 message when trying to save :x
  • ViciousPalmTreeViciousPalmTree Posts: 4
    edited August 2009
    There are a few things that have been bothering me about this game, but one thing that really just annoys me because it is so frustrating and happens every time, is this:

    Every time that my parent Sim tries to pick up a toddler for anything, the toddler has to crawl all the way over to the other side of the house to be picked up, even when the parent Sim is standing over them!! It never ceases to amaze me, I thought the Sims were now supposed to be amazingly intelligent, so this is a big let down! I've altered the space of the room they are in and everything, but the toddler always just crawls into the bathroom, which strangely enough is cramped and smaller than anywhere else, why?

    Also agree with so many other people, the lack of hairstyles, maids, gardeners, cars, nothing to do at the beach, amongst countless others....

    Another thing, the time... 1 second should not be 1 minute!!!! I thought that they would have changed this after Sims 2!!! There's no time for anything!!!! By the time my Sim has gone out and met someone new and talked to them, its time to go home again!!!! What is that!!?

    Oh and why is the park the centre of attention? It's really boring, there's nothing to do except play chess... I thought it was gonna be interesting... I had to add more stuff to make it somewhat interesting... Ah well...
  • Agent_ZeroAgent_Zero Posts: 4,564 Member
    edited August 2009
    I do not understand why the Sims have house phones when all mobile sims ( child and up) have cell phones.
  • GuyIncogneatoGuyIncogneato Posts: 17
    edited August 2009
    After a rather short period of time I managed to do everything you can do in Sims 3. The issue I have with this, is not that it was too difficult, or that it wasn't fun the first time. No, the issue I have is that it is NO FUN the second time :(

    Seems to me, that the game designers have spent too much time on high powered, memory eating, Video card Munching graphics..background graphics too boot, and not enough time on playability!!!!

    Why Can't different things happen the second time around?
    Why Can't social interactions look different?
    Why Can't you edit the sizes of the Sims; why is everyone the same height?
    Why Can't the Sims themselves die more often?

    Maybe add a hazards options, that when enabled you Sim is more likely to have a mishap.

    And for goodness sake, make each social action different for each character trait!!! A Sim with a funny trait should tell jokes differently then a Sim with no sense of humor...Or is that just me?

    If you are going to charge 50 bucks a game plus charge people for down loadable content then at least make it seem worthwhile! OHHHH and if EA really wants to make money and maybe I should not give them this idea. But why not make social interaction down loadable? That would keep the game a lot more fresh then some lousy sofa or new pattern for a BACK GROUND ITEM!!!
  • startamastartama Posts: 313 Member
    edited August 2009
    ...The children's creepy-*** lips.
  • ConnorJackConnorJack Posts: 836 New Member
    edited August 2009
    This thread!
  • GracalaGracala Posts: 3
    edited August 2009
    I miss having pets and I miss some of the Sims2 Cheats (ie larger household capability and most of the 'spawn' options).

  • BallaroseBallarose Posts: 191 New Member
    edited August 2009
    I hate how difficult (read impossible!) it is to have the family all sitting down for a meal at the same time. In SIMS 2 they did some great socializing during meal times and I loved watching everyone chatting around the dinner table.
  • AdrianiskoolAdrianiskool Posts: 11
    edited August 2009
    enformer wrote:
    Its the hair.

    They are all garbage lol.

    Everything else I can redesign and color. But not the hair. The next EP probly will be called barbershop or hair care lol.

    Yea All the hair is a load of ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • LemastersgLemastersg Posts: 1
    edited August 2009
    I have a few problems.

    1. No Custom neighborhoods (this was the biggest bummer)

    2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ hair

    3. No more Woohooing with the Reaper!!!
  • MelliemellzMelliemellz Posts: 2
    edited August 2009
    For me it is, the inability to run my own business as before. BRING IT BACK!!!.. :D
  • chica_del_padrechica_del_padre Posts: 2,117 New Member
    edited August 2009
    Having to drag every single item from my inventory to the fridge or bookshelf. There should be a "add all" or "add x number" option.
  • gosharks14gosharks14 Posts: 1
    edited August 2009
    I don't like how ther is no "bool prop" cheat. i liked to make guys pregnant. Hahaha...and also everything ellse that people said... :mrgreen:
  • Peppy41Peppy41 Posts: 5
    edited August 2009
    one thing that bothers me about Sims3 is that elements of all the old expansion packs are not already in the game.

    I also agree with what bothers everyone else, especially the hair
  • iluvmufinziluvmufinz Posts: 47
    edited August 2009
    I get random sims living in my house!

    I'll play with one family then leave to go play with another, but when I go back, the first family has some old lady living there or something!

    Once I was playing the Goth family, then switched to some other, but when I came back, there was some random chinese lady living there! At first I thought it might have been because Gunther and Cornelia had become elders and Mortimer was still a child, but when I moved her out, nothing changed. And on another occasion, there was some random toddler there that was un-related to them. For the toddler, I just became frustrated and left her in the attic away from the rest of the family to be taken away by the social worker and/or die :twisted:
  • BoredguyBoredguy Posts: 842 New Member
    edited August 2009
    SimFreak27 wrote:
    I'd say the curfew, I hate to see Sim kids and teens treated like that :evil:
  • xW0AHxiAtEY0UxoxW0AHxiAtEY0Uxo Posts: 80
    edited August 2009
    lol, i have the same problem with not being able to date the father of my child. well, i did. but now that they're finally romantic interests, like its been like a year in sim days and they've gone from young adult to sdult and then some o.e and there's no propose option? idk how to get them married, and they like live together and have kids. o.e it bothers me. (:
  • cameonet1950cameonet1950 Posts: 2,138 Member
    edited August 2009
    I'm adjusting to the game with all of the "give & takes" compared to TS2. So what bothers me the MOST is this...the TS3 FORUM!
    Unless you bookmark something, you may never find it again and there are no sub-categories in the Creator's Corner or whatever it's called. There is no "guest book" either and no one seems to care about all of the "off topic" garbage like: are there any single guys on here?-":mrgreen:" and OMG I HAVE THE BIGGEST NEWS IN THE WORLD - "Hellooo!! I want to talk to someone thats my big news and a bunch of u were probably wanting big news..but o wellll...."

  • TOdancerTOdancer Posts: 4
    edited August 2009
    my one thing is that no matter what I do it crashes every 20 min. like clock work. I haven't even been able to finish a family.
  • StrawberrySwirlStrawberrySwirl Posts: 1,218 New Member
    edited August 2009
    For me it is, the inability to run my own business as before. BRING IT BACK!!!.. :D


    I LOVED making my own business from scratch and bring it up to the top♥ I always used Malcolm Landgraab for the businesses xD so he was super rich.
    Having to drag every single item from my inventory to the fridge or bookshelf. There should be a "add all" or "add x number" option.

    In the top left corner of the blue box in which the items are collected there is this white-ish mark which is where you click to move all the Item x number to a place. :) I thought the same thing when I went to the super market and bought 99 apples LOL. It took me a while to figure it out but I did XD
  • delbertperrydelbertperry Posts: 106
    edited August 2009
    When you enter edit town and try to place a house it takes to long it is epic becuase it takes mine like 40 min. to place one house and like 10 to rotate it.
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