Name 1 THING that BOTHERS you about SIMS 3.


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    JoAnne65 wrote: »
    Rabbitholes are so underestimated. They are beautiful, they often define the look of a city/world and they're practical. I don't need to follow my sims to school or work (all the time) but I do like to see where they're going. And I like sims can take courses in them. Ode to the rabbithole B)

    I have to agree, some of the Town Halls are simply beautiful and I've always loved the look of the school from Moonlight. I always use Doopees or whatever the Journalism/Business office building is called and the grocery/bookstore/theater from Sunset in every one of my games regardless of the town I'm playing, not saying they are georgeous, I just like them.
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    AJbackst wrote: »
    They take too long to get dressed. Love you guys, but I'm not waiting 3 hours for you to change your shirt and pants!

    It always seems that they dilly dally while changing clothes when they have less than an hour to get to work. It's a simple spin, you think they could manage that faster.
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    When my Sim or cat gets stuck in a wall... I hate having to delete and then rebuild the wall.
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    Combined School/Stadium venue in Moonlight Falls - somehow glitches with my kids' Scouting activities. :(
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    When my sim (parent) has a job and has to work at a skill for his job and a child has school and homework, but I want them to bond and can't because their too busy
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    How my sims pause after something breaks to 'react to it' by screaming at it.
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    I hate getting soooo much mail from random townies wanting to go on a date. My Sim is married, she doesn't want you!
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    Maxis won't fix SP/Routing/Rabbithole entrances for more than 1 Sim at a Time/Working Restaurants... fixing the ingame editor... and Fixing CAW from the newest update.

    Maxis shouldn't be able to leave a game broken and move on to a new one.. :(
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    Surreal wrote: »
    MiyuEmi wrote: »
    @Okblondee7 You don't need to be in Isla Paradiso to make use of the new activities that came with IP. I've actually found IP to be the best possible expansion to make holiday's possible for families. You can scuba dive, windsurf etc in all worlds, including the WA worlds. Isla Paradiso is a mess, but the EP itself brought a lot of nice stuff to the table.

    Very true. While I can play fine in Isla Paradiso now, I still can't snorkle - but I chalk this up to my current horrible computer stats, not Ciane's world fixes. And while the world is a bit dicey without the fixes, I can windsurf just fine in Sunset Valley or any other world with water. Install it; the added game play is fun. *Need to try running a resort again...*

    @Surreal and @MiyuEmi, I had no idea! I thought about Sunlit Tides but didn't try it.

    I have since bought Island Paradise. Installed it and then installed @ciane's fixed world. It runs like a dream. I haven't had a chance to send the sims boating, snorkeling, etc, but I did buy one family a boat and trailer. It's sitting in their driveway. I think I thought they would hook it up to the truck and off they would go! I now realize that I probably need to put it in someone's inventory. :)

    The 1 thing that bothers me today (it changes each time I play) is when directing either parent to potty train a triplet, they promptly go downstairs like they expect the child to follow. The potty chair is upstairs! I should say 5 potty chairs. I don't like to take the time to empty the chair each time since it takes from 3-5 times to get potty-trained.

    I finally removed the bedroom door so that no one could go anywhere until training was complete. :)
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    Children not being able to play instruments.


    Please add vehicles and garages! Vehicles have always been part of The Sims. Also Music Bands.
  • Okblondee7Okblondee7 Posts: 2,607 Member
    @Goodywood: There are mods for that, if you aren't opposed but from what I have read and seen pictures of, the child 'stretches' while playing and reverts back to normal size afterwards.

    Not really great if you intend to take photos. :|
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    "The Sims 3 launcher has stopped working"....and always in the middle of building something.
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    "The Sims 3 launcher has stopped working"....and always in the middle of building something.

    Exactly. :|

    Ha! I always end up using the Edit button. I don't use the Launcher for playing, but it always stops working when I am downloading/installing something an even though I try to keep my DL folder pretty empty, the Launcher takes forever to D/L larger items/sets/compilations.
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    I hate getting soooo much mail from random townies wanting to go on a date. My Sim is married, she doesn't want you!

    This. Exactly this.
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    Another thing that seems to bother me, sims having the random need to cheat on their spouse. Seriously. This is one of my biggest pet peeves in the game, sure it might make sense if they have the flirty trait, but we're talking traits like hopeless romantic, or even a family oriented sim. Why. must. you. give. flowers. to. your. in-law. :s No, just no. I don't even remember sims in Sims 2 with the romance aspiration staring an affair autonomously, unless of course it was from one of those insane drama professors or annoying cow mascots..
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    There are too many annoyances to list, but I try to lump most of them into the "lovable quirks" category (gotta love 'em because I've run out of place to hide the bodies). However, the inability of the game to preserve setting preferences is maddening and the frequency with which nVidia rolls out driver updates (at least once a month, but always before major game launches) means that my game preferences reset to defaults every week or two, on average. Low-res 1024x768 on a 1080p monitor? Really? In 2015?
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