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Loving in the Limelight


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    @Mikezumi lololololol Totally agree on that one!
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    The housemates sleep in because of the late night. They all do a some exercising as part of their morning routine. Jared works on strength with his chin ups. Alexandra works on her dance. Melee does her aerobics routine while poor Brian tries to keep his mind on the weights he is lifting. This is not easy for him with Melee working in her leotard right in front of him. By the time they finish their workouts it is time for Jared and Brian to rush off to work.

    Alexandra eats a quick breakfast and starts collecting various rocks and mineral. She finds several dumpsters in town and searches those for items to sell. Once she has completed her collecting for the day she goes to the consignment shop. There she smelts the ores and cuts the gems. She puts them up for sale at the consignment shop. In just the few days she has been doing this she has made over 8000 simoleans. It is not a bad way to make a living. The dumpster dives are certainly not pleasant though and this is not her dream job. She hopes that she will hear from the agent soon about the job at the film studio.

    After work, Jared meets Alexandra at the consignment shop. He takes her home so she can shower and change. They have made plans to go out to eat together.

    Brian arrives home from work and Melee is getting ready to leave. Her agent got her a job to be seen having a drink at The Prosper Room to get younger patrons. Melee agreed as she needs the money. She does not like the stuffy atmosphere of the club. Brian is still dressed in a uniform from being an extra in one of the films. He gives her a big kiss, winks at her and tells her he will come to the Prosper to rescue her after he cleans up. Brian enters the bar and finds Melee. "Lets blow this place for something livelier." Melee has texted her agent and the payment has been posted so she agrees and they head to The Grind and dance until closing time. Brian takes the long way home with her stopping and kissing frequently.
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    @bekkasan What a fit bunch of sims!
    Cute leotard! Takes me back to the 80s when I used to do aerobics at the YWCA :p
    That's good money from collecting! :o
    I'm glad Alexandra showered before her date - dumpster diving would be stinky work!
    Awww they're holding hands :)
    I always preferred my sims going to the Grind, Waylon's Haunt or Eugi's because I am a casual kinda gal so my sims should be too ;)
    Brian and Melee are getting on great!
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    @Mikezumi The leotard reminds me of my aerobic's days as well, except mine were basic, not real colorful. :)
    I need to try Waylon's again, the bar was broke and they couldn't order food or drinks, and I finally got it reset and need to send them again. I had added a bull ride and pool table in the back there :)
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    Jared takes Alexandra to the Butterfly Esplanade after they eat. She is entranced by the fireflies dancing around among the plants. The sit on one of the benches and watch the fireflies, talking softly. Jared puts his arm around her and tucks her close to his side. He tells her how much she means to him. "I'm falling in love with you." I didn't plan for this to happen, not while I'm trying to start out in my career, but, I can't get you out of my mind. He pulls her to her feet and wraps his arms around her. Alexandra looks into his eyes. "I'm falling in love with you." They kiss softly at first and then with more passion.

    Jared and Alexandra sit on the bench. In between cuddles and kisses, they both talk about what they want. Jared looks at Alexandra, "Now that I've found you, I won't let you go. This business can be tough on couples with long absences because of films and projects. We will find a way to keep that from happening. I know you will be a big star someday and I want that for you. I want to write and produce and direct my own projects. You can be my star in my home as well as in my films."
    Alexandra listens to what Jared has to say and agrees, "Yes, I want to be a star and have a successful career as an actor. I also want a family. I was raised in a large family and would like to have kids. How do you feel about kids?"
    Jared tells her he was raised in such a way that he has no idea how he would feel about kids. "I have a brother that is older than me, he is the heir and I was the spare. We were raised by a series of nannies and tutors and they were fired if they were the least affectionate. We were set into competing with each other, but that is not my personality. I just frustrated everyone because I could care less about competing. I know that I don't want nannies or tutors raising my kids, so I guess I do want kids. I just had never thought about it. I would love to have a little girl with your smile and eyes. I love watching your eyes light up when I am getting ready to kiss you." He then moves to kiss her and watches her eyes light up before he gives her a passionate kiss.
    Alexandra enjoys the way she feels when he kisses her, but, a little nervous about how fast things are happening. "I'm glad you would want to have kids. I think you will make an awesome Dad wanting our kids to have the relationship with you that you missed out on. You are a very romantic man and an awesome kisser. This is all happening so fast. Can we take things slow in progressing our relationship. Will you be ok with that? She is a bit nervous about his answer.
    He kisses her again. "Of course, we can continue to take things slowly, get to know each other and feel more comfortable with the relationship. I won't stop kissing you though", he teases her. "I agree we should concentrate on our jobs and getting to know each other better, but, I won't share you with others. I know we will both have to make appearances with others because of the films, but, you are my girl and I'm your guy.
    She smiles and laughs "Hey, I had 3 brothers and I learned to protect my things and fight at an early age. I will take on any females or males trying to steal you away."
    Jared seals the deal with more kisses that just take her breath away. "This is not going to be easy with kisses like that." Alexandra fans herself with her hands and pretends to swoon.
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    @bekkasan Kissing! Finally! <3
    And she wants kids! :D
    Awwww I know they have to slow down so they can work on their careers but it is sad :(
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    Getting to Know You

    Over the next several days Alexandra and Jared spend their non working time together. They train together on Jared's gym equipment before work each day. Jared texts her when he finishes work and she will text back where she is at and they meet up. Alexandra loves kissing Jared as much as she loves getting kissed by him. Since they are at the bistro they decide to splurge and have dinner there. The food is not as good as at the diner. More shared kisses at the end of the evening before going in.

    It is a good thing that Melee knows how to cook or they would be eating yogurt and cereal or toast every morning. They enjoy an evening out at the karaoke bar with some of Jared's co workers and go dancing with Brian and Melee another night. Arriving home they cuddle on Alexandra's bed enjoying the closeness and playing with fire.

    Alexandra is a bookworm and takes Jared to the library. Jared is not a bookworm but can often be found reading scripts and studying writing techniques. Even the atmosphere of the library cannot keep them from eyeing each other once they finish their books. They heard the librarian mutter 'get a room' and cannot contain their laughter as they rush out of the library dissolving into fits of giggles on the steps.

    The enjoy a light meal at a new coffee house in town. They find out the place hires entertainers and they will make sure to let Melee know. They decide they have had enough clubbing this week and head home to sit in the yard and watch the stars and talk. Jared watches Alexandra more than the stars.
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    Lovely update, @bekkasan. So sweet
    The Sequel: Part 3 Prologue

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    @bekkasan Awwww so sweet seeing them text each other :)
    Adorable pic of Alexandra and Jared dancing <3
    "Playing with fire"!! LOL That's for sure! I hope they have a fire extinguisher by the bed ;)
    Love the last pic :) I really love the animations for watching the stars :)
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    I've read several updates from this story in the "What happened in your Sims game today?" thread, but I've only now read the whole story and connected them together. I didn't know Alexandra was your simself. She is cute! And reading everyone's wish-fulfillment stories is so fun - I should do one of my own!
    The "watching the stars" picture is incredibly cute. :smile:
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    @ZeeGee Thank you, glad you are still reading. :)

    @Mikezumi Thank you, I keep expecting them to give me the 'can we now?' look.

    @PalmArrow Thanks for the comments. I may have posted the first ones when your puter was 'broke' ::teasing:: :) They do have a certain wish locked in, but, so far I have not let them have it. I'm learning to take several shots of the different animations to get a different expression. I've got a few good ones like the one at the end of the post. Some happen so fast it is gone before you can line it up or click c so am just clicking c to see what I get. :)
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    @bekkasan , I had no time to read this one before but life is back to "normal-ish" I shall attempt to catch up.. :smiley:
    **You're braver than me if you are doing the celebrity system I shut it off immediately as I found it VERY annoying when I left it on a few times, all the paps hanging around drove me crazy.
    **Love the back story on Jared, I think that is one of the houses I've used before it looks familiar.
    **Brian will keep the house up all night with those traits..
    **Alexandra and Jared...hearts!!
    **Good boy Brian, I like you already not messing with a married woman.
    **I love The Grind, gave it a total makeover though....I can't not redo!
    **I like Matthew, never really played with him too much though, more interested in other Sims living in Bridgeport...Beau, Lotta and Vlad.
    **Wow Jared those muscles!! (a bit too much for my personal taste, I like them a bit on the lesser bulky side)
    **Like how you added in Bunny..Melee...
    **I agree with mikezumi, irresistible is dangerous on other Sims when a pair is also in the house!
    **Dayng BIG space rock! Nice..
    **Consignment guy is fairly cute!
    **Looks like Brian likes Melee!
    **The bartenders um...assets yipes someone is gonna lose an eye! :o
    **Awww, the smooches!!
    **Why are the boys shirtless when eating out, did I miss something?
    **Very sweet story thus far!! LOVE!! <3
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    @Charlottesmom Glad things are semi back to normal. That is a start anyway! :) Thanks for the comments. :)
    The celebrity system is a PIA, but, since I wanted them to be actors/entertainers I went with it. So far, no paparazzi have tried to get in the house. I will annihilate them if that happens.
    That is a bin house. I was too lazy to build a 4 bedroom apartment style home so, picked it and renovated it. It turned out pretty good.
    I actually toned his muscles down a bit! hehe He exercises a lot!
    I wasn't sure about leaving irresistible on Melee, but, it is a trait I don't use much so decided to leave it. I watch Jared like a hawk, but, he gravitates to Alexandra, exercise equipment or books when I'm not making him do something.
    All the female bartenders in this town got some major boobies that look like someone stuffed them with cantaloupes and then inflated them. Triple D's at least.
    The shirtless pic is breakfast at home. :)

    PS: Now they are plumming boobies. This is ridiculous!
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    Random Happenings

    Melee fixes all the meals as she is the only one with any cooking skills.
    Brian may be a party animal and a night owl, but he is ambitious and reads any books that are required to advance in his career.

    Melee has been at the bistro to eat a meal for her celebrity status and upon leaving she finds Morgana passed out on the ground. She is getting ready to call the emergency squad when Morgana suddenly stands up. She realizes Morgana is pregnant and asks her if she is ok. Morgana explains that she has been out in the sun too long and her body reacted by passing out. They introduce themselves and Melee tells the baby hello as well. While they are talking Morgana goes into labor and all the guys on the lot start panicking. Melee is happy as she just leveled her charisma talking with Morgana.

    Brian cuddles with Melee on his balcony. I'm letting them set the pace and no woohoo yet. Brian goes to the park to meet a coworker to befriend. Melee goes to the park to play her guitar for tips and ends up on the swing. He flirts with a sim while waiting for his coworker and then pushes Melee on the swings. Melee did eventually play her guitar and get the 25 simeoleans needed for that wish, and then she switched to the piano for another tip wish. Brian's coworker showed up and it looks like he did more flirting than befriending. :) He got hearts with her as well, but I missed that shot. Melee was excited about a celebrity watching her play the piano and got his autograph. The celebrity is Alan Stanley who is the boss in the director track of the actor career, which is the track Jared will take. Brian and Melee watch the stars later that evening. No autonomous woohoo and creator is staying hands off on those two.

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    @bekkasan Ambitious sims can be a pain! Always wanting to advance and if they are idle they are not happy!
    Poor Morgana! It's a good thing sim babies are resiliant!
    Brian and Melee have good self control if they are hands off and not woohooing! Mine go from "hello" to woohoo! LOL Except for the little glitch with Chance and Iggy ;)
    Love the swing picture :)
    They are a really cute couple :)
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    Jared's agent told him he needed to exercise more. I think Jared needs a new agent! He looks pretty hot to me. Jared decided basketball was the way to exercise for his agent. I wonder if Jared is going to let Alexandra take care of his ouwies.

    Jared and Brian both received promotions to best boy. They leave the studio bragging to each other about their successes.

    Jared is a hopeless romantic and he knows that Alexandra is the only girl for him. Bridgeport is full of beautiful, desirable women, with personalities that sparkle, but, Alexandra feels like the other half of him. He is not the least enticed by these others. He feels complete with her. He doesn't feel the hurt he experienced from his family abandoning him having her in his life. He cannot imagine spending his life without her. He doesn't want her to feel like he is stalking her, but, he wants her to understand that no matter how long it takes, he will convince her they are meant to be together.

    Alexandra is romantic in nature also, but, is also more cautious then Jared, and he understands that. Just in the short time she has been in Bridgeport she has seen several of her acquaintances fall in love, get married, have a baby and get divorced, find a new guy and start the cycle all over. She does not want that for herself. Her parents have been married for 40 years and had 6 kids. They are still in love and sneak away to fool around in the barn when they think no one is looking. She wants that for herself. The first time she saw Jared she felt a connection and was certainly attracted to him. The more she is with him, the more sure she is that he is her soulmate. She is falling in love with him more each day and it is getting harder to resist the passion when they kiss. She has met other men in town as she goes about her day collecting and dumpster diving, hanging with Melee or out dancing at night with Melee, Brian and Jared. The men in this town are handsome and sexy, but, none tempt her except Jared, even though a few have tried.

    Jared arranges a romantic picnic to enjoy with Alexandra. He sends her a text asking her to meet him and gives her the address. She texts him back and tells him she is on the way. He has the picnic set up in a secluded grove near the park, but, far enough away to be private. She arrives and exclaims happily over the wonderful romantic surprise that Jared has arranged. Alexandra gives him a kiss and he kisses her back. They sit and enjoy a lovely gourmet picnic with stuffed shrimp, fruit salad with watermelon and strawberries, several varieties of cheeses and some aged nectar. They enjoy the meal and each others company. The fireflies are soon flickering darting among the bushes, and the sky darkens. They walk hand in hand and stroll home.

    They arrive home just in time to find a burglar entering the front door. The would be robber runs back down the steps when he is spotted and punches at Jared. Jared not afraid of a fight, punches back and a fight ensues. Alexandra is worried watching the punches being throw. The robber seems to be getting the upper hand, then Jared is back throwing punches. Jared emerges victorious and after checking the burglars pack for any stolen items he lets him run off. Alexandra rushes to him while Jared flexes his muscles energized by the fight. "I was so worried, I didn't know you could fight like that."
    "I learned street fighting in the school yard, and of course have studied martial arts as well. This was not exactly the ending to our evening I'd planned. I want to check the neighborhood out to be sure a gang is not roaming. Go in and lock the doors. I'll call Brian and Melee and have them come home right away as well."
    He calls Brian and tells him what is going on and asks him if he knows where Melee as he doesn't want her coming home alone. "She is with me and we can be home in a few minutes as we are at the Haunt and that is just a block away." Jared escorts Alexandra in and checks the house and the other exits. He kisses her goodnight and waits to hear her lock the door. He heads out into the night to check the neighborhood.
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    @Mikezumi Thanks so much for your comments. :) They all have a few traits that I don't normally pick if I'm doing the choosing so it is fun seeing different reactions and animations.
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    @bekkasan Love the opening pic of Jared on his tush! :D
    Awwww what a romantic! <3
    Alexandra's parents sound like my sims only mine don't sneak to the barn ;)
    What a romantic picnic and I love the poses <3
    What a man! So protective! Where do I find me one of those?
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    @Mikezumi Thanks for the comments. hehe, your sims do it right out in the open. Yes, if men could just be what they are in our imaginations! I'm on pose searches finding some things that add to the story pics and look natural in game. :)
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    Alexandra falls asleep on the couch waiting for Jared to come home. She wakes up as he locks the door behind him. She rushes to him. "I can't believe I fell asleep. I was so terrified that something would happen to you. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you." Tears run down her cheeks as she holds him and kisses him. Jared looks towards the creator as if to say 'this wasn't part of the plan, but, it seems to have helped Alexandra realize her feelings.'

    He holds her tightly and they walk upstairs together. They cuddle on the bed and exhausted they fall asleep. Sometime during the night Jared pulls the covers over them and holds her in his embrace.
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    @bekkasan I am sure Alexandra was totally aware of her feelings for him before that, although it was a good reason to snuggle together in bed ;)
    Great update :)
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    @mikezumi It sure was a good reason to snuggle together. :)
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    A New Job

    Jared wakes in Alexandra's bed. He is alone. The events of the night flash through his mind. He gets up and goes to his room to change clothes. Alexandra is in the hall and hanging up her phone. "I got the job! I start on Monday. They are sending over a costume for me to try today. I'm so excited!"
    Jared smiles and tells her "I'm happy for you too. I wonder what movie they will put you in. It will be fun if we are on the same set."
    "That would be awesome!", she twirls around the room happy to have a job with the studio finally.

    Jared helps Alexandra with her athletics, training her on the treadmill to increase her stamina. They go downstairs for breakfast. Melee has made pancakes and they enjoy them with her. Brian, being a party animal and staying up late is still asleep. Jared studies a book about being a best boy and Alexandra works on her guitar skill, while Melee plays the piano and later collects a few gems and dumpster dives to help with the joint funds.

    Alexandra tries on her costume. She must be playing a chef of sorts as an extra in this movie. She wonders if she should do some reading on cooking to prepare for her role. She realizes she has on her jewelry and removes her necklace and bracelet, and looks in the mirror. That's better, more professional. They did not send a script so no lines to learn. She thinks to herself, hopefully they will be impressed with my acting and I will advance quickly.

    After the guys get off work the foursome decide to go to Waylon's Haunt together. It was recently renovated and they want to check out what is new. They hope it hasn't changed too much as this is the one place they feel the most comfortable hanging out. They have extended the back and added some new fun things to do while hanging out here, otherwise it is pretty much the same old place. Brian and Melee play some juice pong, while Alexandra and Jared dance together. Brian gets interrupted while trying to order drinks. Romeo wants his autograph. It is nice he is being recognized but sheesh, let him order first! Alexandra and Jared are dancing when the photo booth starts rocking and rolling. Brian is finally getting drinks for him and Melee at the bar, so it is not them. Who is in the photo booth and what are they doing? Where are the nosy paparazzi when you want one! It was Romeo and his wife Moxie in the booth. We later learn they are pregnant with their first child. Jared is getting recognized as well when they go out. Alexandra ends up buying the drinks and some bar food while he has his picture taken and gives an autograph.
    (Creator really hates interruptions in her stories, but is trying hard to quit being so controlling, well, honestly, trying a little. :lol: I didn't open up MC and blast them with reset sim, now did I? I was good)

    They return home and Jared and Alexandra watch the stars from their backyard spot and Melee and Brian watch the stars from the side yard.
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    @bekkasan What wonderful constraint to not reset the interrupters! LOL
    Congrats to Alexandra on getting an acting role :)
    Looks like a fun night was had at Waylon's, apart from the interruptions ;)
    The photobooth is often busy in my games :p How great that you witnessed the making of Romeo and Moxie's baby! ;)
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    @Mikezumi hehe, between the paparazi and sims wanting pics and autographs, I remember why I abandoned celebrities after I did my model/photographer story. :) I was amazed at how high the booth went up in that little alcove. I was just laughing and thinking about you and your sims. :) Thanks for the comments. :)
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