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Loving in the Limelight


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    "I am who I am and for that, I'm beautiful an all the right ways inside and out..." :blush:
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    Alleenmens wrote: »
    "I am who I am and for that, I'm beautiful an all the right ways inside and out..." :blush:

    So very true. Thank you for popping by my story thread. :)
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    @bekkasan Your screenshot of the house as the sun rises is so pretty. ...Those peanut and banana sandwiches look good! This morning I had honey walnut cream cheese on a whole wheat bagel. Similar breakfast. ;) ...Fun seeing the family members going about their daily activities. ...Anton seems very busy with work assignments. ...Luka looks so cute in the swing. ...Aww, Dani and Zane. Compatible and so sweet together! ...LOL at Dani telling him she'd go to the prom with him as long as he doesn't embarrass her! I hope things work out for the two. They would be a great couple.
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    @lanlyn Thanks so much for reading and commenting. :smiley: Yum, your breakfast sound great! I'm hoping things will work between them. I thought they looked cute together.
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    Loving in the Limelight
    The Moonlight Falls Family
    A New Girl in Town

    Ms.Taryn Whitmore recently arrived in Moonlight Falls after a brief and unproductive stint in Aurora Springs working in a day care. She left hurriedly after a strange man grabbed her on the street and threatened to take her away and make her part of his baby making army. She used the techniques her brothers taught her to stop such attempts and left the man lying in the street in a fetal position holding onto his family jewels and sobbing about not being able to make babies anymore. She did not even take time to scrub the kitten makeup off her face. She grabbed her few belongings, got on her cycle and cruised around until she happened on Moonlight Falls and decided she liked the way the town look. Luckily she has a good sense of humor, a bright outlook on life and is a hopeless romantic that helps her get through the rough times. She has been told she is a great kisser, but does not feel comfortable flirting. She would like to own a bar and restaurant someday and her natural ability to cook and throw various ingredients together will help in that regard. She rents a trailer for one month while she tries to decide if this is where she should be.

    Taryn hops on her motorcycle and cruises the town stopping at various businesses to look for a job while she checks out the sights.

    She finds a gypsy encampment in a park on the edge of town and thinks it would be nice to have her fortune told. She waits for awhile but no one shows up. She then drives to a nearby park rumored to be home to fairy's. She does not believe in fairy's or fairy tales, but doesn't mind touring while she waits for the bars to open up. Taryn tours the arboretum and does not find any fairy's, but does find some lovely plants growing to amazing heights and such beautiful colors. Must be some great soil in the arboretum.
    She sees a small fairy house nearby and the door is open. She pokes her fingers inside and hears high pitched sounds of excitement and fear and the door slams shut just as she removes her fingers. She tries to open it and it is shut tight. She peeks in a window but cannot see a thing. Weird, she shrugs and wonders how someone developed a toy that would respond that way.

    It is time for her appointment at the Toadstool and she arrives just as the bar opens up. "Up here", shouts the bartender and she climbs the stairs. He tells her to man the bar and fix her best drink. First she cleans the bar as it was filthy and then cleans the glass as it still smells like last nights alcohol.

    She mixes a few of the ingredients using some of her signature moves, tossing the bottles in the air as she pours and juggles the bottles. Oops, hopefully the barkeep wasn't looking and didn't see the drop. She finishes making the drink, sniffs it and wonders just how old are some of these bottles in this bar. Smells like wet dog fur.

    The barkeep takes the glass from her and takes a sip after looking at it carefully. He gags and promptly spits it out. "What did you put in this drink? His face is still turning green and red as he tries to rid the taste out of his mouth with tap water.
    "Just this cheap stuff you have under that bar. I wouldn't use that stuff to remove road tar off my bike."
    Taryn did not get the job.
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    @bekkasan I enjoyed your update on Taryn. ...The "strange man" wanting to use her for his baby-making army. :D We know who that is! @CravenLestat ...I like her traits. ...She looks so cute with the short hairstyle. ...Your narrative was fun to read! Awesome. ...Loved Taryn's exploration of the gypsy park. ...Great screenshots of her practicing mixology too. LOL at not getting the job! ...Lovely close-up pic of Taryn at the end though. She's beautiful.
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    @lanlyn Thanks so much for your comments and following the story. :smiley: That dastardly Craven strikes again! :lol:
    She is a beauty. @CravenLestat did an wonderful job on her and since Anton needs a girl I'm hoping they will get along. They have no traits or fav's in common so this should be interesting.
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    @bekkasan Although I commented on Taryn in the chat thread, I forgot to ask who the creator of the hair was. It's lovely :)
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    Loving in the Limelight
    The Moonlight Falls Family

    Nikita spent his afternoon off teaching his son to talk and Luka has turned into a chatterbox and loves chatting with anyone who will listen to him. He enjoys riding on the spring rider and chants 'ride, ride' until his Dad lets him ride it.

    Taryn goes back to the gypsy park and meets several of her neighbors. She enjoys chatting with Annie Nix in particular. Annie tells her the gypsy arrived and is in the caravan. Taryn still wants to get her fortune even though she doesn't believe in that nonsense. The gypsy appears ancient with dark leathery skin that has been baked by years in the sun. She takes Taryn's hands and runs her dry and wrinkled fingers over the lines in her palms. She stares off into the distances as she traces her index finger along one of the lines. She mumbles and Taryn catches phrases such as a long life line, crossroads and choices to make. She looks up and tells Taryn "Your search is over. Your journey is about to begin. Your heart will lead you."
    "The fortune is a bit cryptic."
    The gypsy looks Taryn in the eyes. "Your fate lies within you. The hands tell me many things and you have choices to make. I cannot make them for you. Learn to listen to your heart."
    "My heart is not trustworthy. It has let me down so many times in the past." With that comment, Taryn turns and leaves the caravan.

    Anton's hard work was rewarded with a promotion to the vice squad. His new captain assigned him to check out one of the local establishments. The Red Velvet Lounge has recently opened a new area for gambling and the captain wants to be sure it is all on the up and up. Anton arrives at the bar and orders a drink to be sure they are not watering the drinks. He finishes his drink and is about to go to the casino area when a beautiful young lady sits at the bar. He decides checking out the casino can wait just a bit longer. He watches as she sips her drink and decides he must meet her. Like a moth to flame her beauty entices him. He doesn't mind if he gets burned.

    Anton introduces himself and finds out she is new in town. Her name is Taryn Whitmore. He tells her one of his best stories. She laughs at all the right places. Anton is torn between his duty and her beauty.

    Angus seems a bit perturbed that Anton is monopolizing the new girl.

    While Anton is 'working' at the lounge the rest of the family ate at the bistro.

    Anton decides the best way to get to know Taryn is question her like he does the suspects for his job. Anton is obviously not a hopeless romantic. Luckily, Taryn is a good sport and answers his questions.

    Anton eventually goes downstairs and checks out the casino and the slot machines. He decides everything appears above board and will write his report for his boss later. For now, he has invited Taryn to play pool with him and they enjoy the game and getting to know each other.

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    Loving in the Limelight
    Moonlight Falls Family
    Promotions and Proms

    Nikita is off to work the next morning. Shortly after he arrives at work his boss calls him into his office. Nikita has been a wingman for a few months and has completed all the flight tests and hours required for promotion to pilot. His ultimate goal is to get into the astronaut program. He hopes this call into his boss's office is good news about a promotion. He is promoted to pilot. He is sent to pick up his new uniform, sign some papers, and given the rest of the day off.

    Allyson has made sure Erik is off to school and finds Luka awake and wanting a cuddle. After breakfast they work on learning to walk and he learns quickly. He gets to ride his tractor around the yard after that. He needs to use the potty and they don't quite make it all the way upstairs to the potty chair in time. Allyson gets him cleaned up and back out to have more fun in the yard.

    Nikita arrives home and finds Allyson in the yard with Luka. He tells her about his promotion. Allyson is very happy for him, congratulates him as she knows how hard he has been working and compliments him on how handsome he looks in his new uniform.

    Nikita is working on increasing his stamina and endurance for the astronaut testing program. He is trying to run 10 miles or more everyday either on the treadmill or in the neighborhood as well as his weights and other exercises.

    Erik gets home from school and after completing his homework he relaxes by taking a submarine adventure.

    Luka gets a good bath after playing in the sand and pretending to garden all afternoon. He happily bangs on the xylophone before bedtime.

    Dimitri hugs Kiara who is crying and a bit sad that her baby boy is getting ready for his first prom date.

    Zane surprises Dani with a bouquet of pink flowers before the prom. She thanks him so surprised at her first flowers from a boy. They had a good time at the prom and he did not embarrass her. She was amazed at how well he danced. They decided to go steady and had their first kiss in a dark corner behind the bleachers. They had their second kiss outside they gym before going home after the prom. (The prom glitched as I forgot don't save and quit during a prom or it will glitch. When I loaded the game back they were all standing outside the school. I was able to send Dani and Zane back in but none of the fun things happened and no one got king or queen of the prom. :( )

    Anton invites himself over to Taryn's home. She is gracious and invites him in to chat. He finds her blindingly stunning and she thinks he is very handsome, no matter what anyone else says. They continue getting to know each other and both discover they love cooking. He invites her out for dinner rather than offering to cook for her, and they go to the bistro riding in his patrol car.

    Back home after the prom Zane enjoys a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich as the prom food was horrible. Erik sits down next to him and questions him about the prom and teases him. "Did you dance with her and smooch with her?"
    Zane sighs happily. "I sure did! Someday you will like kissing."
    Erik gives him that look that only kids can do and tells him... "Yuk!"

    Anton enjoys a good night kiss too.
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    The children are beautiful. Woo hoo! Go Dmitri!! Can't wait to see prom pictures. Taryn is beautiful and boy can she defend herself! :lol:

    And there's the prom! Yes! Okay, we need a family tree here! I got confused a couple of times. Or maybe I should go back and re-read when I have a moment. :)
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    Loving in the Limelight
    The Family Trees

    @ZeeGee Thanks for the comments. :) It's easy to get confused when I take so long to churn out an update and suddenly I'm with a different part of the family. :) I confuse myself sometimes especially with the kids. :tongue:

    Your wish :) I am happy to comply. :smiley:

    Jared and Alexandra were the original couple. They met in Bridgeport both in the acting career. They married and had twins, Jamie and Jade and then baby Amy. Jared's brother Derek was added during the wedding chapters.

    I added Alexandra's parents, Dimitri and Kiara to flesh out the story more and then added the brothers before the wedding. They live in Moonlight Falls and are all humans. No supernaturals in this save other than the background sims. I had not originally planned on playing them, but, after I made them I couldn't not play them. Its like a soap opera where eventually the entire town and folks even beyond town have a part in it. :lol:
    Nikita is oldest brother, married to Allyson and they have the two boys, Erik and Luka. Allyson is the one with freckles and ginger hair. They are moving out soon! The household is getting too big.
    Anton is a bit younger than Alexandra. He is smitten with Taryn who is a sim that @CravenLestat made.
    Zane is a teen and Alexandra's youngest brother. He likes Dani who he went to prom with and she is one of my sims I made.

    Derek Padelecki, Jared's brother, his wife Kendall and their son Avery. They live in Bridgeport currently in the brownstone with Jared's family, but they all will have their own homes soon.
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    Hi @lanlyn :kissing_heart:

    Hi @mikezumi :*

    Hi @Bekkasan just popped in to awesome your posts unlike some slackers on the other thread.

    Hilda Bancroft

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    @CravenLestat Thank you for the awesomes!

    Say hi to @ZeeGee too....she's an awesome simmer and makes awesome machima....I hope that is the right word!

    Gosh, I'm old....not deaf. :tongue:
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    Loving in the Limelight
    Moonlight Falls Family

    Dimitri takes a day off from his nectar business and takes Erik and Zane out for a fishing trip. He realizes he has been so busy lately that he feels as if he has neglected his youngest son and his grandson. Erik runs to the truck to ride shotgun with his grandpa driving and Zane must be laying down in the back of the truck. Dimitri gets the first bite of the day, but it wiggles off the hook before he can reel the fish in. Erik catches the first fish and even though it is a tiny minnow, it is the first fish caught! Zane is excited with the redfish he caught. They enjoy the day fishing together, talking with each other, and catch quite a few fish that they will take back home. Dimitri will teach the boys how to clean and cook some of the fish and stock the freezer with the others.

    Nikita asks his Mom to babysit Luka for them as he wants to take Allyson out for a bit. He has a surprise for Allyson. Of course, Kiara is happy to babysit her adorable grandson. Nakita drives the van that Allyson received as a reward from the community for being an awesome homemaker. He takes her across town and they slow down and stop in front of his boss's house. "Are we visiting your boss? I should have changed to a nicer outfit! Nikita, I look awful!"
    "You look beautiful!" He hugs her to him. "We are not visiting my boss though. He told me the house across the street from him was for sale. It has been on the market for a long time and the owners are willing to come down on the price. It sounded awesome, so I wanted you to see it and see what you think of it. I got bonuses with my last two promotions and put those away and Derek (his in law that lives in Bridgeport works in investments) helped me invest the money so we have enough to make a nice down payment on the house if you like it."
    Allyson turns and looks at the house. "It is a beautiful home on the outside. It looks freshly painted and I love the color."

    They walk up the steps and enter the home. "Such big rooms and open to the kitchen area. I love that! Does the furniture come with it? I'm not exactly crazy about some of it!"
    "Yes, the furniture would come with it. We can sell what you don't like and buy our own. The promotion comes with a nice raise and the investments Derek set up will still pay off each week so we will have extra cash to spend from those."

    Allyson smiles, happy with the thought of new furniture that she gets to pick out.

    They sit at the kitchen bar and Allyson imagines herself cooking in her very own kitchen. "A wood fired oven! I've wanted one of those for years and right in the kitchen. I guess we better look upstairs, but I have a feeling I'm gonna say yes, just for this kitchen. The wall paper has got to go though." She laughs at Nikita's confused face. "I know, you didn't inherit any cooking skills from your Mom so you don't understand wanting the perfect kitchen. You will enjoy the meals I can prepare in it though."
    Nikita's smiles happily at that thought.

    There is a sun room downstairs beyond the dining room and a guest room next to it. They go upstairs and check out the bedrooms. There are two bedrooms in addition to the master bedroom, two full baths and a nursery. No more babies or toddlers sleeping in their bedroom. Another big selling point!

    "Lets go see the backyard." Nikita takes her hand and they run down the stairs eager to see if it is as perfect as the rest of the house.
    Allyson stops and stares at the large backyard. Plenty of room for the kids to play, have a small garden and maybe a small pool someday. With tears in her eyes she kisses Nikita, hugs him and tells him "I want this house."
    "I want this house too!" He smiles at her, swirls her around, holding her tightly and kissing her happily.

    Nikita and Allyson decide to check out the tree house to be sure it is safe for the kids to play in.

    It is!
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    Oh thank you for the family tree! Very helpful.
    bekkasan wrote: »
    @CravenLestat Thank you for the awesomes!

    Say hi to @ZeeGee too....she's an awesome simmer and makes awesome machima....I hope that is the right word!

    Gosh, I'm old....not deaf. :tongue:


    Hi Craven!
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    Oops! Cross posted. I'll read the update and be back with comments. Came on here to post an update myself but can't seem to get around to it!
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    Love it! Fishing with granddad and a new house! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it once the old wanky wallpaper is gone. :) Is that van a real thing that you get for being a homemaker?! Guess I'm not much of a homemaker! Never seen it.
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    @ZeeGee Oh my, look forward to an update from you. :) You have inspired me to do a family tree with my Ballan family save too. Maybe tomorrow for that one.

    Thanks so much for commenting and reading the story! The van comes with the Day care career and is a reward somewhere during the career. The Homemaker career from Nraas uses it as a reward around the 4th level. I give my sims that are stay at home moms the homemaker career and let the government pay them for taking care of their families. :lol:
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    I never knew that! Gotta get me one of those vans :)
    The Sequel: Part 2 - IRIDESCENT

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    Adorable pic of Luca on the spring rider :)
    The gypsy wagon is cute! It was a cryptic reading but I am sure it will all come clear soon :)
    Congrats to Anton on his promotion!
    Anton seems quite taken by Taryn :)
    LOL What an interesting way to come on to a girl! :p
    Fun pool shots!

    Promotions and Proms
    Congrats on Nikita on his promotion to pilot!
    Maybe they need a potty chair downstairs as well.
    Adorable pic of Luca riding his tractor :) He has lots of fun looking toys!
    He does look handsome in his new uniform!
    Awwww My Josie just had a submarine adventure before I came to the forum. Cute pic of Erik :)
    Congrats to Zane and Dani on going steady :)
    What a pity it glitched :( I didn't know about not saving and quitting during Prom. Thank for the information.
    Anton and Taryn are getting on great!
    It will be a while before Erik thinks kissing girls is acceptable :D
    Oooh and Anton got a kiss too! :)

    Great seeing the family trees.

    Moonlight Falls Family
    What a fun day for Dimitri, Zane and Erik :) Great fishing pics :)
    What a lovely surprise for Allyson! The house looks beautiful :)
    The inside looks great too! I am sure Allyson will have lots of fun redecorating :)
    Always a good idea for the grown ups to check the safety of the treehouse first :D
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    @ZeeGee I enjoyed doing the day care career with a sim family a few years ago.
    I think it is a nice perk for a 'homemaker' sim as well. I just realized today that I gave Allyson the LTW to raise 5 kids from baby so she really does need it! :open_mouth: That is subject to change though. :wink:

    @mikezumi Thanks so much for reading and commenting on the updates. :)
    See what happens when I leave my sims alone for a few....Anton questions a girl instead of wooing her! Although, Taryn has the not flirty trait so maybe that was smart for him to do that! :wink:
    The game gets a bit cranky anytime you save a quit during a special situation. Sometimes it will hold it, sometimes...not :(
    I knew you would appreciate the tree inspection! :love:
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    Loving in the Limelight
    Moonlight Falls Family

    Nikita and Allyson return home excited after viewing the home and making the decision to buy it. They sit down with Dimitri and Kiara and tell them about the house. Dimitri is impressed with the great deal that his son has arranged for the house. They will miss them, but, both knew this day would come when they would move out to their own home. Luckily it is just across town and not hours away like Alexandra moved.

    Just a few weeks later Nikita, Allyson, Erik and Luka moved into their very own home. Allyson was happy with the changes in the kitchen. She happily fixes their first dinner in the home. Luka plays with a new train set his Grandpa bought him as a housewarming present. Nikita and Erik watch the sports channel together sitting on the comfortable new furniture. Nikita loves the look of the room and especially the big TV that he and Allyson picked out.

    Allyson calls the family together for the meal after putting Luka in his high chair and giving him his meal. After dinner they play dominoes in the sunroom as Luka plays inside the toy box.

    Allyson hugs Erik goodnight and reminds him school tomorrow, no sleeping in. Erik wanted his room to be decorated with the planes and space things just like in his old room. He asked for a bunk bed rather than a loft bed so Luka can share his room when he gets a bit older.

    Nikita settles Luka in the nursery which is next door to the master bedroom rather than in the bedroom. Nikita plans to make good use of the new privacy.

    The couple snuggle in bed happy and excited to be in their own home. They decided to keep the furniture in the master bed room for now as they were running out of funds with the renovations in the downstairs and fixing the boy's rooms. Nikita makes full use of the privacy they now enjoy.
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    What a lovely new home! Great job decorating as usual @bekkasan
    The Sequel: Part 2 - IRIDESCENT

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    @ZeeGee Thanks so much for your comments. :) I wish I could do it in RL! I don't have the nerve to try some of my combo's at home. :lol:
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