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Loving in the Limelight



  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 6,819 Member
    @ZeeGee Thanks so much for the comments. :) I'm glad you love this family. :)

    @TinySpaceFox Thanks so much for the comments. :) Alexandra was raised in a great family so she wants that for hers. Jared wasn't raised that way, but he wanted it and found Alexandra and knew he would have it with her.
    I hope you are enjoying your time off. Sounds like it if you are playing some games.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 6,819 Member

    Loving in the Limelight

    Early the next morning Derek is awakened by Kendall who tells him it is time. Derek freaks. Kendall's phone starts ringing in the middle of a contraction. "Will you stop freaking out and turn this phone off."

    "OK, phone's off. What is next?"

    A contraction later, Derek got to see what was next.

    Welcome Avery. He is a genius like his Dad and excitable like his Mom.

    Little Avery squints his eyes in the morning light as he looks towards his Dad who is talking to him and telling him how beautiful he is. Derek is so excited he is literally jumping for joy.

    Kendall hands Avery to his Dad so they can start bonding. Derek has been talking with the baby every day since they found out about being pregnant. Avery turns to his Dad easily as he talks to him as if he recalls his voice.

    Derek hands Avery back to Kendall so she can feed him and he goes to the kitchen to fix them breakfast. Kendall rocks and feeds him in the new nursery.

    Kendall sits in the living room with Avery as Derek fixes breakfast. He has never fixed pancakes before and she is surprised that he is attempting them for her.

    Alexandra and Jared rush upstairs after getting a text from Derek that the baby is here. They are both happy to see Avery and congratulate and hug the proud new parents.

    Derek finishes cooking breakfast after Alexandra and Jared leave. He manages to not burn them and made them with her favorite blueberries.
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 3,741 Member
    So sweet! Derek did a good job cooking breakfast.

    How do you get the baby to be held like that in custom clothes? I have some custom baby clothes but because it’s not the burrito baby outfit, it looks like the baby is floating above the parents’ arms :p
    The Sequel: Part 1

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 6,819 Member
    @ZeeGee Thanks for the comments. :) The rocking chair and Derek holding Avery are poses. I used pose player and moved the baby with the alt button held down to get a better picture. I went looking for some cute poses as I'm tired of it looking like the baby is in the air too. Some of the EA animations are not too bad, but, some are awful if you have cc clothes on the babies.
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 3,741 Member
    Oh I’m so into the story I didn’t even think about it being poses! <3

    I was curious cause I did a video scene this week and finally had to put the baby back in the burrito for it to look okay. I was hoping you’d found some cc that didn’t float the baby.
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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 6,819 Member
    @ZeeGee I sure wish there was a way around it. Mostly I just try to angle pictures and if that doesn't work, I just shut my eyes and snap the wierdo shot anyways. :) I've got to get rid of some poses I don't use cause I did find a few more I want to try. I do like my poses to look like they could happen in game.
  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 3,741 Member
    bekkasan wrote: »
    @ZeeGee I sure wish there was a way around it. Mostly I just try to angle pictures and if that doesn't work, I just shut my eyes and snap the wierdo shot anyways. :) I've got to get rid of some poses I don't use cause I did find a few more I want to try. I do like my poses to look like they could happen in game.

    You do a very good job of that!
    The Sequel: Part 1

  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 6,819 Member
    @ZeeGee Thank you! :smiley:
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,132 Member
    edited December 2
    @bekkasan I see that you've started playing this family again. I'll begin feedback starting with the Nov 23rd, "Some Happy News" update.

    I think it's neat that you have your Sims families visiting each other in different worlds. I'm trying that, but not sure I want to keep the relationships intact. It's one of the things holding me back in finishing my Rinn Fada-Lost Cove stories. Just too many things to arrange besides the storytelling aspects. I think I've decided just to tell the stories and not keep the connections going (not keep the connected saves).

    Amy is sooo cute with her little legs. ...So Kendall is pregnant now! ...I like the small garden area. Just big enough for a few plants without being too time-consuming. ...The toddlers look adorable playing in the sand. ...Fun seeing Kendall and Derek telling everyone the good news about a baby on the way. ...Love the scenes of the two couples together cuddling and watching the stars together.

    ...You show some great family scenes with parents and kids. ...Happy Birthday, Amy! What a darling! ...Alexandra sounds like she'll enjoy getting back to work even with the compromises she'll be doing for her family. ...Nice screenshots of Kendall and Derek dancing. ...Both Derek and Jared are working hard. Glad they can do some of their career work at home. They'll both be active fathers. ...Lots of toddler training going on! Cute pics. LOL

    ...Welcome to the world, Avery! Great traits too. Sweet little guy! ...I love that nursing pose. ...Good job at arranging the baby for that. The breastfeeding mod I use doesn't have any special poses with it, which is too bad. But I still like the idea of nursing for Sims. I nursed all my sons in RL.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 6,819 Member
    @lanlyn Thanks so much for the comments. :)
    The main reason I wanted the connected worlds was to keep the relationships intact, and reduce the active sims in one world. I found that the more actives I use the more lag I have. I love the large family relationships though. I have a hard time sticking to rules of small families. I find myself thinking of new ideas like bringing the parents and siblings in and then Derek and his girlfriend so it just adds up. If my stories had an end, I probably wouldn't do the connected worlds. :) It has been a bit complicated to learn it and I did have a couple of blips with it.
    I have the breastfeeding mod and it is just the rock animation, but, they do get nice moodlets. I nursed mine too. :smiley:
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,132 Member
    @bekkasan Yes, I've noticed that the larger households cause longer times for a save to load. I don't have much lag, but the save does get cumbersome in other ways. So I also started splitting families up and sending some to other worlds. I don't like breaking up relationships and family trees, but it seems almost necessary with this game. I thought I wanted to try reconnecting families, but now I don't know if I'm up for that! ...Not sure my stories ever have true ends either--not yet anyway. :#
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 6,819 Member

    Loving in the Limelight
    Playmates and Rocking

    Derek has meetings scheduled for a merger and must go into the office. He tells her to text him if she needs anything. He gives Kendall a kiss after he snuggles and plays with his son and reluctantly leaves.

    Kendall feeds and rocks with Avery loving the soft sounds he makes in her arms, and how his fingers curl around hers as she talks and sings to him. She carries him from room to room as she goes about her morning chores setting him down on a play mat where he listens to the music and watches the rings sway. She sees his eyes starting to close and she takes him to the crib so he can sleep comfortably.

    Kendall crawls on top of the bed and takes a nap while Avery sleeps.

    Jared and Alexandra are both off and take the kids to the beach. The girls enjoy a game of peek a boo in the wading pool while Jamie plays in the water with his Dad.

    Jamie likes to talk and tells his Dad how much he enjoyed swimming.

    Jade and Amy get their turns to go swimming while Jamie builds a huge mountain in the sand.

    After the girls have their swim they enjoy making big piles of sand too. Alexandra and Jared watch the kids and enjoy seeing the three children playing together. Soon the twins will age up and start school. Life is always changing but the love they feel for each other and their children remains constant. Jared whispers to Alexandra, "Amy is going to need a playmate."
    Alexandra grins, "Sure, she will have Avery."
    Jared laughs, "You got me with that one."
    Alexandra looks at Jared "Seriously are you ready for another baby?"
    "Only if you are ready and we can wait if that is what you would like to do."
    "I want more children, but, would like to wait just a bit before having another. I just got back to work and am enjoying this show."

    Derek arrives home from his meetings and kisses Kendall and rocks with Avery.

    After Avery is put to bed Kendall and Derek enjoy some rocking of their own.
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,132 Member
    @bekkasan I like how you framed the castle wallpaper with the columns. ...Those beach scenes with the toddlers are adorable! Relaxing and fun family time. ...Yikes! Alexandra just got back to work and now Jared starts hoping for another baby. At least he respects her opinion, and I'm sure they'll each be ready when the time comes. ...I think both couples are close and care a lot about each other. Nice to see the love!
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 6,819 Member
    @lanlyn Thanks for the comments. Yes, Alexandra wants to wait just a little while before having another. :)
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 6,819 Member

    Loving in the Limelight
    Time passes

    Time continues to pass in the Padelecki household. Derek and Kendall are thriving on being parents to Avery who is mostly a happy baby. The middle of the night feedings are a bit on the rough side since Kendall is breastfeeding and Derek cannot help with that. Avery loves being outdoors and Derek walks him around the yard every day after work showing him all the fun things in the yard. Avery coos and gurgles as he watches his cousins playing with the toys. When he gets sleepy Kendall puts him in the car seat and relaxes next to him and will take a short nap herself.

    Alexandra is enjoying being back at work, filming her show. Her character that was lost on a island (during her maternity leave) has been rescued and when she arrives back home she found her series spouse had declared her dead and was married to someone else. Oh, my! She is only working a few days a week for now. She is off today and spends the morning baking cakes for the twins birthday party.

    The family gathers in the yard for the birthday celebration. Jared holds Jamie snuggling him one last time, sad that he is leaving his toddler days behind, but, excited about the child he will become. He helps him blow out the candles.

    Jamie is excited about his birthday and ready to be a big kid. He claps his hands and soon the magic happens. He is now a boy who is brave and friendly from the family traits and has gained the adventurous trait.

    Jade's birthday is next as she is just a few minutes younger than her twin. Jamie grabs a noisemaker and joins in the celebration for his sister's birthday. Jared picks up Jade and hugs her tightly, memorizing how she feels in his arms so tiny and yet full of joy like her Mom.

    Jade laughs and giggles as she listens to the noisemakers and the claps and shouts from her family. The change is made and she is now a young girl who is brave and friendly from her family traits and has gained the artistic trait.

    Amy, bored with the party decides she wants a closer look at her cousin Avery.

    The rest of the family enjoy cake and chat with the birthday boy and girl.

    Avery starts stirring around and Jared reaches down and picks him up playing with him and singing silly songs to him.

    "Do you think they got us anything for our birthday?" wonders Jade to Jamie. "I sure hope so! Jamie exclaims.

    Of course, they did. The kids got new tablets to help with their schoolwork and brand new bikes for their birthdays. Jared and Alexandra go over the rules of bike riding with them making sure they understand before letting them take off and go to one of the parks.

    Jamie gets a head start by riding out the back gate and up the hill. Jade follows closely behind and makes it to the park just a minute or two after Jamie arrives.

    Alexandra cries as the kids ride out of the yard. "I can't believe we are letting them go by themselves."
    Jared hugs her tightly and winks, "We are not. Derek is already at the park and Kendall is strolling with Avery to the park so they can keep an eye on them."

    The kids enjoy their 'solo' trip to the park.

    They ride home before it gets too dark and find Alexandra finishing up their new room decorations and are soon hugged and tucked in for the night.
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