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Loving in the Limelight


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    A Beautiful Day
    Part 2

    Alexandra barely makes it in the door when her contractions start. She puts Jade down on the floor as her Mom comes in behind her. She grabs her phone and calls Jared who is still at work. Luckily the studio is only a few blocks away and Jared rushes home when he gets her frantic call. (he missed the baby dance since he was not present when the contractions started) He is very excited and does a little happy dance that the moment has come. Alexandra, despite having a killer contraction smiles at his dance. She loves that he is excited about having another baby.

    Kiara calls Dimitri and tells him the baby is coming and to come back now. He drives at top speed and quickly arrives at the house. He bought some books for the kids while he was out and sits with Jamie on the floor and they read together. Kiara takes a book and reads with Jade. She tries not worry about what is going on upstairs.

    The contractions are as intense as she remembers and Jared stands helpless as he watches her struggle with the contractions and pain to deliver their baby. After the contraction is over he tells her she is doing great and applauds her (well, I guess he knows actresses love applause) A few more big contractions and she knows it is time. A smile forms on her face in anticipation.

    Alexandra delivers a healthy baby girl. She is entranced by her daughter, tired, happy and full of love. She looks toward Jared and smiles happily at him.

    Jared gets his first snuggle and counts fingers and toes and falls in love with his daughter. Meet Amy Padelecki. She is artistic and friendly. Likes kids music, fruit parfait and lilac is her color.

    Jared places Amy in the bassinet and takes Alexandra in his arms. "I love you."
    "I love you."
    They hold each tightly marveling at the new life they created.
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    Aaaaw, welcome baby Amy and LOL at the 'hunk that makes the bed' and the 'actresses love applause' remarks. :lol:
    The Sequel: Part 3 Prologue

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    @ZeeGee Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Much appreciated. :)
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    A Beautiful Day
    Part 3

    Alexandra cleans up in the shower and enjoys a short nap. Jared checks on Alexandra and Amy and they are ready for visitors. Her parents come with the twins to meet the newest member of the family.

    Derek and Kendall arrive home from work and rush to visit Amy. Jared had texted both with the news of the birth. Derek immediately picks her up and snuggles her close marveling at how he feels holding his new niece. He looks at Kendall and blurts out, "You do want to have babies, right?"
    "Of course I do silly. We don't have room for a baby upstairs though, and Amy is going to be in Alexandra and Jared's bedroom for now since the nursery is full. We need to start thinking about our own home. Our savings are growing and the investments are paying out. You are going to be a wonderful Dad and I'm excited about being a Mom someday."

    Derek places Amy back in her crib and turns to Kendall. "Baby, you are talking as if you were me. Well, the old me, because I know I'm changing. You are trying to plan our life and have things happen in a certain order with precision and making sure we have everything perfectly lined up before having a baby. I want to have babies with you because I love you. I don't want to plan them out like my parents did. The heir and the spare! They have neither of us now. If you are really not ready and really want to wait that is one thing. I love you and will wait until you are ready. But, please don't use 'no room' as an excuse. Of course, we will buy a house when we can. As long as we have love and family the rest will fall into place." Derek reaches out and kisses her with passion, letting her know how strongly he feels about this.

    Kendall gapes at Derek. She is surprised and excited that he has changed enough that he is ready to have babies with her with no precise plans like he would do in the past. He really is changing. "I had no idea that you had changed this much Derek! I want babies with you too. I just thought you would want to wait."

    She reaches out to him and pulls him back to her returning the kiss. "Lets go make a baby," she teases him tickling him. They turn towards the bed and realize they are still in Alexandra's and Jared's room and quickly grin at each other and rush to their room upstairs.
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    The family settles in with the addition of Amy to the household. Alexandra and Jared are very lucky having Dimitri and Kiara helping out. The grans are thoroughly enjoying their time with the twins and Amy. They are delighted to be able to help out. They both like to keep busy and show their love by doing things. Dimitri, with his love of gardening, plants a small garden in the back yard with some basic plants and seeds he found as he explored Bridgeport. The garden is growing magically fast in the rich soil. Dimitri has an amazing affinity with plants, you might even say he has a green thumb. Kendall enjoys playing with Jamie rescuing him from his high chair after breakfast.

    Dimitri finishes tending the garden and enjoys a late breakfast. Alexandra has finished eating but stays to chat with her Dad. When he finishes eating he cleans up and takes Alexandra outside to show her the garden. He reminds her what she needs to do to take care of the plants and keep them flourishing. "Dad! I worked in the home garden when I was a teen. I have not forgotten a thing." She laughs, "I've just not had the time or inclination to start a garden with my career."
    "Those babies need fresh foods, not store bought stuff!" Dimitri exclaims! "Perhaps I should teach Jared so he can help you out."

    Jared is off work and he and Kendall take the twins out to the sunny backyard and read books with them.

    Derek has not forgotten his desire to get stronger and learn martial arts. He practices with the training dummy and levels up. He runs all the way down from the attic to the ground level to show off his new Gi. He has such a fierce look on his face as goes through the movements, as if he is planning on taking over the world.

    Grandma Kiara reads a few more recipes while Amy is in the swing. She finishes reading the recipes and decides what she will cook for dinner. Amy's swing has stopped and she is awake. She takes her from the swing to have some Grandma time with her. She walks up the steep hill before putting Amy in the stroller and they stroll through the pretty woodsy area on the outskirts of town.

    After the stroll Kiara prepares a salmon dinner and chats with Kendall before calling the family to eat. Derek chats with Dimitri about helping him set up his nectar business accounts. Kiara calls the family to dinner and they enjoy her salmon meal as the sun sets.

    Derek cleans up after dinner. Kiara is going to take Amy upstairs to the bassinet. Dimitri and Kendall gossip about someone in town. Jared and Alexandra enjoy chatting with the twins before taking them up to bed.
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    Saying Goodbye

    The days have flown by and soon it is time for Dimitri and Kiara to go back home to Moonlight Falls. Dimitri is up early working the garden one last time. Alexandra joins him and helps to harvest the plants and dig weeds. One of the plants is not doing well and Dimitri works his magic and revives the plant. Alexandra watches in amazement and asks him why he never taught her that particular trick. "It is something you are born with. Zane is the only one who seems to have the ability. Perhaps it will be passed to some of the grandchildren."

    Jared takes Amy for an early morning stroll. Amy is having a great time, gurgling and burbling with her infant chatter and happily waving her arms around. She gets quiet for a few moments and suddenly an aroma drifts towards Jared. He sighs, searches the stroller for necessities and takes care of the problem. Amy is much happier after she is clean and dry. Jared and Amy resume their stroll happy to have that little issue taken care of.

    Kendall had just made the bed when Derek came over and caressed her face. "You are so beautiful, I am so lucky to have found you." One thing led to another and Kendall and Derek started the morning with some really good moodlets.

    Before lunch Derek and Jared hold a racing competition on the video system. Kendall asked Kiara for some cooking tips that she could use to improve her career at the diner. Alexandra joined them and the talked turned to babies.

    Grandpa Dimitri heard Amy stirring from her nap. He picks her up and snuggles her and plays with her. He sits with her in the rocker and sings sweet songs to her that he used to sing to her Mama when she was just a baby.

    It is time for them to go. Before they leave Dimitri has a gift for Jared. "This is one of the first bottles of nectar produced by our vineyard. I wanted you to have one of the bottles. Store it, let it age and hopefully one day it will be a prime bottle of fine nectar. New ventures are risky, but, I wanted to thank you for believing in me and Kiara and helping to get it started. The boys will have harvested while we were here, and I will be busy making new batches. We will send you bottles from the best batches."
    Jared hugs him thanking him for the gift. "Hey, you trusted me with your daughter. Of course we believe in your ability. I'm looking forward to drinking this in a few years. We will sit down and toast the venture together."

    More hugs, more kisses and goodbyes are said. Promises are made for a summer visit to Moonlight Falls. The limo arrives and whisks them off to the airport. Dimitri cuddles next to Kiara in the big limo and wonders if the limo is soundproof. She smacks his arm and tells him to behave himself and blushes like a young bride as he kisses her happily.
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    Back in Moonlight Falls

    Dimitri and Kiara arrive home on Sunday morning to an empty house. A note on the fridge tells them the kids have gone over to the library and park. They sit on the porch sipping coffee and enjoying the quiet Sunday morning.

    Zane and Erik check out the moondial at the Vault of Antiquity. Erik watches in fascination as the phase of the moon appeared as if by magic. Zane checks his lunar horoscope and apparently he needs to watch his back for a few days.

    Nikita and Anton are doing some required reading for their respective careers. The decided the atmosphere in the library would help them read faster. Allyson just loves to read and enjoys a trip to the library.

    Nikita finishes his book and joins Zane and Erik at the park and plays with one of the soccer balls.

    Allyson suddenly feels ill and rushes to the bathroom.

    Once home, she is feeling just fine. She fixes cheese steak for dinner and the whole family manages to eat together.

    Erik realizes he has not done his homework and Zane volunteers to help him get it done. They got out to the front and sit in the yard to do the homework. (silly sims)

    The house is quiet and all are asleep, except Allyson who is sick in the bathroom again.

    She gets her notice the next morning. A new baby will be joining the Padelecki/Sims family saga.
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    Gardens and Nectar

    Dimitri and Kiara are up with the sunrise, working in the garden to harvest and plant new crops.

    Dimitri reinvests some of the profits from the garden into a new irrigation system that will help water and fertilize the garden that is not under the gardening station. It will make tending the garden faster and more profitable. They take the extras from today's harvest to the local market to sell.

    Upon leaving the busy store Dimitri takes Kiara's hands. "Lets go visit the arboretum. I get so much inspiration from visiting the gardens. Before they could leave the lot a witch cast a spell on Kiara. It was a love spell! (creator made darn sure Dimitri was the first sim she spoke to and kissed after the spell was cast.) Dimitri takes her hand and they race to the truck and head home rather than to the arboretum.

    Anton was leaving work and found an overheated vampire on the sidewalk. He administered first aid and sent the vampire home to hide from the sun with a stern warning about being out and about during the day. Allyson continues to work on her cooking skills, learning more recipes and getting better at preparing meals. Erik and Zane may be nephew and uncle, but they are still kids and enjoy playing with each other.

    After the session of afternoon delight Kiara is in a great mood and spends some time canning some of the excess fruits and vegetables to take to the market to sell. The towns folks are buying up the home goods and she can barely keep up with demand. Dimitri works on his nectar skills trying out several new varieties of flavors. He wants a distinctive flavor to market as their signature nectar. He upgrades the nectar machine to improve the pressing process.

    Allyson tells Nikita she is pregnant. Nikita is thrilled. Allyson lets Kiara and Dimitri know as well and they are happy another grandchild will be coming soon.
    Erik and Nikita play catch after supper. He throws a bit too hard and gets a very ugly look from his son. He does better the rest of the game, throwing the ball overhand.
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    Nikita enjoys a late night snack before going to bed. His favorite food is key lime pie and once Allyson learned to make it she keeps it in the fridge.

    Nikita gives Allyson a massage and a kiss before leaving for work the next morning. The baby is growing and it will not be long now before it is born.

    Kiara and Dimitri take a break after getting the harvest done and play with Erik's frisbee.

    Allyson fixes Goopy Carbonara for dinner, her first perfect dinner. She's got those pancakes down pat now considering how bad she used to burn them. Nikita massages her back and they sit out on the porch and watch the sun go down.

    Erik is enjoying the spring rider and Zane and Anton look like they are up to something. Pillow fighting! Had to be instigated by Zane.

    The grapes under the garden station are ready to harvest again and Kiara gets busy with them. Dimitri is working in the basement that he set aside for his nectar operation. He has made things very comfortable in there. He works on the account books he set up on his tablet while the machine makes the nectar. He has enough saved to purchase an additional nectar machine.

    Nikita asks Allyson to watch the stars. He spends more time watching her than the stars.
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    The New Baby Arrives

    The family had only been settled for the night for about an hour when Allyson woke Nikita shaking his arm and moaning. "It's time!" They crawled out of bed and Nikita murmured he sure would like to have a baby during the day sometime. He got his head together and hurried around the bed to help Allyson move to the end of the bed where she had more room.

    Allyson changed clothing thinking they would have time to go to the hospital. Nikita quickly changed as well. With the next contraction she knew they would not have time to get to the hospital. Allyson is thinking to herself, I really am not sure I want to do this three more times. Perhaps the creator will allow me to change my lifetime wish. Nikita is telling her she is doing great, breath, breath, relax, breath, breath. He helps her focus on her breathing as the contractions are coming faster and faster. ( Allyson decided herself on going to hospital and changed her clothes. Creator managed to stop them from going to the hospital, but it made creator cranky that she couldn't change Allyson back to jammies, so I had Nikita change too !lol)

    Very quickly baby Luka is born. Another boy for the family. He is brave like his Dad and friendly like his Mom. Nikita and Allyson both had wishes saved for a girl so they will have to try again. Allyson hands Luka to Nikita so he can hold his newborn son.

    With her motherly instinct Kiara knows the baby was born during the night and as soon as she and Dimitri are dressed they sneak into the room to peek at the new grandbaby. Nikita and Allyson are snuggled together sound asleep after their busy night. Her eyes mist up looking from her first born to her latest grandchild. Life is blessed.

    As Kiara walks into the kitchen she thinks yes, life is blessed, but it is also normal. What a mess! Erik is being responsible and cleaning up the water spill from the broken dishwasher. She is proud of him and tells him so. Dimitri repairs the dishwasher while Erik finishes cleaning up the spill. Kiara sits down at the table and chats with Anton telling him about his new nephew born during the night.

    Allyson awakens as Luka's cries to get attention. He is hungry. She snuggles him close and feeds him, rocking him afterwards.

    Luka enjoys his first stroll through the neighborhood.

    Later that evening the entire family get dressed up to enjoy a celebratory dinner at the local cafe. It is not much to look at from the outside, but the food is terrific, the ambiance is relaxed and easygoing and the staff attentive.

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    I had a lot of catching up to do because of traveling and setting up my classroom. Totally in love with Baby Amy and Baby Luka, and there might be more babies coming soon...yaaaay!!!! It was great having Dmitri and Kiara visit and seeing them sped time with their daughter, son-in-law and grandkids and getting to know the rest of the household. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.
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    Leaving Moonlight Falls

    While the family enjoyed their meal at the bistro, another family was celebrating a birthday. The Sims family loves a celebration and joined in on the singing to the birthday celebrant. As they were leaving Nikita got a text from his boss who was in the birthday group. Nikita is getting a raise for joining in the spirit of the evening and impressing his boss.

    After dinner the family returned home and everyone settles in for the night, except for one. Anton was not sleepy and had a project for work to do later in the night. He watches the skies with his telescope until it gets dark enough to start his job. He sees a meteor fall from the sky and decides to track it. He follows the trail and finds a nice size chunk of the meteor near the restaurant where they had dinner. No one was injured and no damage occurred from the meteor. Anton scooped it up, analyzed it, discovered it is worth 500 simeoleans. He plans to put it on consignment and hopefully earn more that way. He changes to his police uniform in order to follow up on a sim family suspected of nefarious doings.

    Anton's first investigation is the Goodfellow family. Rumors abound that they are actually aliens in disguise. Anton knows they are truly fairy's having gone to school with Pip Goodfellow. But the boss insists on an investigation so an investigation will happen. He would rather it be himself doing the investigation rather than someone else who doesn't know the family. Anton looks left and then right to be sure no one is watching him. He takes a deep breath and holds it, and he proceeds to search through the trash for any incriminating documents that might have been tossed away. When he comes up for air he looks into the night sky and sees a streak appear in the night sky as another meteor falls to earth. He finishes his search and goes home and writes up a report for his supervisor.

    Luka cries during the night and Nikita gets up to soothe his son. He is hungry and only Mom can fix that as she is breast feeding Luka. Nikita awakens Allyson and she feeds her hungry son.

    Zane is finally old enough to get a license and Dimitri hands him the keys to the truck and they have a couple of lessons. "Hey, wait for me!" Dimitri yells as Zane cranks up the old truck.
    "Keep your eyes on the road son, not on the girls in their skimpy joggers!" exclaims Dimitri as Zane's head turns towards the girl jogging past them.
    Zane gives his Dad a hug after the lesson is complete and city hall issued a new driving license for him. "Can we buy a cool car now Dad?" Zane asks.
    "All the profits from the garden and nectar will be used to upgrade equipment and save for college expenses." Dimitri explains to Zane. "If you want a car you can start saving the money you get from helping with harvesting and get a part time after school job. Your brothers managed to help and have part time jobs and keep their grades up as well. You can too."
    Zane chats with his big brother Nikita about part time jobs in town.

    The brothers exercise together in the basement where the equipment is stored. Erik holds a bake sale and has a couple of neighbors come by to purchase the goodies. Erik eats the rest of his stock and plays astronaut. He wants to be just like his Dad when he grows up. He rides his special robotic pony as he travels around the new world he landed on, exploring and socializing with the natives.

    The family love being outdoors and play several games of gnubb changing partners frequently and happily heckling each other. Allyson grills up some burgers and they enjoy eating outdoors at the picnic tables. After dinner Dimitri rocks with Luka and Kiara and the others clean up and finish up the late harvesting.

    I wanted a family portrait before things started changing more with this family. Next time I have Alexandra and Jared and the kids visit will get a really true family portrait. It was a busy week for the family. Dimitri advanced to level 8 in his nectar making. He has perfect plants and is learning more recipes that will age well and sell for greater profit. Kiara mastered her gardening and sold several thousand simoleon's worth of plants and produce as well as jams and jellies that she makes up daily. Nikita is now level 6 in his military training. Allyson is of course a new Mom and has reached level 3 in her homemaker career. Anton is now level 5 in his police career and will be able to start the special agent track with his next promotion. He is dating but no serious relationships. He is concentrating on his career. Zane just wants a cool car! lol His thought bubbles are cars cars cars. Erik is happy being a kid and just having fun. Zane and Erik are both on the honor roll now. Little Luka will age when I return to this family. I've traveled back to the Padelecki's in Bridgeport and all was well with them with the travel! Yeah! No funky surprises. Not sure who or what story I will play next as I just messed around in build while hubby was in hospital. I had all the pictures taken for this last update, just had to write it up and was too worried to mess with it while he was in hospital. Finished it this evening and will decide which save to start with tomorrow.

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    @franka44021 It sounds like you have been busy. :) You must be a teacher from the setting up your classroom comment. My son is a teacher and he loves the teaching and the kids, not so much the admin/politics part of it. That is probably true with most jobs. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. :)
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    I was really behind! Finally got caught up. Love the new babies. Can’t wait to see them as toddlers. And I had so much more to say but can’t remember now. So tired. :/ Loving the family tho!
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    @zeegee Thanks so much for reading and commenting. :) Get some rest. I know how busy you are with moving and being a caregiver. :)
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    Loving in the Limelight
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    Loving in the Limelight
    Some Happy News

    Alexandra and Jared are still outside from waving goodbye to her parents who had come to help out with the twins and be present at the new baby's birth. Alexandra is a bit sad about them leaving, but, she understands they needed to get back home. Moonlight Falls is not that far away for visits. It is time to feed the twins and check on Amy. Jared fixes the twins dinner while Alexandra plays with and feeds Amy.

    Kendall was studying a few new recipes hoping to impress her boss at work tomorrow when suddenly she feels ill. She jumps up and barely makes it to the toilet in time.

    She decides to relax in a bubble bath to see if that will help her feel better. Derek takes the short cut through the bathroom to the bedroom waving at her as he passes by.

    Still not feeling quite right, she puts on her most comfy pj's and decides to go to bed early. She doesn't even make it to bed before having to rush back to the toilet.

    Feeling somewhat better, Kendall gets a craving for a grilled cheese sandwich and fixes a snack before trying to lay back down. Derek fixes the sink that Kendall broke when she was cleaning up after being sick.

    The next morning is a busy one in the household. Jared gets the twins ready for the day. Jamie insists on bringing his shovel down with him. He wants to play in the dirt. Jared gently takes it away until after he eats his breakfast.

    Alexandra gets Amy fed, dressed and ready for the day. She puts her in the swing to play while she and Jared enjoy their breakfast.

    Kendall wakes up feeling much better than the night before. She has a craving for pancakes and fixes a large batch. She almost burns the pancakes when she realizes her illness the evening before is because she is pregnant! That explains the craving for a grilled cheese sandwich at midnight as well.

    She calls Derek from the bedroom and tells him the news. He holds her tenderly and tells her how happy he is and how much he loves her.

    They eat their pancakes and chat about how to rearrange things to add a nursery.
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    Oooh more babies! Poor Kendall, but all the pain will be worth it in the end. :) Love her pg top
    The Sequel: Part 3 Prologue

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    Loving in the Limelight
    Happy News
    Part Two

    Jared has taken paternity leave to be home to help with the kids now that Alexandra's parents have gone home. Amy fell asleep in the swing and he puts her in the bassinet and then takes Jamie for a stroll. Jade is in the yard playing as her Mom works in the little garden that her Dad started for them.
    Jared and Jamie return from their stroll and Jamie rushes to get to his sandpile where Jade is already playing.

    Jared was sent another script to study and sits outside where he can keep an eye on the kids as well as read it. He is not impressed and decides he needs to start working on his script again.

    Kendall takes her time getting ready for the day. She finishes reading the recipes to impress her boss and hurries downstairs to let Alexandra know about being pregnant. Alexandra is excited for Kendall and Derek. She gets the pregnancy books out of the bookcase and tells Kendall that she and Derek should both read them to know what to expect.

    Derek gets home from work and finds his brother grilling burgers. He tells Jared the good news about the pregnancy. Jared is happy that his big brother is going to be a Dad.

    Jared calls the ladies to eat and they enjoy his famous burgers. They discuss the new baby coming and Jared thinks that they can easily open a wall into the storeroom and clean that area out for a nursery. They had already planned to turn the guest room on the second floor into a room for the twins when they age up.

    Derek marvels at the life that Kendall is carrying and even though it is pretty early he tells the baby how excited they are and how much they are looking forward to meeting him or her.

    Alexandra is cleaning up after dinner and Kendall picks up a fretful Amy and snuggles her and tells her she will be having a cousin to play with soon. She takes her upstairs and gives her a bath and settles her in the crib and watches as she falls asleep.

    Derek finds Kendall watching Amy sleep. He takes her by the hand and leads her upstairs and they sit out on the balcony snuggling together enjoying the night and each other.

    Jared and Alexandra relax in the yard watching the stars and whispering to each other once the kids are settled in their cribs.
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    Yay something to read at lunch! Awesome’d
    The Sequel: Part 3 Prologue

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    @zeegee Thanks so much for the comments. :)
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    Loving in the Limelight
    Amy's Birthday

    Today is Amy's birthday and Alexandra takes her on a stroll to see the sights downtown. The twins are reading pictures books and Jared sits outside with them and starts writing a script for a movie idea he has.

    They celebrate Amy's birthday before Kendall has to leave for work. Jared helps Amy blow out the candle as the others clap and sing happy birthday and blow noisemakers.

    Amy sings and smiles as she changes into a toddler.

    Kendall changes into her work outfit (apparently the culinary career outfit is not pregnancy enabled) and grabs a slice of cake to enjoy before she heads to work

    The kids play together in the yard after they enjoy their cake.

    Jared and Alexandra watch the kids play as they relax in loungers. Jared watches Alexandra's face as she smiles and laughs at the kids antics. "Are you really ready to go back to work on Monday? That is only a few days away now."
    Alexandra thinks about his question before answering. "I love being with the kids and will miss some things very much. I think it is time though. I've been home since before the twins were born. I am ready to go back to work. I probably won't accept anymore long term contracts, or roles that require travel though unless we can go as a family."
    Jared reaches out and takes her hand squeezing it and caressing her thumb. "You know whatever you decide is fine with me. We will make it work no matter what."
    Alexandra smiles and stretches forward, kissing Jared lightly on the lips and they talk quietly as they watch their children play as the sun sets into the sky.
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    I loooooove this family! So sweet. And toddler Amy is adorable.
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    I took a break from the big thread for a couple of days (mostly because I was absorbed in other games :innocent:) so here are some comments on your last two updates. Hope you enjoy :)

    Happy News: Part Two
    So sweet of Jared to take paternity leave! I hope he spends as much time as he can with the kids before he has to head back to work :)
    bekkasan wrote: »
    Awwww, Jade and Jamie are darling! Just look at Jamie's smile <3
    I know it's exciting being a first-time mom, but you best read those pregnancy books, Kendall! You too, Derek!
    bekkasan wrote: »
    Derek gets home from work and finds his brother grilling burgers. He tells Jared the good news about the pregnancy. Jared is happy that his big brother is going to be a Dad.
    Hahaha, it's good to see Jared finished his grilling before hugging his brother! We don't want any fires starting now (even though Kendall, being pregnant, is pretty much completely invincible) :tongue:
    I can already tell Derek and Kendall are going to make wonderful parents! :)
    I hope the grownups can still find time for each other with four kids in the house!

    Amy's Birthday
    Happy birthday Amy! She's even more adorable as a toddler!
    bekkasan wrote: »
    Kendall changes into her work outfit (apparently the culinary career outfit is not pregnancy enabled) and grabs a slice of cake to enjoy before she heads to work
    I love how Derek, Alexandra and Jared are all just looking away from that EA-generated monstrosity, like "nope, none of my business, nothing to see here!" :tongue:
    bekkasan wrote: »
    "Are you really ready to go back to work on Monday? That is only a few days away now."
    Alexandra thinks about his question before answering. "I love being with the kids and will miss some things very much. I think it is time though. I've been home since before the twins were born. I am ready to go back to work.
    Translation: we need money! :tongue:
    I love how both Jared and Alexandra agree on the importance of family :> They're obviously determined to strike that balance between having a successful career and spending quality time with their kids.
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    Loving in the Limelight

    While Alexandra and Jared are busy with their children, Derek takes Kendall into the nursery and shows her how he has set up the furniture that arrived while she was working. Kendall tells him the baby starting kicking today. He puts his hand on her belly and talks to the baby feeling the kicks and is awed. He takes her in his arms and dances her back into the living room and later into the bedroom.

    Jared and Derek both wind up working at the kitchen table later in the evening. Derek is putting the finishing touches on a presentation he is setting up and Jared has had a brainstorm and is working on his screenplay.

    Jared gets up early to work on his screenplay and Amy is awake. He takes her downstairs and gives her a bottle and he works on the screenplay until she is finished. He teaches her to walk. She's a smart little girl and learns quickly.

    Kendall wakes up with a back ache and Derek gives her a nice massage.

    Kendall fixes a dish that she is supposed take to a catered party and Derek studies another reference that he might use in his meeting later today. Derek kisses Kendall and changes and heads out to the meeting. He is hoping for a good outcome as he is expecting a promotion soon.

    Alexandra decides it is time to start the potty training. She takes Amy to the potty and explains what to do. Amy sits and looks around and plays with the potty tapping her hand on the side several times giggling at the sound it makes. Amy likes making sounds! Alexandra reminds her what the potty is for and with a look of concentration Amy is finally successful.

    Time is flying by and Kendall gets promoted to line cook at work. She is responsible for the meals from start to finish and loves her new job. She gets a new outfit and it swallows her hiding her pregnant belly. She may not look like a beached whale in it, but still walks like one as she waddles out to her ride.

    Alexandra spends some time helping Amy learn to talk. She picks up on it quickly having learned a bit from listening to her brother and sister.

    Alexandra dresses in her test pilot costume that the studio sent over. She hands Amy over to Jared who has just returned from work and kisses them both, waves goodbye to the twins as the studio limo arrives to pick her up. It feels good to be heading to work after being away for so long.

    Jared sits outside playing with the twins as they play at the block table.

    After the kids are settled in bed Jared, Derek, Kendall and Alexandra enjoy a meal together. Time is passing by and soon a new baby will be born into the family.
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