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Loving in the Limelight

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A friend, @Mikezumi generously shared her Jared Padelecki (Sam Winchester) sim with me. She knew of my big crush on Jared/Sam Winchester and her generosity will make my SS dreams come true :)
One of the things I've been trying to do over this last year in the Sims 3 is things that I've never done before in Sims 3. I played with ghosts earlier this year and loved that experience. I recently added a werewolf to a story and found out they are quite fun to play. I've never played with actors and only played briefly in Bridgeport for a story a couple of years ago. Hopefully it won't be too glitchy. I figured Jared and acting, a perfect match for a story.
This is a story of Jared, Alexandra my simself, and their friends and colleagues. I will still be playing my main story with the Ballan family, this will be a separate save and when I have extra time. I've spent a bit of time over the holiday setting up Bridgeport and the house that Jared purchases in the story. I hope you enjoy it. They are all human too! Big shock coming from me! :)

I've posted the family trees here in the introductory chapter as it will be easier to find them and make changes as the family grows.

Jared and Alexandra are the original couple. They met in Bridgeport both in the acting career. They married and had twins, Jamie and Jade and then baby Amy. Jared's brother Derek was added during the wedding chapters.

I added Alexandra's parents, Dimitri and Kiara to flesh out the story more and then added the brothers before the wedding. They live in Moonlight Falls and are all humans. No supernaturals in this save other than the background sims. I had not originally planned on playing them, but, after I made them I couldn't not play them. Its like a soap opera where eventually the entire town and folks even beyond town have a part in it. :lol:
Nikita is oldest brother, married to Allyson and they have the two boys, Erik and Luka. Allyson is the one with freckles and ginger hair. They are moving out soon! The household is getting too big.
Anton is a bit younger than Alexandra. He is smitten with Taryn who is a sim that @CravenLestat made.
Zane is a teen and Alexandra's youngest brother. He likes Dani who he went to prom with and she is one of my sims I made.

Derek Padelecki, Jared's brother, his wife Kendall and their son Avery. They live in Bridgeport currently in the brownstone with Jared's family, but they all will have their own homes soon.

Loving in the Limelight

Meet Jared, brave, great kisser, genius, hopeless romantic, and athletic. His lifetime wish is to be a distinguished director. He comes from a family with old money. They are not pleased with his choice of career and consider acting and the theater beneath their dignity. He excelled in drama during his school years. They let him participate hoping he would grow out of the phase. Instead it furthered his desire to make it his career. He is more interested in producing and directing, but, he knows he will need to learn his craft from the bottom up. They have threatened to disown him and in fact told him they would not provide any funding if he persists in this foolishness. His grandmother left him a small inheritance that is legally his on his 19th birthday. So, on his 19th birthday, he visited the family lawyers and accepted his inheritance. It might be small by his families standards, but, it was enough to purchase a run down brownstone on the seamier side of Bridgeport, provide some basic renovations and advertise for roommates to help pay the bills.

Brian Hawk is one of the applicants that Jared agreed to rent a room. Brian told him he grew up in Lucky Palms and moved here to pursue his career. He has a large family back home but they cannot help him while he works his way to leading parts. He had hoped to find a place to stay living with others to help save money. Jared decided Brian would be a lively addition to the household. Brian is a party animal and a night owl. He has a good sense of humor and is artistic. He is very ambitious and even with his party animal traits will study hard to succeed in his craft.

Jared turns down the next several applicants as he felt they would not be reasonable housemates. He still has a bit of extra from the inheritance and he has learned how to collect and sell various minerals that can be found while exploring if he needs more cash. After a couple of weeks he receives a text from an applicant that sounds promising. He texts her back setting a time for a meeting.

Alexandra Sims arrives on time to meet with the owner. She is so excited to be in Bridgeport and hopes a room is still available. Jared is immediately attracted to her and hopes that she feels the same. (Oh, my, YES!) He shows her around the brownstone and she took the room on the upper floor opposite his. He helps her move her things upstairs. She brought a huge mirror and barre to practice her dancing and he helps her set that up. He tells her that he has a lot of exercise equipment set up through the house and she is welcome to use any of it. She is family oriented and loves to read. She brought a box of her favorite books with her. She is a hopeless romantic and friendly. She has that star quality that makes others want to get to know her. Alexandra moved to Bridgeport from Moonlight Falls where her family still lives. They are not able to assist her financially so finding the ad was a blessing to share expenses with others and not have to live by herself. She wants to be an actress and plans to work hard to climb her way up that ladder to stardom.

There is room for one more housemate. Jared hopes someone will arrive soon to take the spot. In the meantime he looks forward to getting to know Alexandra better. He finds her downstairs searching his bookcase for new reading material. He asks her if she would like to go with him to the diner. "It is not fancy. The food is good though, not too expensive, and better than what I can cook."
She giggles and tells him, "I'm not a very good cook. I would love to go with you." She smiles up at him admiring him and hopes she is not being too obvious sneaking peeks at his muscles.
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    The Diner

    The diner is a good distance from the brownstone. Jared hails a taxi and off they go. They arrive at the diner as the sun is setting. It is a beautiful sight looking out over the waters. They have an enjoyable dinner with good food and great company. They get to know each other better laughing a lot as they learn about each others lives. Alexandra finds out that Jared grew up in the city of Roaring Heights where his family has lived for generations. He tells her that they will not support him financially or emotionally as he pursues his dream. She is sad for him, but he has a great attitude and his desire to succeed will surely carry him far. Alexandra tells him about growing up in the rural town of Moonlight Falls and has wanted to see the bright lights of the city and is just happy to have made it this far.

    Brian changes his clothes and heads out to check out the town after dark. He has heard some good things about The Grind and as he enters the building he notices several people are arriving. He loves to dance and dances his way onto the dance floor. He notices several women watching him and he loves the attention. He introduces himself to one of the ladies. She is very attractive and he flirts a bit with her, until he realizes she is married and he finds another partner. He loves ladies, loves to party, but, he is not completely lost it to mess around with a married woman.

    As they were leaving the diner Jared ran into his boss Matthew Hamming. He whispered to Alexandra that he wanted to chat with him away from work to get to know him better. Alexandra nods and tells him she will chat and get to know someone. She observes a woman giving Matthew Hamming a very peculiar look. She introduces herself to her and learns her name is Jessica Talon. She notices Jessica's shining eyes and grey cast to her skin and believes that Jessica is a vampire. Jessica confirms that she is indeed a vampire. "Does that bother you?" Jessica asks.
    Alexandra shakes her head no, "I grew up in Moonlight Falls, so no, it does not bother me."
    "Do you know the Van Gould family? We are connected in the past." Jessica asks.
    "Yes, they are still a very well known and connected family in town. Do you know Matthew Hamming? You gave him a funny look earlier." Alexandra looks at Matthew who is still talking with Jared.
    "Of course, everyone knows Matthew or knows of Matthew. He is a player in this town and doesn't mind stepping on those he considers in the way of his rise to stardom." Jessica gives Matthew another intense look and tells Alexandra goodbye.

    Alexandra walks over to Jared and Jared finishes his conversation and introduces her to Matthew. They chat a bit longer and Jared flags a taxi and they go home.

    Jared thanks Alexandra for going with him and tells her he enjoyed the evening very much. She gives him a friendly hug and tells him to call her anytime. She climbs the stairs to her room and Jared sits down at the computer to check on script changes for tomorrow.

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    Wrong thread or bad update? You can always use the "oops" post for your second installment :)

    I can't wait to see what Alexandra and Jared get up to! :)
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    @Mikezumi I accidentally hit post when I had just a few pics in the comment box. Changed it to oops and just worked the story in the next comment box and figured I'd switch it when I got done. :) First time I've done that in all the time I've been doing the stories. :)
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    I've always loved the position of the diner in Bridgeport :)
    Looks like Brian had a great time at the Grind! I am glad he has good morals and leaves the married women alone :)
    LOL at Jessica doing the evil cackle at Matthew!
    Looks like Alexandra and Jared are taking their time but I am glad they had a great time out :)
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    This is a great story! I love all their back stories. And @bekkasan your simself is adorable. <3 I agree with Mikezumi, don’t mess with a married woman! Love it.
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    @mikezumi Thanks for the comments. :) Brian loves to play but yes, he has morals. My sims are snail paced! I think Jessica could be fun except she is evil and I don't do evil. She may stay a friend though. :)

    @zeegee Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. You are sweet. I had to remake my simself, I lost my original, but I've learned a lot more about playing with sliders since I made the original so she's a bit more true to the young me.

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    @bekkasan My original SS was my elder SS that you see today in my games. Having said that, she has evolved over the years as I have become more proficient with the use of sliders. It's a pity that you lost your original SS but your new one looks great :)
    I do like evil sims, although I have never played any of the Bridgeport townies except for Beau and Lotta. When I first got LN, I was fascinated by the vampires but when I took any of the LN sims into CAS I was horrified by the size of their eyes and their face profiles. Too many kids are born with their tongues poking through their chins because of the extreme use of some of the sliders in those townies.
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    @Mikezumi I got a notice yesterday that Beau is in a relationship with Marina Prattle. He is not as pretty as your Beau! Maybe I will try to give him a makeover sometime. :) I will have to keep my eyes on the kids as the town progresses. Not too many yet.
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    @bekkasan When I first got LN, it was before I used CC and I loved Beau even in his natural state. He was funny looking but very sexy! I still like the original Beau but not what his kids turn out like so I had to fix him. My Beau is much softer than the original but at least his kids have a fighting chance ;)
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    A New Housemate

    Despite the late night, Jared and Alexandra are early risers and run into each other as they head into the kitchen for coffee and breakfast. Alexandra fixes yogurt and fruit and Jared a bowl of cereal. Alexandra is concerned as she has not heard back from the studio about being hired as an extra. Jared tries to reassure her that she will hear back soon. She is worried as her funds are running low and wonders if she should take the part time job at the spa. Jared tells her about hunting for rocks and minerals, and if she is up to it, try dumpster diving. "It will actually pay you better especially if you find rare gems or decent furniture to sell. Some of these rich people throw away perfectly good furniture. My desk and a few other items in the house are refinished from dumpster finds."

    Jared is athletic and offers to help train her. "I know you are a dancer, but your stamina will improve and being athletic will give you more role opportunities in the films." Alexandra likes that idea and they agree to meet one evening after he is done working for a training session.
    Jared tells her he has agreed to another housemate and she will be coming by early afternoon. "Will you be here?," he asks. "I have to work, but can get off if I need to."
    "No need for that, I can let her in and show her around." Alexandra offers.

    After lunch, Alexandra hears a knock at the door. She is very surprised at the person who knocked. "Are you Melee?", she asks. "I'm Alexandra Sims. I just moved in a few days ago."
    The girl in the bunny suit laughs and responds, "You are so polite! I know I look a fright. I am Melee Lawan. I have a part time job entertaining at kids parties. I had a party this morning and no time to change yet. The man that sold me this costume and make up assured me it was all the rage. I'm not so sure though. The kids at the last few parties seemed frightened rather than happy. I'm not very good at the makeup and the costume is old and worn out and ugly, but, I can't afford anything better yet."
    "Maybe I can help you with the costume, and I'm very good at makeup and I know I can help you with that." Alexandra offers. "Lets go in and I'll show you the room."
    "Oh, this is perfect!" Melee exclaims. "There is plenty of room for my keyboard and drum set and other instruments. I'm a musician. I don't know if I have the drive to be a rock star, but, I like playing at parties and coffee houses. The room is my favorite color also, yellow. It is a happy room."
    Melee looks at herself in the mirror in her costume. "Do you really think you can fix my costume and show me how to do the make up better?"
    "Absolutely," Alexandra nods her head. "Now, change your clothes so I can work on the costume and then I will show you how to do the makeup."
    Melee quickly changes her clothing and hands the costume to Alexandra.

    Melee is a bit of a chatterbox and while Alexandra examines the costume she tells her a bit about herself. She comes from Lucky Palms, but her family is from the orient. Sadly, she is alone in the world her family having been lost at sea in a tragic accident. She loves the outdoors and is very excitable. Her boyfriends have told her she is irresistible and a great kisser. She loves music and is a virtuoso and wants to learn and master all the instruments in the world. She is a free spirit, and does not want to be tied down to a job or family.

    After several hours of working with the costume, dyeing and repairing the tears Alexandra is satisfied and hopes that Melee will like it. She shows her how to apply her makeup with some fun, but, not scary designs that will appeal to the kids.

    They celebrate the success of the costume as well as their friendship with a fun pillow fight.
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    @bekkasan Good to see that you don't keep Jared's wonderful muscles covered up ;)
    How lovely that Melee has found a friend in Alexandra. She certainly makes a much cuter bunny now and kids will love her :)
    I am somewhat worried about Melee being irresistible ... keep her away from Jared so Alexandra doesn't miss out!
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    Mikezumi wrote: »
    I am somewhat worried about Melee being irresistible ... keep her away from Jared so Alexandra doesn't miss out!

    That is exactly what I thought!!

    That bunny... oh my that bunny, lol. So glad Alexandra helped her. :)
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    @Mikezumi Thanks for the comments. :) Gotta show those lovely muscles! I'm watching that girl like a hawk! I might be giving them autonomy, but, got my finger close to the cancel button if I don't like an action! hehe She's batting her lashes at Brian right now. :lol:

    @zeegee Thanks for commenting. :) @CravenLestat outdid himself on the bunny that is for sure.
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    @bekkasan I know all about those irresistible sims! Even if they behave themselves, it's hard to keep others away from them so watch Jared carefully! You've seen how he can't keep his hands off Jensen in my save! LOL
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    Mikezumi wrote: »
    @bekkasan I know all about those irresistible sims! Even if they behave themselves, it's hard to keep others away from them so watch Jared carefully! You've seen how he can't keep his hands off Jensen in my save! LOL

    @Mikezumi Wait what?! Aren't they brothers?! Maybe I am very behind.

    @bekkasan Craven did the bunny? Lol! I noticed his patterns on the girls' shirts. Gorgeous.
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    @ZeeGee They are brothers in the save with them as Sam and Dean and my young SS but in my current save they are Jared and Jensen, related only by marriage and happy grandparents (although not elders yet).
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    @Mikezumi I'll watch him too. So far he goes right to Alexandra after getting up if she is up. They are cute. :)

    @zeegee Yes, the bunny is part of his fix me up and he did her as my Christmas present. I wanted her in my game so that was when I came up with the idea of the housemates for this story.
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    Mikezumi wrote: »
    @ZeeGee They are brothers in the save with them as Sam and Dean and my young SS but in my current save they are Jared and Jensen, related only by marriage and happy grandparents (although not elders yet).

    Only in sims! :D
    bekkasan wrote: »
    @zeegee Yes, the bunny is part of his fix me up and he did her as my Christmas present. I wanted her in my game so that was when I came up with the idea of the housemates for this story.

    Aaw, good job @CravenLestat
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    Jared and Brian arrive home at the same time since they are both working in the film industry. Jared wants to take everyone out for a fun evening so they can get to know each other better since they are all living together. Brian agrees that is a great idea. They all pile into Jared's car and take off for a great evening. They cross the bridge connecting the city to the rural area and Jared pulls over to a layabout so they can see the beautiful view of the city.
    (My view may be slightly different from standard Bridgeport as I bulldozed several of the clubs and residential buildings that were empty as I felt their were too many in that city and it spreads the sims out too much)

    They arrive at Micks a small venue that specializes in karaoke and light entertainment. No shows are planned for this evening but Jared and Alexandra enjoy singing, while Brian heckles them and Melee chats with another sim.

    Their next stop is the Aquarius, a water themed club. They had to stop and change to more formal outfits as the club does have a dress code. They decided to try the bubble station and it loosened them up so that by the time they left they were all fast friends. They enjoyed the evening so much the bartender was calling last call before they knew it.

    Arriving home Brian and Melee decided to take their friendship up one level and headed to his room for some private flirting. (creator decided this was too fast for her so sent Melee and Brian to their separate beds :lol: ) Jared and Alexandra stopped and talked at the steps and not wanting to end the evening quite yet, they climbed the steps and sat on the sofa outside Alexandra's room.
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    @bekkasan Looks like they had a great night out!
    Love Jared's car :)
    I agree the city is too dense and it leaves little space for new lots. I should demolish some of mine one day because I do like Bridgeport.
    I really need to install Showtime because I do miss the karaoke machine. I have it installed on my son's laptop (which used to be mine).
    Alexandra's formal shoes look lovely!
    LOL at the creator putting the brakes on their romance! :p
    I do agree with taking it slowly or you will never get their careers happening.
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    @Mikezumi Thanks for the comments. :) I'm enjoying Showtime's fun stuff. I've found it is very hard for me to be hands off! No matter what I tell myself, I end up stopping them if they are gonna do something I consider stupid.
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    Okay Mikezumi stole all my comments again. I swear our minds are in sync. The car, the shoes, the
    bekkasan wrote: »
    No matter what I tell myself, I end up stopping them if they are gonna do something I consider stupid.

    My husband thinks that's why I love this game so much - total control. :lol:
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    @ZeeGee Thanks! :) lol...maybe that is a good part of it. I sure never could make my kid do what I wanted, but I can sure as the dickens make my sims :)
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    bekkasan wrote: »
    @ZeeGee Thanks! :) lol...maybe that is a good part of it. I sure never could make my kid do what I wanted, but I can sure as the **** make my sims :)

    The Sequel: Part 3 Prologue

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    @bekkasan I have to admit that I do stop my sims from doing stupid things, except for the ones in my current save that I am not allowed to control.

    As for kids - don't get me started! I am sure kids shorten their parents' lives intentionally to get the inheritance ;)
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