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  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,536 Member
    Christmas Summer
    You're practically ensured an exciting time on this lively beach or pool around the holidays With Your Family and Friends at the Bar, BBQ, Suntaning Merry Christmas
    Gallery Link: Christmas Summer

  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,536 Member
    Xmas Fruit Cake Kitchen
    Inspired by the Fruit Cake in the game Bake all your Christmas Fruit Cake over the Christmas Holiday Merry Christmas
    Gallery Link: Xmas Fruit Cake Kitchen

  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,931 Member
    A great place to bake @chips46
  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,536 Member
    The challenge is for #ChristmasParty2022 by #curlyangel75
    The challenge is to create a Sim with trait 1."party animal" 2. Spend him a stunning christmas-outfit
    Gallery Name:♥Christmasparty 2022♥

    Don Kirkland Snowboarding his way to the Christmas party meet new friends always cheerful been a party animal in his younger days not slowing down loves Dancing the night away is what keeps his soul young♥
    Aspiration : Friend of the world Traits: Cheerful, Party Animal, Dance Machine
  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,536 Member
    Blue Christmas Dining
    This Dining Room decorated in Base Game and Holiday Celebration pack in Christmas Blue decor with Fruit Cake, bar, tea Wishing everyone safe and in good health Merry Christmas
    Gallery Name: Blue Christmas Dining

  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,536 Member
    ♥ Joy To The World ♥
    I'm still unable to get a web link it just wont lode this one was used with the cas pose Gallery Name:♥ Joy To The World ♥
    Joy To The World (Joyful, Joyful) [Live From The Chosen] Was inspired by the song Sims Singers whose names aren't real they are made up Wishing you all a Joyful and hopeful HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023♥

    This one is with out the cas pose Gallery Name:♥ Joy To The World ♥
  • chips46chips46 Posts: 3,536 Member
    The challenge is for #IMStones and #JanGarnet by #InaMac
    Must use the colour RED
    Gallery Name:Gothic Red Birthstone B/R

    This Bed Room decorated in January Birthstone Garnet dark red red decor for a Gothic Artists Vampire Loves Art Painting Romance romantic Victorian House

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