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TSCC (Complete Collection) Will Not Load SOLVED

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I reinstalled from discs and The Sims Complete Collection will not load on this machine (OS Windows 7 Home Prem.) I set it to XP SP2, Run as Admins. and even advanced option for all users to use those settings, too.

But it will not load. So, I ran the Easy Info Tool (in EA games which allows it to load or not) and it says my OS failed and my RAM failed, well, that's because it can't find the correct info for my machine.

How do I fix this so it will load? I played it off and on in different pc with Windows 7 Home Prem. and never had any problems like this. This Windows 7 version though was released in 2015 and retail not OEM like in my older pc so that may be part of the problem of it not recognizing my OS.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled and set the settings over and over again to run as adminstrator and in XP mode but it's still not loading. The screen pops up to play in 800x600 mode or 1068 screen resolution but neither even load the game.

ETA: I just need to fix it to load again, I will worry about screen resolutions for wide screen later, I will not use Origin to play games I already own.

ETA: I've done everything suggested about not installing the game into X86 Programs but on drive C, that doesn't work, either. The Easy Info Tool built into older EA games says my OS failed and the only thing I can think that would cause my OS to be seen by that tool is something configuring it for my other Sims games, like the Graphic Rule Maker. I have several games in this machine that are older EA games and they all use the Easy Info Tool to allow the games to load (TS2UC removes this built in tool from TS2) but other older EA games use that tool including The Sims, so I don't know how to correct this tool to see my OS. Even setting it to XP mode does not work.
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,524 Member
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    If you have ran into problems where older games no longer play on Windows 7, 8 or 10 then this thread is for you.

    First let me say I spent a few days trying to find out why The Sims would play on my other machine which had Windows 7 on it and not this one which I just go about three years ago, but didn't touch and or rebuild until about a year ago. And installed a retail version of 7 (wasn't the OS in the pc but had to pay extra to go back to 7).

    Simple, MS Update.

    In Sept. 2015 MS installed a Critical Patch KB 3086255 which many people don't know about. I didn't. I let MS install critical updates always fearing hackers etc. Other people do the same.

    The answers on the internet were to simply uninstall this update, turn off MS Updates and just leave yourself vunerable to any security risks since you want to play your old games, right? and never update again.

    That wasn't the answer for me, so I had to do more digging.

    MS feels SafeDisk DRM is vunerable, and can be exploited by hackers etc. so, they disabled the driver on any old game you have laying around with update KB3086255, but that update also protects your pc from other things so uninstalling it is not the answer.

    I tried the instruction to edit the Register (simple instructions by MS) but that didn't work. My game still didn't do a thing when I started from cd, or shortcut or whatever. Even setting as Admins, Windows XP etc. Nothing, including their instructions of how to work around this wasn't working.

    I'm a bull dog, I have to solve a problem if I have a problem.

    I found instructions how to use an elevated cmdpromt to tell the machine what to do when it sees this on a disk and must use it to start the game, which I'm fine with. Perfectly legal to set your machine to allow the disc to run, since MS decided no you can't play these old games anymore.

    When all else fails, follow the cmdprompt instructions listed in the link I'm going to supply. You may run into this in other older games that used SafeDisk to start the game up and to verify etc. There is nothing illegal about these instructions at all. Remember MS disabled your SafeDisk process, this will make it work again. I recommended setting to 'demand' that way it won't be vunerable and not 'open' unless you are running an old game. This will not work for Windows 10 as the update is built into Windows 10 and nothing you can do about it legally.

    Happy Simming!

    ETA: MS disabled SafeDisk, you are going to reenable it while you play.
    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

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