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The Story of Oscar and Louise


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    @Karritz Very interesting about what you plan for Oscar. Good idea to use Eric as a travelling companion to help with introductions in different worlds. ...That's funny about walking away and leaving Oscar paused for 8+ hours while recording. Hard to juggle real life and creative projects sometimes! I hate being interrupted when I'm writing stories or working on graphics. So easy to lose track of what I was doing!
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    Oscar's Childhood Part 10 is now available to view on YouTube

    Oscar's life has changed after the meteor hit and Elouise arrives in Erewhon to rescue him. Oscar finds himself safely in the boarding school on Chocolate Cake Island.
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    @Karritz RE: Oscar's Childhood, video 10. ...The scenes of the meteor attack and Grim taking Oscar's parents were so dramatic! Meteors were hitting all over town too. The lighting mod really helped create a bleak atmosphere with those skies! ...So many injuries. Even Oscar was burned by a meteor. And he's grief-stricken! ...But LOL at the sims still reading and making snow angels after a meteor hit near them! Then the bartender goes back to her duty. Sims are resilient beings! But Oscar seems very upset. ...All the fires at Oscar's house! Very realistic. ...Loved Elouise rescuing Oscar. Nice to see Oscar safe at the boarding school. Awesome video. Great special effects!
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    Thank you @lanlyn.

    The special effects worked better than I'd hoped. I was going to have fires all over town too but worried about lag with so many fog emitters.

    I've left the town just as you last saw it in the video so if the future story requires me to go back for his family I should be able to do it. If they are still there.

    I had a few problems with Anna Mation. Firstly, I gave her a makeover and put her into the Big Game. Then I played with other games for a few weeks. Then I went back and got her from the Base Camp where I thought I'd left her. But she wasn't the made over version.

    Then I found the made over version living at the boarding school. That confused me and I was thinking of how I was going to deal with the situation. I sent the unmadeover version back to Moonfall Island but somehow the game decided it didn't like her being there while I was recording Dan's efforts to meet his parents. When I got Dan back to Moonfall Island Anna Mation wasn't at the Base Camp and I haven't seen her since. She just vanished. I have no idea what happened to her. But I needed one of them to vanish so I decided to not worry too much about it. Now I'm wondering what'll happen to other sims. Probably nothing as I've never noticed a problem before and she was a doppelganger who shouldn't have been in the game.

    Now I'm working on a chapter to give some of Eric's back story since he's about to become a main character in Oscar's story. I've wasted most of today in my effort to record some video of his early life. I found an old save with his parents in it and it was from before I broke the game up into several worlds. There are so many sims in a huge world my computer can't run it with my mods in - even with all graphics down to minimums. So, in desperation I used MC to do Total Annihilation of most of the town's inhabitants then bulldozed their houses so the game can't put new sims into those empty houses. I'll be able to delete this save when I'm finished recording as I won't need it again and I still have a few copies of the original save untouched.

    Happy Simming

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    @Karritz So the fires were from fog emitters? I didn't think about that. I thought you'd used NRaas DebugEnabler or something similar. So the emitters make permanent fires? I'll have to remember that. I need a fire going in the story I'm still working on. ...That's weird about Anna. Maybe her doppelganger version caused the glitch, so you shouldn't have issues with other sims. ...Good luck with the next video after clearing the town. At least you won't need to continue the save once the story is set up.
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    I'm currently loading Eric's story Part 1. It's about 16 minutes. I had to cut the video I had recorded in half as it was getting way too long so will do the second half later, probably start tomorrow. I've got the video recorded for the second part, just have to do the narration and editing.

    I have to rush out now.

    And - yes @lanlyn I used a few different fog emitters. Next step will be to remove them. Of course the meteors were called by an alien.

    Happy Simming.
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    Eric's Story Part 1 is now ready for viewing on YouTube.

    Part 1 takes place before Eric is born. You will see his parents - major changes happen prior to his birth and they are important changes so I made this part about them.

    Part 1 opens with a picture of Eric as he will become when he's a child, and you see a series of family trees for his family. This is meant to give you an idea of how many sims he's related to and can potentially call upon in his future travels.

    You will see Eric's father, Percy Koffi, make Eric's mother young again using a potion he makes on the Chemistry Table.

    Eric's mother is Lorna McCann from Dragon Valley and she is an extremely old elder and Percy is a young adult. The game got them married while I was playing another household. They are so much in love with each other I thought it worthwhile leaving them together but I wanted him to have babies with her so I had to do something and chose to use the Chemistry table to make the potion. She was so old by the time I got the idea to make the potion I kept expecting the Grim Reaper to take her before he could discover it. It was quite a stressful few sim days for me. Fortunately he made it in time and she became a Young Adult World Renowned Surgeon.

    Unfortunately, after they had their babies they proved to be terrible parents. They are so besotted with each other they spend all of their time either at work or going out together to have fun and leave their babies alone at home. So Eric and his little sister have been moved permanently to the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island.

    Oscar has just been sent to the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island and he and Eric will become best friends. Eric is older than Oscar and he takes Oscar under his wing and when they are old enough they will explore all of the worlds (13 so far) in the Big Game. Eric is related to someone in most of those worlds so they will always have someone to stay with. They'll be joining various households in their travels. This will allow me to play numerous other households. I might even have them stay with Bob and his new family in Sunlit Tides as I'd like to spend some time with that interesting little household. Bob's eldest son, Harry, is Eric's cousin and they grew up together before Eric got sent to boarding school. Harry will be in Part 2 of Eric's Story video. Harry's parents are both in Part 1 of Eric's Story Video so you'll see them if you watch this video.

    While Percy works on discovering the Young Again Potion he finds the Imaginary Friend Metamophium Potion. He uses the potion to make his Imaginary Friend real and renames him Bob. Bob marries Percy's half-sister, Haley. Haley and Bob have a son, Harry. Harry and Eric are also best friends as well as being cousins. Haley often autonomously came to the rescue of Eric before I finally gave up and put him permanently in the boarding school. I got them to have a second child just because I wanted one more from them, even though I knew she'd also have to live in the boarding school.
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    @Karritz RE: Eric's Story, video 1. ...That is some family tree! ...Nice transitional effects between scenes. ...Interesting relationship between the older Lorna and the YA Percy. Percy better hurry to find that Young Again potion for his wife before she passes away! ...Interesting YA Imaginary Friend. I've never had an IF remain a doll beyond childhood. LOL at them having a pillow fight. They seem to be getting along well, remembering their younger days. ...Haley is cute. I like her hairstyle. ...Yay! The potion worked on Lorna. I've never seen an age-down birthday. That was fun! ...Loved the romantic scenes between Percy and Lorna. ...But that IF hanging around trying to get Percy's attention! ...Congrats to the IF in becoming Bob, a real sim. Now he can have a real life of his own!
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    @lanlyn thank you. I wanted to show the age down birthday as well as the YA IF becoming real as I thought a few people may not have seen that happen. When I first did it, back in 2015, I hadn't done it before either. I found some old saves and replayed it. It jumps around a bit because I am not recording from an ongoing game. But I thought it would be easier for everyone if I gave some background to Eric and how he fits into the game as a whole and took the opportunity to show a few things that I thought were interesting.

    You would have seen Haley already in the Preparing for Oscar video. She has a baby, 7 toddlers and a teen at that point and is almost an elder herself. In this Introduction to Eric video, we went back to a point before Eric was born and that version of Haley is still a YA, although she is older than Percy and not far off becoming an adult. In Part 2 of Introducing Eric we will see Haley married to Bob with their toddler Harry. Then a bit later we see she's moved out to live with Gobias and is no longer married to Bob. Bob is a single father as Haley left him with Harry. I remember when I was playing the game I didn't pay much attention to Bob and Harry but I often saw them around town together. Bob usually had Harry with him whenever Harry wasn't at school. When we get to visit Bob and Harry in Sunlit Tides much later on we see him very happily married and with a new family but Harry is still with him as a teen. Now I need to play Eric for a while so he catches up with Harry in age. He did just age up to teen at the boarding school. His time ran out and the game aged him up.

    This little one is one of Bob's daughters. Sally is her mother. Bob wouldn't have anything to do with Sally but I wanted them to have a baby so I used Master Controller to give them an instant baby. Bob is raising her now.


    Like Harry, Tina was born with the Imaginary Friend occult state.

    Then Bob married Kitty

    And they have a daughter who has just become a toddler. She is not an imaginary friend. But she has one of her own.


    Kitty is one of my old sims I previously made many years ago as part of a household of 8 young adults. I added her to this game and left her to it and she met Bob and they seem to be very happy together.

    So I fully expect Eric and Oscar to visit their houshold at some stage. They live in Sunlit Tides - I just have to remove a few more sims from Sunlit Tides though before I can play there. Every house in the entire world is full. I removed a few from the boarding school last visit and took them to a new world.

    Here's another pic of Kitty - I'm sure you'll remember having seen her before.
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    Here's the link to the second part of Eric's Story.

    It runs for about 15 minutes.

    This is all I'm posting on Eric's toddler days. Next video, which I'm about to start working on, is of his childhood. When Oscar meets him, Eric has just aged up to teen.

    This video was recorded by me opening old saves of the original game. Things that happen in the video may or may not have happened in the original game. I just flitted around the world to see what I could see was happening and recorded bits of it to show you bits of Eric and his extended family for the video.

    At the end I placed Eric and three of his toddler cousins into the boarding school to show him learning his toddler skills.

    This is a very early version of the boarding school. It was originally meant to be used only for toddlers but it gradually dawned on me that I could use it for children - then I decided teens could benefit from being there too and finally I started rotating the nannies so they could also learn skills. Most of the born in game sims in my worlds have had 3 or more stays at the boarding school at different ages and with different groups of other sims thereby extending their friendships widely throughout the world. And by the time we see Oscar at the boarding school I've implemented the idea of having only one active boarding school in the game and have sims from a variety of worlds at it thereby having them meet sims from anywhere. I think it is a nice way for cousins from different worlds to get to know each other as well as meeting unrelated sims.

    The video opens with Eric sitting in the snow while his parents enjoy a pleasant lunch date inside the Little Corsican Bistro. The babysitter turned up and I also found Haley was there keeping Eric company.

    Haley was living with Eric's parents in Part 1 of Eric's story, and in Part 2 she has moved out to live with Bob and they have a toddler of their own, Harry. Also, Haley has made a Plumbot named Plum. Back when I was playing the game I'd played Haley's household for a while and she and Bob had gotten married and little Harry was born. Then I moved on to play another household and Haley and Bob got divorced and she eventually moved in with Gobias. In this episode Haley and Bob are still living in the same household but I noticed they have already divorced. When she moves out she leaves Harry and Plum with Bob. Bob turns out to be a brilliant father and takes great care of Harry. Harry is a teen by the time Oscar arrives at the boarding school.

    Haley - pregnant with Harry

    Plum - Haley's plumbot

    Haley with Eric - he'd been sitting in the snow. I got this shot back when I was originally playing the game and I wasn't controlling Haley or Eric. I just noticed this happen autonomously. Thought it was nice she'd visit her little nephew who seemed to spend his entire life sitting in the snow while his parents went out having fun together at bistros and fun parks.


    My favourite old pic of Harry. He keeps his skin colour as his father, Bob, has the same skin.


    One thing that always bothered me about Eric and Sammeh (cousins) is they were born with very dark skins. I could never understand how this could have happened since both of them had parents with very pale skins. But I left them alone and pondered the problem. I used to think it must have been some glitch in the system but left them with their original colours because that's how they'd been born. Then recently it slowly dawned on me what had happened. They'd each inherited their father's skin (EA Default) and had inherited their mother's slider position (EA Default from Dragon Valley). Although both mothers were very light skinned, they had the multi coloured Dragon Valley skin and their sliders were pulled far to the right to give them very pale greenish skins.

    Now I'd worked out what had happened to them I felt it would be ok for me to give them CC skins. I'll be giving their parents CC skins too for the Big Game. So both toddlers got ESkin Fresh skins. I didn't touch their slider position but they suddenly became very pale greenish sims.

    I hope you enjoy the video. I had fun making it even though it took me a long time to get it finished. So many other things to do.

    Happy Simming
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    @Karritz RE: Eric's Story, video 2. ...Eric is a cute little guy. ...Pretty snow scenes when we first see Eric here. ...Fun seeing some of his relatives. ...Lorna looks good after being turned young again. ...Harry is also a cute toddler. ...Your boarding school is amazing! ...I liked the ghost hunting scene. ...Cool family tree. That one generation had a lot of sims! ...The roller coaster pic of Fran is awesome. ...Huge basement area with so much storage and activities. All the fluttering butterflies and glowing insects looked neat. ...Long toddler stage, but at least you have plenty of time to deal with several toddlers at a time. ...Eric has handsome, dramatic eyes. I like them. ...LOL at the naughty dogs at then end of the video! ...I also enjoyed the screenshots you shared, especially Haley with Eric and Harry in his bunny sleeper.
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    Thank you @lanlyn. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. I enjoy reading your comments.

    These videos on Eric's Story are just a bit of a snapshot of the various family members so when I start back on Oscar's story, some of the sims surrounding Oscar will be familiar. Eric will hopefully not just be a new blank character.

    Here is the next video. It took me a while to do mostly due to distractions with other activities I'm involved with.

    The long awaited video of Eric's Story Part 3 is now up on YouTube

    We find Eric as a child at home. See Percy and their pet cat. Then Eric catches the bus for school. After school Eric delivers some permission slips to City Hall and does his homework. We see a few sims around town including two of Gary Koffi's plumbots. This is the last we'll see of Eric before Oscar turns up at the Boarding School to find Eric has just aged up to teen. It is safe to assume Eric has successfully completed all of his toddler skills and child skills.

    Next we move on to the household of Bob and Harry Koffi. they live with Plum the plumbot. Haley has moved out and we visit her briefly. She's living with Gobias and they have a toddler daughter. By the time Oscar arrives at the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island that toddler of Haley and Gobias has just become a child and she's at the Boarding School when Oscar arrives there.

    We briefly visit The Sackholme-Koffi residence where Giles Koffi and his wife Susie Sackholme live with their son Sammeh. Suzie's brother Mason is there too. He has a daughter, Star, with his ex-wife Hannah. Hannah is the half-sister of Eric's father, Percy Koffi.

    Next we visit Hannah and her family at home and meet Theresa Fields who is visiting their houshold. Theresa is another half-sister of Percy Koffi and of Hannah too.

    Finally Hannah and her second husband, Quinn Flanagan and their children head off for the beach where Star climbs the climbing wall, and rides the bucking bronco. The twin boys relax on the beach and the youngest daughter takes a swim in the ocean. We meet Hannah and see Quinn who is now an elder. They have many dogs. Whenever I think of this household the first image that comes to me is of 4 large dogs.

    The video runs for about 17 minutes.

    Happy Simming
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    @Karritz I should have time to watch your latest video tonight. Your story will be fun to see, as always. I'm trying to catch up on some of the things I've missed in the past week or so. :)
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    Here is a summary of what the videos I've posted recently are about. They are 'Getting Ready for Oscar'; Eric's Story; Eric's Story Part 2; Eric's Story Part 3.

    I just watched my video on Eric's Story Part 3 and I decided it was good enough to load to YouTube. There are a few places where I wanted to fix it but if I'd done that it would be at least another week before I had it ready to load. And I'm over it. I need to move on. I think I'll do the next episode of Perfect Genetics now. I was supposed to do Oscar arriving at the boarding school but it's been a while since I've done a Perfect Genetics update. I may have to just play it for a while as there is a bit of toddler training to get done and watching toddlers sit and read books isn't exactly riveting YouTube viewing.

    With this episode of Eric's Story we only actually see Eric in the first few scenes. Then I move on with the continued introduction to a few of his relatives.

    If you've watched all four of the videos I've now done to get ready to merge Oscar into the Big Game you will have met the following Sims.

    Generation 1
    Patience Ogalvie - matriach and founder sim of the dynasty to which Eric belongs and Oscar is still to meet. Eric's Grandmother.
    Marty Hansen - well you see a picture of him - he is the ex-husband of Patience and father of her first 5 children
    Gobias Koffi - father of the next 5 of Patience's children - Eric's Grandfather. You ought to know him already if you play Sims 3 as he's a townie from Sunset Valley and Sunset Valley is the world that comes with the Base Game. In this video you only see him sleeping in his bed and the sim in that bed could be anyone. Gobias is a witch in this story. Not my choice - the game turned him into a witch automatically.
    Ted Fields - the youngster who Patience seduces when she is tired of Gobias - he is the father of 4 of Patience's children
    Christopher Steel - there is some magnetic attraction between Patience and Christopher. She sets eyes on him and she is smitten. For a while at least. He's her final partner and they have one son. Christopher is another townie from Sunset Valley. In this story Christopher is a werewolf - because the game did it before I realised what was happening. I've since turned all occults off in Options so this sort of thing won't happen again. I say who can be an occult in my games.

    Marcie Meredith - she is an Adult when introduced to the game. She was made back in 2009 as a live in nanny to help with child-rearing. I added her to Patience and Marty's household when they had a few babies to take care of.

    The children - Eric's parents or aunts and uncles
    Helena - the eldest daughter of Patience and Marty - she eventually marries Ted and they have 4 children but only 2 have been born by the time of this current video. Helena got a bit glitched while they were living in Dragon Valley and stopped aging. It took me a long time to fix that problem so she isn't quite as old now as she ought to be.
    Heather - second born of Patience and Marty - she has lived an interesting life - initially I ignored her until she aged up to Adult excpet for forcing her to have a child with her imaginary friend because I'd read it could be done and wanted to see if that was true. Later she met a handsome genie and she drank a young again potion and became a young adult again. Her husband is Derek Doweling. But when the scenes in this video are shot she still hasn't met him because I hadn't made him yet. But when Oscar meets them I'll have to get Oscar and Eric to stay in their household for a while just because the sims living there are - interesting. I'll list them further down.
    Haley - the third child of Patience and Marty - she has always been confused with her relationships. I put it down to her being a child of Patience. When she first aged up to Young Adult I made her a gorgeous young male sim so they could get married and have babies. I wanted babies from all of Patience's children. Well she met this new bloke, they moved in together into a house with lots of other young sims. When it looked like they were a secure couple I moved on to play a different household for a while. During that time she dumped him and took up with a very old sim. He was a townie from Dragon Valley and I forget his name now. He was already an elder. His age bar showed he could drop dead at any moment. I broke them up and got her back with the sim I wanted her to marry. I left the household to play another household and she went straight back to the old man. Eventually I just gave up and added a few more random sims to the game. Her old man soon died of old age but in the meantime the nice youg sim I'd made for her had found someone else and they married and have had a family together. Haley was alone. Next thing Percy (her younger half brother) made his imaginary friend real. Haley and Bob appeared to be smitten with each other so I got them married and played their houshold for a while. They had a baby. I left them alone to play a different household and she divorsed him and ran off with Gobias Koffi. I was horrified. Then I decided to leave her with Gobias as she seemed totally determined to have an old boyfriend no matter what I did for her and also I thought it might lead to some interesting relationships if she and Gobias had any babies. They did. But their babymaking soon came to an end when Gobias died of old age. By now Haley was an adult and she had a fling with a much younger male, Shark Racket. they had a baby, Nic. Then she met a new sim I'd added to the game. this sim was another young adult. She married him. They are still together and have had a couple of babies. Then she went off with Shark Racket again so I allowed them to have another one but she stayed with her husband. He didn't seem to mind.
    Henry - the only son of Patience and Marty - Henry got married by the game almost as soon as he aged up to Young Adult. He married Siobahn Murphy. They have two sons. I have rarely played this household but they seem to be going along happily enough. The boys have been educated at the boarding school for each age stage they've been through.
    Hannah - the youngest child of Patience and Marty. Hannah married young. Her husband was Mason Sackholme from Dragon Valley. They had one daughter, Star. Unfortunately Martin had a roving eye and Hannah moved out with Star. She soon met a much older man, Quinn Finnegan, they eventually married and had 3 children together before Quinn died of old age. He is in this current video. The video closes with this family at the beach.
    Gloria - the eldest daughter of Patience and Gobias. Gloria is in the medical career. She married Kearney O'Shea from Dragon Valley. They have two sons. It was while I was toddler training their eldest son that I realised the time it was going to take for me to toddler train all of the toddlers descended from Patience. And I pondered the problem and came up with the boarding school idea. Initially it was meant just for toddler training but it's usefulness grew and now anyone can go there to learn some skills. It is the most often played household but the occupants change regularly. Gloria and Kearney seem to be happily married.
    Giles - the eldest son of Patience and Gobias. Giles is married to Susie Sackholme from Dragon Valley. Suzie is the sister of Mason Sackholme making Giles and Suzie's children double cousins of Star who is the daughter of Suzie's brother and Giles' half-sister. Suzie and Giles have two children but at the time of this current video they only have their son, Sammeh. Giles is a witch - inherited from Gobias.
    Percy - the next son of Patience and Gobias. Eric's Father. Percy married an elderly sim, Lorna McCann. When she was ready to die of old age Percy made a young again potion for her and she became a young adult. They had two children, both of whom they worked hard at totally ignoring. Their first child is Eric - the star of this video - and the second is a Susanne. Both Eric and Susanne have become permanent residents of the boarding school due to their neglect by their parents. Percy and Lorna appear to be totally obsessed with each other. Percy is a witch.
    Gabbi - the youngest daughter of Patience and Gobias. Gabbi married Aaron Flannagan and they have two children. Gabbi has reached level 10 of the magician career.
    Gary - the youngest child of Patience and Gobias. Gary married Fran Flower. She's a fairy. Gary is a witch. They eventually do have two babies and could have more. They also have 3 plumbots including the white floaty Purl that you sometimes see wafting in and out of various scenes in the videos.
    Theresa - the eldest child of Patience and Ted Fields. Theresa hasn't married yet but she does have a live in boyfriend who she doesn't seem to like much and he has commitment issues. But they have managed to have a couple of children togther.
    Tammy - the second child of Patience and Ted. Tammy is in the singing career and has so far shown no sign of having any interest of having a family or even a partner. I might track her down and try to get her married - or at least to have a baby or two. I want Patience's children to all have a few children if possible.
    Toni - the third daughter of Patience and Ted. I need to investigate where Toni is up to in her life.
    Tom - the son of Patience and Ted. Tom is interesting. He's showing a wandering eye. He lives with his girlfriend Olwyn Murray and they have a toddler son Ephrahim. Recently I played Tom and found he also had a love interest but she lived in a different world. I wanted to remove that love interest from his relationships. He couldn't call her and he couldn't send her a text so I sent him to visit her. When he met up with her things didn't quite go to plan. She ended up pregnant. I left them to it as I had a few things I needed to do with another houshold. I'd planned for him to break up with her and send him back home but while I was off doing whatever with that other household he had married her. This left me wondering what to do. I waited for the baby to be born and decided to send him back to Olwyn Murray to perhaps break up with her but when he got there it was easier to just leave them to go on together as they had done before. So now Tom has a wife and child in Dark Harbor and a girlfriend and son in Lucky Palms. I couldn't believe it when I found he'd actually married Donna. He's lived with Olwyn for years without any sign of marriage. The game put them together. Donna is part of a large family too and is from a household I added to the game ages ago. They were from a game I played for a while a few years ago - probably as far back as 2010. She was a teen when I saved them to the library so after putting them into the Big Game she attended to boarding school for a while. She probably met Tom there. (I don't remember seeing them together so this was all a bit of a surprise but as usual, I'll go with it). I did send Tom back to see his baby son in Dark harbour and while there decided the baby ought to have a sibling and by the time Tom left to go back to Lucky Palms she was pregnant again. They now have a son and a daughter. I suspect Donna won't see much of Tom but I'll probably use him as my traveling sim occasionally so he can visit them. They won't age while I'm not playing in their world. And the son he has with Olwyn wasn't one I had anything to do with. The game did it. I just love these little surprises. It does make things interesting and unusual things happen in real life so I go with it as otherwise things could get quite boring with a few perfect little families with nothing much happening.
    Craig - only child/son of Patience and Christopher Steel. He's a werewolf. Not married. No partner. Has been to boarding school. Still YA in Big Game. I'm planning to find him a wife - will make on to order if necessary - as I want him to have babies.

    Then there's Dan. Dan is a born in game sim. He's from an old 2010 save I found on a back up disk. He is the son of Patience and Christopher and is married with 6 children. I really wanted to play his family and gave them all makeovers and then I added them to the Big Game. The video on Getting Ready For Oscar ended up being all about integrating Dan into the Big Game. He is now in Patienc's family tree in this Big Game. So Craig has gained a full brother with a wife and 6 children.

    I won't list all of Eric's cousins as there are too many of them.
    Briefly, Helena has 4 children and 1 grandchild (her daughter, Carmel, married Parker Langarak and they have a son, Larry) I want to play with her son, Deangelo as he's gorgeous.

    A favourite pic of Deangelo

    Heather has 2 (plus one her husband cloned from a sim in France) She could have more as she's been made young again and her son David is only a toddler. Perry, her eldest son is almost a YA.
    Haley has about 7 children (maybe 8 and I think she's going to have a few more)
    Henry has 2
    Hannah has 4
    Gloria has 2
    Giles has 2
    Percy has 2 (Eric and his sister)
    Gabbi has 2
    Theresa has at least 2
    Tammy none so far but I have plans that my not come off as I've tried to play her before and got nowhere
    Toni none yet (as far as I can recall)
    Tom has 3
    Craig none yet
    Dan has 6

    Eric may not have met all of his Aunts, Uncles and cousins but I'm going to get him to visit them with Oscar. They are spread around many different worlds. So far as I know, the one he is closest to is Bob and Haley's son, Harry.
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    @Karritz RE: Eric's Story, video 3. ...Cute cat. ...They live in Twin Towns by @jillbg? I took a look at some screenshots for that world. Nice variety of areas. Country, city, rich, poor. Lovely scenery too. ...So Bob is raising Harry by himself right now. Interesting. ...Interesting about Harry having the IF trait too. LOL at the plumbot scanning Harry as a IF doll. And Bob can do a doll form too! ...Your family trees are amazing. Mine have never gotten that intricate. ...Those pointy ears! Unique look. I like them. ...Pretty wedding screenshots. ...Happy Birthday to Toni. ...Fun scenes at the beach. The wall climbing and bull riding. ...The elder with the cane does the proper style walk that I don't see very often. Most elders do the stooped-over walk. ...The twin boys sunning themselves with their swimming flippers on! ...Pretty night scenery of the beach and water. ...Another great video.

    ...I enjoyed reading through your background info on the families too. Nice shot of Deangelo playing the violin.
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    @lanlyn yes - it is Twin Towns. They were in that world for ages but eventually had to move as it got so overpopulated. I'm thinking of adding it back into the mix one day. Bob raised Harry from toddler to teen. Actually Harry still lives with Bob but Bob has married again and has more children now. The pointy ears were inherited from their Dragon Valley townie parents. I thought there was something different about that elder walk. He is Quinn Flannagan from Dragon Valley. I'm wondering if the pointy ears will be passed down to the next generation. So far none of the children born to Dragon Valley townies have reproduced.

    I noticed the flippers. All three of the children had flippers. I didn't bother taking them into CAS though as I was just going to shut the save down. But if I come across flippers in the actual game I'm playing now I'll do something about it.

  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,213 Member
    @Karritz I have a fairy couple living in Dragon Valley, but I haven't spent a lot of time there, so am not familiar with the townies yet. ...LOL, EA seems to love giving sims flippers with the swim outfit. Funny.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 19,398 Member
    lanlyn wrote: »
    @Karritz I have a fairy couple living in Dragon Valley, but I haven't spent a lot of time there, so am not familiar with the townies yet. ...LOL, EA seems to love giving sims flippers with the swim outfit. Funny.

    I don't know townies from many of the worlds. It was really only Sunset Valley and Twinbrook townies before I started my Big Game. In it I originally just added Patience, her men, and their 15 children plus about 6 or so townies from Sunset Valley and placed them into Dragon Valley to see what happened. Then they all started autonomously marrying Dragon Valley townies. Then I started the boarding school and decided to include townie toddlers and my introduction to townies began. I still don't know them from many of the worlds. When I add a new world to the Big Game now I tend to get rid of any townies as I generally am looking for room for my own sims. But I don't have a rule about it.

    I usually get rid of the flippers as soon as I see them but this family didn't look too bad walking around in their flippers and I just opened the game to make the video. It is an old save from about 2015. I think all of those teens are young adults in the game now and that is only because I haven't played that game since I started making videos. I keep wanting to get back to it but making videos seems to take priority. So now I've incorporated two video series into the Big Game and that will let me take advantage of all of the hundreds of Sims I have living in it.

    Thank you for your comments. I do hope we continue to see you occasionally. Whatever - have fun and stay safe.
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,213 Member
    @Karritz I've never gotten rid of townies before, not in mass anyway! But I have downloaded empty worlds to put my sims in. I've played with townies as actives too. So I do a little of this and a little of that! :D
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 19,398 Member
    lanlyn wrote: »
    @Karritz I've never gotten rid of townies before, not in mass anyway! But I have downloaded empty worlds to put my sims in. I've played with townies as actives too. So I do a little of this and a little of that! :D

    If I choose an EA World I tend to try to keep the townies - that's why I tend to avoid EA worlds when adding a new world to my Big Game. But I have gotten rid of all the sims that came with one of the player made worlds I used.

    I will probably add a few new EA Worlds eventually to the Big Game. For Example, it will gain the townies from Hidden Springs soon as Oscar and Louise is set in Hidden Springs, as is The McFluff Story. At the moment both of those stories are playing in different worlds but they will soon be back in Hidden Springs.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 19,398 Member
    I have finally got my video of Oscar's Childhood Episode 11 loaded to YouTube.

    Of course, it ended up being wildly too long so I cut it in half. Well, almost in half. YouTube says it runs for 24 minutes - I thought is was not a little less than 20 minutes. But it is packed full of activity and drama and fun. I hope you enjoy it.

    We finally find out where Elouise came from and why she suddenly turned up 'out of the blue' to rescue Oscar.

    We see Oscar at the boarding school in Chocolate Cake Island and he gets to know Mike. They play a few games together before Elouise leaves with Mike and Snow (the big fluffy white dog). The end of the video sees the trio traveling to Lucky Palms.

    The next episode is almost done and it will be more of Snow and Mike's story as they both feature in it. Actually, it's mostly about Mike as he returns to his parents and younger siblings.

    Elouise is relatively out of the picture in this episode as she stays put in the small house she rented on arrival in Lucky Palms. I'll try to get it up in a day or two. Then I'll move on to the next episode of Caroline and Friends.

    I'll probably take a significant break over the next two or three weeks. I won't have access to a computer but might be able to drop in occasionally with my phone. That will mean no new videos for a while.

    Happy Simming.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 19,398 Member
    Oscar's Childhood Episode 12 is now available on YouTube

    This episode is set in Lucky Palms. Oscar isn't actually in it as it is about Elouise taking Mike and Snow home to Lucky Palms.

    Happy Simming

    I'll be taking a few weeks off now as I will be away from home and not have access to a computer for two or three weeks. Videos will resume on my return home.

    Happy Simming and I have a happy New Year and enjoy your holidays.
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,213 Member
    edited December 2018
    @Karritz RE: Oscar's Childhood, video 11. ...I liked hearing about Elouise. Good thing she decided to go back to the burning house. ...The Moonfall Island boarding school is beautiful. I love the main floor with the kitchen and large decks. Great nursery area too. ...Fun meeting the diverse household. ...The supernatural lot is cool. ...LOL at the crazy car pool route. ...All those toddlers in the Chocolate Cake Island boarding school! Lots of child-age kids too. ...Wow, that indoor garden is lovely! ...Nice seeing Oscar making friends after the crisis he went through.

    RE: Oscar's Childhood, video 12. ...I have a save in Lucky Palms, but haven't spent much time there yet. It seems like a open, versatile world. ...I guess Elouise is sort of a space/time companion traveler? So the boarding school process is a way to keep the family trees intact between connected worlds? ...I like the design of the house you made. Very roomy. The skill areas are great. ...Congrats on the new pregnancy! ...Those are Katy Perry items on the playground? ...Love that house on a hill. Haley's? ...Yikes! Slowly starving to death! The world does need some attention. ...Mike got away with breaking curfew. Ha! ...Welcome to new baby Charles! And Happy Birthday to Amy. Nice trait combo for both.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 19,398 Member
    Thank you @lanlyn. I’ll respond properly in about 2 or 3 weeks as I only have my phone with me until then. Been on the road all day. Saw a few of the places where the fires were a few weeks ago. In places it’s growing back already and in others it looks as if it hasn’t rained much since the fires and there isn’t much regroath yet. I saw logs still burning. No flame but glowing red with fire inside. All around them is completely burned.
  • lanlynlanlyn Posts: 4,213 Member
    @Karritz I guess parts of Australia are prone to bush fires during hot dry weather. We have trouble with forest fires up here during summers too. It's sad to drive through burned areas, but encouraging when new life appears.
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