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How big is your CC folder?


  • jennemm75jennemm75 Posts: 304 Member
    KALARATRI wrote: »
    7gb of cas items, i dont really like downloading custom build buy items.

    I am that way as well, and if I do it is just recolored. For some reason, I don't trust the objects.
  • TheLegacyStoryTheLegacyStory Posts: 217 Member
    9.1 GB, 3800something files. *exhale*. I wish I could claim there is old stuff and broken ones in there, but I have Monk-like OCD with sorting it and keeping it straight, so this is truthfully all CC and Mods that are in use and functional. In my defense, I play rotate between several households in a game that is 1 RL year old and I rebuild all buildings (residential and venues) in all worlds. No way that can all happen without CC. I'll go stand in a corner anyway for a while. ;)
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  • YankeesForeverYankeesForever Posts: 2,694 Member
    4.10 MB.


    4.12 GB as of now.
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  • bshag4lvbshag4lv Posts: 7,988 Member
    I have new computer since Sept., and wow what a difference. My mods folder went from 500mb to 1.5gb, quickly, lol. It's great to have a computer that doesn't lag or stutter when you hit that cc wall where you can't increase the size of the folder without your rig set to implode, lol. :D
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  • beeblegoxbeeblegox Posts: 28 Member
    6.3 GB - 3.76 of which is WildlyMiniatureSandwich hair recolors :open_mouth:
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  • Bubbz3388Bubbz3388 Posts: 3,507 Member
    beeblegox wrote: »
    6.3 GB - 3.76 of which is WildlyMiniatureSandwich hair recolors :open_mouth:

    That is what makes up most of my cc folder too
  • AxelVanaelAxelVanael Posts: 1 New Member
    3392 package files at 6.93 GB. One of those is a merge of like, 106 files and then 52 of them are just the 'Unlocked CAS Parts' files though.
  • JadweeJadwee Posts: 1 New Member
    Just checked mine for the first time in a while. I'm at 24.2GB with 10,500 files. My game runs perfectly though, even though I'm playing on a 5 year old Macbook Pro which is obviously not optimal for any gaming (although I did recently got a new SSD). From launching the game to loading my househould, it takes maybe 4 minutes. While I do have some CAS items, the majority of my CC is build and buy stuff. Most of my gameplay is spent decorating and my houses are always FULL of clutter, yet my game never lags. I guess I'm lucky haha
  • shandra2183shandra2183 Posts: 156 Member
    I have too much but still download more. I keep finding things I like or think I need. Right now I am at 14.2 GB @ 7,869 files. It is crazy. My game runs really good. I have one issue that I am looking to find which mod is causing it but I have an idea of what it is. A few houses with a high polly count takes a few minutes to load but other than that the game runs smoothly. My laptop is a high end gaming pc (MSI 7RF Apache Pro GTX 1060) and is only a year in a half old. However I should merge my files.
  • Goth583Goth583 Posts: 1,064 Member
    edited May 21
    Its 1.75GB with around 800 files. I'm looking forward to getting a new computer for myself for Christmas just so I can start my CC over and organize it even more, lol!!! You never think it'll get out of hand, but a few hours later those files add up and its way more helpful to organize by life-stage/sex/clothing type when it comes to deleting items.
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  • SkylarskyeSkylarskye Posts: 2 New Member
    i just downloaded a 5GB thing of cc.. not sure how my game is gonna deal..
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 1,817 Member
    Okay I thought mine was big but now reading some of these I guess it's not lol! It's 6.3 megabytes with 80 items. That's mostly mods more than CC though. I don't really have much CC just the picture frame. Even the slows down my game and makes it take about another 15 minutes to load up though LOL! I really need a new computer. Game runs fine once it's loaded but just takes forever to load
  • toxikittentoxikitten Posts: 26 New Member
    I have 11.0 GB wow I have an obsession as well :#
  • tanisharaytanisharay Posts: 1 New Member
    12.4 GB, 3,274 Files and 152 Folders. I love me some CC and I do have a bunch of mods too.
  • StarclockStarclock Posts: 2 New Member
    Last time i did look how big my mods folder was around 23 gb 🙄🙄🙄 the game is not fun without mods and cc! But i reallyneed to clean up in my mods folder.
  • midnitetechmidnitetech Posts: 281 Member
    1.65GB but forever creeping up. I did have around 20GB, but I managed to whittle it down.
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 4,812 Member
    I've got zero but nice to know that the huge CC files don't slow the machine too much. I might get some Maxis match then. :)
  • Celticgamer0Celticgamer0 Posts: 1,847 Member
    I might have a small addition...
    12 GB
    7,141 files and 499 folders :o
    Maybe I should start a purge...
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  • JulyaSims123JulyaSims123 Posts: 1 New Member
  • VieraRedMageVieraRedMage Posts: 42 Member
    I'm officially in the "Over 20GB of cc In My Game" club now.

    I'm meticulous about getting maximum performance out of my dinosaur pc (from 2011), though, so I have no lag or issues apart from a very minor fps drop during heavy rain. (I do have the maximum 16GB of RAM my old pc can handle, though, so that may be the biggest factor here.)
  • RouenpucelleRouenpucelle Posts: 1,082 Member

    Hooray! Someone with more than me! I have only 38GB!
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  • telemwilltelemwill Posts: 247 Member
    I feel like I have a lot at 590 MB, but it appears that is small potatoes.
  • bellagoth_bellagoth_ Posts: 499 Member
    7gb and counting, mostly hairs, clothes, skin tones and mods, it doesn't look like much but it's enough to make the fan sound like a helicopter
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  • SulSul_LetsWoohooSulSul_LetsWoohoo Posts: 3 New Member
    I have 11.9 GB of CC and mods since I use a mixture of alpha and maxis-match for CC clothes but only MM for hairs... other gameplay mods and tweaks though, I don't think they take up much.
  • LishacakeLishacake Posts: 285 Member
    edited November 13
    19.5GB, mostly hair/clothes and furniture. I need more.

    Yikes, 6252 files. I might need to merge some things soon. I have the game on my gaming SSD, so load times are fast but still.
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