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♥ CJSimmie's Sim Showcase ♥ (Three Wishes:Famous Singing Group Page 3)

CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member

I'm a Gallery Game Changer and I've been playing The Sims since the beginning. I've never been active in the forums and community, unitl I stumbled upon @Cbear13 #QualityControl Challenges. It's been such an awesome experience being able to interact with others who share a common interest. :smile: My Strong Suit is making Original and Diverse Sims on The Sims 4. All Uploads to the Gallery are NOCC. (I may use CC or Custom Poses in my photoshoots)
Welcome to My Showcase... Free Free to Leave Comments or just to Show Some Love <3


Recent Gallery Uploads:
The Three Wishes
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  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
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    12 Shades of Chocolate Index

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  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
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  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
    Reserved : My Future SimLit Index
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,108 Member
    It is great that you have set up a showcase thread for your sims! :) I have been enjoying seeing pictures of them and reading their background details on the challenge thread. You are very creative in your designing of the sims, and their presentation pictures :)
  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 6,268 Member
    Oh its great to see you made a showcase thread I have bookmarked, I love all your sim creations and the way you show them off with your creative pictures :)
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  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
    @rosemow It feels really good knowing that you enjoy my Sims and their backstories. I really love making them and playing their storylines out in game. I have two SimLits in the works but I keep getting sidetracked with other ideas like the 12 Shades of Chocolate Calendar lol
  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
    Thanks @Cbear13. Sometimes it's hard to put myself "out there" but I love making Sims and it's nice to know that other AWESOME members of The Sims community (such as yourself) enjoy my sim creations as well. :) I have a few more finishing touches to add to the thread.. Plus reveal some of my guys from the 12 Shades Calendar so stay tuned :D
  • Cbear13Cbear13 Posts: 6,268 Member
    feel free to advertise your showcase thread on the qc threads
    ✦✦ Origin ID: cbear1313 ✦✦ Gallery: cbear1313 Gallery ✦✦ Cbear's Creations ✦✦
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  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
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    Riley Slater- He's a Bro that likes to workout, Surf and have a GREAT Time

    Beach Workout
    Bonfire with the Bros
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  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
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    Drake is following in his Father's footsteps in becoming a Detective and hopes that their child will become a "Blue Blood" as well. Tabi is a food blogger, who enjoys cooking candlelight dinners for her husband and hopes that their NEWLY built modern home can hold all of the children she envisions in their future
    Tabi Chefin' it up in the kitchen #PregnancyCravings :)
    Drake taking a Witness Statement
    Drake: "Daddy Can't Wait to Meet You, Buddy"
    New Promotion and New Baby Boy #Winning
  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
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    Luna Li is the Lead Singer of the Pop Group The Galax Li's. They perform every night at the Jupiter Lounge . When Luna arrives, that's when the PARTY gets STARTED!!!!
    Mic Check @ The Jupiter Lounge
  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
    Fast Finger Freddie Coletti is a Thief. Freddie often dreams of becoming a Criminal Mastermind but the only thing he's famous for is being clumsy. He might have fast fingers but those EXTRA large feet sometimes get in the way of his heists. LOL
    Freddie NO SWIPING!!!
  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
    Sam and Kat (Katsumi) have been happily married for over 40 years. Though they tried to grow their family, it just never happened for them. So they turned their lemons into lemonade by growing beautiful plants, fruits and vegetables in the Spice Market Garden and donate a portion of the yield to children in need.
  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
    These identical twins hail from Simolia, Africa and love to dress in their favorite colors. Kadir(Powerful) is a Business Investor who has a taste for the finer things in life but struggles in the romance department. His twin brother Kahlil (Close friend) was born with albinism but that never slowed this social butterfly down. He loves his fans and the ladies
    Kadir enjoying his office in his Favorite colors (Blue & Pink)
    STRIKE 3, She's Out. Maybe next time Kadir
    Kahlil Getting Fit in his custom colored Home Gym (Red & Yellow)
    Kahlil IS the Life of ANY and EVERY Party
  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
    Meet the SUPER fun, Jacobs Family. Bradley is a fun, loving Star comedian, who plans to have a house full of children one day. Elizabeth is a Caterer who loves to host parties for her mom's club. They a throwing their twins a Super hero themed Bday party. Dad is dressed as Super Llama and Mom is Llama Girl
    Enjoying a Family Dinner
  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
    The Former Penny Newburg is a California heiress who married her Rich...I mean...Prince charming when their father's companies merged together, Leon fell in love with Penny at the company retreat. He's sooo happy to be marrying the love of his life and plans to make her happy , no matter the cost
  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
    edited January 2018

    The Noelle Family- Made for #qcmonthly26 -Joseph met Maria while catering the Christmas Feast in Christmas Village; Where everyday is Christmas. Now they are filled with glee to bring baby # 3 to the Holiday Feast on Christmas Night
    Gallery Link

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  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member

    Kwanzaa with The Kringles- Made for #qualitycontrol56
    Twas the night after Christmas and all through the house
    Not a creature was stirring; not even a mouse
    For they hopped on their sleigh, Mr. Kringle and Spouse
    They flew down south to visit their son Junior’s house.
    The calendar is marked December 26th, which means it’s time for Kwanzaa to commence.
    They light the first candle on the Kinara. Today stands for the Swahili word Umoja
    It means Unity, which we should strive to maintain within our family and community.
    As they bow their heads and enjoy the feast, everyone loves Mrs. Kringle’s baked treats.
    Day one of Kwanzaa made everyone unite; Day two of Kwanzaa will surely delight!
    Happy Kwanzaa to all and to all a Good Night!!
    Gallery Link
  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
    2018 Shades of Chocolate Calendar Men
    Meet:Mr.January-He's a Handyman and a Jack of All Trades. In his spare time he enjoys Fishing,Working out and Cuddling by the fire with a special sim.
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 145,108 Member
    edited January 2018
    Each of your sims households are very creatively designed with great background details! :) The pictures of them are very nicely presented and showcase the theme of the household very well.
    Mr. January is very handsome :)
  • AinsleyfAinsleyf Posts: 880 Member
    Very cool showcase thread!!! I love the calendar setup where you can print it out! How fun is that??!
    Your Sims are always awesome, so, best of luck and I'll check back often!!
  • NinnsterNinnster Posts: 1,205 Member
    Bookmarked :wink: Your showcase looks great! The calendar is such a great idea, and I love that you made an actual calendar! I love his pose.. haha! And January is a winner. I wouldn't say I am partial to darker men normally.. but when I am they tend to have long dreads. haha!
    OriginID: Ninnster

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    "Creativity is intelligence having fun"
  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
    Thank you for your kindhearted words @rosemow . I will posting newer material this month and look forward to your feedback :smile:
  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 294 Member
    @Ainsleyf - I'm glad you like the page. I honestly thought making a print out link for the calendar but i didn't want to get in trouble with EA/Maxis :/ I hope you check back soon, I will be adding some new Sims material in the near future :)
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