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The Huckles: A Very Ugly Prettacy Chapter 4.2 *NEW* 11.24.22

mojot89mojot89 Posts: 9,924 Member

Hello everyone! And welcome to my Sims 4 reboot of my favorite ugly family that I had in The Sims 3! This follows the story of Bubba Jay and Bertha Huckle (formerly Hicks) and their descendants as they strive to overcome their disadvantage: their uglyness! Of course this will be an alphabetcy as well and, just like in my sims 3 version, we’ll switch back and forth each generation with picking ugly and pretty heirs, just so that they don’t get pretty so fast! I hope you stick around and enjoy the hilarious journey!


Founding Generation:
Generation A:
Generation B:

Chapter 4.1 - Who's In Charge Now?
*NEW*Chapter 4.2 - We've Made Some Changes*NEW*
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