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Unroutable on lots

I'm experimenting with creating my own world. I was going to put four butterfly pavilions around the science centre, each representing a different geographic area, but they didn't fit. On the third version of the world, I placed them off the lot, but overlapping the corners. I put a staircase down in each corner and tunnels connecting them. The idea was to zenoport in, then you would have access to all four. No zenoporting required. They walked right through the walls. On the forth version, which I have just started playing, I 'painted' the base of the pavilions as unrouteable. Now the sims run around the outside, till they are on the science centre lot, then walk right through the walls. Still. Anybody know how to do this? If I place the pavilions completely off the lot, the sims would be locked out by the unrouteable walls, but I couldn't join them with tunnels, keeping them all separate. Somehow, I have to be able to 'paint' the areas on the lot as unrouteable.


  • KatyFernlilyKatyFernlily Posts: 73 Member
    It would help if you showed a screenshot.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 34,991 Member
    Why not put them on their own lots around the science center? A little more room since you had room for most of the domes. . .
  • MadDoctor61MadDoctor61 Posts: 215 Member
    Rflong7 wrote: »
    Why not put them on their own lots around the science center? A little more room since you had room for most of the domes. . .

    I can't put them on their own lots and join them with the tunnels. I did find a couple of workarounds. One is to use separate lots and put a dive well in the basement, restricting movement between the domes to World Adventure Owners (Others could use the home teleporter for 75,000 lifetime happiness points).

    The one I'm using is to put a fence in the dome. In CAW, I moved the domes out a little bit to give me space to see what I was doing. I then used the 'Edit In Game' option to build a small white fence around the perimeter of the domes. At that time I realized they were not symmetrical, so I counted squares to make all the fences the same. Back in CAW, I manipulated the domes so they covered the fences, making them all symmetrical now.

    Oh, I haven't actually tested it yet. I've started revising some of the lots in the two games I'm playing in the latest test version. I want to do some more revisions, save the lots, then replace the lots in CAW. Once that is done, I can start new test games, and finally start to flesh out the science centre. I often give my scientist sims the 'Chess Legend' Lifetime wish. I'm putting a couple of chess sets at the science centre, so after work they can 'Call over next ranked chess opponent'. I'm doing that at the hospital too. I'm tired of sending my sims to the chess park, since I have to wait for them to get there before getting the option to call. After cycling through the other sims in the family, I find out that after they reached the park, they turned around and went home and I have to send them back to the park.

  • MadDoctor61MadDoctor61 Posts: 215 Member
    It would help if you showed a screenshot.


    In the above picture, the pavilions are overlapping the lot. I've drawn in approximately where the lot boundaries are. It's the largest possible lot (64x64). Below is a picture of the tunnel system that will join the pavilions.


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