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Alpha or Maxis Match?


  • Depper12Depper12 Posts: 24 Member
    i like mm more because it makes your sims look like they're actually from the sims. it makes them blend in more but still stand out if that makes sense
  • DoryLlama003DoryLlama003 Posts: 1 New Member
    I used to use alpha, until I saw how out of place my sim looked compared to townies, so I have fully changed into maxis match. I love it, to me it looks super clean, and fits in very well, but I still like the look of some alpha content.
  • ThatSimmerAriThatSimmerAri Posts: 1 New Member
    I like both! Sometimes I go for Maxis Match, and sometimes I use Alpha. I understand both sides of why they are gr8
  • SiliconebunnySiliconebunny Posts: 51 Member
    I used to be full Alpha, and didn't like MM at all. For years I played with Alpha but most of the stuff were either TOO HD or nearing MM anyway. Recently though I've fallen madly in love with the painty looking features and smooth faces of MM and now I'm so addicted to MM photos that I removed over 13k mods of Alpha content, I have a few Alpha still in my game if it doesn't stick out so much.
    But I like both and appreciate both, so it's currently a mix for me.
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  • Foxy_Foxy_ Posts: 37 Member
    i like alpha more cuz i can make my sims look like real people
  • izecsonizecson Posts: 1,341 Member
    Maxis match all the way, but some alpha hair(male) can fit perfectly in the game, only some though.
  • katka_kynclovakatka_kynclova Posts: 77 Member
    I prefer maxis match since I actually really love the original style of the game. I used more "alpha" CC in the Sims 3 and I didn't mind the look of it in that game but I just personally don't like it in Sims 4. I don't really want for my sims to look realistic anyway. I like the more cartoony vibes.
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  • TyrianPrinceTyrianPrince Posts: 44 Member
    Tbh, I honestly prefer either maxis match or something in between maxis and alpha. I honestly just tend to use slightly higher graphic settings, additional skin tones, and some default replacements that smooth out the maxis style features a bit without completely changing it (luumia, betterbody, etc.). I fooled around with alpha, but at the end of the day, while I love me some create-a-sim, I use a ridiculous amount of gameplay mods and that's more what I'm focused on (my mods folder is clunky enough as is). Having Alpha-style sims interact with maxis NPCs just looks weird and I don't have the patience to adjust every NPC that the game decides to generate for the purpose of aesthetic. I have a few simple skin overlays that I may use for a particular sim, but I only really bother with cc that doesn't look too out of place among maxis style sims.
    Biggest thing that bugged me about alpha cc is that it looks weird with the games animations, at least to me, alpha features don't look quite right when animated...
  • toxikittentoxikitten Posts: 26 New Member
    I tend to only use maxis match solely because it fits in the game better. I hate seeing my alpha household and a maxis match townie interact because of the huge difference in style. But, I do think Alpha looks a lot better in general.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,332 Member
    I don't use CC anymore because it took up so much space on my computer, but I preferred (and still do) Maxis Match. Alpha just looks unnatural in the game.
  • feenalockheartfeenalockheart Posts: 6 New Member
    I don't use much modded content on my sims except for hair but alpha hair looks awful in the Sims 4. Alpha hair was perfect in the Sims 3 because it matched the atheistic of the game but in the Sims 4, it's completely out of place and inconsistent with the characters and world.
  • WaytoomanyUIDsWaytoomanyUIDs Posts: 452 Member
    I Prefer MM, and I especially dislike anything with English on it. But a greater variety of simlish fonts would be nice. Generally Alpha if it's not well done, tends to clash with the aesthetic of everything else of in the game. But then again badly done MM tends to look cartoonish. Swings and roundabouts
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  • katzsimovichkatzsimovich Posts: 15 New Member
    I personally prefer maxis match bec alpha cc feels so out of place in ts4's cartoony style. While some people disliked it when the game first came out, i actually liked how cutesy the sims look, so adding hyper realistic and overly glamorous hairstyles in my game sorta breaks my immersion? (And it's also rly annoying when the maid shows up with rly glam updo). Which is weird, since i used to only exclusively use alpha cc in the sims 2, but thats mostly bec the sims themselves weren't exactly the prettiest. I do like using alpha cc makeup tho, but i try to limit myself.
  • lemonade578lemonade578 Posts: 75 Member
    I love both, but I prefer Maxis Match only because it fits in with the art theme of the game.
  • mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 156 Member
    I use maxis match because it matches the game better and doesn't look so out of place. Alpha can look nice if you're just taking pictures in CAS but I don't think I'd ever want any in my game.
  • rjssimrjssim Posts: 1,129 Member
    Maxis match for me.

  • taydevtaydev Posts: 773 Member
    Maxis Match since it suits TS4 art style well. I used Alpha in TS3 because it looked great with the art and graphics, but it's such a tacky clash in this specific iteration of the game.
  • the1akbthe1akb Posts: 56 Member
    When I started playing Sims 4 I initially liked the Maxis "clay" hair but after using a few alpha styles, I can't go back. There really is no comparison. From reading the majority of the posts, it seems that most stay with Maxis match for consistency between all Sims in the game... so what we desperately need - and it's amazing that nobody has done it yet, is a mod that matches Alpha hairstyles to the Maxis one as a default replacement, so then ALL Sims would have good looking hair. I've looked around for such a mod but it doesn't appear to exist yet. Here's hoping some enterprising individual with time enough to spare on such an endeavour will come along and save us Alpha hair addicts from our Clay purgatory :smile:
  • idontknow723idontknow723 Posts: 1 New Member
    People probably dont like this, but I use both. Mostly MM clothes and mostly alpha hairs. Alpha hair is just soooo pretty
  • flammablefruitflammablefruit Posts: 6 New Member
    Maxis match, it just fits in with the non-cc items a lot better. Alpha items creep me out and seem like they don't belong in the game.
  • flammablefruitflammablefruit Posts: 6 New Member
    > @flammablefruit said:
    > Maxis match, it just fits in with the non-cc items a lot better. Alpha items creep me out and seem like they don't belong in the game.

    No hate towards people that use Alpha, it just feels out of place with the other sims. However, simblrs and such with Alpha content are very pretty :) I'ts really just the fact of not matching the townies that gets to me :/
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 3,416 Member
    I really don't like the look of alpha at all. To be honest, I don't even use maxis match because I don't want the game to run slower or to have to update CC or find broken CC or worry about items/outfits disappearing if I have to remove CC, so I just don't use any at all, BUT there is a lot of maxis match CC out there that I have been tempted by and really like the looks of if I could be bothered to use any, so my vote is def. MM
  • RoboSpongieRoboSpongie Posts: 1,009 Member
    Maxis Match, I also hate it when folks make non simlish shirts it breaks the immersion with me
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  • KiniHokulaniKiniHokulani Posts: 597 Member
    Prefer MM but I do use some alpha cc (clothes, shoes, makeup) that either blends well or isn't noticable. ☺ So I guess I am Maxis Mix? That's one of the terms I see being used for simmers that use both.
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  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,276 Member
    I prefer Maxis Match, but I don't have too much in my CC folder, as it could slow down my game. As for Alpha, it looks a bit IMVU-ish. I initially used it in this game and Sims 3, but I stopped at one point, because it made Sims 3 run slower, and doesn't fit the look of Sims 4.
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