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Alpha or Maxis Match?


  • VixellaAriellaVixellaAriella Posts: 1 New Member
    I agree with all of you but in my honest opinion I have had both maxis and alpha and combining the two can get weird unless you get the right combo. For example, maxis hair with alpha details that could look good depending on the type you use or maxis accessories and alpha clothing. The possibilities are endless why pick one when you can have both.
  • Pettro33Pettro33 Posts: 2 New Member
    Guys does anyone know what eyes Vixella uses on her Sims? She used them on Jupiter but I have no idea how they are named and i cant find them. Thank you! :)
  • annabethcannabethc Posts: 190 Member
    Another thing is, Alpha cc files are HUGE. Currently with all MM cc in my game, my mods folder is 950 Mega Bytes, and each MM hair is around 900-1000 Kilobytes. An Alpha hair is around 10 Megabytes. So basically, 1 Alpha hair file is 10x the size of an MM hair file and takes up so much more space on your computer. (If you're confused with the sizes, 1000 kilobytes = 1 megabyte, 1000 megabytes = 1 gigabyte). Thats why people who only use Alpha CC have pretty laggy games, because their mods folders are 5-10 gigabytes.
  • dmorr43dmorr43 Posts: 2 New Member
    I'm alpha all the way!!!! I never use maxis or MM
  • KedaruiKedarui Posts: 1 New Member
    i'm for maxis match hair 100%! i used alpha for TS3, but when i started playing TS4 it just didn't mesh well at all imo. i'm also a big fan of anime and i like recreating my oc's in TS4 so the cartoonish clay-like style of maxis match hair feels like a better fit for my personal tastes
  • blerghaborgblerghaborg Posts: 4 New Member
    i'm an alpha simmer with over 23 gb of just alpha cc.
    I don't do the maxis match cc because i think it makes the sims look more cartoonish and just so ordinary .
    plus sims with alpha cc are just much more aesthetically pleasing than the regular ol' maxis match ones .
    again sims 4 is about fitting into the default style of the game , its more about creating your own style and playing according to your comfort.
  • peytiejaydepeytiejayde Posts: 10 New Member
    i LOVE alpha
  • ShepardShepard Posts: 114 Member
    I love the maxis match content out there. The creators are really doing a wonderful job. I have never liked the alpha style of the cc.
  • LadyFleurLadyFleur Posts: 2 New Member
    I think alpha CC is gorgeous but I detest the new skins that are to realistic. They have pores and dark purple eye bags and weird nose covers.... I am having a hard time finding ones I like. I don't care for the clay looking hair but I don't want them to look like aliens either... Does that makes sense and does anyone recommend a creator I can get them from? I am actually new to TS4. I refused to give up on TS3! lol
  • annabethcannabethc Posts: 190 Member
    edited December 2018
    Pettro33 wrote: »
    Guys does anyone know what eyes Vixella uses on her Sims? She used them on Jupiter but I have no idea how they are named and i cant find them. Thank you! :)
    @Pettro33 Currently she uses Noodles' glossy eyes. The creator deleted the post because of a copyright strike, so I'm going to provide you with the direct simsfileshare link:

    NOTE: The heterochromia file doesn't work because it needs a mesh. Since the post was taken down, I don't know what that mesh is.
    Also, the "two-toned" file means that one eye is 2 different colors, and the two-toned file changes the color of half of the eye. It's either in Tattoos, skin details, or facepaint, I don't know which.
    The "defaults" file is only the EA colors while the "non-defaults" file is the additional 65x noodles sorbets colors.
    The contacts comes in the ea colors and the noodles sorbets and it appears in facepaint.
    The "alien" one is alien defaults, of course.

    I just wanted to provide you with extra info because I know direct links with no pictures can be confusing.
  • gemjasgemjas Posts: 102 Member
    I like MM only because, if I got alpha stuff, I'd have to edit literally all townies. I'm not trying to have one sim look freakishly realistic while the sim next to them looks like a cartoon.
  • BirdieBuildsBirdieBuilds Posts: 1 New Member
    I am not sure if anyone has already mentioned this but I feel like MM looks more like the "Barbie" version of a person. Like if Pixar made mods for the Sims. Alpha is nice, but like mentioned previously, does not quite fit the video game asthetic of the Sim world. Either are a step up from the base game without CC, so as far as CC goes, I would most likely choose MM.
  • AshariaAsharia Posts: 45 Member
    At Sims I love Alpha. It is very different with pets. Because the realistic eyes do not look good on all animals. :)
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  • evelinamarinaevelinamarina Posts: 9 New Member
    when I started playing sims 4, I didn't like MM at all. it felt weird and chunky and ugly. I have no idea when, but sometime, I changed my mind. I still have some alpha in my game, but I mainly have MM. especially hair and clothes.
  • LunaeticxoLunaeticxo Posts: 2 New Member
    I have mixed opinions but overall I prefer Alpha cc as well yes they do take up storage and sometimes not always work in my opinion I think they are beautiful and the effort and Tim rebut into them are very clear with the end product usually looking great and I don’t get people saying it looks out of place because for me it usually looks more natural with the realistic stuff and if I wanted to have a just MM stuff I would just use the base of the game although I do like the skins they provide and the lips and a few other things I just overall feel like Alpha really gives the sims 4 that realistic vibe I’m looking for in sims as in the end of the day it is a simulation game meant for a real life vibe so I would just rather stick to that instead of cartoony characters and also idk what people are saying but the game doesn’t lag for me and I have at least 300+ alpha cc stuff, yes it takes up storage but so does a lot of stuff and so does sims, does that mean it’s not worth it? Of course not sometimes you just have to sacrifice a few things of get good quality but I would recommend alpha for people who enjoy realism and a natural vibe but mm is also great because of it simplicity and clean designs and that’s up to you
  • SomearylalaSomearylala Posts: 1 New Member
    I'm personally an MM user. In my opinion, Maxis Match CC is better than the base game stuff. If you don't know where to find good MM CC check out WMS, Kiara Zurk, and on TSR dgandy, DarkNight, lillika and bukovka are great resources. So is WistfulCastle.
  • CrispTearsCrispTears Posts: 3 New Member
    For the Sims 3 I will always love Alpha CC. It just fits the art design better.

    For Sims 4....Always Maxis Match. Sometimes Alpha can work, but most of the time not so much.
  • AlexCroft93AlexCroft93 Posts: 18 Member
    Maxis Match... sims 4 textures are so cute!
  • EMCba2600EMCba2600 Posts: 25 Member
    I prefer using Maxis Match content. Yes, it's true I have some Alpha content that looks Maxis Match(ish), but apart from that, Alpha is just annoying. Sometimes, like sclera overlays, it's creepy. It doesn't fit with the overall aesthetic of the game, and too much of it can make your game lag. Not to mention the hairs don't move and are pixelated around the edges. And, why apply it to select households when the premades don't have anything Alpha? Why not just leave everything as it is, avoid all the work of trying to make everything match? But that's just my personal opinion, obviously some people will have a different point of view.
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  • logionlogion Posts: 88 Member

    I use both, but if I would have to pick one, I would go with maxis match, it goes better with reshade and with a lot of cc.


  • nightowl1nightowl1 Posts: 20 Member
    I'm a weirdo who somehow prefers putting alpha hair on sims and keeping the clothes/makeup/accessories maxis match... there's no luck in even trying to explain why I like this, I just do it.
  • PuppylikeswhalePuppylikeswhale Posts: 22 Member
    I totally love alpha. and I totally agree with you that MM looks a little bit lazy. It just doesn't feel real. However, as the game itself is claylike like from all other townies and surrounding buildings, flowers etc, MM is a good choice to make them blended.
  • BilmoBlampkinsBilmoBlampkins Posts: 144 Member
    Till dee end of tis world's days, I shall stay with MM.
  • ZaszZasz Posts: 596 Member
    I would use alpha more if it wouldnt be over the face layers for makeup. Half of the makeup doesnt show on alpha skins.
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  • nerounmnerounm Posts: 3 New Member
    I usually use alpha, but sometimes I'm compelled for a maxis look. Other times I kind of use a mix between the two styles, with a semi-realistic face :)
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