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Alpha or Maxis Match?


  • MorticiaBlack7MorticiaBlack7 Posts: 130 Member
    I used to be in an Alpha camp, but now I'm all for Maxis match.
  • SophiaaaaSophiaaaa Posts: 5 New Member
    I prefer maxis match.Alpha just doesnt look good in my opinion. Maxis match is nice because it matches the aesthetic in the game and it blends in with the clothes and 🌺🌺🌺🌺 that the sim is wearing that came with the game and stuff. Is it just me or is there more alpha than maxis match?
  • LaracroftEyes1LaracroftEyes1 Posts: 282 Member
    I like both MM and Alpha
  • KatNipKatNip Posts: 996 Member
    I love Alpha in TS3 because it doesn't contrast the style that much. However, in TS4, Maxis Match fits the more childlike style.
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  • Nikole1111Nikole1111 Posts: 36 Member
    I love Alpha CC. All I do on Sims is CAS and Build/Buy and I don't like the aesthetic too MM. I know that a lot of people don't like Alpha but I feel the same way about MM and stick strictly to Alpha for everything.
  • BiggieCheeseBiggieCheese Posts: 435 Member
    I'm definitely team maxis match for Sims 4. For the Sims 3 I was a fan of Alpha cc, but merely because the original aesthetic of the game wasn't much to my liking.
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  • aafasonaafason Posts: 14 New Member
    One thing I think is annoying, is how people who use MM make alpha hairs clayified ?? like I think if you don't like alpha, why do you do that ? Plus it still looks like alpha, just worse.
  • nayruslove7nayruslove7 Posts: 108 Member
    I prefer MM. I like for everything to be cohesive in my game. The only thing I use that I would not consider MM are the 3D eyelashes, but it’s definitely a must have for me. I actually like the style of Sims 4 and I think the sims are the best looking yet. When I played Sims 3 I used all Alpha (i don’t know if there was any mm back then) bc I thought the Sims were all very ugly no matter what you did, and the hair was horrible. Kudos to whoever is in charge of CAS for the sims 4.
  • poltergeistpoltergeist Posts: 1,411 Member
    i prefer maxis match because it suits the game and alpha cc can border on uncanny valley creepiness. plus, i like cartoon-ish games, like nintendo games and such.
    however, i really like wooldawn's sims and they are mostly alpha. i think they look like cute little dolls, unlike some alpha sims that just look like creepy mannequins wearing a skinned human.

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  • 1DemonKitten1DemonKitten Posts: 29 Member
    edited January 2018
    I often use alpha,but only when I create sims and don't plan on playing them,cause they cause so many lags and game crashes for me. I usually switch to my second mods folder to play,where I only have one mm skin I totally adore <3 . I'm team BOTH!
  • pepperjax1230pepperjax1230 Posts: 7,623 Member
    Maxis Match
  • BonxieBonxie Posts: 5,178 Member

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  • meubanksmeubanks Posts: 439 Member
    I don't use much CC hair lately. I've used both types in the past, though. I don't like the way most alpha hair looks in game. I've also had a lot of issues with it. At this point I've seriously reduced the amount of CC I have in general, though.
  • CrownSimsCrownSims Posts: 470 Member
    I'm all for maxis match. I didn't mind using alpha in TS3 but I think it contrasts too much with the style of TS4.

    Well I don't think Sims 4 has a specific "style". Sims is about creating your own style. Personally, I prefer Alpha hair. I like my sims to look more realistic.
  • meubanksmeubanks Posts: 439 Member
    Sophiaaaa wrote: »
    I prefer maxis match.Alpha just doesnt look good in my opinion. Maxis match is nice because it matches the aesthetic in the game and it blends in with the clothes and plum that the sim is wearing that came with the game and stuff. Is it just me or is there more alpha than maxis match?

    Maxis Match hair is harder to create. Not many creators can do it from scratch. Some decent content exists, but it is definitely harder to find than alpha hair.
  • InfinitexSimsInfinitexSims Posts: 238 Member
    I personally despise Alpha. I will use some Alpha makeup/eyebrows but I refuse to use Alpha hairs and clothes. It only looks good for edits and it looks horrible in game. So MM for me!
  • Winifred_WillowWinifred_Willow Posts: 359 Member
    I prefer "Clayified" or Maxis Match hair in my game but I use other items, like skin, eyes, and clothes in game that look like they are on the border of Alpha and Maxis Match. Of course, I also use texture replacements in the game so everything matches pretty well and I like it.
  • SophiaBlissSophiaBliss Posts: 51 Member
    Maxis Match all the way! Especially for hair in my opinion, Alpha hair looks absolutely terrible.
  • JayytaughtyouJayytaughtyou Posts: 90 Member
    I used to use Alpha, but once I switched to MM I never looked back!!
  • SylvanGladiatorSylvanGladiator Posts: 74 Member
    Maxis Match! It's not that alpha cc looks bad it just doesn't suit the game at all and is so jarring next to official game stuff
  • TristySnowTristySnow Posts: 13 New Member
    When I first discovered the existence of CC, I only bumped into Alphas and was so excited but as I dug more, I got really into Maxis Match and I think it does suit the game better especially if it's a good creation.
  • MidagereMidagere Posts: 66 Member
    I love Maxis Match. Alpha is definitely great, but it looks weird for me when Sim who looks like real person goes in a world made as an animation for MM. Dunno. I find MM cute and simple, that's why I download only MM.
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  • night_tidenight_tide Posts: 112 Member
    Honestly, I use both. There's good things about both, and bad things too. For MM, the "chunkiness" can be too much, or just too blocky in general, but for Alpha, some hair/makeup (even clothes) are semi transparent, or grainy. I guess for me it really just depends on the creator.
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  • GamingTweetyGamingTweety Posts: 830 Member
    edited February 2018
    I was more into the alpha contents before, then I realised that it didn't match the game's graphics. So ,now I am using maxis match cc :smile:
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  • Nita90Nita90 Posts: 17 Member
    Even though Alpha seems more detailed, I still prefer Maxis Match as it simply fits in the game's design more.
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