Pets in The Sims Mobile

I'd love to have cats and dogs in Sims Mobile, just like in Sims FreePlay or The Sims 4! :)

Cats and dogs could find Simoleons around the lot, just like in FreePlay.

In order to get a pet, you have to befriend a stray walking around your home lot or the work place neighborhoods.


  • zero35zero35 Posts: 99 Member
    i don't like pets in simsfreeplay,no autonomous and can't control
  • rafaeljonasrafaeljonas Posts: 227 Member
    I think so, pets should arrive in the future at the sims mobile.
    This will probably happen after the worldwide launch.

    The next big thing that must come is the opening of the closed area on the map where the stadium is.

    But pets, laundry and swimming pools are things I really want to see in the sims mobile.
  • CoreyblakeCoreyblake Posts: 118 Member
    I like the pets in Sims free play. Everything does not have to be controlled. I was thinking they could do a pet decoration/animals type of event. Cats and dogs, fish tanks, black horse standing statue, pet items... sure there's more unmentioned that could be added. I think it'd be nice to have a little furry friend :D
  • sincera73sincera73 Posts: 2 New Member
    salve a tutti, non mi dispiacerebbe se mettessero come nel gioco su pc le piscine,gli animali e perche no le lavatrici...i cavalli sarebbe stupendo..(certo spero che arriveranno anche sul pc i cavalli
  • sincera73sincera73 Posts: 2 New Member
    scusate volevo dire se mettessero come nel gioco del pc
  • CoreyblakeCoreyblake Posts: 118 Member
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    A statue like this with different breed colors that we can put on tops
  • HardernaterHardernater Posts: 65 Member
    edited April 2018
    well we may have to wait 2 years to get that one..
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  • SlinkymalinkiSlinkymalinki Posts: 2 New Member
    I would also like to see pets in the Sims Mobile. Cats and dogs for starters please!
  • BreezyJBreezyJ Posts: 2 New Member
    I need pet to spoil my dang child
  • BreezyJBreezyJ Posts: 2 New Member
    Sorry but put them in my game
  • Angie40Angie40 Posts: 41 Member
    Pets would be sweet like how you have it in sims freeplay.
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,885 Member
    Angie40 wrote: »
    Pets would be sweet like how you have it in sims freeplay.

    Yeah, when Sims FreePlay can have pets, why can't Sims Mobile have pets?
  • YourRoyalHighenessYourRoyalHigheness Posts: 8 New Member
    Add a vet job/pet hobby and adopt a pet from the shelter.
  • Foxrox77Foxrox77 Posts: 17 Member
    There's a surprise opportunity that pops up and lets you buy a hedgehog pet in a cage like in my first pet stuff, or a fish aquarium, but they do cost a lot of sim cash. I'd absolutely love to see cats and dogs added to the game!
    ~ Kitty
  • Beachgurl1Beachgurl1 Posts: 8 New Member
    I want to have the abllity to run our own vet clinic and have total control of the profits and players bring there animal to our clinic for help or if they have to put the animal down and get to collect profits them like in normal sims
    hire other players to work with us and have new career vet and vet tech and have ability to run our own animal shlelter and run it the same way and players can adopt a pet from our animal shelter. Petsitter could be added as a career to,
    I’d like to see sim deaths introduced and to have control over death and please add in seasons for seasonal deaths with this another section I’d like to see added is a island paradise section, ,
    ability to build your own vacation rental and rent it out to other players and be able to collect profits from it And ability to bulld it on the island section . Get reviews on your rental from other players and continue to have to improve your rental ability to live on the island and scuba dive and ability to build a themed vacation resort to a certain season so for winter you could build a ski resort and other players book it for vacation for there sims and complete challenges at your resort ability for sims to go on cruises and go different places.
  • OribaOriba Posts: 41 Member
    I really love your suggestion!
    I really would love to have some pets like cats and dogs!
  • OribaOriba Posts: 41 Member
    It would be nice, if we then could have several pets active at the same time.
    Each pet could give a special bonus to the Sims.
    Each pet could find different thing such as Sim Cash, Simoleons, Llama Zoom Tickets, and Heirlooms per day.
    Several items for pets such as dog basket, litter box, and so on, could be added. But also toys such as balls that are used by the pets could be added.
    These items for pets make pets happier, so that they will find more items and the bonus, given to the Sims is increased.
  • Mandalin88Mandalin88 Posts: 1 New Member
    Please make animals in The Sims mobile move around in their cages, etc. My sims adopted a hedgehog and it would be awesome if it was playing and running around in its cage in the background. You should make it to where the fish also are swimming around in their tank just like they would in real life. I just think it would be cute for the animals to be playing in their cage while the sims are going about their day
  • PlumbobMafiaQueenPlumbobMafiaQueen Posts: 147 Member
    The Sims Mobile team would never add this. The so-called "Sims game" is nothing like sims so adding such complex features like running buisness and having pets just like in Cats and Dogs wouldn't run very well on mobile devices :| The game itself revolves around players paying for stuff like energy, simoleons and sim cash. ( I mean I sort of have a grudge with the Sims Mobile.. )
  • MoonSimmer1MoonSimmer1 Posts: 24 Member
    That's a great idea! More packs from The Sims 4 should be added to The Sims Mobile. That would make the game more fun. 😊
  • Sonstar73Sonstar73 Posts: 17 Member
    Oh I hope we get pets in sims mobil its will be so much fun
  • rosemary4321rosemary4321 Posts: 2 New Member
    i’d love pets and be able to customize them or dress them. But mostly i would love if i could sell the items in my inventory i no longer use
  • RJB2525RJB2525 Posts: 8 New Member
    Yes! I fully support this idea! As long as there are multiple breeds.
  • RueBeeRedRueBeeRed Posts: 7 New Member
    That would be awesome! They add a great element for any game, I was always so disappointed when they paired with a particular character, and the AI wouldn't be too different. Loved the cats in Sims (3?), it was so cute they could bring you presents.
  • Bianc51Bianc51 Posts: 19 Member
    Yasssss - We need real pets, not just hamsters and fish. Also - possibly some related careers and hobbies e.g.; veterinarian, beekeeping, ant-keeping, or animal rescue.
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