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Lore from the original Sims

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Apparently, the original Sims has quite a few pieces of lore that the new games have completely disregarded, or forgotten. Most of these come from the decoration category. Here's a few examples:
  • There is mention of the Greek God of War, Ares. A statue of him is available for 16.000 simoleons, and is the second most expensive item in the sculptures category.
  • Christianity exists in the SimWorld. The description of the "Curse of Aphrodite" statue (I suppose this also refers to the Greek goddess) speaks about a Christian iconoclast who ordered the destruction of Hellenistic statues during the "anti-pagan campaign of 387 AD". This description also mentions Britain.
  • The songs "Oogie Oogie Oooh" (one of the Disco songs) and "Doo Doo Ba Doo" (one of the Latin/Neighbourhood tracks) were hits of an in-universe Jerry Martin, whose statue is avaliable in the game.
  • There existed a Roman emperor called Caesar Psycopathus who redecorated the senate, married his sister, killed his parents, and commissioned 10000 statues of himself, before committing suicide by drowning himself in the Tiber. By extension, the Roman Empire also existed in SimWorld.
  • The bureaucrats of Imperial Rome enjoyed "free lunches, free trireme travel, elaborate 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸, and criminal immunity, benefits of Roman civilization enjoyed by public servants to this day".
  • The PlumbBob has a counterpart known as the "Omegan energy crystal Donubeus".
  • Imperial Russia existed in SimWorld.
  • The international banking system was started by the three "Sacred Sisters" who returned from the Holy Land. A tapestry tells the story of how they were excommunicated and beheaded.
  • Admiral Landgraab was killed by island natives (likely from Vacation Island, as it was one of his colonial acquisitions).
  • The husband of Agnes Crumplebottom was called Robert Crumplebottom.

EDIT: Apparently, you can't say the word whose meaning refers to several people having WooHoo at the same time, despite it being part of the actual description of the item.
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    thanks for rumors
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    Have you ever read the description on one of the TS2 beds? It would not be allowed today. lol It's indecent if you say it slowly. I enjoyed TS1 because I could create Romans and Greeks in that game and not play cookie cutter Sims. Thanks for the info, none of this would be in the game today. (Loved my castle stuff in TS1) Bear rugs..we begged for them to return in TS2. PETA would be all over that in TS4.
    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

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