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x_x Freeplay Fourms

This part of the fourms seems dead. If you are active, place what happend in your game below or a reason why it is dead.

My Sim Sally has a renovated 2 Story Mansion, and I made her the Queen of my town. Her House is right next to the castle, and has loads of Rare Items in it. She is also my Catwalk Model. My 27 sims work hard to try to complete the quests/hobby events on time. I have built my own Spa lot and Hotel lot from scratch. Just had ten sims make a lot of food to get Life Points to upgrade my Town Sign to Lvl 3 to get the Teen Mansion. I have 2 Police (a man and a Woman), 2 Actress working the Movie Studio, 2 Nurses ( man and a woman), 1 Realtor to submit my homes, and Sally the Queen works at Town Hall. I have been trying to save up for the new School. My Town has loads of houses, from very poor looking to Rich Mansions. (I am lvl 54 and I have been playing since Dec 2013)

I don't know why this part of the fourm is just dead.


  • CupcakeWitchCupcakeWitch Posts: 542 Member
    It’s better if you check out the Facebook page. I haven’t played Freeplay in a while but the Facebook page is very active and players do voice their opinions and ask for help

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