Leaving Pets Home While on Vacation



  • jmcclanahanjmcclanahan Posts: 17 Member
    This happened to me twice and it was so irritating! I sent my Sim back home and went on vacation again. It is no fun to explore the jungle if you have to tend to your pets! :wink:
  • Stayc615Stayc615 Posts: 37 Member
    Nothing like a romantic date with you, your two dogs and a cat
  • 1need4kaffee1need4kaffee Posts: 486 Member
    So I adopted a pet while on vacation. I couldn't get it to follow me to the lodge, so I found a command to send it home. Apparently I sent it out of the country to my permanent residence, where there is no dog bed, food, pet sitter or toys. Will the humane society come take my dog? :o
  • MBMichaudMBMichaud Posts: 1 New Member
    My work around for Pets on vacation has always been to move my pets into another household via world management before I go. Then I move them back when I return.
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