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Friends of Foes: A simLit (On Hiatus till March 2nd)

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Hi, as this is the first time I've posted images and links on the forums, hopefully my links work.
This is a simLit I've started writing. It's mainly about two warring families and a forbidden friendship. So the classic plot, really. It is also loosely inspired by the story of Alexander The Great, but from the point-of-view of his best friend, Hephaestion, and the story takes place in the future. You do not, however, need to know the history to follow the simLit.
To read more about it, click here
Updates are on Saturdays. To keep updated, you can follow this thread or follow me on twitter and/or tumblr. I also add links to the chapters on my wordpress site, which you can view here.
Below are the list of chapters. You can click on them to read. :)

Click on the image to read the chapters.

I have attached a 'meet the characters' section where you can read the characters' profiles and download them from the gallery to use in your game or simLit. To visit this page, click here.

I have also attached the link to the guide to the world of Friends of Foes, which gives you some of the backstory of the characters and the various places in the Sims world. You can view this guide here.

Lastly, here is the link to the page containing the Friends of Foes family trees.

All of these links are also on the Friends of Foes website.

I think I have attached the prologue below, but we'll see. ;) Hope you enjoy. :)
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