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  • KingSlotherinKingSlotherin Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey there! I’m an PS4 user and lover of the game.

    I love the sims and everything about it, I love how you can live out a life you wouldn’t normally be able to live out so easily. I do have a few suggestions that’ll help us out on console and even over on PC.

    1. Sometimes the Queue will glitch out and leave a few of them stuck making you reload the game from main menu so they disappear.
    2. Sometimes your Sim will stay in one place and not move but preforming an action at the same time or the opposite and just glitches out and cancels the actions.

    1. Allow for us to have the option to change branches in careers so we can complete all Aspirations for one sim if we wanted. I would love to see that happen.
    2. If we build houses with empty lots, have NPCs move in on their own or give us a prompt that someone wants to move in, someone being the NPC or the NPCs.
    3. The Community! I miss it, that was the best part or one of the parts I loved about the Sims 3. I love being able to use other people’s creations in my world as it made it diverse.
    4. And finally, the ability to change clothing colors or material colors like we were able to in the Sim3, I thought that feature was amazing because people can have the same outfits but in an array of beautiful colors.

    Other than that, I really love this game and hope it grows more and more popular.
  • SilverGoddess3SilverGoddess3 Posts: 3 New Member
    Hi there!

    Small list of what I miss from the older versions and some new ideas for you guys:

    > Bunk beds
    > Toasters
    > Lawnmowers (as an update to the spring and summer seasons pack)
    > University Expansion/Game/Stuff Pack
    > More careers - like education, firefighter, interior designer/ decorator, pet groomer and magical practitioner (gender neutral term for witch or wizard without all the triggering ideals that follow)
    > Cars
    > Less loading screens within the same world (tooo much LOADING!)
    > More worlds - larger worlds
    > Burglars
    > Burglar Alarms
    > Rent out lots/Become landlords/landladies

    Thanks for your time and consideration!
  • JmalungoJmalungo Posts: 5 New Member
    The game right now is in a pretty good state but I noticed that on PC it's a lot smoother and faster than on console. I know that it may be because it's on console but that shouldn't mean it should be slower. Sometimes it even takes up to 30 minutes in-game for my sims to do the actual action I want them to do. Could we get some smoother gameplay on console? I also noticed the loading screens are a lot longer than on PC.
  • JmalungoJmalungo Posts: 5 New Member
    Could we please have the gallery on console! It would be amazing to be able to build with all of the packs that I have on my Xbox since on my PC I have no packs and I wish I could redeem them.
  • JmalungoJmalungo Posts: 5 New Member
    Is there an option to change how fast the cursor moves in CAS example: I'm dragging my cursor to how thick I want their thighs to be and on PC it moves very fast while on Console it's a lot slower can we have it as fast as it is on PC? It would be nice.
  • JmalungoJmalungo Posts: 5 New Member
    With the Get Famous expansion installed It's really annoying to constantly see my sims reacting positively with almost 4 actions of which in their queue. Could they maybe get to know their family members better or maybe just not react positively at all? Even with Autonomy off they still do it all the time every time they travel and even when someone walks into the room.
  • NoirStasisNoirStasis Posts: 67 Member
    Console related bug reporting should be separate from PC

    We also need more transparency when it comes to updates on this forum; my game is unplayable right now and I can't report the bugs happening in my game ( I guess its because my account in Answers HQ needs to level up?).

    Not everbody has or wants to be on Twitter or a different social media platform. I have to go digging on Twitter or reddit to get my answers when this is suppose to be the Official Forums.
  • XlovelydaisyxXlovelydaisyx Posts: 1 New Member
    July 16, 2019 update. Xbox one console format, Sims 4. Issue: when in build mode, when placing a door, the game crashes and closes, without saving any progress.
  • AngelsRightArmAngelsRightArm Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like to add while the first person mode is a good step in the right direction for TS4 for consoles , it feels a bit clunky when compared to previous implementations.

    A good example of a good cotrol system would be like what we had in TS2 for the PlayStation2 with its free roam control system where we could controle our sims in a more traditional sense like most triple a titles rather then the point and click which would negate the need for a mouse courser interface.

    Often times i keep running into hickups with the current style one example being that my sim will occasionly just stop what they're doing and stand for hours staring blankly as if they're try to figure out the what i can only imagine is the contemplation of the very reason of thier existence.

    Baring jokes aside it is quite annoying when my poor sim cant figure out how to eat at their wonderfully hand made dining table they built with thier own two hands often being the reason for them going to work a bit hungry or sad because they soiled themselves.

    Case in point pc Simmers have it way easier as they dont have to learn the arbitrary curseded quick select mouse thing and oh yeah can we please get an option to disable that? it just keeps getting in the way i'll be trying to design a new sim or a wordrobe for my sim and i'll often get stuck because i cant select a hair or eye color.

    I know this turned into a bit of a rant but these are things i needed to get off my chest. Appogies if my grammer and spelling plum i failed english Smh
    Ty for reading

  • lana44lana44 Posts: 5 New Member
    I would love to see sims4 console have a option for direct control, it would just be better overall. I enjoy the sims 4 I think bringing back some of the old feature with the new one would be a great idea like the cars for transportation and being able to go to the groceries store and have your refrigerator get low on food at some point. Making the neighborhood have community together would be kool without the loading process for the neighborhood, like when u visit your neighbors. Having the family bond a little more like options for family night on the calendar.. but overall good job n thanks
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