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The Sims 4 Console Forums - where is what?


  • HallationHallation Posts: 2 New Member
    I don't see a way to create a new topic, so I am just going to respond to this thread with the issues I'm having on PS4, Digital Download. Please feel free to move.

    The biggest problems are with responsiveness. These are pretty big issues in a time-management game. For example, my Sims tend to get frozen or stuck a lot; since I added a second floor to my house it has become pretty unbearable. Sometimes they will stare into space for over an hour before performing an action. It's a big step back from the very agile controls in Sims 3.

    It also takes way too long to cancel an action. For example, if one of my Sims has decided to go to bed and I stop her before she's even started to go upstairs, she will get all the way into her room, into pajamas and to the side of her bed before cancelling.

    If one of my kids has decided to leave for school, and I want her to quickly grab breakfast first, forget it. The game will tell me she's already at school before she's even left, and after frantically trying to stop her leaving for an hour while she just stands there, once she eats a meal I'm lucky to get her to school at all.

    I end up queuing actions on my Sims a lot, and it is so easy to cancel the wrong action when you're doing that. The UI is often unclear about when you have successfully cancelled. Numerous times I have tried to cancel the current action and cancelled the next in queue, or vice versa. Some of this seems related to the latency issues.

    Smaller fixes:

    When I'm selling a stack of vegetables, usually I want to sell the lower quality stuff and keep the good stuff. Unfortunately the cursor jumps back up to the highest quality stuff after every sale. When you're selling 200 tomatoes this is brutal. It would be amazing if you could open the stack, select portions of the stack to sell, and sell them all at once.

    When in a conversation window with numerous options, you cannot easily reach the slightly indented option on the left, second from top. I usually have to try and select the option opposite to it and jump over. Just generally, I wish there were a way to turn off zipping around the screen and just leave the cursor as a simple pointer.
  • MarcDark89MarcDark89 Posts: 1 New Member
    Yeah having similar issues with canceling actions it's very confusing.
  • Sav11Sav11 Posts: 2 New Member
    Okay I am having an issue and can’t seem to find the right place to ask for help so I am hoping somebody here can help. I am having this issue on the Xbox One console and it’s when I switch my sims or “snap to right/left sim” the camera used to automatically center that sim on my screen and now when I switch sims it doesn’t show me where they are unless I find them myself or double click. It was soo nice when I could click RT / LT and switch sims and see exactly where they were and what they were doing.
  • JampuppyJampuppy Posts: 5 New Member
    I wonder if EA is even listening.
  • Mr_writer85Mr_writer85 Posts: 6 New Member
    Mouse and Keyboard support please.

    Fortnite and FF14 both have M&k support so there is literally no reason why it can't be done.

    Is there a way to import friends Sims? I have yet to buy the game (reason being price and lack of m&k support) but I can't find anything about importing Sims made by friends on the same console.
  • CrabbymarcusCrabbymarcus Posts: 4 New Member
    Hi, I need you to add a couple things to The Sims 4 look below:

    - We need a faster moving cursor (sorry if spelt wrong) it is just sooooo slow
    - We need the Gallery, One of the best parts of The Sims 4 on pc but you miss it out on console. :'(
    - We need more editing tools to your character (sim) and your house
    - You need to let Cats and Dogs be free as I definitely know its not worth £40/$50
    - You also need to add to console MORE interactions because there rubbish!!!!
    - You need to also add more food and bar drinks because there are hardly any!!
    - Lastly you need to make NONE household sims be more interactive in there Environment because I'm playing it right now and there all just standing there!!!

    Make sure these are all done!! :)
    Lots of love to you fellow simmers and others
  • CrabbymarcusCrabbymarcus Posts: 4 New Member
    By the way Kly59 meant this guys
    I have the complete city life vampire and vintage patio pack and when I make a wedding event I have an error the application has to stop even when I go to karaoke thank you to do the necessary it happens since your last update ps4 error ce-34788-0 just saw the error on another forum with other player sims!

    #thatswhathesaid lolol
  • PeralPeral Posts: 551 Member
    For starters I must say that The Sims is dangerously addictive! I much prefer this very crearive game to all those where it's all about shooting and blowing things up. This is like creating your very own soap opera and it's fun that the character's you create succeed in suprising you. So well done creators of the Sims. After the praise there are a few things that irritates me.
    # I am in it for the social interac tion between the characters and the building part, not gathering frogs, rocks, aliens and what ever there are. I wish the game would focus more on developing the possibilities to social interaction instead of reaching the next level.
    # I don't like how the elderly is potrayed in the Sims. It is a very stereotype caricature, andthey are made more or less useless from the players Point of view. You know that they are soon going to disappear so I don't include them in any kind of longlasting drama. Then about them "dying", there should be some kind of warning that they are about to die so you can give them the Wright kind of send off, now they usually just disappear missed by no one. That is no fun for me as a player, especially when it happens to one of my favorites. The same goes for the babys that is born, suddenly they appear without warning and given a random name. There it also would be in place with some warning Before it take place. Both are major events in the drama.
    #The lifespan should be longer.
    #Bad attitude - Essentially the same character behaves very different in the original program compared with how they behave in city life. A character who is easy going, creative and fun becomes in city life a negative, sulky and misarabel, in fact it makes me as a player in a bad mood when I click on this character and sees that sour face coming up. It takes away from the game experience.
    #Interaction between households. It should be easier to interact between households, now one character can only listen and not interact. It becomes irritating when he household member moves out and can't interact as before.

    There some thoughts I wanted to share regarding the Sims4
  • HallationHallation Posts: 2 New Member
    Honestly, Jampuppy, they probably aren't. Porting a game to consoles three years after its PC release suggests they're just hoping to make some fast money. I doubt they're throwing many resources at this.
  • turnerbob074turnerbob074 Posts: 4 New Member
    In relation to adding cc and mods I think that you should be able to plug your phone tablet or computer into the ps4 or xbox, open the sims and select an "add mods"option and import existing pc mods from your computer phone or tablet.
  • BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 8,339 Member
    It would be so helpful if we harvesters and collectors could sell items in a stack instead of one at a time! I here they are working on this! I hope its an option soon! I hesitate to play the game on console because of this!
  • bgirl172bgirl172 Posts: 1 New Member
    can somebody please help me
  • Very_frustrated1Very_frustrated1 Posts: 1 New Member
    Its not letting me post a question so I guess ill post here. I'm getting really anmoyed I can't find a fix for this after all the time and money ive put in to the game. All of a sudden, after no new changes or anything, my games keeps lagging and freezing. I give my sim a command she just stands there for an hour or two and then goes on to complete it. If I try to give her two commands, the game freezes up and I can't even click on items to open the interactions. Right now for example, she standing there staring at someone after prompting her to talk to them. I tried to click on the fridge to have her eat something, and the cursor doesn't even light up when I put it over the fridge. I try and click on it, and nothing happens. If I then go I to build mode and wait 30 seconds, the interactions will them pop up. I can't put the game on amything other than normal speed, if I try and pause it the games keeps going for a good minute or two and god forbid I even think about speeding it up. I've tried restarting the Xbox, unplugging it like an EA rep suggested to someone else having the problem, and deleting and reinstalling. And I'm extremely frustrated at this point. I'm a little upset that this appears to be a common problem with no fixes.
  • JthakingJthaking Posts: 1 New Member
    I love The Sims! I'm so glad The Sims 4 made it to console! I'd like to submit a request, in CAS all the clothing is organized in an "Outfit Category" and it is really annoying because when i switch between outfits(Everyday, Formal, etc.) I have to go into "Outfit Category" and uncheck all the boxes to select the clothing I want my sim to wear. I feel it really limits your sims appearance. It also takes a lot of time and sometimes the check boxes get extremely glitchy so by the time I've created my sim, I'm too tired to play. I just feel it would be better if the clothing was not in specific categories so you could simply pick exactly what you want without the hassle of unchecking boxes. Another thing is makeup. I feel a sims everyday makeup, along with their clothing, should be able to be copied somehow, and carried over to another outfit such as copy "Everyday Outfit" over to "Party Outfit", it would be so much easier.
    One more thing. When in build mode, if i mistakenly place something, I press L2, and instead of undoing this, it opens a search box, I have to back out of the catalog completely to undo anything it is very annoying. Please fix this. I love the game so far and would love for this change to be applied. I also hope to see all the PC expansions be brought to console, that would be awesome! Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Shoopy29Shoopy29 Posts: 1 New Member
    Hello, i think a good contribution to sims would be multiplayer. It would be cool if friends could live in a city or development together. Also, there could be challenges or quests that were specific to multiplayer. I feel that it would make the game more fun to play if you could play it with your friends and do things together instead of only comparing each others worlds. Thank you for reading.
  • ericadownerxoericadownerxo Posts: 10 New Member
    Hi, I was told to post here by an EA advisor, he made notes on his end but said to post here for the sims team as well. I've been a long supporter of sims since 2000. I recently have bought more expansion packs for sims 4 PC but my computer/2 different laptops cannot handle it and crashes which is fine, I know I need higher SPECS. I purchased sims 4 for console (4 months ago), which let me say is frankly unplayable. It takes 5 minutes to do what would take 30 seconds on PC. the controls are impossible and super frustrating. I feel like if you implement keyboard and mouse for your game on PS4 everyone would benefit. As a long time sims player for the last 18 years, using the ps4 controls are impossible, and makes the game unplayable. PS4 already supports mouse and keyboard as I have used it on the console, but when opening sims 4 it doesn't work anymore. Please add keyboard and mouse support, If you do I can certainly say I'll be buying the expansions on PS4 because I've been dying to play them! Since my computer can't handle it anymore its so annoying not being able to play, and on ps4 the controls are so bad I don't even want to play. Please fix this and add mouse and keyboard for ps4!
  • BachPatuBachPatu Posts: 21 Member
    I don't see a "Create New Topic" button either (I understand & get you gotta safeguard again spam bots but if NO ONE who WORKS ON THE GAME is going to MONITOR TWITTER, should there be SOME way of getting issues across to those who NEED TO KNOW ?? Just sayin')

    That out of the way, I made a YOUTUBE VIDEO (Which I can't even post a link to) called "This Is Why The Sims Needs A FIRE Department And 911" (You'll WILL have to do a search for it on YouTube BUT AS I SAID.....)

    (Heck, why not create the position of FIREMAN & PARAMEDIC in "Get To Work" & add game-generated sims who are police officers who aren't in the game just because you have a sim who's a cop ??)
  • BachPatuBachPatu Posts: 21 Member
    BTW.....The aforementioned improvement IS NOT just for console but for PC too :)
  • ShadowTheCat80ShadowTheCat80 Posts: 4 New Member
    Hey, I was just wondering when the Cats and Dogs expansion will be out for XBox One? It was due to be released in November (or so I heard) and it's the middle of July. I've been really looking forward to the pack, but am starting to get impatient. Am I missing something, is it already out? If it is not out, is there a reason? Thank you
  • Witchy1974Witchy1974 Posts: 5 New Member
    ShadowTheCat80, 31 july

    Can someone tell me where i can find the speaker with snowflakes from the free holiday pack for the sims 4 ps4?
    I have the rest of the pack but I can't find the speaker.

    I cant place a link to a picture
  • 4FansM204FansM20 Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey guys sorry i'm new here but i've been having. A very bad time with the most recent patch i tried contacting ea support on twitter and they told me to come here here is our twitter conversation... Apparently i cant post link to the tweets so if i can talk to someone who wants to see the problems i'll PM the link.

    Also does this site have an app for easier access?
  • BreehSimsBreehSims Posts: 1 New Member
    Oiiiee gente..... no The Sims 4 Console, dá para subir e descer objetos?
  • DriftScaleDriftScale Posts: 2 New Member
    How do I make my own discussion cause I personally need help to a new degree.
  • BlueElk_LazyGeekBlueElk_LazyGeek Posts: 4 New Member
    I have concerns regarding the difference between the pc version and my ps4, in the get to work expansion, can you visit sixam and use the ray gun like on the pc?

    I was watching a pc player make a build and noticed they had objects that I didn't have in my get to work expansion, which were not cc. So I was curious if the pc just has more content or if mine are just locked.
    Appreciate a response ate time.
    Thank you.
  • benderbender Posts: 2 New Member
    Can we start a campaign to demand full mouse and keyboard support for the PS4 version? I would even pay for that update. The PS4 version seems so unplayable right now...
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